CAP 25 - Part 2 - Concept Poll 3

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S. Court

[Takes hits in Spanish]
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Deck Knight

I'm honestly just choosing this concept because I'm not sure if with Mr Holiday one we'll be picking different concepts for each starter (which would make this process more interesting) or just one (which will be a bit redundant)


We have the technology.
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CAP 25 - Part 2 - Concept Poll 3

Ballots: 90
Preferences: 90
Defeat by: Winning votes

[Pair#1] Deck Knight (45:45) Mr Holiday  --> CANCELLED (tie)

The top voting cycle is Deck Knight and Mr Holiday.

Deck Knight > []
Mr Holiday > []

1. Deck Knight, Mr Holiday
In a rare occasion for CAP, we are tied on a head-to-head poll. Wowza

Thankfully, it should come as no surprise that CAP has a contingency plan, which you can find fully detailed here and in the CAP Policy Review subforum. The bottom paragraphs contain the information relevant to this poll:
CAP Process Policy said:
Ties, however unlikely, are handled in a few ways for CAP. At the IRV stage where there are more than three entries, a tie for any of the three winning places results in both of the tied entries moving forward. If a tie occurs in the bold voting step of the poll where a winner would be decided or where an entry would be eliminated, any or all of the following criteria will be used by the Section Leader to decide who the final winner is.

The number of votes received in the single most recent previous poll
The sum total of all previous votes received in previous polls
The Section Leader's choice
In Concept Poll 2, both of these users tied (seen here) in Ranked Pair #3, with a tied vote of 46 to 46. In Concept Poll 1 for CAP25, Deck Knight beat out Mr Holiday 35 to 32 in Ranked Pair #23 (seen here). The sum total of all previous votes is, therefore 81 to 78 in Deck Knight's favor.

Therefore, Deck Knight is the winner. Congrats to these two for an incredibly close set of polls!
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