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You do not need to apply to the CAP PRC in order to participate in CAP events. All polls and discussion threads in this forum are open for public use; the PRC serves an entirely different function that is separate from the current CAP process.
It's time for another PRC period as the playtest starts up and we get ready to prepare for the next CAP Project. We will have several issues to discuss, so we are opening the floor to new PRC members who have been active in the most recent CAP who want to post on upcoming PRC issues for CAP 24. If you would like to be on the Policy Review Committee, please apply here.

This thread is for people who want to apply to the Create-A-Pokemon Project Policy Review Committee. Remember, the PRC is in charge of discussing policy changes to the CAP Process in general, all of which take place in the CAP Policy Review Forum (which everyone can see but only CAP PRC are able to post in). Note that if you're a guest viewing the CAP forums, you cannot view the CAP PRC forum, so that is all the more reason for you to register and see what CAP is all about! It's a great place to read the opinions of some of the most seasoned CAP veterans.

Please stuff as much relevant information about yourself as you can in these applications; a short few lines will no longer suffice. In terms of guidance, it would be wise to describe a) your CAP experience, b) your Smogon experience, and c) your Pokemon experience. To apply, describe your involvement in the CAP Project in all areas, including but not limited to: past CAP polls, PR discussions, playtesting RMTs/discussions, CAP analyses workshops, #cap on IRC, CAP metagame involvement, submitted material, etc. It can really only help your case if you provide links to example posts for things like submissions or suggestions. I cannot stress this enough: please take time to fill out your application thoroughly. Also, recall that this is a rolling application, meaning that you can apply whenever it is convenient for you to do so.

As an aside, we're not looking for perfect members. There is not going to be a limit on the number of users the CAP moderators accept for the PRC, and we would prefer more to less. I doesn't overly matter how long you've contributed. We're mainly looking for the best users in CAP to step up and start leading, regardless of join date. If you feel like you have contributed positively to CAP in any way, please feel free to apply. Note that significant work within the Policy Review Committee could earn you a Community Contributor badge. Remember that we are especially looking for active CAP members to be involved in our discussion. Furthermore, rejection now will not disqualify you permanently; signups will be open again after every CAP. Inactivity or serious misconduct is the only way to lose PRC status, so you have nothing to lose by applying and quite a bit to gain.

The CAP 25 Policy Review Committee

Deck Knight
Granny Pie
Rat With Wings
Snorlax in the way

All of these members will be given posting privileges to the CAP Policy Review subforum. They will have the ability to create threads on important CAP issues as well. They've also been granted the ability to vote on these issues and shape the future of CAP as a whole. PRC members, don't forget that you can PM any of the CAP moderators if you have any questions or concerns. We hope we can all be as active and vocal as possible in order to get work done. We can't wait to work with all of you to make positive changes in this project!

Streamlining the process and deciding the meta for CAP24 will be our most important topics this cycle. We're open for other topics as you have them, so please let a CAP moderator know if you're interested in making a new thread about our policy!
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Hi, I'm Mova. You guys know me by now, so I'm not going to share my backstories.

During CAP 24, I mostly focused on flavor steps and final submitted something for the second time. I also advertise for this Project on my personal Twitter account. Not much else to say here.


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Given that my last application was... very recent, I imagine that people won't be hugely surprised to hear that very little has changed about me. Aside from the number of Driving Tests I've failed. Woo.

With that said, I'm active within the community (and, shocking perhaps everyone, even in-sim stuff), and there are topics in PRC that I've been glad to get involved in even before I got added in at the end of the last PRC, such as how we factor Prevos and the Movepool Stage. I know that I tend to lean more towards jokey on the Discord and all, but I'd like another run at being able to contribute to PRC discussions.


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Hey I'm G-Luke. Everyone here knows me already so I'll keep it short.

I've contributed alot to CAP in the short time I've been here and wish to continue to be able to contribute to important discussion
Hell, I am mxmts. I've been following CAP since Gen V, and contributed actively since Gen VII. I was part of the TLT of CAP 24, acting as the movepool leader. I'm in charge of keeping the CAP Role Compendium up to date, and I was part of the PRC during the last cycle. I also play in the CAP format a lot, and I think I have a good grasp of the meta.
Hello, I'm ZardX didn't know there was a Smogon set with the same name at the time in its creation.
I've lurked since Crucibelle and searched for more info on Kerfluffle when it was new and contributed since CAP 23. Still lovin this project to this day


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Drap here, for those of you who don't know me I'm a room driver in the CAP room and was the TL for Jumbao. I enjoy CAP a lot and try to contribute to many aspects of the CAP community, and I'd like to be able to contribute for CAP 25's PRC.


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May want to post in the cap 25 celebration/planning thread so in


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Hey guys, the name's LucarioOfLegends, and been around CAP since the end of Kerfluffle and have been around during a number of Gen 7 CAP-tivities. These include CAPTT, CAP Survivor, as well as both CAP processes for the current gen. I additionally served on TLT for Pajantom and can be found pretty consistently on the Showdown room. I still have quite a bit to learn in CAP still, but I am absolutely a very dedicated member of this community.
Hey I'm wulfanator72. Prior to CAP24, I was playing the tier since the start of gen 6. I started getting involved in the process towards crucibelle's introduction, but that was with an account I don't remember the log in information yeah. I was very active in the early stages of cap24's process. Had to step away for a short period while my classes were wrapping up, but now I'm back and ready to contribute.
Hello there, I am LeafyStorm21, and I think this CAP 25 will be a fun and enjoyable experience for myself as well as the rest of the community. I have moderate experience with CAP, lurked for most of 24, and have recently started taking more and more interest in CAP. To CAP things off (I'm sorry), I look forward to seeing what kind of spectacular results come out of this project, so you can count on me to be active for this great endeavor. :)


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Hey guys, I'm SHSP. I've been a CAP player since Malaconda, started to contribute to Kerfluffle and was TLT (typing) for Jumbao. I'm a Voice in the CAP room on Showdown, been a PRC member in the past, and helped run the CAP Player of the Week project which plans to return soon. I'm deeply interested in the advancement and success of the CAP project and hope to help improve it in the future.


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Hello all. I'm DetroitLolcat. I've been playing a fair bit of CAP metagame lately and after taking a couple of CAPs off in a not-really-semi-retirement, I'm back and would like to contribute to the PRC moving forward. I'm a driver in the PS forum, and have been a former TLT member, TL, and competitive mod. It looks like we're going to be doing some really cool things with CAP25, and I'd hate to miss out on creating the framework for another great project!
Gokigenyou~ I am Okamu, as my username implies. For those who don't know me already, I've been following CAP since Kerf, and submitted what ended up being Paj's concept. I'm a voice in the CAP room on Showdown and have been on PRC in the past. In real life I ran two clubs at my high school, among other activities, and will be beginning university next school year. I wasn't terribly active this last CAP due to graduation shenanigans, but with a long summer break ahead, I'm hoping to finally get back into more contribution, especially with such a special project in the works!
Hey everyone,

I'm Zephias, a Colombian community member whose mostly known for my work with the 3d project and my participation on discord alongside some very strong appearances mostly during typing and ability stages. I've also subbed a couple times for art stages, but haven't really gotten anywhere with that.

I've been a a community member for a while starting as a lurker in 2010, with my first actual participation in the project being in 2014 through the prevo project. I've had very erratic periods of activity but ever since Crucibelle I'd like to say I've kept pretty active and I've definitely scaled up my participation during the past couple CAPs. I've applied for TLT, am a member of the CAP social media team and hopefully I'll get somewhere with my TLT apps in the near future.

I'm applying for the PRC because I believe I can actively contribute to the workings of the CAP project through my experience with it and my ability to think things from multiple angles. I also think that especially where it comes to the 3d project and potential changes to its structure my input could be very valuable, having been present in different fashions since the project's very start. All in all, I just want to contribute to the workings and betterment of CAP in any way I can.


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Hi, I'm david0895, I followed this project since the Crucibelle creation and decided to directly partecipate since the Kerfluffle process.
While I don't play so much the ladder, I've always been interested into all the most important Smogon metas, from OU to PU, and even some Other Metagames, and obviously the CAP meta.
I'm applying for the PRC because I believe I want to help this project as much as I can, especially for this one that seems to be very particular.

Granny Pie

Mafia Champion
Hi! I'm Granny Pie, member of the CAP Social Media team, and a fun, active member of CAP and their associated projects since the middle of Kerfluffle. I was heavily involved in the CAP Updates and in the Pajantom process, and still kept up with the Jumbao process, even if I was busy due to finals. I play the ladder whenever I'm on PS!, which is at least once a day, and remain active in the CAP Discord, and the CAP Room whenever I'm online.
The thing that tipped me over to apply to the PRC, as I had considered it in the past, was the CAP25 Celebration thread by Birkal. The stuff that he and the other members are suggesting is stuff that needs to be watched over by members who are incredibly familiar with the CAP Process, the CAP Metagame, and having fun without breaking things. As a member since of CAP since 2015, I have this kind of intimate knowledge of the process and the metagame, and have many friends in CAP who have similar or even greater knowledge than I do that I can work with to both have a jolly good time with CAP25 without breaking it, the process, or the metagame.
Thank you for the consideration, and for all these years of CAP!
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Hola, I'm Airwind room voice of CAP, member of the social media team, editor for the youtube channel and very creative person with a ton of knowledge of the CAP metagame being top 10 in ORAS and decent USUM player, I have been posting in the forum of the metagame doing tournaments like Doubles CAP and Nostalgia for ORAS and projects like CAP teambuilding workshop, CAP player of the week and the replay thread. For building cap I haven't been much involved but I would like to be in this CAP
Hiya, my name is EpicUmbreon29 and I would very much like to be on the CAP25 PRC!

I've loved CAP for almost 5 years now, and I've been playing Pokemon for quite literally as long as I remember (about 15 years now).

I do my best to follow discussions and vote in the forums part of the process, and I definitely have a handle on how everything works. Also, in the creation of Jumbao I very much enjoyed being able to take a more active role than usual in participating and contributing meaningfully to discussions. In addition, I am currently working on analyses over in the metagame subforum.

Most of my work has been in the CAP Project chat room on Pokemon Showdown, in which I was promoted to a Room Moderator earlier this year, prior to that being a Room Driver since July of 2015, and prior to that a Room Voice since late 2013. When I get free time, the first thing I do is head to the CAP room, and it is my second home. While there, I enjoy providing room tournaments to users, hopping on ladder to boost activity, and assisting new CAP metagame players and forums process newcomers in order to help them learn how to play and post well, respectively, so that the CAP project can continue to grow and improve. I take great pride in the responsibility that I have been entrusted with and do my best to continue to shape CAP as a friendly community where newcomers are welcomed and open and respectful discussion is promoted.

Thank you very much for your time, and I look forward to all that we will achieve in this upcoming process.


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This is updated. Note if you did not make it onto the CAP Policy Review Committee, we still want you participating in CAP. The PRC is only to discuss policy -- they don't actually create the Pokemon. That process will happen publicly in a short time. So hold tight for now!
Hi, I'm Aigudot, and I would like to join CAP 25 as an artist! I've had experience in drawing new designs and I am willing to assist with others!
Hi, I'm snow, Though I've been playing the CAP meta-game for a long time no, at least 4/5 years, possibly more, i can't remember to be quite frank, I've only very recently (like an hour ago) discovered CAP as a community and movement. I have experience in pixel art, game design and (unofficial) experience in pokemon. Like a lot, probably too much, i could tell you the pokedex entries for most pokemon pre gen 5 because i have way too much time on my hands. I also noticed that your advertising is actually Garbador, which is something else I have quite a lot of experience locally among a few off the societies i belong to. I Imagine my mane 'attraction' is how much time I actually have, which though created entirely by circumstance and says nothing for my ability (which I honestly think is pretty good, not trying to sound to arrogant, probably like prankster level ability) put a monkey in front of a typewriter for long enough and you'll get Shakespere. I'll be spending the next few days trying to get to know the community and how everything runs around here, now that i know it exists, and i would love to get back into design and have something to throw my art at with a purpose. I should say i'm probably not the best artist, but design, both in balance and flavour I think i'm pretty good. again, i mean that in the least arrogant way possible. anyway, before i ramble too hard, thanks!
RWW here. I'm a consistent top performer in the CAP metagame on both the ladder and on forum tournaments. I'm also a room voice and have been selected to lead the Reject Reverbell's in the upcoming CAPTT IV.
hihi, my name is Marjane and I would like to join the PRC again!

I have been a contributor to CAP for quite some time now, by contributing to the forums as well as our different chatting platforms such as the discord server and the CAP chatroom on PS!. I have a vast CAP knowledge and love to help out new comers. Through my time in CAP I have contributed to the forums by hosting a tournament and contributing to QCs as well as participating in tournaments when available. I would like to contribute to CAP even more which is why joining the PRC seems best!
Thank you

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