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Hello i am Airwind most know as the chilean monster or just Air, I join to the pokemon comunitty in almost tree years but i meet CAP in the middle creation of crucibelle in the art submissions more exactly my english is not very good that was one of the reason of join in cap and the another and big reason why i enter is beacuse i was shearing for comunitty to be part of that and be acepted.

My pokemon experience most big was Pokemon Hispano in (the second moment it die) i was a global moderator this is why i meet so much people in the spanish room. But when i meet cap was something so beautifull due to when Hispano die i got to go to the spanish room but the spanish room was so bad with me than i left. That is when my experience in cap starts.

I wanted in that time be number 1° in a tier so one time i chose random to what tier go and is show cap so in that moment i said "this is my tier" back in gen 6 was in the top and was so happy but i meet one of my most rival and that is Heaven Jay he was the user that from him i learn how to play and i start to be more down in cap metagame and be the very best.

In almost the end and start of sumo metagame i wanted to try to help and be more down in CAP this is when i got to go the forum i always want to help this is why i made my cap sample team i was so proud of me i know it sound stupid but i still more proud of that i start to help join in tournament even i made a small guide from cap metagame in spanish ( that is one of the another thing i'm proud of that, i started a english course beacuse i want to help but my english is bad that is one of the reason of the english course. And i started to talk in the viabillity rank, in the cap updates polls (due to my level of english), sample teams and finally i'm working in a secret project (my rmt but shh).

Tbh whit you guys i love this comunitty and i hope i can be a PRC thanks for reading and this is airwind El chico que es libre como el aire y el viento
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I would like to be on the PRC for the upcoming cycle.

My CAP experience includes TLing CAP 18 (Volkraken) as well as serving as the Stats Leader for Malaconda, Cawmodore and Ability Leader for Crucibelle. I've enjoyed leading and contributing to discussions throughout the past two generations of CAPs, and I hope to continue doing so during the current one. My Smogon experience goes beyond CAP; I've served on the UU council a couple of generations ago and still play a fair bit of the current OU metagame. I've dabbled in just about every part of this website at some time or another, but now in my old Internet age I'm mostly confined to CAP. My Pokemon experience would not fit in one Smogon post, so I'll leave that one out. It involves far, far too many hours in the Battle Frontier of gens 3 and 4.

I would like to participate in the PRC for CAP 23 and beyond because as a CAP veteran and former leader, I have confidence in my abilities to contribute inclusive policies and continuously improve the CAP project as we begin to develop for Gen 7. Thank you!
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