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Snorlax in the way

This poll will be open for 24 hours. The concept submissions are quoted below in order of submission.

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Zephias said:
Name: Berserker

Description: A pokemon that trades its HP to become stronger and/or gains power the less HP it has.

Justification: This concept falls into the categories of Archetype and Actualization. Archetype in the sense that the archetype focuses strongly on abilities/moves that trigger or strengthen on low HP, and/or attacks that reduce it. The latter of these were previously seen in the metagame through the role of "recoil attackers" but have since fallen out of favor. It also fits into Actualization since many of the abilities or other options that would strengthen upon losing HP are not present in the metagame due to the lack of effective users.

In more general terms, such a concept would allow us to better understand the role and comparative value of HP in contrast to other boosts in power, within the metagame.

Questions to be Answered:
- Is it worth trading away HP, and thus forfeiting defensive pressure, to obtain offensive pressure?
- Can a Pokemon be considered more threatening when injured? Can a Pokemon have counters that force it out at full HP yet fall flat at lower HP?
- In what kinds of situations is it a better idea to conserve HP even though it reduces overall power?
- What weaknesses caused similar archetypes to slow down and fall out of favor? Can they be mitigated?
- Can such a blatantly self-flagellating CAP have any value in slower, more defensive teams?
- What are the best partners for a such a Pokemon?
- Are abilities or moves that rely on HP thresholds simply too weak or inconsistent for competitive use?
- Metagame-wise, can a pokemon with such open drawbacks compete for a slot with offensive pokemon like Volkraken?
- What pokemon or items in the metagame caused the slow decline of recoil/life orb? Can Berserker address such problems to remain a viable metagame participant?
- Would the presence of such a Pokemon increase the importance of revenge-killing and priority?
- Since most of the abilities that work on HP thresholds give stat boosts, would a Pokemon utilizing them be able to survive a metagame where Haze Tomohawk and many phazers exist?
- Due to the high-octane offense of many threats in the CAP metagame, is it more viable to attempt a slower, more defensive Berserker?

Explanation: I came up with this concept when I was browsing the Ability page in Bulbapedia and noticed there's a lot of abilities that require either a HP threshold or a HP tradeoff to function. HP is one of the major components of defensive pressure, since due to the sheer power of most offensive 'mon seeing 1HKO's and 2HKOs is not unusual. Furthermore, due to the advent of Z-Moves the presence of Life Orb has been reduced significantly and recoil attackers are extremely rare in the current meta (Ignoring those that do not suffer from recoil, such as Crucibelle-Mega).

As such, I believe there is much to learn from attempting to make a Pokemon that relies on its HP to fuel its power be it through recoil or benchmarks that strengthen it, that also manages to maintain enough pressure while injured to survive and even thrive in the current CAP meta.
A Coat of Many Colors
Snorlax in the way said:
Name - A Coat of Many Colors
Description - A Pokemon that takes advantage of multiple resist berries.
Justification - This concept falls under the category of Actualization. The concept hearkens back to older metagames such as DPP and BW where a Pokemon utilizing these berries to accomplish its goal was much more common. This Pokemon would be able to viably use several of the available resist berries to fill its role on any given team. Multiple resist berries would allow CAP to explore an idea synonymous with older generations and see how well it applies to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Questions To Be Answered:
  • Does one resist berry typically receive more usage?
  • Compared to older generations, do the resist berries help this Pokemon perform its role as well or better than it would have otherwise?
  • Does the option of other viable resist berries change up the move types that are used to attack this Pokemon?
  • Has the role a Pokemon with this item performs changed due to generational shifts?
  • When focused on, how does the viability of this item compare to other generations?
  • How does the purposeful implementation of the multiple resist berries compare in usage to other viable items used for the Pokemon's role?
Explanation -
I first got the idea when I saw Heaven Jay toying around with Coba Berry Tomohawk. At first I thought this a huge waste, but then I saw how well it was performing, and how it ended up becoming a viable item .The berries are low in usage and generally have not seen play in the later generations due to things such as power creep, or other viable sets coming to fruition. However, I do feel as if they are an avenue that is worth exploring. This Coba Berry set reminded me of other sets from older generations such as Rindo Berry Swampert, Occa Berry Bronzong, or Chople Berry Heatran. This really got me thinking, what if a Pokemon could viably use 3 or 4 resistance berries, such as Occa Berry, Yache Berry, or Passho Berry? How would these sets compare to the sets of old? Of course those are just examples, but I feel like this concept gives us an interesting idea to play around with while also not being too constricting on what can and cannot happen at any given stage. I feel like the main thing to watch out for with this concept is not letting the berry resistances take center stage. While I know that may sound a bit farfetched, I personally feel the best way to let this concept shine is to look at how the resistances and extra longevity given by these berries can help CAP 24 perform certain roles in the meta. Basically, make it less on what the berries literally do and more on how those berries can help bolster the viability of the CAP in any given role to new heights.
Snow or Shine (or Sand)
Drew said:
  • Name - Snow or Shine (or Sand)
  • Description - A Pokemon that abuses 2 weather conditions for different effects
  • Justification - Currently in CAP, there is only one form of weather that is really worth using: rain, and only one really type of weather abuser: offensive sweeper. This concept means to address both of these issues by creating a new niche for two weather conditions. This concept would fill the archetype of a weather abuser, but I feel it also fits into the Actualization category as it would also aim to create a new role for a weather abuser for 1 or more different weather conditions.
  • Questions To Be Answered
    • Why are hail, sun, and sand underrepresented in the current metagame?
    • What makes rain the best weather condition currently?
    • How can this CAP encourage the use of other weather conditions? What do hail, sun, and/or sand need? Sweepers? Setters? Walls?
    • What weather effects are underutilized? How can we successfully use these effects?
    • How can one Pokemon utilize different weather conditions for different effects and sets?
    • Should this Pokemon be able to function outside of weather-based teams? If so, what niche would it need to fulfill? If it sets it's own weather, is it enough to abuse the weather condition on its own?
  • Explanation - For those who don't fully see how a not-sweeper weather abuser could work, take Lileep in LC for example. Lileep, mainly back in BW and XY as sand is quite uncommon in SM, is on most sand teams, as it can abuse its Rock-typing to boost Special Defense, the passive damage from sand, and its access to Recover and Toxic to become a weather abusing wall. Another possible interaction would be running Ferrothorn on rain teams to semi-nullify its Fire weakness. Not only typings are underexplored though! There are many moves, items, and of course abilities that can be used to abuse different weather conditions in a way that no Pokemon really does currently.

CAP 24 so far:

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Topic Leadership Team:
: Typing Leader
Drew: Ability Leader
reachzero: Stats Leader
mxmts: Movepool Leader
Snorlax in the way

Good luck again to my competition! All of these are great concepts and I would be fine with any.
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