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This is my design entry to CAP 18, based on the fictional Homunculus.

Design Justification
The Homunculus is pretty much justified in terms of typing, since Fire and Water are fundamental elements for alchemy and creation. The design features a liquefied being inside a flask that's being heated by a stove-like body(as accented by a fiery neck). Jewel-like embeds on the body is inspired by the Philosopher's Stone, another alchemy-themed design element.

As a core "quirk" with Latias and Lucario, my design is pretty much regarded as an infant, so I pretty much decided to give it a childlike personality that is playfully mischievous and devilish.

Stats and Abilities
Analytic fits quite nicely as an ability, because a homunculus is a by-product of the pursuit of alchemic knowledge. Infiltrator is achieved by its alchemy theme which is transmutation, enabling it to change its property or size to slip through obstacles.

The stats fit quite nicely too, since its overall form invokes specially-based pokemon akin to Rotom, Porygon2 or Porygon-Z, and looks defensive enough. Pokemon with speed stats around 95 are a gray area, as it does not actually mean the Pokemon looks speedy (See Magmar, Drapion, Poliwhirl).

Pokémon Description
Immature and playful, this Pokémon likes to fool around and tinker with various things on its surroundings, which usually brings it to all sorts of trouble. It has a childlike demeanor; if it doesn't get what it wants, its flame neck rises drastically in temperature and as a result, its liquefied head bursts with enormous amounts of scalding water.

Its body is embedded with curious materials not of this earth, and enables this Pokémon to change its composition, size and properties, which can be described as transmutation. As a result, it can easily slip through obstacles such as stone, metal, glass, and the like. Its glass-like head is surprisingly sturdy and could resist astounding levels of temperature.

Supporting Art
Proposed Size, Overheat, Scald and Swagger: (Click thumbnails for enlarged view)

Doing this CAP design was a mixed bag for me; I am slightly biased against inorganic concepts, and if Bulletproof won during the Primary Ability poll, there was a high chance I would've gone with the Hot Spring Kappa, my other design proposal. However, developing the Flask Homunculus from that messy sketch into its final design is quite an enjoyable ride. I'm grateful for the support, critiques and suggestions given by everyone in this thread, in pm's/vm's and in #cap IRC. Thanks everyone!
Final Submission

The design is based off of a Force of Nature elemental.
Its chest is a sun with rainbow rays protruding from it. Its head is a violent flame and its arms and legs are cool water that are produced from the clouds that surround the sun

It propels itself by "Skating" with its non-capped legs allowing quick and purposeful movements. Although it may seem physically imposing, its limbs are made of a simple liquid, making it far less threatening than it may appear. It decorates its body using gold it finds. Many different Here-Comes-The-Sun have different mask designs and different objects capping their tails.

It hides its true emotions under a golden mask, so its actions are unpredictable. It has a short temper and can quickly switch from helping a village grow their crops with its gentle sun and nourishing rain to burning an entire forest to the ground. Many small villages give it offerings of gold to appease it during times of bad weather.

Abilities and Stats
Analytic is justified from the supporting analytic art. It's not the smartest pokemon that get analytic, it's the ones with dead eyes.

Infiltrator is justified from its limbs being made of water. It can reshape its limbs and quickly change the direction of its strikes to bypass even the strongest defense.

It fits the stats quite well, being a mid-large pokemon in design, capable of powerful special attacks and moderate speed. Because it is largely made of water and clouds its physical strikes are deceptively weak.

Supporting Arts

Analytic and how it works
Here-Comes-the-Sun having fun on a bun.

Thank you to everyone who helped me improve my design from a strange dreamcatcher to a design I can be moderately proud of.
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Final Submission

The similarities between this design and the other Pokemon with a BST of 555 is almost intentional! :U
I ended up with the idea of Chinese lions rather quickly after Fire/Water was chosen as a typing, basing the drawing off of the stylizations lion dance costumes have. Lions are, by precedent, fiery, which I emphasized with the bright red and yellow colors. The 'waviness' of lion costume patterns (and the curly sea whiskers) is a great stylistic connection to the Water type, as is the coincidence that the design bears similarity to a water-loving tiger with its stripes. If I had given my concept more thought, I might've ended up at a sea lion, lionfish, merlion, or other aquatic, non-lion creature, but I don't think I need an aquatic organism base to indicate Water as a typing when the design can imply that. That's not to say I'm eschewing favor toward people who designed fiery fishes or volcanic entities. I wouldn't have thought of half the designs in the thread, and I wouldn't at all be able to execute their concepts with such creativity! :)

Cats are naturally inquisitive and sneaky, so I would think this Chinese lion can be Analytic by staring at the opponent carefully before pouncing in at base 95 Speed. They can also be Infiltrators, given how cats can slip through barriers with remarkable ease. :P

Supplemental art:

Flamethrower, attempt at chibi, and Destiny Knot
Surf and snark


Let me reiterate that I am keeping track of Final Submissions and their legalities in my first post in the thread. It is not 'good enough' that an image is 650 pixels in one dimension or the background is transparent instead of white. All of the requirements must be followed precisely for the drawing's inclusion in the polls. The most common mistake I've found in submissions is that the file size of one's image is not considered. It's relatively easy to exceed 200 KB with a detailed PNG image. If the lossless version of a design exceeds the file size limit, indexing the file's colors or compressing it into a lossy JPG would be necessary to keep the file size in bounds. I've only docked one person for having an explicit 'effect' in his/her Final Submission post, just to ease the worries of artists who are concerned that the steam in their design counted as an effect.

However, do not take my evaluations as ultimate. I am neither a moderator nor perfect at determining the legality of these images. If you are hesitant at all about the legality of a submission, feel free to check with a CAP moderator (although do make sure the moderator you check with is involved in CAP art).

  • Calad: Yay, a submission! I was wondering if you'd submit a design for this CAP. :) Your design is cute as well as suitable for Fire/Water. :) Unfortunately, we've gone with a relatively fast spread, and your anemone looks rather slow. Maybe if you make those 'feet' longer and more spindly, it'd help convey speed. On the other hand, a slowish-looking design helps with Analytic, whereas an anemone in a cauldron would be great at infiltrating (presumably :P).
  • TeamNormalizer: The fiery fins look much better now! They have dimension rather than be simple disks around the body. :) Dolphins fit Analytic really well, I must say, and I can see them slipping through barriers for Infiltrator. I really like your design--its concept, its execution, and its correlation to CAP elements.
  • Magistrum: Hmm, I've realized, a bit to late, unfortunately, that I miss the legs in your design. Ah, well. There are plenty of Pokemon that appear to be Levitating but aren't. Your design works well with the CAP being specially-offensive and middling in speed. A homunculus is science-y, so I can figure that both abilities work (imagine if we got Clear Body as the secondary ability XD). I miss the steam, I admit, since now we have to infer that the blue parts are water.
  • ZirconSubway: Fixing the tail isn't a huge problem, so if you're busy, hey, no worries. Your design can look specially-offensive with a middling speed and the given abilities, so great!
  • Dracoyoshi8: A muscle-armed shark? XD I have to admit that I like them and that they don't make me think of Fighting as a typing too much. Beyond that, though, I fear that your design would stray into the realm of other fiery fishes, having to compete with them. Do you think you could use the proportions of your earlier hammerhead shark with those arms? The stylization with that hammerhead is a great contrast compared to other fish.
  • Birkal: As an artist, it bothers me how there's blue fur on one leg but only on the ankle of the other. X__x People've told you that, so please do remedy that in your next update. :P Okay, that aside: design works with Fire and Water, I guess firefighters can be Analytic, although they're more of the type to smash down doors rather than find a way around them, aren't they? Maybe things are different for kangaroos. I'm just curious, actually, why, a kangaroo, of all creatures?
  • Billy the Alrune: Yes, the typing being limited to colors and other non-physical elements is something my design has that could have been averted. If I find an idea I'm fond of, though, I end up hanging onto it for the entirety of the thread. On the other hand, what could I have done to make the design more fiery? Open flames, smoke, or steam? I didn't really want to shove that somewhere in the design when I felt like it didn't fit. If you're iffy about your art skills, hey, it's a matter of practice. :) Although that might be taxing for those without the time to do so.
  • viiragon: Oh, yay, you fixed the steam. :D I love that ripple dress shading. Unfortunately, yeah, without the steam, Water is harder to convey, typing-wise. Maybe the black could be a dark blue instead, or the white parts of the body a light blue?
  • The Steam Punk: I personally like the previous drawing better, if only because it wasn't so 'in-my-face' daunting. Still, I like the novelty and inspiration behind the design, and that hasn't changed.
  • Doran Dragon: Hmm... Even if you explain your design, I'm having a hard time identifying the drawing as two entities. At best, maybe the jellyfish could be likened to Duosion, what with its detached brains. Maybe if the top part had more facial features, I could identify it as a separate organism rather than a stylized organ.
  • Yilx: I'm wondering, flavor-wise, if your sea angel treats Latias and Lucario well at all? You've shown the 'tsun' part of 'tsundere' well, although 'dere' is less obvious. :P Beyond that, hey, sea angels and their size makes the design fit Infiltrator well, and I certainly see it as being specially-offensive.
  • Golurkyourself: Thanks for reducing the number of spots. <3 Your design now places among the top echelons of my personal rankings. A squid feels really explicitly Analytic, since they're considered brainy sea creatures. It also fits Infiltrator well, since a squid's pliable body can pass through openings where a skeletal organism would struggle to get through. I liked the pose you gave it in your previous post, since it looked more like it was ready to strike, but the drawing you used in your final submission post shows the design more clearly. :)
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Final Submission

I wanted to make something that stood out from all the red fish that I knew would end up being submitted (no offence to anyone with a red fish as their piece, most of said fish are very well drawn). As such, I took a different route to represent the typing: Blood. I feel as though blood represents the typing quite nicely, as it is mostly made of water while being hot and providing the 'fire of life' to most living things.

Now, before you cry foul, blood does in fact exist in the Pokémon games; Leech Life's Japanese name is Suck Blood. And blood does have its place in kids games occasionally. In fact, another Nintendo franchise aimed at children, Kirby, has shown blood before as part of the final boss battle against 0-2 in Kirby 64: the Crystal Shards.

As for the design itself, I was inspired to represent the dual nature of the typing by crossing the Comedy & Tragedy masks with the two halves of a stylized broken heart, as well as lots of creepiness to draw attention. The 'Despair' half uses the water type moves while the 'Sadistic Glee' half uses the fire type moves.

Yes, I know it's not the most well-drawn concept ever (I'm no Yilx, not even close), but the only good program I have for this sort of thing is Paint.NET, and I put a good two hours of work into this, so humor me a little.

In ancient times, there was once a pristine mountain valley. Many Pokémon lived in this valley. Herds of Zebstrika grazed among the swaying grasses, flocks of Taillow soared on the calm winds, and playful Cherrim frolicked in the warm glow of the sun.

One species of Pokémon in the valley stood out from the others. They were beautiful, proud and strong, adored by the other Pokémon for their cheerful disposition and protective nature. Unnamed by man, they were known by the other Pokémon as the Pristine. All were happy and content with their lives.

However, after many centuries of peace, the Pristine realized they were not as happy as they could be. Some Pokémon, like the Victreebel and the Mankey, did not like the Pristine, and treated them poorly. They realized that they had the strength to rule over the other Pokémon, to keep them in line with their wishes. So, the group of Pristine issued a decree: Leave the valley, or serve us.

Of course, this did not go over very well with the others. Those that agreed to stay were filled with sadness. Previously, they had enjoyed the company of the Pristine because they were kind Pokémon. Now, they reluctantly continued their routine of hospitality, knowing that their knowledge of their true nature was completely misguided. Those who left were profusely angered, lacking the power to oppose the will of the Pristine, and forced to abandon their ancestral homeland.

This new state of existence continued in the valley for many years, until, that is, a greater power sensed the imbalance in the hearts of the Pokémon. This force had been asleep in a mountain cave at the valley's edge for as long as anyone could remember.

But now, Xerneas had been awoken.

By the light of the full moon, the great stag, awash in color, pranced into the valley. "Awaken, and hear, me, Pokémon of this land!" she proclaimed in their language.

Her booming voice rocked the Pristine and their servants from slumber. They gazed upon her form, awestruck. "The Pristine have upset the balance here, and for that, they will be punished."

"We are the rulers of this land!" a male one exclaimed, defiant. "You have no power here!" He followed up his statement with a devastating Hyper Beam, and the others followed. But Xerneas' Light Screen was stronger, and she escaped without a single scratch.

"No, you are the tyrants of this land," Xerneas stated plainly. "Did you ever even consider how your actions affected the other Pokémon? No, you did not. As consequence for this action, you will be transformed into that which you created: anger and sadness."

Just as her sentence ended, the moon began to glow with an eerie pink. Rays of light pierced the skies, and lanced each and every Pristine in the valley square in the chest with a resounding crash. They became the Shattered.

Upon observing their new forms, they became horrified by their own ugliness. "Oh... now no one will ever like me again..." one sighed in sorrow. "Xerneas, you bitch!" another roared in fury.

"You must learn why your actions were misguided. Ponder the true nature of your wrongdoings, only then will you regain your true forms, your true power," announced Xerneas.



"Honestly, we never were that smart..." they chimed in all at once.

She paused, lost in thought. "If the truth is too difficult to perceive for yourselves, then you must convince other Pokémon to teach you. What is Empathy? What is Justice? Regain your kindness, and search for the answers."

With that, she turned and vanished back into the night, returning to sleep for centuries more.

The new race scattered from the valley, and the exiled Pokémon returned. Too stubborn, they would never learn the truth on their own, despite their best philosophical efforts. In time, some of their descendants would meet man, and meet trainers. And, through his trainer, one in particular would meet two other Pokémon who held the wisdom he needed...


Knows the great enthusiasms
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Final Submission

Design Inspiration
This design is based on the concept of Pisces, the Zodiac sign representing two fish in opposition to each other. The duality of the Fire/Water typing fits well with the basic premise of Pisces ("together, but opposed") and I was able to add many other visual nuances as well.

The posing of the two fish is intentionally meant to have a heavy Yin Yang symbol influence, reinforcing the opposites of Fire and Water thing.

The fish are meant to be reminiscent of Koi fish, but not meant to represent Koi fish exactly. The heads, scale patterns, and big flowing fins are directly evocative of Koi fish. But some other design elements indicate the anatomy of aquatic animals like porpoises, namely the horizontal flukes and the horizontal bend of the bodies (most fish are vertical and have tail fins). The amalgam works well to show flow, symmetry, and circularity -- all of which goes with the theme I am trying to present in this design.

I tried to make this a high-energy design both in pose and coloring, to really bring out the idea of a powerful special attacker. Although the design has intricate flames and water splashes, the basic color scheme is intended to be straightforward and appear to be in opposition but consistent on both "sides" (Fire and Water).

Lastly, I tried to make the Fire side a little more aggressive, and the Water side more passive -- once again, a nod to the idea of paired opposites, which is central to the whole Pisces theme.

Original Sketch

Click thumbnail for full sketch
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Doug, I really like everything about your Pisces fish, especially the choice of colors on the Water fish.

However, I have a question regarding Doug's design to the moderators: Are multiple bodies allowed in the design, as long as there are no extra effects on the art?

Birk-a-dit: Yes. Mantine, Magneton, and Dugtrio would be ingame evidence.

Thank you for notifying me, Birkal.
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pink wingull
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** Mod post **

Another mod post... important though! We've just decided our Secondary Ability -- Infiltrator!. The polling was shorter than I expected because we got a majority vote right away. Technically there should give a 48 hour warning now but since I mentioned 4 days yesterday we'll go with a compromise of something in between: Submissions will close at about 4pm EDT Saturday!

To recap what we're designing:
Typing: Fire/Water (or Water/Fire)
Abilities: Analytic / Infiltrator
Stats: 100 HP / 45 Atk / 80 Def / 135 SpA / 100 SpD / 95 Spe

** End mod post**
Final Submission

supporting artwork:

Some sketches:
Using some moves:
Version with steam and BUBBLES!:

Well..... That's quite drastic change, don't you think? :D
I really loved colors in my original design, so I mixed it with simpler look of the second design and slapped some vents!

I don't think I will change anything much as I really love this one.

It's a pokemon that lives deep in volcanic lakes. Cape on its back is used to collect heat from underwater volcanic vents. Thanks to that, it can defeat its enemies with boiling water, and sometimes fire. Basalt plates on its cape are used for defence and cape's isolaton.

(Thank you ZirconSubway for pointing what was wrong with my submission :D)
I love your design SO much it's the most elegant and 'believable' organic design that I've seen - all the others don't seem to have the Fire/Water blend just right or there's something clunky about them but this one just screams fire coral to me - the volcanic vent idea is very well executed. Also, its body shape sort of reminds me of Meloetta which has quite a similar stat spread. It's also very refreshing to see a Fire/Water design that doesn't go with the obvious red and blue colour palette since corals are often black or white.
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Orange Islands
Final Submission

Because why not? Obviously a whale, obviously a submarine. Works pretty will with both abilities if you give the notion of whales being incredibly smart and Submarines are designed to be sneaky... Blowhole is its primary mode of attack, with either steam, flames or water coming from it.

EDIT: Yay for 101 pixels of white space.
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Your design is going to be at the top of my list when voting comes around. The design is amazingly balanced and clean, very reminiscent of first generation pokemon. Simplistic, and gives alot to look at without feeling cluttered. And it gets the water/fire balance just right! I can't wait to see your final submission !!!!!!!
Quanyails i changed the face, does this work better?

V4LOVER >how does arcanine use fire attacks?
but in all seriousness

So i changed my post on page 10 to be my final submission, i think im pretty much done with this guy, i dont foresee any changes in the next few days. Thank you for the help guys, i appreciate it, good luck to whoever makes it past the first poll, this is going to be a close match as i dont see any clear cut winners.
Final Submission

Fantasy sea creature #4069486 (contains elements of jellyfish/starfish face/sea serpent/others) based as best I could around the decided stats/abilities. Tried something a little less literal this time around because I think the type combo is pretty wild, haha.

Only one eye because I believe there is a need for more cyclopean pokemon, and it was my best effort at expressing analytic as a primary ability.

Flavor-wise, its body is coated in a special orange jelly capable of burning prey underwater. Its tentacles resemble lit fuses-- spraying jelly from them, it can create a flame-like effect whether surfaced or submerged.
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Final Submission

Revised and final version of my deep sea crab.
In response to the chosen Stat Spread, I gave it longer legs and a comparatively small body for a more nimble and speedy look. Also, the claws were changed into cannon-like tools to emphasize its special attacking capabilities.

The design is mainly based around hydrothermal vents as a means of combining volcanic and marine properties. Famously, the water emerging from such vents can reach temperatures of multiple hundred degrees Celsius, providing justification for the Water/Fire typing.
The color scheme is inspired by organisms commonly found around these hydrothermal vents, namely the abundant tube worms as well as white crustaceans. The yellow features on the vent itself indicate the presence of sulfides, an important ingredient for chemosynthesis and the ecosystem based on it.

The concept is also a nod to the science fiction novel The Swarm by Frank Schätzing, which features the fictional organisms called the "Yrr". Having the appearance of luminescent blue slime, the Yrr are marine microorganisms capable of forming a sentient entity. Their ability to hijack and control the neurosystem of diverse ocean creatures, such as crabs and worms, and to create entirely new species by means of bio-engineering, matches well with the chosen Abilities Infiltrator and Analytic.

Supplementary Art

I. Original sketch of the main design
II. Examining and "analyzing" a Shellder
III. Eruption / Lava Plume / Overheat
IV. Flamethrower
V. Scald / Hydro Pump

Good Luck to everyone!
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Final Submission

Revised and final version of my deep sea crab.
In response to the chosen Stat Spread, I gave it longer legs and a comparatively small body for a more nimble and speedy look. Also, the claws were changed into cannon-like tools to emphasize its special attacking capabilities.

The design is mainly based around hydrothermal vents as a means of combining volcanic and marine properties. Famously, the water emerging from such vents can reach temperatures of multiple hundred degrees Celsius, providing justification for the Water/Fire typing.
The color scheme is inspired by organisms commonly found around these hydrothermal vents, namely the abundant tube worms as well as white crustaceans. The yellow features on the vent itself indicate the presence of sulfides, an important ingredient for chemosynthesis and the ecosystem based on it.

The concept is also a nod towards the science fiction novel The Swarm by Frank Schätzing, which features the fictional organisms called the "Yrr". Having the appearance of luminescent blue slime, the Yrr are marine microorganisms capable of forming a sentient entity. Their ability to control the neurosystem of diverse ocean creatures, such as crabs and worms, and to create entirely new species through the means of bio-engineering, matches well with the chosen Abilities Infiltrator and Analytic.

Supplementary Art

I. Original sketch of the main design
II. Examining and "analyzing" a Shellder
III. Eruption / Lava Plume / Overheat
IV. Flamethrower
V. Scald / Hydro Pump

Good Luck to everyone!
I liked your crab before, but now that you changed it, I freaking love the design! its so awesome!!!
Flame-throwing volcano crab Ftw
Final submission

Supporting material

I wanted to do something with a pokeball-pattern.
First I went for a intellegence-fakemon but after watching this video I was inspired to do this design.

The concept is that the prevolution lives on the bottom of the sea. When it finds a pokeball (from sailors,.. that dropped their pokeballs in the sea) it goes in for protection.
When predators pass, it hides in the pokemon completely so that it doesn't notice it.
Final Submission


Supporting Material

(Water) what do you man/MoltenBaby1_zpsc377f3ef.png

Concept based on a submarine volcano. This octopus-like Pokemon dwells deep in the ocean where underground volcanoes are located. It likes to bathe its head on lava which sometimes causes magma to form on its head. Observations and studies show that some of these Pokemon may stay too long inside of a volcano only to rise and evolve to become The Submarine Volcano Pokemon itself.
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Final Submission

Main Design

Supporting Material

The inspiration for the design comes from scorpions and Iraqi water bombs, which are used to take apart other bombs without them detonating.
The above thumbnail is a pre-evolution I designed. As you can see, it is a Water/Bug type. Little Scorpy can live in many kinds of habitats, from forests to plains to deserts. At some point, a Little Scorpy levels up and learns a weak fire type move like Ember or Incinerate. When it learns this move, it evolves, much like Tangela and Yanma evolve by learning Ancient Power. After a Little Scorpy evolves into a full-fledged Water Bomb Scorp, it (obviously) gains the ability to shoot fire out of it's stinger, but loses the ability to sting. This is representative of it's type changing from Water/Bug to Water/Fire.

Water Bomb Scorp uses its new found ability to shoot fire to light the bomb that makes up its head, and launches it at its enemies, producing an explosion of scalding hot water. It's legs are actually a kind of organic pipe; by sticking its feet into the ground, it can absorb moisture from the soil, which it stores in its body. It can propel some of this water very forcefully out from its arms, creating a jet of water. It also uses this water to make a new head after launching the old one. Being a scorpion, it can climb up walls and slip between cracks easily, letting it Infiltrate both natural and man-made structures. It also has very good aim; after all, it needs it to consistently hit its targets with fire or water. In battle, it will watch its opponent and try to find patterns in their movement so it can counteract any dodging they might try to avoid its attacks, hence you could call it Analytic.
It has chitinous armor that can repel glancing blows, but it actually isn't super strong. Large directed forces, like those from rocks being dropped on it from above, can pretty easily crack the armor. This is how it gets it's decent physical defense. However, its exoskeleton is good at repelling energy or fluid attacks, which contributes to its good special defense.

Thanks to all who gave me feedback! This has been a blast for me, and I will definitely do this again next time. Finally, the amount and quality of art in this thread stuns me; this should be a very close vote. Good luck to all the artists, and may the best drawing win!
Final Submission
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Well this is quite a sudden change. ("-3-)


The design was predominantly seahorse-like in nature in its early stages. But as I went on playing about with it incorporating serpentine features and such, it branched out to something bearing resemblance to the Phyllopteryx (weedy sea dragons) to which ultimately became the accidental inspiration for the design. Essentially, it's a cross between the seahorse and the weedy sea dragon. Moving on, part of the weedy's appeal is the swaying, leafy appendages littered around its body. This was a great potential indicator to imply the fire aspect of the design stylistically which in the case it was implemented, acted to mimic the flowing motion of flames. To further capitalize the fiery characteristics of the Pokemon, I went for a bright red color scheme with the cream notes to balance it all out.

Stats, Abilities, and Flavor

I think the delicate, serpent-like features of the design discourages any implication for it to be physically-oriented. It groups itself well among water-based serpent-like Pokemon like Milotic, Gorebyss, and Dragalge which are all specially inclined both offensively and defensively (save for Gorebyss with her higher Defense stat). But, the problem lies within its Speed. As previously said, the design originally was based on a seahorse. Kingdra has an average speed stat of 85, so with that as a basis, I tried to make my design look speedier by giving it a slender body and an uncoiled, flexible tail which it can use as a means of movement. But there it goes that unknowingly, it bore a striking resemblance to the Phyllopteryx as a result of the changes made. Weedy sea dragons are slow-moving animals drifting along the water. A close comparison with sister Dragalge can be made, which also has a meager Speed stat of 44. But, let me tell you that Feisty Weeds here is no slouch. It uses its strong, flexible tail to propel itself to great speeds in water.

As for the abilities, seahorses are said to be intelligent and emotional creatures that can remember patterns of behavior. With Feisty Weeds here, it is able to assess the opponent's fighting patterns. With the help of its advanced mind and slender, flexible body, it can anticipate attacks and slip through it and strike at the right time. This fits in quite nicely for Analytic and Infiltrator.

Supplemental Art
(to be added)


I'm now torn between Feisty Weeds and Snailmermaidcandles. (/;3;)/
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Blue Frog

It's lucidity. So clear!
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Final Submission
I didn't change anything in my design since my last post, as I think it fits all of the flavor requirements well.

My boiling lobster is a very cheerful character who loves running around. He would never intentionally hurt another Pokemon, but always manages to trip and spill excruciatingly hot boiling water all over the place anyway. He wants to be friends with everyone and is a great team player. He has a symbiotic relationship with his pot, which provides him with protection and a free kitchen. He enjoys cooking, and spends long hours analyzing the foods that he cooks in his pot-body. He can also withdraw and appear as simply the pot, allowing him to infiltrate deep into enemy lines disguised as a harmless kitchen accessory.

sorry that was a bit overdone
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My design for CAP 18 is based on the nautilus. CAP 18 generates fire using the furnace in the center of its shell, which it can then shoot out through the "cannon" above its head. It can shoot water in the same way by sucking the liquid from outside into its shell through its mouth. In addition to using this ability for attacks, CAP 18 also uses it to help propel it through the oceans, significantly increasing its swimming speed.

In regards to stats and abilities, there isn't really a single aspect of the design that stands out as lending itself to them. The best way I can explain it is that they just fit with the overall "feel" of the design. It feels Analytic. It feels like an Infiltrator. It feels like a special attacker with decent speed and defenses. It does to me, anyway. Hopefully it does to you too.


Anatomy of CAP 18
Analytic: Part 1, Part 2
Infiltrator: Part 1, Part 2
Moves: Flame Wheel, Smoke Screen, Octazooka
Meet the Core
Potential Shiny Colors


Best of luck to everyone! With so many great designs running around, voting's going to be tough.


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  • Doran Dragon: Definitely! Those lines are more indicative of faces, and the expressions between the two faces nicely contrast like the difference between the Fire- and Water-type parts.
  • Zracknel: Ah, quite an alien-looking concept. o3o Very creative, although it may be a bit too eldritch without your explanation. I was thinking that the starfish face have the two lower lobes be not upward curving, but pointed outwards, so the star is more apparent. The starfish star could also expand into that Japanese kanji seen in Fire Blast and male Pyroar's mane, 火, upside-down.
  • Cretacerus: I like the changes, although I miss how geometrically sharp the current drawing is in contrast to the previous one. You integrate the volcano and cannons into the crab excellently. :) I'm just wondering, though, why the legs on the ground at a 10-degrees angle? Did it look better when you were drawing the design earlier to angle the drawing that way instead of having the crab lean against the ground?
  • noobiess: I appreciate that your design echoes Pokemon that imitate Pokeballs. :) It makes the design seem more plausible in-game. Currently, your design seems a bit detached between the Pokeball body and tentacles, though. I could see the drawing as a Pokeball on top of a bed of tentacles. Perhaps some cracks in the Pokeball or a more visual way of showing the tentacles coming out of it may lessen that isolation?
  • Yoshuriken: Glad that you went with the scorpion. :) Nice geometry in your design! I was thinking that the tail and arm cannons were a little more interesting in shape, but the current is good enough.
  • Wobblebuns: I implore you to submit the snail mermaid. Your next design is fine in a vacuum, but the head is really, really reminiscent of Dragalge, thus causing the entire creation to resemble a Fire retype of it. X_x;
Final Submission-Illegal
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Description: Since there are not too many deer pokemon, especially on CAP, I decided to make one. Since the typing is water/fire I decided to make it have two heads and conflicting personalities. The fire type portion of the deer is based off an early 1900s gentleman, and the water type part of the deer is a clown. The magnets on the antlers represent the fact that both deers are stuck together. The bow tie is actually cooled lava, and the bubbles are from the water deer's body being composed of water.
As you can see, I am a bad drawer(Im only thirteen), but I think the pokemon matches the stats and abilities quite nicely.
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