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  • Thank you for signing the Recruit Application and sorry for the huge delay. We now ask that you also sign the Oath of Allegiance so you can be officially initiated into the Agency.
    Naw, it's ok.
    You didn't upset me, it just got me a bit curious.
    I guess I need to make cuter sprites, huh.... :(
    Thanks anyway, I hope to see you in the next CAP!
    Hey, man.
    From what you've been posting in the sprite polls, it's apparently "logical" that noobiess wins.
    But this is disturbing me quite a bit.
    Are you implying that it is illogical for my sprite to win?
    What do you think is lacking in my sprite? I'd like an explanation on this.
    Awesome job man! I was actually hoping for a silhouette so this is perfect. Thank you!
    Oh right, I wrote the comments but havent done the marks yet, I dunno about the other judges.

    Artist badge is for doing art for the site. Probably needs to be a significant amount, though I dont really know the details regarding things like how much..
    I was talking about your vanillite line. And by using your imagination i mean dont just change the color. :)
    Im just telling you to use your imagination :) not to learn speak english
    Hey you've been double posting a bit, in the art for articles thread and your own. There is an edit button on your posts just so you know
    Hi this is my personal blog, as you may see.

    Im a sprite artist (rookie) and I made my first art!

    I don't have much to say now...
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