BW Cup VI - Round 1


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I specifically asked for people who were in contact with their opponents via discord/PM to post in the thread to alert me. I have no way of viewing PMs; this is entirely on the lack of communication. All I saw was him not responding to your VM and not viewing forums for well over a day's time. It was a very clear cut substitute given what I saw; it was his fault for responding over PM, not adding me, and not posting in the thread. Thankfully there are a few other inactive people in the rounds, so I will fix this, but I will not be able to show the same level of understanding and cater to people who did not follow simple instructions moving forward. Thank you for alerting me, Kaif.

Kaif vs Aurodian reverts back to where it was before
teal6 now plays Lhions, who has not received a response from his opponent over the entire weekend despite contacting promptly (sorry for the inconvenience teal)

The OP is edited to reflect this. lmk if there are any questions

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