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It's too smol in my opinion. I thought about a different apparition, but it just seems weird, because it's not a new Pokémon, just a new dream.


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While I have an awesome name for a prevo if it somehow happens, I just find it completely unnecessary. Pajantom already looks like a fully completed mon, and some of the actions we took during the project may mean that we create an incredibly boring prevo. Like the other dragons in Alola, none is done.
>Implying Krillowatt's pre ev doesn't exist even though Krillowatt's design itself looks like a mon that belongs in LC or MC
Pajantom reminds me of Kangaskhan what with it having a big 'mon that fights and a little 'mon that sits around inert. Kangaskhan doesn't have a prevo, and I think Pajantom doesn't need one either.


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From day one this design has come across to me similarly to many standalone mons that have a clear, thought out design and no need for any additional flavor or lore to enhance their status. The one design alone is enough to excite or delight. Examples that come to my mind include Delibird, Hawlucha, Mimikyu, and Oranguru. Of course, I would have said the same thing about lots of other mons before GF went back in and added prevos in later gens... like Mr. Mime really didn't need Mime Jr and Wobbuffett didn't need Wynaut and Sudowoodo didn't need Bonsly... So maybe 5 years from now we can change our mind and make some useless baby version...

This really looks like a Mon that doesn't need a prevo. The prevo will also very likely be just the small dragon, who is literally the same Pokémon, so a large part of the process will already go to waste since not much else would fit. The small dragon does not really fit trapping moves too, so there goes the LC niche. Finally, it just doesn't feel good. A small dragon that can fall asleep just fine, but at a certain level it can't wake up anymore and its dreams appear? No, that makes 0 sense.

I've been firmly of this opinion since the design was chosen, I don't think it lends itself to an interesting, or even all that thematically appropriate pre-evo.


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We are to have No prevo for Pajantom! This completes its process and it is now free to do what it will!
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