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You do not need to apply to the CAP PRC in order to participate in CAP events. All polls and discussion threads in this forum are open for public use; the PRC serves an entirely different function that is separate from the current CAP process.
This thread is for people who want to apply to the Create-A-Pokemon Project Policy Review Committee. Remember, the PRC is in charge of discussing policy changes to the CAP Process in general, all of which take place in the CAP Policy Review Forum (which everyone can see but only CAP PRC are able to post in). Note that if you're a guest viewing the CAP forums, you cannot view the CAP PRC forum, so that is all the more reason for you to register and see what CAP is all about! It's a great place to read the opinions of some of the most seasoned CAP veterans.

Please stuff as much relevant information about yourself as you can in these applications; a short few lines will no longer suffice. In terms of guidance, it would be wise to describe a) your CAP experience, b) your Smogon experience, and c) your Pokemon experience. To apply, describe your involvement in the CAP Project in all areas, including but not limited to: past CAP polls, PR discussions, playtesting RMTs/discussions, CAP analyses workshops, #cap on IRC, CAP metagame involvement, submitted material, etc. It can really only help your case if you provide links to example posts for things like submissions or suggestions. I cannot stress this enough: please take time to fill out your application thoroughly. Also, recall that this is a rolling application, meaning that you can apply whenever it is convenient for you to do so.

As an aside, we're not looking for perfect members. There is not going to be a limit on the number of users the CAP moderators accept for the PRC, and we would prefer more to less. I doesn't overly matter how long you've contributed. We're mainly looking for the best users in CAP to step up and start leading, regardless of join date. If you feel like you have contributed positively to CAP in any way, please feel free to apply. Note that significant work within the Policy Review Committee could earn you a Community Contributor badge. Remember that we are especially looking for active CAP members to be involved in our discussion. Furthermore, rejection now will not disqualify you permanently; signups will be open again after every CAP. Inactivity or serious misconduct is the only way to lose PRC status, so you have nothing to lose by applying and quite a bit to gain.

The CAP 23 Policy Review Committee

Broken Phobias
Deck Knight
Integer Mova
Tsaeb XIII
Galvantula Tank
Animus Majulous
Frat Dude​

All of these members will be given posting privileges to the CAP Policy Review subforum. They will have the ability to create threads on important CAP issues as well. They've also been granted the ability to vote on these issues and shape the future of CAP as a whole. PRC members, don't forget that you can PM any of the CAP moderators if you have any questions or concerns. We hope we can all be as active and vocal as possible in order to get work done. We can't wait to work with all of you to make positive changes in this project!

Gen7 will take up the majority of our fall. As a result, we'll spend a good chunk of time reflecting on the CAP22 Process, specifically how it went making a Pokemon for the CAP Metagame. We're open for other topics as you have them, so please let a CAP moderator know if you're interested in making a new thread about our policy!
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I know I've only been involved in CAP since July (and I only got into it since HeaLnDeaL advertised it in the Doubles Room), but in my opinion, I have contributed well to the CAP Community to warrant an application.

I will start off with my Pokemon experience in general first and then condense the subject to my time on Smogon, and finally, my ongoing journey in the CAP Community.

I am currently in High School at a school focused primary on Communications and secondly in the Arts. I have been playing Pokemon since grade school when I got a copy of Pokemon Soul Silver off a close friend of mine. I played through the game on my own 3DS during the majority of my free time and completed the game quickly. Furthermore, I discovered all the hidden secrets of the postgame without any references at all. From then, I bought Platinum (from an actual store this time), and once again, beat the game fairy quickly along with having a lot of fun in the action-filled postgame. I continued the trend of buying and playing the main series games, all the up until BW2. I avoided the game since I was in middle school at that time and Pokemon was deemed uncool. All the kids who continued to play were bullied and shut out from the the school. To this day, I feel bad I did not do anything about it. I did not get back into Pokemon until after ORAS was released. What sparked my motivation was playing through Soul Silver again after I started talking with kids who still played mons. Since I did not want to ask my parents for the game, I watched PurpleRodri play through the entire game on his Youtube Channel. After that, I wanted to learn what I missed since I left before the end of the 5th generation, so I researched a lot on the Pokemon Database. Fun fact, when I first saw Mega Evolution on the sight, I thought it was just a prank since the mons did not have sprites. After sucking up all my courage, I convinced my parents to buy me Pokemon Black 2, Pokemon X, and Pokemon Omega Ruby to catch up on my favorite game series. As you may think, I quickly caught up on the games. At this point, I had stumbled on lots of Pokemon Youtube Channels, one of them being TamashiiHiroka where I found this video on how to IV Breed pokemon. I then found out how to EV Train and lots of other information on getting into competitive battling. I mostly battled my friends on a social media program called PokeAmino, but then I discovered Smogon in October of 2015. I made an account, but then deemed it too challenging to understand and did not touch it until May of this year. That is where my Smogon journey truly began.

I only joined Smogon in the attempt to sign up for the Doubles OU Spring Seasonal so I could participate. I never really thought about posting on the forums, mainly because I did not want to look uninformed, until I was motivated by a certain former Doubles Tier Leader. He did not say anything directly to me, but he said to the general PS chat that theres no reason not to post in forums. He said there was no reason to be afraid, even if you were wrong, the more experienced users would help you out. I decided that I would no longer be afraid and try to post and show my knowledge. Naturally, my beginning posts were not very good, and my playing was still not very good, but that changed when I decided to get tutored. I was embarrassed at first, but now, I do not regret it all. miltankmilk helped me a lot, and even thought I am not a star player, I definitely think I improved drastically. From there, I got Azumarill to rise from Tier 2 - Tier 1 on the Viability Rankings, vote in both the Stage 4 and Stage 5 suspects test, and overall became active on the forums and PS!. I stayed in the Smogon Doubles room mostly, sometimes lingering in the Anime & Manga section, until HeaL advertised the CAPTT Midseason Signups (particularly CAP Doubles) and got me to join the CAP Project Room. I joined the room, and decided to stay to soak up some knowledge, and this is where my CAP Journey begins.

After I signed up and trying out for HeaL's team, I came to notice there was not any CAP Doubles Viability Rankings. I came to HeaL about it, and he said nobody ever wanted to make them. I told him I could make them, and he motived me to do so. With the help of BlueSkiddoWeCanToo, Yellow Paint, and Matame, we put together, the CAP Doubles Viability Rankings. I am guessing between making these and participating in the PS! Chat, HeaL drafted me for CAPTT. Although I never played, I did help my teammates test every team, and help build an entire team for Blue to use in CAP Doubles. In addition, HeaL and I stayed up late building a BW CAP team in case I had to sub in the next day. Afterwards, I posted all the teams I made which motivated other people to do so as well. I was also deemed the breakout player from this year's CAPTT by cbrevan after last year's snake_rattler. After CAPTT, I became a motived figure in the CAP Project room and build a lot of XY (ORAS) teams and competed / won a large amount of room tours, which was surprising since I mostly played Doubles. Then, Kerfuffle got moving along so I actively voted during almost every round, and shared my ideas a bit. Come to the end of Kerfuffle and the tour to see how it affected the metagame. After winning Round 1 2-1, I am currently in Round 2 ready to face snake_rattler, which people have deemed the highlight match and wondering why two players with a shot to go very far had to fight so early. Also, we're the two breakout players from this year's, and last year's CAPTT. I ended up winning this match, which gives me huge momentum going into Top 16 Around this time, I obtained voice (+) in the CAP Room on PS! after only 2 1/2 months, showing my dedication to the room and the project in general. I believe a reason I also got voice was pushing for CAP Social Media which is currently being run over and some of the ideas have already been confirmed and working smoothly, along with my ability to play well and teambuild for the CAP Metagame.

I know I have not contributed at much as many of the other room regulars, but I believe in just the 2 1/2 months I have been here, I have shown a lot of dedication to the CAP Project, been active every day since HeaL advertised CAPTT, and is always looking for a way to make CAP better for all. Furthermore, I even got an aspiring OU player Zimzy to join the CAP Room and is beginning to become active, same goes for BuzzkillAmpharos who says he'll try it out. Overall, I belive I deserve at least discussion of the possibilty of placement on the CAP PRC because of my dedication, knowledge, and enthusiasm.

Thanks for reading through this, if you have any questions or want me to clarify anything, please message me here on Smogon or catch me on PS!

Hope you consider my inclusion.

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Hi! You may already know, but I go by "Mova" on most of the Internet. I'm not going to give much backstory, since that can be seen on my CAP 21 PRC application. I've participated since Volkraken, but I have learned a lot during the most recent three processes about the CAP Meta. One can find art submissions for Naviathan, Crucibelle, and Kerfluffle's projects from me, but I had given up each and every time due to interference from the human world. I don't play on Showdown often, but I enjoy the premise of CAP much more than OU.

Damn, I can't believe that Gen 6 will be over in less than a month, only to move on to Gen 7.

Improve CAP Even Further! It's already great, but Crucibelle and Kerfluffle only helped matters.
Yo I'm not that important so I'm not going to go into major detail like Green Gogoat did.

I frequent the PS Chatroom and I constantly try to participate on the Forums; I've been around since Volkraken just lurking. I started participating around Naviathan and really enjoyed the process. I'm slowly getting tired of the CAP metagame but I'm sure I'll find a new passion for it once Gen 7 Drops. I hope you guys consider me for PRC.
For those unfamiliar with me, I'm NumberCruncher. I've been a heavily active member of CAP since the beginning of Gen 6, and contribute frequently. Generally good on the ladder and do very well in tourneys. I was a semifinalist in the Kerfluffle playtest tournament, and held several top 10 slots on the CAP ladder with different accounts back when Plasmanta was the latest CAP off the production line.

I've been a PRC member for every project since Plasmanta, and keep myself active on the Policy Review discussions. I go to meetings on the IRC whenever such meetings are called. I hope to keep bringing consistent quality as a member of the PRC to discussions that shape the future of a project I enjoy so dearly.
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Hello, I'm known as Blackdrakon30, or more commonly as Animaignis. Soon I will go by Northern Blizzard as my main Pokemon Showdown account name, due to some issues related to connected IPs. I go to one of the top High Schools in the United States, and above all I would say I'm a writer. I never really got to play the Pokemon games much; and I own no video games myself. I've always loved Pokemon however and have played all of the games for at least a battle sans DPP on a friend's DS to some degree, although the only ones I played to completion of the entire game were GSC and RSE. I believe this gives me a somewhat unique perspective on some things Pokemon because I never knew them as "flavor". I only ever knew Pokemon as "competitive". Heck, I never even knew Pikachu first. Garchomp was the first Pokemon I ever knew of; perhaps it was a sign that I was destined to only know competitive play over flavor.

I was introduced to Pokemon Showdown a while when a friend from grade school showed me it three years ago. By extension, I discovered Smogon soon after due to their relationship. I participated in the Smogon RMTs and some other discussions, but I should have taken the advice of "lurk more" at that point. However, I despise people who say that and will despise them forever. Instead of just sending people away, we should help them gain experience. I began all the way back, those three years ago, with the most noob teams you could imagine. My favorite example was a Special Avalugg with no EVs that I used OU. I just used my favorite things. However, I began my real trip. I researched on Pokemon Database, Bulbapedia, Smogon, and other sites. I memorized ever single typing, learned every single ability, read old guides to moves, Pokemon, and strategies, and I mastered the concepts of STAB and the physical-special-status move split. That's only the tip of the research iceberg. I went to the CAP room a year ago to begin asking questions after I learned about the CAP process online. I understood it from the start and was wondering if there was a current process going on, and how to properly use the CAPs in battle. I remember the chat was pretty dead every day when I wasn't sitting around asking questions about the CAP metagame. My gratitude goes out to everyone who helped answer my questions. It was tough; I never had any sort of tutor to teach me how to battle well and had next to no experience with any of the Pokemon games. However the circumstances, I learned how to battle and predict and play well through making hundreds upon hundreds of teams and fighting hundreds of battles. If I lost, then I found out why I lost and made note. So for two of the years, I build approximately two or three teams per day. Then I built two teams per day for a year, and now I build a team every other day. I now focus more on the quality and plays, as I'm past the point where mere quantity helps.

As many of you might have noticed, I enjoy long in-depth chat about serious things. I watched some portion of CAP 20 before I began my journey in the CAP room, and participated CAP 21. However, I was misinformed and confused during the entire CAP 21 process and it gave me a bad reputation as "Blackdrakon30". That's when my new account "Animaignis" hit the stage, and I began to gain recognition as a fairly well-liked and well-known user in the CAP room. I avidly participated in the PRC Chat conflicts for CAP21/22, although I stood on the side because I wanted to gain some side experience with what would be happening. CAP22 was an outstanding project, and I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did. I now many close friends in the CAP room, some no longer active, and some active all the time. I remember back when some of the current Mods and Drivers were non-auth users, and back when some of the now Voiced users weren't even part of CAP. I'm glad they are all here and have achieved so much. We all miss and will remember those who left us or went inactive such as Sota, Pepsiplunge, Gday, and NitrousAcid.

I may not be a Voice in the CAP room, I may not have badges or achievements, and I may lack experience. However, I believe I have the perseverance, intelligence, and capability to make choices for the greater good that would allow me to fit well on the CAP 23 PRC team. I believe I have put more effort into being at the point where I am than almost any other person. I built the competitive player who I am now from nothing, from no knowledge whatsoever. That kind of willingness to do what I love is what makes me strong.

I hope you consider me for the CAP23 PRC team.
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I am HeaLnDeaL, and although CAP mods are not required to apply for the PRC, every so often it is good for us to post our credentials to participate in Policy Review. If anything, just to let newcomers to the project know a bit about our background and why we feel qualified to be part of the policy-making process (so I'm basically making a post akin to what Doug made in the CAP20 PRC thread).

I've been involved in CAP for a few years now. CAP gave me my ladybug and my mod badge, and I have earned Room Owner and Global Driver on PS due to my contributions to CAP. I've been one of the main voices behind the gradual shift from CAP's playtests being ladder based to being tournament based. I've written several CAP metagame analyses and have QCed many more. I'm probably known an active competitive participant, but I also like partaking in flavor events as well, particularly concept art and sprites. I was Naviathan's stats leader and Crucibelle's movepool leader and have been actively involved in discussion regarding these stages, including giving advice to the more recent leaders of these areas. I've led these stages, I've won polls in these stages, I know what these stages are and I know that they are not optimized.

I was involved (but far from the sole voice of) the decision to nerf Stat Limits this past CAP, and prior to this I was an active combatant against the stage last PRC cycle. I want to briefly explain that the mods-only decision for removing the Stat Limits thread for Kerfluffle was a compromise between multiple forces--those that wished to see the stage completely axed and have the slate itself decide any stat limits (as in start with no limits and have the leader impose limits via the slate) and those who agreed that the stage was a waste but that some form of limits were still necessary to start out discussion. The compromise, as you may know, resulted in the TL and TLT deciding the stat limits outside of the thread. However, it is unlikely that this is the "end" of our discussion on Stat Limits, and I would very much like to see them more properly addressed in PRC.

We've also been operating under the new movesets system for a few CAPs now. Essentially, the new competitive movesets works great for concepts that themselves are focused on movesets. Naviathan, as determined to be a Dragon Dancer and Calm Minder from concept assessment, was a fluid switch to this new moveset focus because its set up moves translated to two, easily defined sets. Since Naviathan, the moveset focus has not been nearly as easy to manage. More often than not, talk about individual moves seems to have a way of creeping up, despite that not being entirely allowed in the moveset OP's rules. Competitive Movesets as a process has many benefits over the old way, especially in regards to the separation of flavor and competitive aspects. However, in its current iteration it is too rigid and does not flow well with the majority of CAP concepts. The current system also places an unusually high level of responsibility on the moves TL, making it harder to find someone who is qualified enough to lead such a rigorous stage and who has the time resources to not be burned out by it. I'd hate to see the core concept of focusing on how moves interact with each other in sets go down the drain, but I would like to see some improvements in the stage to make it more optimized.

So yeah I'm HeaL. I've done CAP, I've led CAP, I know where CAP needs to be fixed and I want to fix it with your help this coming PRC cycle. Besides process optimization, I'd also very much like to talk about CAP social media and how we can better support and promote ourselves through media interaction. Lastly, I want to optimize our polling processes by having safety measures for when IRV fails and by being more transparent in our disapproval of campaigning and group voting.


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Hello everyone, I'm cbrevan. I've been involved with the CAP community, specifically the CAP Project room on PS!, since 2014, and I've been active in the CAP metagame subforum for almost the same length of time. My main focus has always been the CAP metagame, as the vast majority of my involvement on Smogon has been through the production of CAP metagame resources, CAP analyses work, and other functions within the CAP metagame subforum. I've been an active follower of the CAP process since Plasmanta, I submitted a winning movepoll for Navithan with HeaLnDeaL, and more recently I served as the TL for Kerfluffle after sparktrain left the site.

To elaborate on some of the stuff I've been doing around here, I've been a longtime member of the CAP analyses QC team, with about a dozen analyses written myself and numerous more checked during the course of my involvement with that particular project. Both of my badges, Precontributor and Site Staff, came about due to my work with CAP analyses. I also help with a bunch of different projects in the CAP meta subforum, ranging from teambuilding workshops to viability rankings, and I've been a team manager for the CAPTT since its introduction. I've been an active user in the PS! room for over two years, a part of the roomstaff for the majority of that time, and a room moderator for over a year.

Overall, I have a great deal of experience with the CAP metagame and its community and I've been able to experience the CAP process in full through my role as the TL for Kerfluffle. I'd like to use those experiences to help improve the CAP project in whatever way possible, and to give my expertise on the CAP metagame when needed.


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Hi everyone, here for another round of PRC.

I've been participating since Tomohawk, and playing competitively since early Gen 4. I've helped shape discussion threads - especially in regards to specific movepool and typing choices - since forever. For example, having no fire coverage on Plasmanta is probably my fault, as well as being one of the main voices in our approach on Naviathan. As a PRC veteran, I helped reorganize the way we do concept submissions in the wake of the concept workshop. Outside of direct contributions, I created and maintain a "Typing Checks and Counters" spreadsheet here on the forum, and occasionally write posts and threads about personal metagame research 'for the good of the people', though it should be known that I do it because I'm a nerd who hates losing arguments.

I'd love to come into another round of PRC to talk about how the Checks and Counters thread should be approached. There's some stuff right now that's bothered me for quite a while, and that may need some changing. If y'all can bear with me for another cycle let's make CAP even better ^.^

When I'm not CAPing, I spend my time as a Computer Science major (read: doing homework), making mods for Skyrim, or complaining. Thanks for the PRC consideration one more time, and I look forward to another project with everyone!

I'm Wenderz, I've been playing CAP since almost two years now, and currently it is my favorite Metagame. When I started Pokemon on PS! (a little more than 3 years ago now), I've been playing Mono Gen team in OU(Cloyster, Victeebrel and Hitmonlee were pretty effective btw, especially the former), then I was lurking in the server Frost (deleted now) and playing Monotype (Ghost, Water and Poison) then OU (even if I was still playing the Pokemon I love like Cofagrigus or Umbreon and they wasn't bad at all), then I came back on Smogon's server and I started to learn how to build "correctly" when the ORAS periode began, and finally I discoreved the CAP when I was looking for something to build around, my first featured CAPmon was Tail Glow Compound Eyes Syclant (I didn't notice Mountaineer...). Like everyone (or almost), my teams were full of CAP at the beginning.

I've been at the top of the ladder (number 1) during one month (maybe?) and now I'm staying in the Top 10. When I feel that I can, I try to help the ones who write an analyse. I'm also following the Viability Ranking. I've been also participating a bit during the Kerfluffle's production. I'm also writting French analyses (I can give you links as a proof) and I'm trying to make the CAP more popular among my French friends, and it works, slowly but certainly (because of me, 7 or 8 person play CAP currently, if not more).

Even if my English is far from being perfect (because I wasn't able to learn it earlier than 2 years ago z_z), I think that I have enough level, activity and knowledge to help you in the CAP 23 PCR. This would also increases my skills. Thank you.


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Hi everyone,

I've been around since right after the Naviathan playtest and have been an active member in CAP and the CAP Metagame. I am on the QC Team and Viability Rankings Team for the CAP Metagame, was recently promoted moderator in the CAP Metagame Room on Showdown, participated in Crucibelle's creation, and acted as the Ability Leader for Kerfluffle. I coauthored Kerfluffle's stat spread with HeaLnDeaL and won Kerfluffle's movepool poll as well. I also picked up the Naughty Necturnas in CAPTT2 after sparktrain had to leave. I was on PRC last round, and now that I know what I'm getting into, I hope to improve as a poster. I can give lots of input about the CAP Metagame, but I am also very knowledgeable about the CAP Process. Please consider me for CAP23's PRC team.
Hi all. I've been around Smogon for a few years now and it was CAP that brought me in; assuming my memory of the sequence of events involved isn't failing me, I signed up during Mollux in order to participate in some of the polls. I was semi-active in Gen V NU, but haven't really had the time to invest in any of the metagames since then; these days I'm most likely to be spotted on PS Random Battles, although I am hoping to get a bit more involved once Gen VII kicks off. I've lurked and/or participated in every CAP since, occasionally making a submission for the stages of the project that require less metagame specific knowledge and more general competitive Pokemon knowledge. I had a movepool for Plasmanta and a concept for what would go on to be Crucibelle slated, but most of my involvement in CAP has come during discussion threads.

Somewhat peculiarly, my primary interest in competitive Pokemon is probably at a philosophical/game theory level. I lurk most suspect and policy review threads across the Smogon metagames because I enjoy thinking about the process as much as I enjoy playing the metagames themselves. Indeed, possibly my favourite aspect of CAP is the process, and I very much enjoy reading through the PR threads each cycle. There's a particular issue about the voting mechanics of the process that I'd like to see brought up this cycle, and hence I'm throwing my hat in the ring for PR membership (although I'm very much interested in participating in any of the threads that come up).

Long story short, I'd love to be considered for the CAP23 PRC because policy review philosophy interests me as much as, if not more than, anything else on Smogon, and I'd greatly appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the development of the CAP process.
Hello Everyone, I am Darmico. I may have joined CAP extremely recently, but the fact was I discovered it by chance when I wanted to play a tier I never had done before. I found CAP, wondered what it was, and when I found it I was very exited. I started playing Pokemon about 8 years ago with my first game being diamond version, and ever since than I was a fan, I made an entire Pokedex of 112 Pokemon with designs, types, abilities, move sets, stats, and Pokedex entries. I joined Pokemon Showdown roughly 2 years ago. I draw Pokemon as a hobby, and as time has gone by, I have gotten good enough to go to Interlochen Arts Academy for advanced arts. I have also created concepts for many different games, and am now not to bad at doing so. I am great at taking rolls of leadership as well. In total, I would be happy to the utmost extent to be considered for CAP23 PRC.


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While I've never been incredibly active within CAP as a whole, I've been following most of the processes since CAP 19. And while most forum goers and even most people who frequent the CAP room may not know my name, I've been around the community for awhile now, though just without the time to really contribute. This is something I plan on changing, and before it was a combination of inability (I wish Chromebooks had PhotoShop) and unfamiliarity (barely played ORAS OU) that prevented me from contributing. I feel that one of the better ways for me to contribute to CAP as a whole is to be on the Policy Review Committee, especially considering my continual competitive playing.

As alluded to above, I have barely contributed to CAP itself. That being said I've voted in a few competitive polls when I could and have had lengthy though infrequent conversations about various CAP things with HeaLnDeal, Sparktrain, vulpix mayhem, shadow hitmontop, and a few other who happened to be in the CAP room. Additionally, I've played in the last two CAPTTs, being active enough to the satisfaction of my Captains, this all despite my unfamiliarity with most of CAPs nuances. For instance, I played BW CAP, and while I did not build the team I used, I play tested with it enough and my experience of the standard BW OU metagame allowed me to have a grasp on the metagame and made me feel comfortable playing in a tier I never before had. And despite this being a non objective or truly measurable metric, I've been keeping an eye on the CAP QC progress since it was given its own moderately active subforum.

As for my Smogon track record, I am an official team rater (for LC), on the BW and ORAS LC QC team, and a Community Contributor for the main LC forum as well. I've been recently added to the LC council, and was part of the team when Drifloon was suspected. I've been diligent in a slow takeover of the LC Viability Rankings as well, and have greatly increased the activity and accuracy of the thread with the help of the community at large. I've been writing a plethora of things for smogon as a whole recently too, including articles, analysis, and staff rmts. I'm in good standings with all of Smogon, though unknown to most users, and generally looking to contribute.

I've been staff in the LC room for almost 2 years now; I was a driver for about 8 months and have been a mod for about 6 months. I am currently a global voice on PS as well.


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Been part of the PRC since 2014; still not completely dead yet.

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Hi all! This is your friendly neighborhood DarkSlay here, reporting for duty and applying for PRC. I've been a member of CAP since...well, it's been quite a few years now, give or take some time we'll just say "for a long time". I've participated in dozens of submissions, a few ATL/TL/TLT positions, some CAP ASB work, and other fun CAP projects along the way. Excited to be a part of the CAP community for the dive into Generation VII. Hope you guys are too!


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I have updated the OP with the list of those who made it in. Congratulations! Remember that applications are rolling, meaning that you can still apply at any time. I believe will have some topics underway shortly, so let's start looking forward to Gen 7!
Hi, I am relatively new to CAP, only having begun playing 2-3 months ago. The reason that I would like to be a part of this though is that I am extremely good at being able to find alternate strategies for any Pokemon, and I like to look at Pokemon in any possible role that they could take, not just the one that they are the clear best at. I have lots of experience developing and balancing Pokemon, as I am the owner of the Pet Mod "The New First Gen" t that are not only Viable in just one way, but are usable in multiple ways. This is the reason that I want to apply for a CAP review Committee. I feel that a lot of Pokemon just need the ability to be used in different ways to make them competitively viable, and I would like to provide my unique outlook on Pokemon and strategies to help solidify the Pokemon in the 7th Gen of CAP as the best ones yet.
Hi, I am relatively new to CAP, only having begun playing 2-3 months ago. The reason that I would like to be a part of this though is that I am extremely good at being able to find alternate strategies for any Pokemon, and I like to look at Pokemon in any possible role that they could take, not just the one that they are the clear best at. I have lots of experience developing and balancing Pokemon, as I am the owner of the Pet Mod "The New First Gen" t that are not only Viable in just one way, but are usable in multiple ways. This is the reason that I want to apply for a CAP review Committee. I feel that a lot of Pokemon just need the ability to be used in different ways to make them competitively viable, and I would like to provide my unique outlook on Pokemon and strategies to help solidify the Pokemon in the 7th Gen of CAP as the best ones yet.
Just as a reminder, this is the CAP Policy review, not the CAP Review Team (Which doesn't exist). We will not be editing the CAPs at the end of the process; we merely will help discuss and form the policies about how CAP will be run and done in the future.
Just as a reminder, this is the CAP Policy review, not the CAP Review Team (Which doesn't exist). We will not be editing the CAPs at the end of the process; we merely will help discuss and form the policies about how CAP will be run and done in the future.
Oh. Whoops. Nevermind then.
'ello there,

let me introduce myself my name is KrazyCake formerly know as ChronicleGem on Pokemon Showdown. I have been a part of CAP for about a year now, and have been lurking around for about two. I joined CAP during the art submissions for Crucibelle (CAP 21 at the time) and submitted a masked spider (it wasn't very good at all >~>) After CAP 22 rolled around I tried to contribute more to CAP and I feel as if I have done exactly that. So here I am submitting a very late application. At least I've done it!

Ok so this is the part where I go through my history with Pokemon, Smogon and CAP. I started with Pokemon Soul Silver and played through a lot of it although I have never finished it I still have some fond memories of me playing it. I remember some really silly things I did such as the time I flooding my team with random Unowns. And of course I remember how exited I was when my starter pokemon Totodile first evolved! The way I found Pokemon Showdown was when I heard about competitive pokemon battling, and after doing a bit of searching I found Pokemon Showdown from there I found out about CAP by scrolling all the way down in the teambuilder, very dramatic I know :P I can't remember exactly but I think that the first CAP pokemon I found was Plasmanta. After some searching I finally found CAP and Smogon. At the time they were working on Naviathan and I spent some time watching the process and learning more about CAP I wanted to take part in the process of Naviathan even though I never got around to doing it.

When I heard that CAPTT had started I joined in a heartbeat and made a lot of friends and rivals >:D And even though we were the leftovers we were adamant that we would get far! We all had fun sharing our knowledge about CAP and pokemon battling in general (Belly Drum Hypno is bad K.Rool) this is also how I got more acquainted with the folks in the CAP room in PS.

I've learned a lot about pokemon in the past few years and have become a better player and Smogon user because of it. Now I feel as if I have enough experience with CAP to justify a place in the PRC.

Thank you for reading what I had to say hopefully you'll consider adding me!

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Applying cuz I wanna add my 2 cents in one of the threads :P I got into competitive pokemon shortly after XY's release. I was mostly a stall player hence my username :) One day I found this awesome article "How to maximize your defenses" by X-Act which straight up got me into pokemon math! So I started reading up his other works, which led me to make an account here. I also checked out other people's work like david stone, Antar and Rising_dusk. They (most?) are CAP contributors so I thought CAP was something all the cool kids did. XD So I started lurking CAP, which was making Plasmanta back then.

Here's some projects I did, I proposed a better alternative to Smogon's tiering system, made some forum parsing scripts, did a bunch of stat analysis like moves usage, coverage combos, noobmons & elitemons, metagame stat averages and etc. I worked with Ignus to revamp the attack type analysis (mostly fixing a flaw in X-Act's math). Some projects I'm working on are time-based usage API, proposing a better BSR system for CAP, pokemon AI research for a competitive bot (as well as giving advice to others when I can). But everything is kinda "on hold" thanks to my debt to paintseagull :3

Hope this is enough!
Hi everyone

I know CAP for a long time, since gen 5, but only recently I became regularly involved in the CAP server and I just made my smogon account a few days. I consider myself a bit experienced and old (29), I play pokemon since blue (irregularly) and gold (regularly), but this alone does not mean anything, what matter for me is that I realized that CAP is a very good place in showdown (my preferred, I have ladder >1400), all CAP pokes are very well designed, and gamefreak should learn not just two things from the CAP members, so I really want to join CAP despite from the fact that I didn't participated in any former CAP process.

I have high ladder no just in CAP but also in Ubers, I do not play OU (I don't like, except CAP, which is OU for me) and I think I can contribute to something to CAP.

I study mathematics and I'm interested in game design, my hobby is RPG (not the electronic ones).
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Starting with my CAP experience, I could say I was around the time before Crucibelle, although i wasn't really active and contributing as I was just lurking the forums and reading each post about the new CAP Pokemon, and I was just interested in the whole project and got interested but I never went out there and did work, but now that I'm in the open, I've voted in some CAP polls recently like for artwork (etc.) but in general and all honesty, I wasn't really involved as much in CAP as I was just reading posts here and there, although now I've understood most parts and I am willing to help in anyway possible.

Next with my Smogon experience, I joined Smogon around 2015, but I became pretty active around April 2016, I am pretty much very familiar with Smogon currently, as I nearly know everything that's going on and why, right now I've involved myself with the Little Cup community, trying to contribute and I've also stuck around to the Smogon's Flying Press writing articles here and there. In general, I feel like I've been with Smogon long enough to understand what's been happening and why.

Lastly with my Pokemon Showdown experience is the longest by far, as I've been sticking with PS by early 2015/late 2014, I've become very active at the start of 2016 in Pokemon Showdown helping and contributing a lot in some rooms, and I'm acquaintance with slightly a lot of people, staff members and normal members alike. I currently am a Room Driver in the Pokemon Go room, and a Room Voice in Cafe Le Wow, and I stick around in other rooms such as Little Cup and Help as well, actively talking and helping in chat, I pretty much know Pokemon Showdown really well with great confidence so PS is probably the subject I'm most confident in.

Hopefully my application isn't a handful.

Best regards and have a great day!


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