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Well, I can't do much more for Rising_Dusk other than say,
"Thank you".

You led this project very well and it was through this project I finally stopped lurking around the forums and started getting involved. Probably even before this, you personally helped me learn CAP battling...atleast I think it was you.

All in all, we're all gonna miss you.
Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this awesome Pokemon! It's been a blast adding in my two cents!

And especially, a big thank you and goodbye to Rising_Dusk! It's been a real pleasure joining in your last CAP. Come back to Smogon some day!


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God RD why must you ruin all the happy success threads

I was going to whine about how awful Necturna is but now I just feel bad

Anyway. CAP2 started out with a concept with no real sense of direction and a real potential to go disastrously wrong, which somehow formed itself into what is perhaps the best example of the CAP process to date. This is pretty much the only CAP I have ever taken part in where I feel that we have actually been successful in what we set out to do. Usually I roll my eyes a bit at the summary Smog articles for each CAP, but I think that in this case we may well be justified.

Lastly, thanks for all your contributions over the time you’ve been here, RD. Not to mention having to put up with me in almost every area of the site you were working in… hopefully you feel, as we all do, that you’ve left us far better off than we would otherwise have been. Oh, and good luck.

4 final words:
- Tell us when the inaugural battle will be
- Carrying on the tradition of TLs disappearing after finishing a project, it seems
- Who will be writing the Necturna Smog article?
- 50p says capefeather will be Pre-evo leader

“Cheers” :)


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CAP Head Mod
When will Pre-vos start to be voted on?
We don't have an exact date at the moment; the inaugural battle still has to take place! Sit tight for a few more days. I'd estimate that it will start within the time of a week, hopefully. Don't worry about missing it, we'll see Pre-Evo portion beginning soon enough, methinks.
Goodbye, Rising_Dusk. I haven't been here really that long, nor have I that many posts or any badges, but you were always one to point a finger in the right direction and have made many great contributions to Smogon. Good luck wherever you end up.
*uses computer like pillow*
Good luck on your future endeavors, Rising_Dusk. Congrats on getting CAP2 finished along with all of your other achievements on the site. You've done a ton ever since you joined.

And also, congrats to everyone else who participated in the making of CAP2.


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I have nothing to do with CAP but I just wanted to say that despite some of our differences in the past R_D, it's sad to see you go. I wish you luck with whatever you want to pursue in life man.
Thanks for all of your amazing contributions. And even though you don't have your badges anymore, those of us who were fortunate enough to have spent some time with you will remember you fondly.

The CAP looks good guys, nice job!
A well done CAP. I can't wait to test this thing assuming the server would work for me and I can see a lot of fun to be had with its viability. The creation process was fun too. Great job everyone!

And Rising_Duck... Erm, Rising_Dusk. I hardly got to know you, but your leadership and organization during the CAP process was very admirable, so I could only imagine the countless contributions you made... Shame I won't be there to see more of what you're capable of. We'll miss you, new and old alike.


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Quack Quack QUAACCCKKK Quack!!! (Translation, Thanks Rising Dusk, for helping create such an awesome and unique CAPmon, QUAACCCKKK, and we all hope you the very best irl. Good Luck!!!

Ps. Get this guy some Alumni Badges already ;)
Well nice job everyone. I wasn't here for most of the development, so I had to look over the completed CaP for a little bit. Anyway I'm sad to see rd go but he's off to greener pastures. I hope we can still see ya maybe around the PO server.
Sigh, I'm gonna miss those ducks. Rising Dusk, I only know you for a month but you're one of the greatest leaders I have seen on the site. Well, I wish you good luck on whatever you want to do. Necturna also turned out very well. I still think DougJustDoug's art was better. ;D
Well, here we are! For ages I've watched the CAP process go by and dreamed of participating, and now the first CAP in which I've had an (however inconsequential) input is complete. Like many designs, Necturna has grown on me immensely throughout the process. I can't wait to see how it fares in playtesting, and look forward to the third fifth-gen CAP venture! I'll be there!


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Congrats to
on winning the inaugural battle, as well as RD and all of the contributers.

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The innaugural test battle didn't really show too much, in my opinion. All we had on one side was Necturna using (and constantly missing) with Power Whip before it was K.O.'d. On the other side, we saw Quiver Dance Necturna being countered by Jirachi, which was probably expected, since Jirachi is listed as one of Necturna's counters. However, that is when I had to go. Based on the match up until that point, I don't think Necturna would have made that much of a difference in the end, but I could be wrong.

However, I do have to say one thing. This is a really bad-ass Pokemon ya'll have created. Excellent job there. Not only does it look cool, but the movepool and stats definitely make this fall into the OU category. And not only that, but the uniqueness of Necturna is amazing. The sheer unpredictability of that Sketched move is really going to keep battlers on their toes.

In conclusion, I'd like to know when the next CAP starts. Because I'd be very interested in participating, if it is open to the "General Public."
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