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Painted in dandy lion. Thanks to Darquezze, KnightsofCydonia, paintseagull, Pipotchi, and wulfanator72 for feedback! I'll see if I can squeeze in supporting art. I tried yesterday, but my muse wasn't cooperating. I'm still open to feedback, but at this point, I can only tweak, not revamp.

Thanks to all of the people in this thread and on Discord who have been giving artists feedback! I can't speak for all artists, but you are essential to the design process.

Feedback off-Discord:
  • DatHeatmor: Glad to see that you're going with the golem! Just make sure that the image you use for your final submission fits the minimum size requirements.
  • h_n_g_m_n: That's a pretty design. :) The bioluminescence is a fitting element to go with Drought. Maybe it could look mobile, since I don't think we want CAP 24 being outpaced by most of OU.
  • chuckeroo777: I think your color palette is really dark. Maybe shading that will change when you shade the design in.
EDIT: I made a few tweaks!
  • I gave the seed stems outlines
  • I replaced the ascot with extra fluff (like option #3 earlier) + a boutonniere flower.
The older version of the dandy lion can be seen here. Thanks to againa, Airwind, Baffletome, Falchion, Magistrum, paintseagull, Sandshine (I don't know your Smogon name!), S.Court, and Yilx for the feedback!
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Yell at me, I made another design ;;
I had a hard time incorporating Drought and Trace into the giraffe, so I went with a kabuki monkey instead.
Colors are a mixed bag, but I kind of like the direction this went versus my old designs, so I'm settling in with this guy

Your woodsman idea is particularly nice, but I feel like it's hard to grasp the fairy typing in the design. I think if you added a few more elements, such as flowers, it would execute nicely into some mystical forest man.

Gravity Monkey
The concept of an hourglass monster is really fitting to both sand and sun the way you executed it, but I find it very hard to see the grass/fairy typing. While the green attempts to make it feel like a grass type, the heavy focus on the sand and gold parts makes it feel more like a ground type.

Your genie is legit one of my favorite designs, just because it neatly combines everything this cap has into one package. I don't have much to suggest, but I'd love to see different angles of this guy, since I find it a teensy hard to understand how exactly his body works anatomically.

Felis Licht
I'm fond of your cute pixie-like design, and it sells the grass/fairy typing very well. There's not much to comment on the design as it is, but I feel like the most important features, being the long wispy leaves, feel a bit empty. Of course, simplicity is best with the type of design you went with, but I'd love to see if you could pronounce those areas a little more, just to give it a flair.

Really nice take to make it fit drought! I think the only thing I have left to comment on the design is that it feels like there's a lot of colors on it, making it a bit much to look at. I'd suggest making similar colors, such as the greens, just one single color throughout.

I don't know if it was intentional, but your design has a very alien look to it, which fits the strangeness that fairy types have looked like. However, the alien-ness also gives it vibes of a ghost type, and to an extent a psychic type. I think if you played around with the colors more, such as using brighter colors, it might help sell it better as fairy.

Made some aesthetic changes, added shading and texture, and generally cleaned up the pic for presentation. The biggest change I made was that the hind legs are now hooved, because I wanted to get the goat/lion hybrid vibe across more clearly. This is one of my favorite designs I've made for CAP to date, and since there was a lot of positive feedback on it on the Discord I knew I had to make it extra special!

As for Trace, I noticed that only three canon families have it: Mega Alakazam, the Porygon line, and the Gardevoir line. Two of these are distinguished by their intelligence and the other is a living computer program, so the general theme for Trace 'mons can thus be deduced as being smart (though really, since this ability is rare as it is I think it could work with anything). Sphinxes were seen in some myths as being intelligent, if the famous Riddle of the Sphinx is anything to go by, so I guess it fits. However, my reasoning for Trace is a little more mundane: that solar disk on its head acts like a bronze mirror, but with a mystical twist, literally reflecting the ability of its opponent for its own use.

If nobody else has any critiques, this will likely be the last post of mine before my final submission - all I need now is the supplementary art, but if I can't get the time to make it then I'll just use the pic as it is! :D
Final Submission

Design Basis
A little bride fairy with an incredibility large feather veil (much larger than itself) made of stamens from its previous flower, a Fallugia, reminiscent of a bridal veil. Due to its large size, the feather veil shields it from weather such as desert sand and shades it in sunlight (and thus, allows direct sunlight on its bud so that it may grow another veil should the current one become damaged or wilted).

Ability Justification
Since my mon has a bride inspiration, I thought that maybe Trace plays into it like so: marriage has the bride take on the groom's family name, so you could think of it as that (taking the main ability as its own). Drought can work for any design tbh
I realized my mon is literally a waifu I'm so sorry... :'D

I actually had another update of my mon here, but I didn't like how I shaped the feathers, especially in the back. So I spent some time redoing/adjusting them to make them layered and more uniform, along with other touch ups and messing with pinks, lavenders and in-between to try and get the original plant's feel.

I ended up with this faded pale color after awhile that pleased me c: I did try some pink/lavender hues but they felt too awkward and bright. Sunfished I tried making the feathers stand out by giving them some lines, but they looked too much like leaves. I kinda tried to add highlights rather than making them plain at least, hopefully that makes them stand out better.

Other things I did:
  • Reshaped the main body a little and made it smaller
  • Adjusted eyes and added some lashes~
  • Altered green on leaves to be less dark on previous alterations
  • Reshaped main stamens on the feathers and outlined them to stand out more on the feathers
Sgt.Moose - I love tumblesheep's pomador, does a better job at conveying it as a fully evolved mon. I'd reduce the spikes and maybe give it a more wavy-look so it looks more grass than steel typed.

h_n_g_m_n - I love how odd yet charming your design looks. What is it based off of?

Gravity Monkey - I liked your previous design more since it felt more natural imo. Your current design is interesting, but doesn't really feel like a fairy or a grass type now.

Yilx - I feel you could do something different with this one because it feels a little plain to me but I'm not sure what it'd be exactly.

Magistrum - Love it~ my only critique is to maybe make the red on the flowers brighter so it stands out more; also, I know the mouth is supposed to look like it's behind a veil but it kinda looks a little off to me for some reason.

Quanyails - I love your dandy boy here because it reminds me of Delcatty and just looks elegant overall c: I think the red thing on its chest could be reshaped to look similar to the one on its tail.

Falchion - I like that you changed the blue to red/pink; it makes it look more uniformed now c: I also like the addition of hooves, though I think the front paws should be slightly smaller to match.
EDIT: Altered slightly to avoid mirroring~
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havent been on for ages, based on wedding bride and a magical fairy tree idk. had the orginial idea of like a tree which supports life and flowers with lots of butterflies and stuff living in its body and it turns into a meadow when it sleeps or something
supporting art of in a natural state

Modedit: Changing media embed to image embed.
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Here's a sketch of a new idea to fit Drought/Trace better: Monstera parasol mon! They like hanging out on the beach and near resorts.
EDIT: Got something more finished done for this one. Thanks to SgtMoose, Sun, and Quanyails, Falchion, and other folks on Discord for helping me with this today!

Some feedback
Hollymon: I really like the colours and overall design, but I feel you could add some more interest to the shape of the body. Right now it's very stick-figure-like, which, I guess makes sense XD but yeah I think you could do more with it.
Felis: I like it overall but maybe for your final sub you could do a version without the mirroring? Maybe do a draw-over of it so it looks more naturally drawn.
h_n_g_m_n: Looking really cute! I think you could emphasize the bioluminescence. And it might need to look a little more mobile, depending on stats.
Most everyone else I've talked to on discord :)
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I was going to refine my original concept and give critique for everyone else and everything but uhhhhh never got around to posting. In the meantime here's my (new) stuff

I'm aware the glow effects would be illegal in the final submission (which this is not), I just included them for now to look pretty.

How it reflects the concepts so far:
  • Sun/Sand: The base is from the Three-Legged Crow from various Asian mythos, considered a symbol of the sun among other things. The design has desert plants and the cool headgear includes a keffiyeh.
  • Drought/Trace: Again, triped crow a symbol for the sun, so Drought. The necklace thing is a mirror (I'll explain in Flavor), which reflects Trace.
  • Grass type: plants and stuff with the onion hat, petal shoulder things, and bush tail. The plants I based it off are the wild onion and the saxaul plant, which grow in the Gobi desert and provide food and stored water, respectively.
  • Fairy type: The triped crow also represents divine intervention and guidance, which I think gives it that mystical fairy feeling. And of course obligatory pink and humanoid.
  • Misc: Once again I think we could really use some more bird CAPs. I think it was mentioned that we might have a high speed stat, so more legs = more fast. I had the design reflect Mongolian culture through the hat, clothing(?) patterns, and plants, since Mongolia is generally underrepresented everywhere, and having an overarching culture influence in Pokemon designs is pretty cool.
  • Flavor: You decide it would be a good idea to go sand surfing in the desert. But uh oh! Your sick moves take you too far out on the dunes and you're lost in the endless expanses of coarse, rough, irritating, dislikable sand that gets everywhere. As you resign to your sandy fate, a bright light encapsulates you. Is this death? No, it's the sun, ninny. But from the sun descends this lovely fellow, a heavenly desert guide to help you with edible plants and a signal mirror to reflect sunlight, attracting rescue: divine intervention to keep your awesome sand-surfing skills on the planet.
    Oh yeah I'm pretty sure the mirror has other purposes in being here besides desert survival but I'm not entirely sure what. I kinda stole it from this 3-legged crow design.
Speaking of the mirror, Sunfesh pointed out to me that accessories don't go well on a Pokemon, and I plan to change that but I don't know how. They suggested putting it on the body itself but idk how to do that without it looking goofy or tacky. Was looking at Aegislash for reference but hm.
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Thanks to PSG, Quan, Pip, and others for the invaluable feedback for this one! I'm really happy with how this turned out and I might just final submit it later. With the selection of the Abilities of Drought and Trace I changed the lichen queen to a chili pepper queen! She's a spicy giant woman...
Speaking of the mirror, Sunfesh pointed out to me that accessories don't go well on a Pokemon, and I plan to change that but I don't know how. They suggested putting it on the body itself but idk how to do that without it looking goofy or tacky. Was looking at Aegislash for reference but hm.
You could incorporate the mirror on the body by attaching it to the neck/chest area so it gives the illusion of being attached as an accessory. Take a look at Houndoom and Torracat for example on how their collars are shaped on their body.
To take influence from Harry Potter, of all things, there was a Magical Creature that had a Shell made of pure Silver, perhaps it could be a bit of its shell? Also, Cubone/Marowak have accessories, so I don't think it's too unusual.

We are nearing the end of art submissions! Users will have at least 48 hours after the close of the stats thread to make their final submissions. Please make sure to read the rules in the opening post extremely carefully so as to not be disqualified! As Sunfished has mentioned, the CALC script can help with checking technical rules, but you should always check manually as well.
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Update: (in settei format cuz why not?)

(click image for higher resolution. They are over 200kb, however.)
I settled with a slightly warmer red for the flowers compared to the last one as per Felis Licht's suggestion. Also shown are the back view to show how the crystal parts connect there; the petals' undersides as well as some facial expressions.

Some supporting art as well showing attacks:
Thought I'd throw my hat into the ring. A succulent plant / desert flower / shaman thing. The stats discussion so far seems to lean towards a heavy fellow, so I went for something bulky-looking. C&C most welcome :)

EDIT: Ehh, didn't have time to complete this. Best of luck to everyone else.

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Changed it up a little.

Moved the mirror to the head after looking at pictures of Amaterasu, who Yatagarasu (Japanese 3-legged crow) is the messenger of. Heard this CAP's meant to be heavy so I don't know, just pretend he's really big. In other news, I don't know what a Fairy type looks like.

If anyone has any suggestions on what to do about the eye then gib please

I was going to make some supplemental material, but think it'd be a waste if ya catch my drift.

design inspirations, explanations, justifications etc. in previous post

Having reviewed my design with the Discord chat, I've made yet more modifications, so this should be the last, last WIP post before my final submission. The solar disk is now a flat surface like a mirror, to better justify how it uses Trace, and the forepaws are smaller to match the back hooves as per Felis Licht's suggestion. The red areas now have a slightly orange tint to them to better fit the Drought ability as well, and instead of a fanged mouth I gave it a cat-like smile with a "wet nose" on the end of the snout, along with extending the eye markings along the face to match. Lastly, the left horn has been adjusted slightly to better fit the angle of the head, and the green colors have been desaturated a little so the color scheme isn't so hard on the eyes.

Also, I've made some support art of this guy, who I now like to call "Sir Loin of Goat" (in honor of a typo in a terrible fanfiction I once read, replacing "lion" with "loin" :P). Pictured are his associations with sun and sand weather - standing majestically on a cliff with the sun at his back, and running across the desert in the midst of a dust storm, respectively - how the golden outline bits of his jewelry connect under his leafy mane, a sleepy yawn showing off the teeth in his mouth (the fangs are now on the lower jaw and aren't visible when his mouth is closed), a demonstration of his using Trace, and usage of his solar disk for two of his attacks. Final submission should be ready tomorrow or early next week!

Supporting doodles
Final Submission

Hmmm, I should probably make an actual write-up huh. Okay. This design is based on the concept of a fairy queen, a monarch ruling over a court of lesser fey, but styled after Elizabethan fashion. It started out with a lichen theme but now it's themed after chili peppers; appearing in its headdress, 'jewelry' and gown. It seemed like a good plant to use with the CAP's sun ability. Aaand that's pretty much it!

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Final Submission

Final submission time! I’ve done very minor tweaks to the final design from what I last posted. For those who have not seen it, the design is based off the Gobi bear which lives in the Gobi Desert. I incorporated the color scheme of the prickly pear. The pinkish red color of the fruit really helped make the bear pop while not using the typical “fairy” pink. I kept the design overly simplistic as I felt a lot of the Gen 7 Pokémon share that lack of complexity. The green tuffs of leaves around its face and on its tail are a result of debris and other plants becoming snagged in the thorns that protrude from its body. The face is intended to be more docile and friendly than the average Gobi bear. In the real world, the Gobi bear’s fur makes it look quite savage. There were some issues raised about it looking more physical than special, but I don’t see it. I think it looks as physical as Pyroar. My design also helps with the idea of CAP24 being a tanky mon.

Supporting Work


We Eat Losers
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Changed it up a little.

Moved the mirror to the head after looking at pictures of Amaterasu, who Yatagarasu (Japanese 3-legged crow) is the messenger of. Heard this CAP's meant to be heavy so I don't know, just pretend he's really big. In other news, I don't know what a Fairy type looks like.

If anyone has any suggestions on what to do about the eye then gib please

I was going to make some supplemental material, but think it'd be a waste if ya catch my drift.

design inspirations, explanations, justifications etc. in previous post
Maybe allow the mirror to be a massive necklace to tease weight? And incorporate roadrunners to toss up sand? I'm dead on thow to incorporate typing tho.
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Final Submission

Waaaaaait... what? The older concept?

Let me explain. If I changed back to that design, it's for two simple reasons. 1- It was really difficult for me to draw it entirely. I didn't know where to place things and I had a really hard time with the perspective. 2- I didn't like it. Not enough to actually make a final submission out of it. I prefer finishing a concept that I like and am proud of instead of bashing a concept that was maybe more fitting thematically, but that I didn't want to finish. So there ya go.

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Final Submission

Supporting material and proposed height chart:

For this CAP design, the combination of Grass/Fairy, along with sun and sand weather, led me to think about a mythical creature from a desert region combined with plants associated with deserts, or alternatively semi-tropical climates such as beaches. Naturally, my first pick was a creature inspired by Egyptian mythology; specifically, "Sir Loin of Goat" here, as I like to call him, is based on a Criosphinx, a variant of the mythical sphinx with the body of a lion and the head of a ram. Traditionally, the criosphinx has curved horns associated with the god Amun, which the creature symbolizes, but to connect the design with the sunny weather theme, I gave it a more goat-like appearance, with a beard and headdress/ears similar to depictions of Egyptian pharaohs, as well as horns framing a magnificent solar disk. Combining this with the sandy, desertic theme associated with ancient Egypt lent well to the abuse of both sunlight and sandstorm weather conditions.

A lot of other people chose succulents or other desert plants for the concept of a sun- and sand-abusing Grass/Fairy type, but in keeping with the mystical aspects of Sir Loin of Goat, I gave it more of an herbal theme. As noted here, herbs were a major part in ancient Egyptian medicine, which is connected to the god Heka, the son of the ram-headed Khnum and in at least one myth, the lion-headed Menhit. The herbs used in ancient Egyptian medicine included garlic, onions, coriander, cumin, willow, sycamore, and acacia; the leafy mane does not resemble any of them specifically, but coriander is probably the closest in appearance to it, with the leaves growing from many stems in the soil, somewhat like tufts of hair. The petals on the legs and tail, meanwhile, resemble those of the lotus flower, which was held with high esteem in Egyptian culture and is still the country's national flower today. The Egyptian lotus is traditionally white in color, but I gave the petals and accents a red-orange tint to make it look more interesting and connect it to the Drought ability; plus, orange-ish lotus flowers really do exist in real life.
I've already explained the presence of Drought above, since this design takes cues from a creature from the mythology of a desert-based civilization, but Trace is a little less obvious. There are only three canon families that have Trace as an ability: Gardevoir and its pre-evolutions, the Porygon line, and Mega Alakazam. While this doesn't exactly provide solid ground elements for designing around the Trace ability, it should be noted that two of them are highly intelligent, and one is a sapient computer program. This suggests a potential knack for analyzing the skills of the opponent and mimicking them as needed, something which Sir Loin of Goat could conceivably pull off - the Sphinx of Thebes was described as making riddles, so it was likely highly intelligent, a trait which may reflect on other sphinxes in Egyptian lore as well. However, there's another justification for Trace that I took notice of in retrospect: the solar disk acts as a bronze mirror. Combining this with the mystical aspects of this design and the Fairy typing, it could literally reflect the ability of its opponent back at it, as though making use of the powers of the image the sun disk is showing.

Since we're most likely looking at a special attacker (seeing as a lot of the threats to CAP are vulnerable to special attacks), I can see Sir Loin of Goat using a variety of magical powers, themed around sunlight, sandstorms, psionic and pyrokinetic attacks, and control of plant life including the leaves and petals on its own body. My favorite mental image concerning this design, however, has to do with the solar disk once again, taking the apocryphal legend of Archimedes' mirror and applying it here in the least sensible manner possible: the reflective sun disk redirects the light of the burning sun, essentially harnessing it to create a focused, destructive ray.

I decided to go with a more yellow-ish tint to the light green areas to highlight the desertic theme, and I quite like how it turned out. This is one of my favorite designs submitted to CAP thus far, and I offer my big thanks to everyone on the Discord who helped me out every step of the way, including Sun, Reiga, Golurk, Quanyails, Magistrum, Pipotchi, and tons of others who I may have missed but still include out of gratitude. Best of luck to all with their entries, and may the best waifu 'mon win! :D
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Final Submission

Here's my Cotton Wizard design for the final. I wanted something that matched the special bias we're looking at. I'll try to post some feedback soon on some of the other concepts!
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