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Hi, my name is Frostbiyt and I'm an alcoholic and I would like to join the PRC. I've been sort of following the CAP project for a few years(I've been checking the site for updates periodically since I discovered it during gen 5) and I started participating in the discussions towards the beginning of Jumbao's process. I have been pretty active on the CAP ladder since about the time I started contributing to the discussion, I've participated in a few tournaments so far, and I have recently become active on the CAP discord in both the process and the metagame discussions.
Applying to add my thoughts to a PRC thread.

I'm a retired competitive battler, now doing other things on Smogon. Some of my interests are in machine learning, usage statistics, voting theory and computer graphics. I like to share my knowledge in these areas to help the CAP project whenever I can. I'm not very active but I love this project very much and will do my best to help. Please, I would like permission to the PRC :3


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Hiya, Magistrum here. I've been lurking CAP since the middle of CAP Aurumoth and started participating in the flavor stages of CAP Malaconda. I've been doing the same since then for all the CAPs after that and had been blessed enough to get the winning art for Cawmodore (name too) and Plasmanta. I've also done some battling in the CAP meta back in Gens 5-6. I'm also very active in CAP Discord and would very much like to provide some input and help.


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Hey there its me offler, thought id finally get around to applying for PRC

Most of you know me and the fact that im mostly focussed on the CAP metagame and have quite a few well placed tournaments to my name but I have also recently started to get involved with the process more and more after lurking since Plasmanta.

Ive been playing CAP for almost 2 years now and am voiced in the CAP room on PS! and recently was the assistant manager for the Choice Band Revenankhs in TT 4.

Id like to be on PRC because pushing CAP, particularly the metagame, in a positive direction is something im deeply invested in and i feel being involved in PRC is a good way to go about that!
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Hello everyone, SITW here. I'm a recently retired CAP Metagame player and I look to apply to the PRC to not only provide metagame insight on many of CAPs issues and future self reflections, but to lend cap my own testimony and personal insight. I've been around since the tail end of Crucibelle, at least process wise, but have been aware of cap since at least Cawmodore. I've generally been known to give my knowledge and insight to the public, and have a bad tendency not to post on Smogon, which I know counts. This is one way I look to improve that; if I'm not gonna participate in metagame growth through tournaments, I can provide my insight in different, more official ways. I've participated in CAP's biggest metagame tour, CAPTT, 3 years in a row with two finals appearances, have been the assistant manager (essentially the leader) of one of those teams myself, and been invited to the Challenge Cup invitation (the finale tour that concludes the successful single seasonal tours we've had). I also have one of the most vast knowledge pools of any player currently involved in the meta, due to my experience with most generations and every current generation tier, excluding RU. I am also very aware of my "radical" opinions, but I think that these opinions are exactly why I am a good fit for the PRC. The CAP PRC, and CAP itself for that matter, generally tend to get caught within its own web a lot of times. In these cases, CAP tends to push for decisions that don't really make sense/are not beneficial in the long term. I look to be a new pair of eyes on the conglomerate of processes that come together to make up the creation process, and the entity of CAP itself. We should all look, as I do, to improve CAP for the better, and to help it work through its current growing pains. This is precisely why I am applying, to help the most where it matters. Time to give back to the community that fostered me; I am willing to venture into a new avenue of contribution, and I don't plan to stop till its over, over there.

Hey, I'm Wenderz. I've been playing CAP since Plasmanta a realease (a bit before if I remember correctly) and started to share my thoughts on the forum after Crucibelle introduction, mostly on the VR threads. I wasn't very involved on the CAP creations themselves because I had an hard time making relevant arguments until CAP 25 started. I also give try to give am checks on our current analyses and some comments on RMTs. I also wrote a few CAP analyses and introductions (that I need to update) on a french forum in order to make the tier more popular among my friends (which kinda worked, although it didn't become the main tier of any of them, but they were interested and enjoying it for the most part). I've also played in ORAS CAP alongside the blazing Pyroaks in the last CAPTT, one of the two finalists.

Overall, I think I can safely say that I have a fairly good knowledge of the tier and involved in the project which I would like to support even more as a PCR member.


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Hello, I'm Jordy and I've actively been contributing to the competitive and C&C aspects of the CAP community for the past couple of months, and have even become a mod of the CAP analyses subforum during these past couple of months.

I'd like to be part of the PRC to push the competitive metagame forward.

I know this application is short, but I really don't have anything else to say and don't feel like including useless fluff.


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Hey all, I'm GMars. After a great time during the process of CAP 25, I'd like to apply to the PRC to discuss my thoughts and work on optimizations. I've been involved in the CAP metagame since winning CAP TT 3, earning a spot in the CAP Hall of Fame. I was also involved in CAP TT 4 behind the scenes with the Swashbuckling Arghos in team discussions and playtesting. During and after this experience, I became involved in the process for CAP 25, really enjoying the aspect of analysis the process brings. Here are some examples of posts I made during CAP 25:

Concept Submission discussion:
Suggestion of and justification for Fire / Ground based on Concept Assessment discussion and metagame placement:
CAP 25f switch-in analysis:
CAP 25g switch-in analysis:
End of threats discussion revisions: - selected as goals for later project stages
Justification of Galvanize for CAP 25g:
CAP 25w slated stat submission:

Outside of CAP, I have significant experience in policy for Smogon on Showdown. I essentially co-lead OU's side of the Smogdex analysis project, helping to decide with my team which sets deserve analyses, how they should be written, how writers for key analyses should be chosen, and maintaining the overall quality of the subforum. I've been involved in recent discussions on revising our policies on fluff in analyses and our policies on incidents surrounding plagiarism. As a quality control head and a GP member, I'm also responsible for content quality across a wide range of Smogon's platforms, including articles for The Flying Press (as some recent CAP writers can attest to) and Social Media posts. I also moderate the OU subforum itself, handling policy on forum projects, the VR, and upcoming tours including the return of the OU Circuit. This moderation extends outside of Smogon into Showdown, which involves a good amount of discussion around room policies outside of day-to-day chat moderation. I'd like to bring my policy history and experience to CAP to improve what's already a solid process going forward.


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Hello I am taranteeeno and I am applying for CAP PRC. I played in CAPTT IV for the Pernicious Pajantoms and put up the best CAP LC record that season along with winning the whole tour with my team. During that time, I gained a deep understanding of CAP LC including all the great things about this metagame and all the bad things. I contributed to some CAP LC VR restructuring, but the project died out mostly due to the informal nature of the discussion and the commitments of its contributors. I would love to contribute to anything and everything CAP LC related in CAP PRC and hopefully help the metagame develop and gain more visibility. I wouldn't also mind contributing to other CAP PRC discussion, but will be taking time to understand its current state before jumping into that.
Hello everyone, my name is MrDollSteak Pokehimon and I would like to apply for PRC.

I became active in CAP during CAP 25, starting off by immediately submitting the winning sprite for Snaelstrom, although I have been a long time lurker since Gen 4. While I joined quite late in the process of CAP 25, and CAP more generally, I took a particular interest in the flavour stages of CAP 25 due to the interesting framework of creating Starter Pokemon, and became invested in the designs and felt the need to contribute. I since continued my involvement by engaging in the name and movepool stages, and later on into the prevo process.

It is during the CAP 26 process however, that I have become more active in the competitive stages as well, submitting a slated Stat Spread, and engaging in a range of discussion across other stages, which has lead me to take a further interest in CAP as a whole. CAP 26 has been an exciting process for me, as it has allowed me to gain more insight into the various parts of the CAP process in more detail, and I would love to continue to contribute to the community by taking a more active role in shaping the future of the project.
Hi all, I'm againa and I'd like to apply for the PRC
I'm sure most of you know me I've been actively playing CAP for a while now and am a voice in the CAP room. In the past year have gotten involved in the competitive scene with various notable results in a few tournaments. While I haven't made many contributions to their development I have very closely followed the process of each CAP since pajantom. I'm applying because I adore CAP, the process, metagame and community and I would like to actively contribute to PRC discussion going forward particularly so that I can help further development of our metagame in the time we have until gen 8.
Hey everyone! My name’s Rev. I joined Smogon right around when this current generation started, and I gravitated towards Pet Mods and CAP. In the former, I have risen through the ranks and now run what is (or at least was) arguably the most popular Pet Mod of them all, Fusion Evolution. Here in CAP, I am here to take one step further up the ladder today by joining PRC. In CAP, I came around in the middle of Aurumoth’s update (Lol Illusion). I struggled at first, suggesting a custom ability and such, but I eventually learned. I took a major part in Voodoom’s update, as well as helping out with Revenankh and Malaconda. In terms of full CAP processes, my first one was Pajantom’s process, in which I was very much the voice of concern in the room over the overlord of the time in Tomohawk and making absolutely sure that we hard countered it. I also was the person who invented the use of Heal Block during the moveset stage, which now is a major player in Pajantom’s role today. In Jumbao’s process, I was very much involved in discussions on Discord, as well as being the person who popularized Trace as Jumbao’s secondary ability. CAP25 was a bit of an off period for me, due to the overwhelming nature of three different Pokémon, but I did what I could, mainly during movepools, where I helped Dogfish make the winning movepools for Caribolt and Snaelstrom. As for this latest process, I continued to mainly discuss on Discord, while occasionally posting here and there, mainly in typing this time iirc. Aside from that, I have recently been doing lots of work in regards to FlashCAP, even being the TL for the latest one, Eskimamba. My Pokémon experiences trace back to Gen 6 and Pokémon Y. I absolutely fell in love with the series and have been following it ever since. As we go into an unknown horizon with the upcoming generation, I want to help CAP be in the best position possible going forward. I hope you guys consider me for PRC. Have a lovely day!
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