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From pyro and teuthis.

Kanaloa came up when I googled "octopus god". Represents wild forces, is a god of the underworld and a teacher of magic. Arcane basically means magic. Fine by me.


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Concutio [Latin for Intimidate] and Arsen [Crime for Fire Damage]
Intimidate from the face produced on the head of the octopus.
Arsen for the fire typing and the ability Infiltration.


Arsen [Fire] and the last prefix of Oxygen [Play off of "gen" into "gyn".]
Arsen for the Fire typing and the ability Infiltration
Oxygen for the water typing.


Goddess Briyella

Banned deucer.

[oc·teph.ra] /oc TEPH ruh/ Derived from "octopus" and "tephra".


[teph·ra.cle] /TEPH ruh cul/ Derived from "tentacle" and "tephra".

Tephra is the fragmental by-product of a volcanic eruption, grouped into sub-classifications of volcanic ash, volcanic cylinders, and volcanic "bombs" (large exploding rocks), depending on size. I figured it was at least worth throwing a new term out there if other people want to try using it for potential names as well.

Comment: The names Inkubus and Hydroctane are the absolute coolest in this thread in my opinion. ^_^



This is a name I used for a fakemon a while back and I thought I'd reuse it here. I had to remove the u from buoyant for it to fit, but it still works pretty well.
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Pronunciation: Seh-flair

Haven't really been keeping up with this thread, but didn't see anything along these lines. Wondering if it would sound better with an -opod tacked on at the end.

As far as feedback, I've gotta say my preference is for the names that don't draw too much from vampiric themes. I get that it's a vampire squid, but generally when people hear something reminiscent of vampire I don't think they immediately think of the squid.
Oh, screw it.

Luminid (LOOM in id) (Luminous squid)
Lumocho (LOOM oh choh) (Luminous + ocho, for eight, because it's an octopus)

Pick one, wether you want our CAP to be a squid or an octopus. I like the squid better. octo is way too clunky a suffix.

Similar to previous names, but i feel these roll off the tongue better. I'll just let these drown in the sea of names.

Personally, I like the names that are three or less syllables and don't have 3 consonants in a row.
Here's a work in progress:


"Cor" could come from "core" or "corpus", meaning body, but either way it is a nod to the concept. Poach because it is a cooking technique that uses boiling water.


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Squid + squiggly

Well, it's what I've somehow started calling the guy since I started to attempt to sprite him. It's far from a serious name, but it's just quirky enough to have been stuck in my head all day.
Caldera+Devil. Alternatively Cauldron+Devil.


Octupus+Napalm (the former option being a corruption of the latter word)


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This thread is now open for Final Submissions!

Final Submissions posted earlier than this post are disqualified. Sorry, but dem's da rules. Speaking of rules, make sure to follow them religiously when making your post. They require attention to detail, so don't fumble at the finish line. This thread will close in approximately 48 hours from now. Until then, finalize your submission, discuss new names, and give feedback on other's progress. Get busy!
Final Submission


A combination of "Pryo" or "Pyre" + "Sleuth", and sounds like part of the scientific name of the Vampire Squid - Vampyroteuthis infernalis.

Pronounced: "PIE-ri-slooth"
IPA: paɪrɪsluːθ


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Final Submission


A combination of "octopus" and "abyss"

Prounounced: OCK-tuh-biss
IPA: 'ɒktəbəs

The vampire squid is a deep-sea creature, so referencing the abyss where it lives seems appropriate. The portmanteau is especially simple and appealing to me because it perfectly rhymes with the word "octopus" itself.
Final Submission


A combination of lamp, referring to its luminescence as well as its fiery powers, and empusa, a type of Greek vampire.

Pronounced: "lam-POOH-suh"


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Final Submission


"Ink" (squids produce this) + "Incubus" (a vampire demon)

Pronounced: INK-yuh-bus
IPA: ɪnkjəbəs

I had three WIP names I liked, but this one received the most positive feedback by far. Besides, I tend to like puns in Pokemon names, and this one fits the bill.
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I know it's a little late for a WIP, but I post these late all the time, so...



Tentacle + Tartarus

Tentacle is anatomically correct for a squid, Tartarus is a part of the underworld in Greek mythology. As the design has emphasized infernal elements to it, I thought something like this would be appropriate.





Tartarus + Tentacle

Same reasoning as before; Tartarus fits with the infernal elements, and tentacle is appropriate for a squid, except the order is reversed.


First, I'd like to thank Quanyails, as the feedback was appreciated. Second, seeing as I'm cutting this incredibly close, any feedback as to which name I should choose would be highly appreciated.
Ok. Since I would still like some feedback on the names I came up with, I guess I will be fashionably late here (WIP)

Pronounciation: loo-SAIR-na-bis

Lucerna ("lamp" in Latin) + Abyss

This name is evokes a "light in the dark sea" sort of feel which I feel this CAP exemplifies. Sort of like an Anglerfish, using the light to draw the prey towards it.

Pronounciation: la-MI-a-bis

Lamia ("vampire" roughly in Latin) + Abyss

This name was made to showcase more of the "vampire squid" aspect of our CAP. It is the vampire of the deep I guess.

Between these two, I have yet to decide which one to go with as I really like them both. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

L names are best names.
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