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PS! Model Mod & Fixing Thread

The back sprite of Whiscash is flashing a bit

EDIT: Can't get a photo of it but so does Lucario and Mega Lucario (flashing)
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Honedge's front sprite has some flashing going on its blade, as well as some sparkling next to its eye(?)
The back sprite just has some minor flashing on the blade.
Tyrantrum's shading flashes from gray to brown, and the back of its head and left foot flashes.
Edit: Well hell, lemme try and fix this myself. Give me a moment.


I hope that saved you some trouble.

Edit 2: I picked up some other ones below me to save you some more trouble, hopefully. The only reason why I don't go up further is because I don't want to make the mistake of trying to fix one that you've already fixed. (I don't know when you'll be able to see this post, that's all.) So to be safe I'll go from this post down.


Again, I hope this saves you from more trouble.
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Haunter's eyes and mouth are flashing and switching colours.

Swanna's beak is flashing grey, and the uh.. chest things.. are flashing as well. On the back sprite the beak is grey as well when it should be yellow.
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Banned deucer.
tail is not blue when it attacks t tail should turn blue. also theirs a blue line on its tail also tail which this not there in the games also you can notice zekroms leg knee is going big and small that's not meant to happen as well if you look close its tall has these tiny dots appearing if any one notices flashing tell it
its head spike is also fuking up
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