BW2 Tag Team Tournament - FINALS [Won by MikeDecIsHere and McMeghan]

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Guys, this is ridiculous. It's been an entire month. Get the damn match done.

The deadline is now 10pm PST on Friday. I will give Mike the activity win if this doesn't get done. You two don't even have timezone issues. If IFM wins, you have until 10pm PST on Sunday.
MikeDecIsHere, tremendous fan. How does it feel to win the tournament after prolonging the supposed inevitable loss in your activity win against user IFM?

Also, congrats. :)


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I tried... I need to go take a final now, so yeah.

Edit: Kay, we played. IFM had a better matchup and won. GG Venusaur is a weak ass mother fucker

Edit2: LOL


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I beat mike, its not the end of sunday yet so McMeghan bring it on.


14:56 McMeghan why would i play?
14:56 McMeghan it's BW OU
14:56 McMeghan i hate this tier
14:57 McMeghan unless i'm forced to
14:57 McMeghan i wont play it

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