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Final Submission

Supporting doodles: Drought or Weather Ball | being scritched and possible size comparison

I stumbled upon this concept when sketching out lions crossed with fruits, when I realized that dandelions are a plant with fanciful-looking seeds, and a dandy is a fancy person. A dandy lion fits very naturally with Grass/Fairy, so I went for it!

I added a few other design elements to mesh concepts together. The dandelion puffs form the dandy lion's fluff. The lion's dewclaws give the impression of cufflinks. A boutonniere is a great grassy and fairy-like addition to a fancy feline's ensemble. As "dandelion" originates from "lion's tooth", the lion has cute little fangs. :P

I made sure dandy lion was a sunny creature. Lions, in contrast to other big cats, are active during the day. Additionally, they live in the savannah, a temperate region between a forest and desert. The eyes on the design are colored like the desert dandelion, which are yellow with a red center. In general, dandelion flowers invoke sun imagery.

This design also fits the expected weight criterion for this CAP. As S. Court points out, big cats can reach 418 kg, which is perfect on dandy lion for reducing damage taken from bamboo rocket ships. You can imagine dandy lion as more massive, even, given Pokemon's propensity for exaggerating units of measurement.

Thank you so much to people who have provided feedback to the design! ^_^ Good luck to everyone who submits a design!
Final Submission

So here is my design, based on a Lithops plant. The real plant is a short squat succulent, but the discussion seems to lean towards an offensive, somewhat fast special attacker, so I made it an elegant lady (also fits well with the Fairy type) with the roots as long legs, complete with high heels. Being a desert plant justifies this mon having access to Drought and being used in sandstorm teams.

Because she stores water in the thick succulent leaves around her neck she is much denser than she appears to be, justifying the high weight. She also is almost 2 meters tall. Supporting art showing her size compared to the Gen I Pokémon Trainer and showing a side view of her.


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Final Submission

My design is based after the Kabuki, Japanese actors/actresses that perform in various types of plays, specifically in the drama and comedy genres. It is also based on generic monkeys and apes, which go well hand-in-hand with the Kabuki and hopefully does a good job emphasizing both traits.

For Grass typing, I incorporated an animal that felt very in tune with nature, that being a Monkey/Ape. Adding onto this, I threw in the theme of pink cherry blossoms, which went very well with the Kabuki's affiliation of the Earth.

For Fairy typing, the Kabuki in folklore are often mystical in nature, often performing feats that would be the equivalent of what we think "Wizards" would do. Additionally, cherry blossoms and the usage of the color pink lends it the "cute" look that most fairy types seem to express. Its clown face is

For Drought, I would like to draw connections to Kabuki performances, which oftentimes utilize the dramatization of well-placed lighting on the stage to emphasize specific scenes. I'd like to think that this dude summons Droughts in battle to act like a natural spotlight, so that everyone can see its battle performance.

For Trace, I'd draw connections to the lore of Kabuki themselves, who are known to act and mimic others fluently, for their performances. Their copycat nature, and their almost monk-like looks, is how I think Trace fits onto them.

Supporting Art:
Size Chart
Reference Sheet
How it Attacks?
Sleeping and Meditating


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Getting some more work in on my mirage design! The trees are designed to be much more flexible, allowing this Pokemon to wiggle them freely, sort of like flagellum. When seen on the horizon, it looks exactly like a mirage to those wandering in the desert. The shell is meant to be a mirror, similar to the Cloud Gate (The Bean) in Chicago. I think it goes well with the shimmery design of a mirage, while also avoiding any connotations of Ground-type. I've also been toying with a few more wild colors; see if you like anything here.

I've also put a few hasty animations below of it moving its trees -- I don't think I can make that part of the design clear without it being a 3D model. The right is it wiggling its trees as a basic shimmer, while the latter is it spinning to attack with its trees, full force!

Any feedback is, as always, appreciated!
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Final Submission

(warning, supporting imgs over 500kb)
Reference and Supporting Art
Reference and Supporting Art 2

My submission is based on a Baobab tree, a big fat tree found in arid climates sometimes called the Tree of Life! Around its waist is a root "shimenawa", usually hung around sacred objects like trees or rocks and wards off evil spirits that can inhabit them. Mine also ties into a bow in the back, and has "shide" which are the lightning-shaped roots, which provide blessing and purification. These aspects are what make the design a fitting Fairy along with its mischievous face. The Grass-typing comes naturally thanks to being a tree!

For its Sun and Sand attachment, the Baobab's naturally climate of arid climate is fitting, and the name Tree of Life seems fitting to something that might bring the Sun.

For the ability Trace, its mask-like face and ability to host and be influenced by spirits can be justification for that!

Also, I hope that its multiple legs allow for a range of possible speed tiers!

I hope you guys like it and I'm happy with the end result. Thanks for all the encouragement throughout from everyone on Discord and advice from the thread!
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Why my alerts went off on this side of the forums? ._.

So! Lemme join the fun before I run out of time. I've worked on a quick concept of CAP 24. As a rule of thumb, I wanted to avoid a "feminine" CAP, so I have decided to draw...

A cowboy faun!

The concept draws inspiration from both Western desert and cacti - as a concept of its desertic origin - and from the forest-based mythological fauns - as a concept to its Grass/Fairy typing. Cowboys are known for their long-ranged attacks with firearms, while fauns have magic-based properties, which could justify the use of moves like Solar Beam and Moonblast and its preference for using special attacks.

Regarding its abilities:

Drought - This draws inspiration from High Noon and the tradition of cowboys to settle matters in midday. Hence having CAP 24 drawing the sun, in order to settle matters with the opponent.

Trace - Fair opponents prefer to finish things up with even arms, and CAP 24 does so by imitating the Ability of the opponent, in order to fight the opponent with even means.

I will comment on the other designs at a later point.

Modedit: Image breaks size limits in rules.
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Here's a cleaned up sketch of the Sunflower Fairy design I'm working on for CAP 24:

After kicking around a lot of different design inspirations, I decided to go with a sunflower theme. The key defining aspects of this CAP so far have been the Typing (Grass/Fairy) and the ability to bring auto-sun weather. Sunflowers play perfectly for that. Sunflowers also thrive on sand dunes, so even though we really haven't yet voted anything for this CAP that directly implies sand, this can work there too. There is still a ton of work to do on this to get it finished, but I'm having fun working on this pixie so far. As always, comments welcome!
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Now that I have finalized the design I'm going with, I figured I'd post it. Its a vine creature which creates amber armor to protect itself. Its form is based on an Egyptian pharaoh, and also draws inspiration from gremlins and other mischievous creatures. The staff needs work, but otherwise I am pretty happy with the design.
Final Submission

After going through several iterations of more cutesy fairies, this guy’s design was the one that stood out to me the most. My concept for CAP 24 is based on one of my house plants, although it is much less phallic-looking than its inspiration: Cephalocereus senilis, also called the “Old Man Cactus.” The design process at this point was basically, “Hey, what if the cactus had a little fuzzy sheriff stache?” and that was how this whimsical sheriff-cactus-fairy dude came to be.

Drought and sand were easy to work into the concept. You can’t have a Western without arid climates and the hot sun beating down on you, so it’s a perfect fit for a dramatic, wild-west themed mon.

In regards to Trace, I was mostly imagining it as a synonym for “Draw,” as one would in gunslinger duel, which I imagine CAP 24 would be getting into a lot.

Concept Sheet + Supporting Art

This is my first involvement with a CAP project, and it was a really fun change of pace for me. Big shout outs to everyone on the Discord for your criticisms and input for this dude. Good luck, everyone!


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Final Submission

UPDATE 15/4: Changed the face

Some silly supporting art:

"999 Kg"

A Saguaro Cactus Princess. Many thanks to Quan, Deck Knight, Sunfished and many others who helped with inputs in this design!
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So, I have an updated version of my design. Here is Cowboy Faun V.2!

I've reworked a bit on the cactus and aloe leaves on its head, to make them resemble more a cowboy hat. Also, I have desaturated the colors a bit after following the suggestions of other Pokémon fans, and given a more definitive design.

Here are also some pieces of concept art to help understand its design and how it would attack:

Anyway, gotta say that there are many creative designs here. Kudos to all fellow artists! :3


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(Alternate Pose)

Progress is still happening! Huge thanks to the lads and lasses on Discord for helping with some perspective concepts. I'm gonna really try to run with the parallel waves concept to show off a mirage. I will also continue to slim the shell and beef up his legs to put on a bit more speed. Next post will be my final sub! Any feedback you have is appreciated, as always.


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Final Submission

Supporting Material:

Back view | Lounging on the beach

This design was inspired by sunglasses, monstera plants and parasols. I wanted something that really made sense with Drought - this mon LOVES to relax in the sun, especially on the warm beaches of Alola. Its big dark eyes filter sunlight and allow it to look directly at the sun. Shiny, cone-like fruits dangle from the side of its head. Its leaves, with their big cuts and holes, are similar to those of monstera plants - big, tropical, warm weather plants! The leaves help regulate its temperature and shade it while sunbathing.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with this design on Discord, and to Golurk for the lounge pose idea! :)
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Final Submission

The tree and the sap are two separate entities, the sap being the fairy aspect. Based on a tree found in very arid climates, this mon controls the tree from the inside, and when conditions get sandy it can pull itself inside to keep itself from drying out.

I was trying to pull something fun out of a really fantasy looking tree.
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Final Submission

The first thing that came to my mind was the starfruit. being able to connect a fruit and a star (good symbolism for fairies, see cleffa line), it seemed the perfect choice for a basis. For the body, i took inspiration from Acacia Trees, since they grow in dry places. The shape of them also gave a wavy vibe, which felt perfect for a mystical being. a very strong basis for this 'mon was Forest Golems. the horns and legs themselves were inspired by satyrs, which often provide a mythical forest vibe.



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Final Submission

(click image for hi-res version exceeding 500kb)
This is my CAP24 design entry, based on a combination of the Desert Rose (flower) and the Desert Rose (crystal).


Design Justification
For this CAP, I opted for a desert-themed inspiration since a Sun+Sand abuser kinda suggests it. The Adenium seemed to be a good choice because of its ability to survive arid climates and its common name, the Desert Rose, is also shared by an interesting rock formation that is seen in deserts.

For the design, I went for a waifu humanshape body type, inspired by middle eastern dancers to be specific, to be in line with the desert theme. The body shape also pays homage to the Adenium's THICC silhouette because of its compact, heavy sap-filled caudex, and as a result this design has deym hips. The Desert Rose Crystal's array of sharded plates give accent to various parts of the body, molded akin to bracelets and bands.
Abilities and Stats
Drought is surprisingly light on justification. Its current users (Groudon, Ninetales, Mega Charizard Y and Torkoal) only has it due to either ingame lore or just being red. For a more noticeable visual cue, I opted for the Adenium's sun-like yellow flower variant.

Trace is a gray area as well, with its users (Mega Alakazam, Porygon line, Gardevoir line) being too smart, too hacked or too sensitive to emotions. This design, by being a dancer, is inherently observant and fast to learn and copy movements and sequences which relates to Trace.

The base stats are very fitting as well; this design's body type is similar to Medicham's whose stats (60/60/75/60/75/80) has a balanced bulk and speed. The only difference is the marginally higher SpAtk which is supported by its seemingly mystical look.
Supporting Art
(warning: some image links exceed 500kb)
(A) Initial Sketches, (B) Initial Lineart+Color Scheme, (C) Proposed Size, (D) Attract, (E) Twinkle Tackle


This is probably one of my designs I loved doing the most so far in CAP. People probably associate me as someone who goes for a cool or badass-ish look for designs considering my past entries in CAP but I'm actually a waifumonfag lol (check the fakedex project on my sig, it has a bunch of them)

Thanks to everyone in this thread and in Discord for all the feedback given to this design! Good luck to everyone~!
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Final Submission

Many thanks to the folks at discord that helped me out tremendously with their input - this one has seen a lot of changes since I last posted on here!
Final Submission

Main Design: Based on the kangaroo rat and century plant.
Both the kangaroo rat and century plant are native to the desert, so it ties in fairly concisely to the concept as a whole and also gives a slight reason for Drought. On the whole though, I really wanted to make another design to match the weight decision and Trace, but I just didn't have the time or creativity. Still, a huge thanks to everyone on discord who helped me out!


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Final Submission

A pangolin with thick succulent leaves instead of scales; a pangolent! It lives in arid environments typical for a sandmon, and the various leaves form sun shaped designs scattered on the design, justifying the connection to sun and Drought. Succulents are known for being cutesy and small plants that come in all sorts of soft colors, and I tried to use that as a drive for the Fairy typing, alongside a general aesthetic of a gentle giant.
If we're being specific on species, it's based on mainly Chinese Pangolin, with elements from those stubby echevaria succulents, with the yellow plants being based on Sedum adolphii. variety.

Supporting Art:
Size woah that's big
Final Submission

Here it is, the fiercest lone cowfaun of the Wild West! Endowed with the mystical prowess of fauns and the firepower of desertic wayfarers, this determined guy is ready to eventually face its CAP competition.

CAP 24 draws inspiration from both Greek satyrs and Roman fauns, inheriting the horse-like tail from the former and the goat horns and legs from the latter. It also draws some inspirations from fawns, essentially combining both "faun" and "fawn" in one design. Their mythological origins also reference magic and the Fairy typing.

Another source of its design comes from the classic cowboy characters from Western movies, borrowing many elements from Pecos Bill and Clint Eastwood in particular.

The Grass element is made obvious by the aloe leaves and cacti in its design, which give it "hat", "gun", "boots" and "poncho". Also, those plants are very common in deserts, tying this CAP with both Sand and Sun at the same time.
• Drought
It's a cowboy with cacti. This essentially screams sun, especially the desert sun. It mainly takes inspiration from the term "high noon", which references both midday (when the sun is high in the sky) and "a crisis or event which is likely to decide finally what is going to happen in a conflict or situation" (as a reference to CAP 24 facing its confrontation to handle threats for Sun and Sand teams).

• Trace
This could be justified by its partially mythical origins and a bit of "fair play". Basically, during some confrontations between cowboys in movies, the duelists arrange the confrontation in order to make it as fair as possible, what with the countdown and the use of similar weapons. In a similar way, CAP 24 would agree to comes in equal terms with the foe by using their opposing Ability, in order to have a "fair" confrontation.

• High Defenses and Variable Health Points
Its aloe poncho and cactus cannon can act as a makeshift shield, which would allow it to protect its more frail parts and tank hits more easily. The HP being high or low could be justified in two different ways, with a high amount being justified by its succulent plants (which store enough water to endure even harsh conditions) and a low amount being justified by its relatively slim shape, which may imply a relatively low stamina.

• Moderate Speed and High Special Attack
CAP 24 has a quite slender design, which could justify its relatively good Speed. The high Special Attack comes mainly from its gunman's origin, as it fires its attacks at its opponents with explosive firepower, as well as eventually draw energy from the moon for some other opponents.

Many thanks to the Discord peeps for their feedback, including the idea of adding a poncho and the lighter color palette.

I wish good luck to all artists! :3
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