Tournament CamUUmons Tournament [Won By Mygrein]

Due to some recent scheduling complications me and Estarossa have decided to allow one more day to schedule (and play if possible) your matches. Please schedule by Monday 12:00 A.M GMT -4. Any problems with one person not responding should be addressed to me or Estarossa or posted in the thread.


Don't hold this against me, ok?
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Claiming activity, we scheduled for Tuesday 10pm my time, waited over an hour before opponent messaged to say something came up, said he could do same time next day but never appeared when I was online at that time either. (conversation on my wall)

Juuno will be posting R2 soon!
Sorry for the delay!

As Funbot28 was recently subbed in, they and Smallsmallrose can have an extension until Wednesday to get their match done. gum and Poison Adhesive appear to be schedule to play today, but please do get that done when you two have the time.


Daiyaga vs Mygrein

Nakeeb vs [ Smallsmallrose vs Funbot28]

Euphonos vs Havens

dingbat vs VCrakeV

Moutemoute vs Estarossa

Sage vs Clefable

A Cake Wearing A Hat vs [ Poison Adhesive vs gum ]

The Number Man vs Jacobikko

Please get your battles done by Sunday 20th October 11:59pm GMT-4.

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