BW Cup VI - Round 1


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New matches

Thread substitutes:
Alumn vs BigBallerBrand
RaJ.Shoot vs elpresidento
Slimmer vs Fear
iKiQ vs brewfasa
Vileman vs Sand Castle
Mysterious M vs Kit10
Hockey1 vs Ereshkigal
hellpowna vs Tricking
gorgie vs RedEmption

General inactivity/unresponsiveness substitutes:
Micaiah vs Lekstaz
Eeveeto vs Afro samurai4500
Chaitanya vs condornj
Ninjadog vs Lukeplayz87
TheThorn vs joshgkirby
LaBalladeDesCieux vs UmPM
Karppi vs Malekith
SANJAY vs MegaLucario
Eric079 vs suijin
Frania vs Ghostmanz
LuluDzn vs TrizenPK
DYA vs SiTuM
Excal vs Paget Pounder
Waylaid vs Wamr
Reverend B.C vs Heysup
Kaif vs teal6
PedroLindoUnicp vs Altthiel
paoisd vs sand1234
Steve Angello vs Lancer Fr
Quaze vs Nails
zedhatool vs Attack on Samurott
Ismakhil vs thomas888
UD vs RampageWebber
Astamatitos vs Attribute
lucardinho vs Sapientia
voltix31 vs Blightbringer
Bowlii- vs Abyssal Ruins

You guys have 48 hours to get in contact with each other. If that contact is not over forum VM, please post in the thread. I will be making another wave on substitutes on Thursday or Friday and if you do not log on or respond, then you put yourself at risk for being substituted out. Still plenty of people interested in substituting in.

Finally, for those in the tournament that have shown no signs of contact with their opponent via VM, please post in this thread. I will be subbing out people/pairings who show no contact and have not notified me otherwise on Thursday or Friday as well. This is your last warning.

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