BW Cup IV - Round 2

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BW Cup Round 2

...and we back with everyone's favorite weather and trapper infested metagame!

Tournament Rules:
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • Smogon Classic rules can be read here
  • Standard BW OU
  • Best of three, single elimination.
  • Battles should take place on Pokemon Showdown!
  • Do not make baseless activity posts -- get in contact with your opponent and report missed times / scheduling issues only.

About playing on alts: It is entirely allowed to play on an alt other than your own main forum name, though if your opponent wishes to confirm your identity, you must log on to your main alt to show them you are who you claim to be. This is to prevent people from pretending to be who they're not.

About playing on different servers: Tournament matches must be played on the Smogtours server. The Main PS! server is also acceptable if both parties agree to that. Other servers are not sanctioned by the TD team and playing in them might result in your game not counting. Protect yourself from that by playing in Smogtours, where we also have the power to recreate games that end due to DC's.


On scouting opponents: Going through your opponents replays of tournament and ladder games is entirely allowed, as long as a game is public there is nothing preventing you from watching it. An exception to this is abusing powers granted to you by being staff on Smogon or PS! to gain access to information a normal user wouldn't have access to, which is strictly forbidden.

On leaking teams: Divulging private information about someone's planned team to their opponent is never allowed, and will be heavily sanctioned. Requesting that such information be divulged is also grounds for punishment. Keep your scouting to publicly available information and you'll be fine.

Timer Clause / Disconnections

On the Timer: The timer must stay on throughout the whole battle, only being turned off in the case of a player disconnecting, and in that case will only be turned off for 5 minutes (keep in mind that this is a interim solution while we wait on PS! developers). The timer may not be turned off in any other circumstance.

On Timeout losses: A player that loses by having all his time run out loses the game. This is only not the case if the player that received the timeout loss can be verified to have suffered a True Disconnection. Rematches in such cases are not allowed.

On True Disconnection: The TD team has a secret threshold of seconds that your timer must be at or above, from the moment you disconnect, for a timeout loss to be considered a True disconnection. If your game is determined to be a true disconnection if you played on Smogtours and contacted a TD before the room expired your game will be recreated up to the point the disconnect happened. It is the responsibility of the player that disconnected to get a TD into the room before it expires.

I know that was a lot to read, but it is all necessary for me to have posted here so everyone can see it in the case of a dispute. I don't want any confusion or any problems.

Battle Clauses:
  • Evasion Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Timed Battle
  • Team Preview
  • Moody Clause

OkayRed vs Sneakers
Malekith vs 1 True Lycan
Alextg02 vs Soulsilvel
Staraptor vs FlamingVictini
Simia vs Altina
Slick Willy vs Lavos
Santu vs Kiyo
DAVIDpwns vs Jimmy Turtwig
SamuelBestt vs DurzaOffTopic
Fruitdealer vs Nigel97
bibooo vs Brammi
Zaker vs Pleasure
Deavan vs DeepBlueC
lane4546 vs perry
MetalGro$$ vs BTickle
ash is trash vs Snou
Rexus vs S poi re
fouyo4 vs Updated Kanto
Tenebricite vs Mob Barley
Ursarox vs Sacri'
dream vs Havana
dk vs Chano
HSA vs Robert.
Ricardo vs TheJFrenzy1
Le Sabreur vs blazedbyblaziken
Finchinator vs Miere
tazz vs Mysterious M
Luispeikou vs rob.
Luckstard. vs GunGunJ
Frania vs Algeria4Ever
UmPM vs Energy
Trosko vs A Hero's Destiny
Arifeen vs WhiteLion
r!n vs ReshiRampage
CaCaTuA vs B-Lulz
Charmflash vs undisputed
Drud vs Accelgor
CoopLink vs Hachimaki98
Mhturner vs princessgod
Souf vs Rodriblutar
LikeSyke vs Aladyyn
Frrf vs Shinigami
senegal vs EmperorYajirobei
Mikaav vs FinkyFinkerton
Lopunny Kicks vs Bughouse
BlueLobster vs Emre Mor 9
dom vs TheGreninjaWarrior21
obii vs Jhonx~
stuuful12 vs Deluks917
Christo vs Analytic
Bye vs diamondless
dragonuser vs Isa
Akaru Kokuyo vs Kebab mlml
passion vs Tricking
christos21 vs Steven Snype
Oltan vs ima
Always! vs WhiteQueen
Salzy vs Rumor
Mounts vs Pkel SweeTforU
HSOWA vs tjdaas
Bomber. vs DeathDrop
dice vs OliPlayzHD2
Airwind vs stunner047
OP vs ara
Kushalos vs aim
Karppi vs AmazingMo
W2S vs Real FV13
baddummy vs Arii Stella
ToF vs Decision Makers
enomen1212 vs Lednah
Mindnight vs KKayvaun
Ernesloru vs Obliviate
Dundies vs Raiza
ez vs davidness
Ba$ed Wobbuffet vs Ojama
praj.pran vs Ciele
Alexander. vs Zokuru
Dondyxd vs Sharp Ladder UU
TheThorn vs Hangover
Clicer vs Heroic Troller
Skeletal-Charizard vs Averardo
Jytcampbell vs Haruno
jacob vs mael
Shrug vs Lord Ninjax
TropicalTeo vs Oibaf
L0ST vs Chromatic
ABR vs The Quasar
BlameTheBlax vs Heysup
Hec vs Texas Cloverleaf
Chop vs Skarmx2
S1001S vs RyLon
j jaeger vs Lord Booty Milk
Diego Maradona vs Melle2402
vsomani vs Anish
ToadNorton vs Ninjadog13
Asek vs Lfrs
Dragonking320 vs Jarii
blunder vs TSR
badabing vs SparksBlade
Sonired vs Century Express
Cynara vs Hubriz
BKC vs Dj Breloominati♬
PDC vs Predator1999
CKW vs fourmi
davidTheMaster vs Zauka
Caetano93 vs DonaldTrumpKawaii
-PkmTrainerBlue- vs Zard four
Marrano vs teal6
Bye vs EternalSnowman
Hyogafodex vs ayevon
Huston vs BloodAce0107
ironbrony75 vs Thatsjustpeachy
Tom0410 vs Duskfall98
AAamen vs Sken
insult vs Staxi
Hayburner vs Alkione
Empo vs lkapkd1
Blightbringer vs Reymedy
Peasounay vs FLCL
Zaa vs silver ghost
Bye vs Newalfonquest
HQuaze vs expurement
-okara vs Chill Shadow
We Three Kings vs Hira
Void vs Googly
esauldankmaster vs SOMALIA
Blackoblivion vs Handsandwich
Xjckillerx vs Stockings
Heika vs Leo
fatty vs Pellegrinxi
ZoroDark vs Genesis7
pokebasket vs Reymaki
Kaori vs Bull Of Heaven
idiotfrommars vs Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request)
snagaa vs xImRaptor
Myzozoa vs Pat Labor
Evuelf vs McMeghan
iMech vs Philip7086
M Dragon vs nightcore
MajorBowman vs Sabella
august vs Nelson
archerboy vs Gamer Central
hellpowna vs Diegolh
FinnQwert vs cb aaron judge
TorakitoJ vs Leftiez
Astamatitos vs HelmutWurdack
Night Yagami vs Posho Alola
jake vs Terracotcha
ggopw vs Sandya
TheJ3estPenguin vs Tamahome
xray vs Mizuhime
Ace-11 vs Deckline
el rojo vs Abyssal Ruins
cb jose altuve corvettes vs Alfredo_Rivero
Aalbaniaa vs dragonitenb
Marshall.Law vs Kory2600
ShellShell vs Rey Joya
elodin vs Windsong
Hybuyn vs robjr
sugarhigh vs The Kyle
N01syBoy vs Pearl
lax vs Unamed
CZ. vs sedertz
reyscarface vs michy47
NicoReaper vs suapah
Twixtry vs KingKdot
Zard97 vs Sand Castle
Exiline vs soTsoT
Bedschibaer vs HappyMerchant
Moony vs Quite Quiet
steelskitty vs Hikari
UU Tryharding vs SiTuM
dEnIsSsS vs Regrets
Wamr vs Team Pokepals
byronthewellwell vs Luigi
MangaIsLiterature vs Cretaceous
Paraplegic vs POP Arthur21
bro fist vs Royal1604
Pohjis vs iEvils
poloki vs trolls royce
Vai Lusa vs Cicada
adri2711 vs skysolo14
SoulWind vs H.M.N.I.P
ctproonie217 vs Eon lights
Z+V vs Snowy
Sas0 vs Rokhan
RcvTayuya vs false
KevinELF vs Ark
Slide vs hyperbeem
Puff Killa vs theskycraftuniv2
Posho vs PQD

Good luck to everyone participating. Please contact your opponents and schedule in a timely fashion. Feel free to contact me privately if you have any questions or concerns

Deadline for round 2 will be April 22nd at 11:59pm GMT-4.
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about r1,

today 6 am i sent pm for him(cyberodin) and he didnt answer yet , really, he didnt appear two times when we scheduled (2 days) after he johned me, really , its hard to me play in this week ._. i always arrive in my home 11pm-01 am so, i really dont know.


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hey I'm not really sure why DDarken was put in over me, when it was him who missed all the times that we agreed to.
He posted “requesting activity” and I missed your post by mistake. His activity post is invalid seeing as he didn’t respond during the later stages and made much less of an attempt to get it done, especially after checking out non-thread communication you sent me. You will advance and I will edit the OP tomorrow. DDarken gets the activity loss and should probably learn to not post requesting activity without resounding, but the decision itself is my fault for missing your post in the r1 thread. Thanks a ton for bringing this to my attn!
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