CAP 13 CAP 2 - Part 14 - Pokedex Entry Poll 1

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Thanks Deck!
26 temperantia
24 mosquitoxe
22 louiscyphre
22 birkal
22 galladiator
22 risingdusk
17 flareblitz
15 engineerpikachu
14 mafeking
13 capefeather
11 wildeep
10 deckknight
Hrm! This is a sticky situation. After Temperantia and Mos-Quitoxe, there are four entries tied for third and not far behind the leading two. This means that I will be moving on 6 entries to the next poll, which will have to be IRV in order to limit the following poll a bit more and delve deeper into what people want to see here. Expect the next poll shortly!
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