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K. Roolest Shark

formerly ZardX
I am VERY VERY open to constructive criticism as this is my first art submission, especially criticism in regards to how I can combine these 2 designs, and how I can make the typing more apparent. Obviously I will update this with abilities and eventually finish my design!
In terms of making the Fairy typing more apparent, I suggest to make it also be based on a mythical flower of old tales. On Armadillo: remove the spike on its snout and make it more curved like Sandshrew. I know its very rough but I suggest in straightening its legs and shortening the tail and making it thinner as well to make it more natural. In combining the designs of the two animals, give it the Armadillo ears and shell.

A flower maid based on the Fairy Duster: a unique desert flower. The Grass typing is hopefully pretty self-explanatory, Fairy on the other hand is justified by the nickname of the flower and the generally "cute/elegant" design most fairy types have, not to mention, "fairy dust" from a particular fairy tale also comes into play.

When it comes to sun and sand, the Fairy Duster being a desert flower already thrives in an environment filled with both weathers, so it isn't too hard to imagine abusing them.

As for the design itself, I wanted to make the "duster" part of the name more literal and a Victorian era maid soon came to mind. The general body shape resembles a cleaning duster, the torso being the handle and "dress" being the duster fibers. This image might however be unclear due to the "shoulder frill" leaves, so I may make adjustments there. I might also make the hands "normal" as opposed to flowers, but for now I'm pretty content with them. Finally, I went with closed eyes because they presented a "meek maid" feel, but this could also very well change in future edits.​
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Made a ton of adjustments following from feedback from the Discord chat. The most notable change is that the horns are now a moon headdress, because baboons are also associated with Thoth, who is in turn connected to the Moon (therefore justifying the Fairy type a little better). Interesting how this CAP is intended partly to abuse sunny weather and yet will likely get Moonblast... XD

If nobody has any further critiques, I'll probably shade this and call it a final sub!

Magistrum: No waifu, no laifu I appreciate the visual pun you're going for here, though making the lower garments more leaf-like would definitely help. That being said, I'm leaning towards Design #2, as it gives her a more Middle Eastern feel while #1 just feels like a rehash of Tsareena. Perhaps make the cloth edges more jagged and leaf-like, with veins to suggest a plant feel?

Felis Licht: I think putting a smaller veil over the upper part of her face would make it look a lot more interesting, plus it will indicate that she's covered and protected without having to say as much (show, don't tell is what I say). Perhaps work a little flower bud influence into the veil as well, to show that it closes up when protecting itself from harsh weather.

Wulfanator72: Maybe instead of having him hold the coin, perhaps put it on his chest like a decorative biological feature? Like a status symbol? I do like this idea, though - the hat having eyes is pretty clever!

Sgt.Moose: I agree in that making the tumbleweed "wool" more desert-brown would be a good choice, but keep the horns a different color. As it is I can't really tell where the horns end and the tumbleweed begins.

Sunfished: Lookin' good! Have you tried a more specific flower variety as inspiration, particularly arid or desert-dwelling ones? This looks more like a generic springtime flower umbrella thingy. Probably give it a bit of mandragora influence?

Reiga: Nice concept, but I feel like this kinda reminds me of the Omnis Region's Grass starter, Saguarlin. The flowers all over are a step in the right direction to distinguish him from that design, though... Maybe give him Sandslash-style spiky scales with the flowers peeking out between them to make it look more distinct? Or put small spines on each of the scales?

Z-nogyroP: Interesting idea of combining the worm-in-apple trope with the caduceus - though the medical symbol should more accurately be the Rod of Asclepius, and the caduceus being used instead is a misinterpretation. Perhaps as an alternative, make the apple stem much longer, use just one worm coiling around it, and change the apple into some other Pokemon-verse berry?

Spectator_Ion: I like! Though it looks more like the Looney Tunes Road Runner than the real bird, the harpy influence is definitely there. Could probably stand to have a more shapely torso and longer grass-like "hair", though, to make the humanoid part of the bird-human hybrid concept more clear. Maybe even make the face humanoid but with a beak-like nose a la Hawlucha?

Golurkyourself: I especially like how the eyes peek out of a black void! Maybe make the legs longer and more root-like, but otherwise this is a keeper.

Plazzap: As noted in the Discord, maybe make the waist longer like a feather duster handle, to tie into the maid theme. Nice use of visual puns all around, though!
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And Now, Two of my very star-shaped ideas

The First one is based off of a sort of golem, as well as having a forest fairy vibe as well as having a design relating to a birch tree.
the Second is more head on with the Starfuit idea, its basically this big lovable giant starfruit, with a more animalistic theme than the first. imagine the tuft at the bottom being grass, like the base of some plants.
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After some further brainstorming I have decided to add an Egyptian warrior motif to my Lithops. I am not thinking of any particular Egyptian deity, but I still hope this makes the mon look more mythical and thus more fairy-like. I also removed the two thick succulent feet. Instead one succulent forms a skirt with its flower forming the two legs. Also made the flower petals on the head downward to give it an Egyptian hairstyle. Now I have several competing ideas for details, which is why I made two designs. Those details are also interchangeable between the two.
Head: One version has a sun symbol on its head since this mon is supposed to be used on sun teams. But I am not sure if the sun fits with the rest of the design, which is why I also have a version without anything on its head.
Weapon arm: To showcase the offensive nature of this mon, one of its arms has a weaponized plant. In one version it is a succulent flower cannon. However, CAP's Pyroak already is a Grass type with an arm cannon, which is why I also made a version with a sword- or javelin-like flower.
Shield arm: To showcase the bulky, tanky nature of this mon, its other arm has a thick shield-like succulent. Before I try to make it look more botanical, I want to know which version I should go forward with. One version is a round shield with the Egyptian eye hieroglyph while the other is an elongated shield that has a bunch of random hieroglyphs on it.
Body: Both versions have the succulent skirt, but while one version just tapers upwards the other has a second succulent that gives its body an hourglass shape and cleavage.

My idea is based off of a Baobab tree, the baobab is called the "tree of life" because it thrives even living in really arid climate. i think that makes it fit the ideas of sun and sand pretty nicely. Im trying to not go with the literal pink and green color scheme so hopefully the fairy elements pull through
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My idea is based off of a Baobab tree and a sumo, the baobab is called the "tree of life" because it thrives even living in really arid climate. i think that makes it fit the ideas of sun and sand pretty nicely. Im trying to not go with the literal pink and green color scheme so hopefully the fairy elements pull through
That is an awesome design. I can see people saying it's more fighting than fairy, but I personally like what you've done. I also agree that it doesn't need the pink and green. If you make any changes, keep it close to this design.


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art critiques hlel yeahg

Part (1/?)

D4rk3r: A very simplistic design, but one that's honestly marveled me with how cute it is in its simplistic nature. Still though, I wonder how well it links into its concept, since the design itself doesn't hint you much at its link with fairy circles, although I do have to say how I like how you got a base concept that hooks in grass, fairies and arid sandy places all in one, so I hope its exploited more.
I'd say that even if simple is good, the body could work with some more interesting sprucing up, especially since most of its design is just the long noodle body, perhaps some markings or even rings of grass?
Finally, its gotta be said that it resembles a ground type a lot by its habits, but as a cutesy, elegant creature based on __fairy__ circles, I think that can slide since guys like Dunsparce also dig around.

Magistrum: A really interesting inspiration that draws from some neat sources. I especially enjoy the body language, since its got a generally pretty unique silhouette, with a smooth ebb to it that end in more spiky elements, for a design that's graceful but kinda threatening, which is just right for the attacker we want.
As for the choice between 1 and 2, I'd say I prefer the look of the shape on the first one because as said before its got this pointed end to it that gives it a neat body shape, but at the same time I enjoy the "leggo out" style of the second, so I actually ponder if it would be possible to fuse the two, since that would be interesting.
I do believe also, as one final thing, that maybe the Grass part of the design isn't as noticeable as it should be, since the main grass part is just the hair petals, and while that's easily patched with colors, I wonder if adding any grass elements to the dress would fit well.

Felis Licht: You've got an adorable cute lil guy over here, that surprisingly looks fully evolved even with its smaller size in my opinion. The veil idea is rather neat, but I'm not sure how well it works, since it isn't a very Grass type sort of thing and isn't extremely indicative of being weather-related. I'd say just focus on the flower girl / wedding dress aesthetic, since that's pretty interesting and would also probably be one of the most fairy-type like ideas up until now.
If you want an idea, there's actually a bridal veil mushroom, perhaps that could work in the veil naturally and make the wedding theme even more apparent? Although those mushrooms don't have any relations with sandstorms and don't have chlorophyll or anything...

Mova: Pretty cute. The idea behind it is simple but it works. I'm mainly worried about how much NFE-like it looks, its not even because it isn't some sleek panther-sort of big cat or anything, but just that by design the shape language you've got here is very typical of that of an NFE. Since you already know that, I'll give you a tip on what can make it more matured: relation between head and body is a big one, and relation between eyes and head too. Basically, the bigger the head you have, the more baby-ish it's sorta gonna be, and big shiny eyes don't help that either. A longer body, less exaggerated head and eyes and maybe even a different, less simple head shape will all shape you towards that direction.
Outside of the general neoteny, I'd say there's a problem with the spikes in the backside; they're not only rather artificially placed, but also very plentiful and thin, which kinda disrupts the design. You should look at the other cactus mons as examples, as Cacturne and especially Maractus handle cactus spines very well. Obviously you can't stick 1000 spikes on a design, and say Maractus actually doesn't even have many spikes on it, but the few that are placed are enough to give off already that its a spiky fella.
Also, you should totally do a sand cat!! The guys in the chat are totally right, those guys are adorable.

Wulfanator72: I really like the way you took the design, you've drawn from a lot of places, but you've managed to mix them well into a design that doesn't clutter it all. Simple but effective. It looks heavy, which is likely going to be good considering what's being discussed, but still looks like it can run and all. I especially like the face; the hidden eyes are cute and I really enjoy the way its fangs pop out.
I do wonder, however, how much it looks like a physical attacker. Its a hard subject, but while its big and friendly, its still got this gruffness to it that makes me expect it to be physical, which likely isn't the route we're going. Its also a bit on the border of being Fairy-like, since nothing that it influences from is really fairy-like or elegant or anything, although I think it can work.

EDIT: Part (2/?)

Sgt.Moose: Very adorable and one of the most original takes on a desert plant up until now. The elephant in the room is of course its appearance, which looks a whole lot like an NFE. The newer version you posted on Discord does counteract a bit, but as I said there I think it would be better off as just a round tumbleweed body, with more matured feet and a head with a neck and stuff. The colors not being just generic Grass and Fairy colors was a bold choice, but one that pays off well, although I do believe that making the body a more brownish-yellow beige or just a full on desert brown would draw people more to the stereotypical look of a tumbleweed. I also gotta give props for the tumbleweed's look, since I myself have in the past tried doing tumbleweeds and they never quite look right, and you managed to pinpoint the physical look just right, although I do question how much of a hassle it'd be for spriters and modelers, but simplifying the pattern would help them a lot.
Also, mixing in more with a ram would probably help you unify the idea more, since while domesticated sheep aren't too closely related to the desert, there's at least a couple desert dwelling rams.

Okamu: Originally, my main problem with this design was that it was rather tacky to just make the grapes represent weather orbs, since its way too direct of an approach to the concept, but right now I can enjoy it with the lack of the weather orbs, as just a grape fae. The face is neat and I enjoy the leaf hat a lot, although I do believe the vines holding the grapes are way too thin, and would be better off as thicker, and maybe even better if they're more like appendages than just vines. The grape earings are also way too small, and it would probably be better off without them, because even if you resized them they'd end up being too distracting. Still, this design piques me, since considering Klefki and Comfey, I can see this thing existing.

Sunfished: sun is a loser 0/10
I enjoy the overall idea of a weather umbrella, and this design serves the idea well, even if I prefer the older look of the face. Its pretty interesting how its got feminine qualities but still manages to be very different from other feminine Grass types, and I could honestly see this thing appearing in-game. I do feel, however, that the colors run on the plain side, and it would be more interesting with a different palette, perhaps one that'd make it more fitting for a Pokemon that likes the sandstorm.

ZardX: Pretty cute little guy. I like the way its mouth sorta wobbles up and down. I don't see much a knight though, even with the staff sort of thing, which I honestly don't think works out much since its kind of distracting. For reference, a lot of prop wielding Pokemon like Conkeldurr usually revolve the whole design around the prop instead of just having it hold it, as to not just make it a weird disjointed part of the creature.

Quanyails: I'll be commenting on the most recent version you showed on Discord here: its probably one of my favorite designs up until this point, and it manages to be cute enough for a fairy without being too petite, with a pretty adorable pun to back the concept up. Plus, I can totally see this design with Sand Rush or Force, just running around through the sand! I do have to say I'm not a fan of the bow tie too much as is. It's a weirdly artificial element in an otherwise plant-like being, that just distracts me. Perhaps make it look like a flower? That would be neat.
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Final Submission

grass type because of grass and fairy because flowers, I was thinking maybe the flowers on his body could change based on weather.
I don't think I will get better ideas for this one so I will mark this post as a Final Submission


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K. Roolest Shark

formerly ZardX
Final Submission - DQ

Scrapped the Cotton Knight in favor of this guy!
He's based on the Magic Lotus (a mythical plant btw) and the shovel snouted lizard, which lives in hot deserts.
Its lotus protects some parts of its body from the sun and allows it to plant those tongue like vines when hiding in order to gain nutrients.
And I also had to painfully redo the entire post because Smogon had a glitch with an X photo.
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Final Submission

My concept is based off of the Fennec Fox and a Sunflower, but bears similarity to many other Desert mammals. I gave it the grassy/mossy body and flowers to reflect the grass typing, and the sheer quantity of flowers and the pink undertones to reflect the fairy typing. The head is shaped like a sun, and it is based off a sunflower, and the body type is common amongst desert animals.

EDIT: Its long leafy legs could bear resemblance to the Welwitschia plant as well.
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I am just the messenger please don’t hate me D:
Tried changing it up based on some feedback. Still WIP so more criticism is appreciated.

[Image that has to be deleted in quote]

think I got lost because it doesn't look like any of my original concepts for roadrunner/harpy/succulent anymore haha. idk anymore help
Maybe you could create flower petals as feet in the shape of a bird claw. Or even some cacti. Your design looks really cool so far.

Based on some chats the javelin seemed to be more popular than the attempted arm cannon thing, so I went with that. The random hieroglyphs on the shield are still up in the air. I still can't decide on the body shape, though.
I have also been trying out a couple of different colour palettes. I know they are oversaturated, I would tone them down once I have decided on one palette.

However, in the Discord chat there was a comment that this design has deviated too far from the plant it was inspired by and barely looks like Fairy or Grass anymore. There is the suggestion that I should maybe revisit my very first design (which you can see on page 1), so I am currently not sure whether I will follow through with this Egyptian warrior motif.

Gravity Monkey

meow? (waiting for something to happen?)
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Before re-posting my concept, I want to apologize. I did not read the rules entirely and I realized it too late. I hope this time I got everything right. So... yeah. Sorry ^^"

So. A pokemon about weather? About the time outside? And it has to be grass type? AND fairy type? A clock seemed legit to me. But wait... what? Remember Laverre city? It's gym was actually a giant clock/doll house (?) in a tree. That gym was fairy-typed, and I think that's linked all the mystical and spiritual energy associated with time. With that in mind, I guess a giant clock-thing makes sense for a grass/fairy pokemon.


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If you haven't already checked it out, the CAP Discord server is a great place to post art and give feedback about art! There are so many talented artists and helpful contributors there!

I've been working on this drawing of the lion over the past weekend, and it appears the primary point of contention is its neckwear. I originally had a bowtie (and added a tie), but I've gotten feedback that it's too unnatural-looking, it's reminiscent of Sylveon, and I didn't want to make it too close to what Rowlet/Dartrix have. Hence, I've iterated upon it. Here are some of the more popular suggestions for what to do with it. :P Thanks to Birkal, Deck Knight, Golurkyourself, paintseagull, Pipotchi, Reiga, Sunfished, Wulfanator72, and Yilx for their suggestions! :)

No. 2 appeared to be the more popular option posted in the server, but that's not including no. 4, which I didn't post when I presented the options. Constructive feedback in any shape or form is appreciated!

I've also gotten feedback on stylizing the lion more. I agree that style is something I can improve on, and I'll sketch out more designs if I have the time. :)


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Here's my best idea so far, a jackalope, a desert-dwelling jackrabbit with horns. I've added grassy elements to mine too.

Left: Colour scheme
A: Original peacock variant where the peacock-like tail is made of leaves and flowers
B: More desert-like plant variant
C: Berry bush variant.

I would love some feedback as to people's preference between the plant parts as well as the horns/ears!
Quanyails That dandy lion is looking cute. I suggest go with the 4th variant.

Z-nogyroP This snapple design also looks adorable as heck, but I'm wondering how it would even be able to move. I suggest try replacing the open eye with a red, beady eye.

Spectator_Ion I'm guessing this one's supposed to be a harpy, right? If it's based on a roadrunner, I suggest looking at the real animal in addition to the Looney Tunes character.

My attempt at a second design is coming this week, mostl likely.


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My idea is based off of a Baobab tree, the baobab is called the "tree of life" because it thrives even living in really arid climate. i think that makes it fit the ideas of sun and sand pretty nicely. Im trying to not go with the literal pink and green color scheme so hopefully the fairy elements pull through
The sumo wrestler appearance could be potentially misleading and lend itself more towards being a fighting type, detracting from the fairy aspect, however I think this just gives it character and a personality more than anything. I still get the fairy from it being something like a powerful forest deity. This is definitely my favorite design so far, though. I could totally imagine seeing this in the anime, or encountering it in a pokemon game. It just feels like a real pokemon to me.

No. 2 appeared to be the more popular option posted in the server, but that's not including no. 4, which I didn't post when I presented the options. Constructive feedback in any shape or form is appreciated!

I've also gotten feedback on stylizing the lion more. I agree that style is something I can improve on, and I'll sketch out more designs if I have the time. :)
Number 2 is my favorite. It's playful, yet subtle, and avoids being overly flamboyant or making the design too busy. Personally, I really enjoy the design as is, but if you can stylize it further then I say go for it.

Here's my best idea so far, a jackalope, a desert-dwelling jackrabbit with horns. I've added grassy elements to mine too.

Left: Colour scheme
A: Original peacock variant where the peacock-like tail is made of leaves and flowers
B: More desert-like plant variant
C: Berry bush variant.

I would love some feedback as to people's preference between the plant parts as well as the horns/ears!
Favorite is B. I love the concept behind this, but it feels a bit too humanoid to me. I think keeping the same design, but shifting it to being all fours would fix this. That's just me though. Either way, great art.

(A first draft that is in no means a finished drawing)
I've had this design for a while, so I was excited to see my favorite type combo pop up on on CAP. Just a simple forest spirit with wooden masks as the main theme. The beard is like a hanging moss type substance and the many limbs are based off of tree roots. I don't really have some fancy dessert plant to base anything off of, but I'm never all that great at drawing inspiration from super specific organisms anyway. But I don't think that's a requirement in Pokemon. Nothing screams rain about ferrothorn for example. And spirits can change the weather, right?

Happy happy update pooooost!!!

So, here are the two designs I have currently. The left one is the same as before, just colored in and with a bit of a redesign. I took the grapes and moved the closer to the head. Additionally the vines that held them together/in place have been replaced by something resembling a grape stem and the vines themselves have been replaced with appendages (per feedback). I wasn't quite sure how to go with them, so I made them vines but ending in grape flower buds, which conveniently have five little nubs coming off that I made into fingers.

The right one on the other hand is completely new. It's based on a combination of two desert animals: the kangaroo rat, which is known for its really long tail (and long jumping feet, but that's besides the point), and the century plant, which is known for, well, just being a weird and cool plant. It's got a really long flower stem that grows vertically and buds off into a bunch of multicolored flower bunches. The way I've drawn it into the tail here reminds me a bit of Dr. Seuss and The Lorax, but maybe it's just me.

As always, critiques are greatly appreciated. And yes, I know I left off detail on the leaf hat. I was honestly too lazy when I finished the basic stuff to go through and add it on. There's also some single line details added onto the leaves on the rat's tail that I left out as well.

Sunfished - I enjoy how cute this is; it just screams fairy in a way that I think many of us (including myself have struggled with). My main critique is actually the opposite way ironically. Given the fact there's already a mushroom fairy in-game, I almost feel like this doesn't give enough of a grass vibe to me. If I came across it in game and the dex said it was just fairy, I honestly probably wouldn't question it, especially given the Florges debacle.
Reiga - This is great. I love the combination of classic desert plants into this. Obviously you haven't done it fully out yet, but as of right now I'm just wondering how you're going to make the flowers sitting on its back mesh smoothly with the scales, so that they don't look like they're just sitting flat on top of them, disconnected. I'm excited to see where this goes though.
Falchion - Unique in such a good way. I really enjoy the coloring changes you made to it; they helped sell me on this design. My only suggestion would be to maybe lighten the dark maroon you currently have in it by just a shade or two. I get some hints of fairy right now (more than previously as I mentioned), but I also still get a bit of a dark type vibe. Regardless, I could totally see this right alongside the other Alolan monkeys!
Plazzap - I actually live next to a greenbelt filled with bushes of these flowers. They're really beautiful when they're all opened up. When this gets colored I think my main criticism will go away, and that's that right now the design makes it look like a twig broom more than the flowers.
Pipotchi - Actually mindblowing. This is one of my favorite trees in the world, and you've turned it right into a Pokémon. I'm just blown away. I agree with the earlier commenter that it does fall on the line of fairy vs. fighting type, but if you wanted to make it really clear, I think you could get away doing something with the baobab's flowers if you wanted to.
nov - I really enjoy this art style, and I clearly get fairy and grass form this. As you mentioned it doesn't really tie into the weathers directly, but my main concern is that I almost want to give it a third type as well, like dragon or bug, due to the extra limbs and large head. Still, I really enjoy this art.

So... this is a design based on a weed (or a plant, at least)

It's 'legs' are actually its roots, and although the colouring is a bit off, the petals around its head are dark green blended with yellow with pink tips on the inside, while yellow with striped of green on the outside.

It's about 1.5 m tall (in the design), while it's 'before battle' form (which you can find if you go to imgur through the link below) is about 0.5 m tall.

Excuse the colouring, please. I'm new to this.

Concept (Imgur)
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A tale of two WIPs

I gave the Welwitschia some longer legs to stand on.
And with feedback from the CAP discord I'm gonna try an aardvark crossed with a termite nest as a backup. It is followed around and protected by the strange fairies while it provides them with a home.
Which one is preferable?
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