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Final Submission


From thermal, i.e. heat, and mantle, which refers to many things: the earth's molten interior, the squid's external body, and the vampire's cape.

Pronounced: ther-MAN-tle
IPA: θɜrmæntəl
Final Submission


Kraken (the squid-like sea monster of legend) + Krakatoa (either the volcanic island or the explosive)

Pronounced: CRACK-in-TOE-uh
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Final Submission


Squid (what this cap is based off) + Igneous (relating to fire/a type of rock formed by the solidification lava)

Pronounced: "SKWID-nee-uhs"
Final Submission


Scald (burn caused by water) + Hell (well, it's inspiration was the "Vampire squid from Hell") + Squid (It's a squid)

Pronounced: "SCAL-id"
Final Submission


From Phlogiston, the element that was thought to cause combustion before oxygen was discovered, and squid.

Pronounced: flow-JIS-quid
Final Submission


Poulpe ("octopus" in French) + pyra (altered form of "pyre")

Pronounced: pul-PIE-ruh


formerly Fuzzie
Final Submission


Sulphur (Burning stone, assiciated with hell, brings out fire typing) + Photophore (Key feature of Vampire Squid, ties in with burning stone which burns blue)

Pronounced: sul-FORE
Final Submission


Squid + Transylvania; removed the y to fit character limit.

Pronounced: "Kwid-sol-vayn-ee-uh"

How about Calormare, pronounced "Cal-uh-mar-ay"

Corruption of "calamari", which is fried squid in Mediterranean countries, Calor is latin for heat, and Mare is latin for ocean.

This is cool, it might work better on the pronunciation if in had, say, a "y" at the end of it. So "Calormarey" or you could even go "Calormaray". It seems like that could work better as far as pronouncing it right when you see it. A mare is also another animal (female sheep, I think?) so it could be confusing. Now who knows if it'll even matter, this may not get picked anyway. But it's still a good one :)
Final Submission


Holocaust+Squid. Fires, Floods are all holocausts, while the caps a squid.

Pronounced: HOLLOW-kwid
Final Submission


Lava (reference to fire type/volcanoes, more specifically underwater kind as part of possible habitat) + Calamari (referring to the squid).

Pronounced: Lah-vah-mah-ree
Final Submission


Corruption of "calamari", which is fried squid in Mediterranean countries, Calor is latin for heat, and Mare is latin for ocean.

Pronounced: Kal-ore-MAR-ay
IPA: kælɔərˈmɑreɪ

After some consideration, I stuck with my original post, simply because I like the way it sounds/looks over calormari.
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