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ditching kappa idea since its hard to shake flying type off of it

went for a pizza deity instead. the real body is the pizza, with the brown/tan stuff being a manipulated mass of ground type

With so many egyptian themed mons, I'm honestly surprised nobody used this for an inspiration. This fakemon is based on the cat goddess bastet and the Gayer-Anderson cat statue. I think it works very well for both types as the Egyptian theme works well with ground, the statue being an ancient artifact and the cat statue's materials working well with steel. The wings are similar to the way wings are commonly shown in ancient egyptian art, the winged sun also being a common symbol in egyptian mythology. It uses the floating sun disc above it's back to power it's wings and allow it to levitate. It's special attacks and doom desire also come from the sun disc.

new excuse for being slow: cats are lazy lol. all the cat does is eat, sleep, levitate and occasionally kick butt
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With the typing, combined with the ability Levitate, I decided to go with a theme of the earth’s magnetism and the underground. I came up with a design based on an unearthed amethyst geode, held up by magnetic force. To incorporate the original concept, I placed geodes on each side of the sole eye. When the geodes close up, it can see the future in the reflection of the gems.
This is such a cool idea, but can you do something to help differentiate it from Stratagem? Right now it feels like an off-branch evolution of that line, like Slowbro and Slowking. To me, it definitely reads as Rock-type, and not Steel/Ground.

Finally decided on a set of colors I'm happy with, and went about improving the design overall. I redrew the sand plumage to appear more solid, added spikes to the back of the body to make it appear less devoid, and foreshortened the disk to give it a bit more perspective. I've been experimenting with making the sand outline a different color as well, though it's still a bit rough, as you can see. Hopefully it's dark enough at the moment to comply with CAP rules.

Special thanks to the peeps over on Discord for helping me fine-tune the flying sand boi!
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Final Submission

This guy's look is influenced after very general designs of medallions, sun discs, and many other magical-looking flat circle shapes. There's a lot of motifs I tried to add subtly into the design, including genies, Egyptian-looking shapes, and a slight touch of Aztec stuff.

For justification, the most prominent influence that will help justify the many requirements for this CAP is that it is based on a pizza. A pizza, being the most popular dish in many cultures, can be seen as the doom to other, lamer, dishes. In this case, almost every cooked Pokemon will never compare to that of a pizza, making its use of Doom Desire relevant in battle. Additionally, because pizza can be compared to that of a heavenly body, its use of Levitate will make the connection to it of almost ascending to that of a higher realm. I do not care about stats, because like a pizza, there are many ways that a pizza can be made, which will help it fit any ridiculous stats that CAP will throw at it. Also it's metal so bulletproof.

Idea is that the "real body" is actually the disc part, sorta like how Dhelmise's real body is the algae. It then gathers sand and dirt to make up the mass that is the tan/brown parts. The disc itself can split into 6 "slices", which the two on the sides are doing. I envision this guy being pretty tall, but otherwise very light since the sandy parts aren't compact, but rather similar in make-up like a ghost. So if you punch it, a lot of the mass just disperses and breaks off as if you tried to throw a ball of sand in space.

changed the head since everyone complained that the original was too small.

Supporting Art:
This is how big it is
other little things
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Final Submission

We have a mole!
This is my little bulletproof spying satellite mole. Its design is based on the star nosed mole and a satellite.
It uses its incredibly precise and sensitive Sensors in its nose to surveil everything you do, while levitating in outer space.
Should it find a target it shoots off super dense laser rays and spells doom for anyone in its path.
Team rocket is constantly trying to manipulate these little creatures into weapons of mass destruction, but they never succeed to overpower one of them, because they’re bulletproof metal plated skin makes them virtually untouchable.
The mole is believed to have common ancestors with Excadrill, which somehow showed up in outer space, surviving on asteroids and on the moon.

Supporting Art:
Warning: some of the supporting artworks might be over 500kb
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CAP Head Mod

My first draft on a UFO concept! Steel-type and Levitate scream space to me, so I wanted to make something flexible and fun. I took inspiration from lots of places here, from horseshoe crabs to Saturn’s rings, and from sedimentary layers to Metroid. I’ll continue to make the design more dynamic in its silhouette and overall form, but I’m definitely interested in any feedback y’all have now! Also let me know if you’d like to request seeing it do any specific moves.
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Goodness this thing has changed a lot between its designs. I had so much fun designing this 'mon! For the ground type, I chose a European Badger. For the steel type and levitate, I chose to combine the Badger with an Airplane. I decided to present it here in its flying position (its feet tucked up under its arms to look like plane engines), but I have attached a secondary image where it has all its "Land-ing Gear" down. Bomber planes also seemed like a good idea for the delayed attacks. I really wanted to portray Steel with a fitting color that was less gray, so I chose blue. It boasts a lovely diet of chople, passho, and occa berries, and enjoys the occassional balm mushroom as well.
While writing this I also discovered that Badgers are the main predator of hedgehogs. How fitting that Togedemaru is 4x weak to CAP 26 :)

Someone over on Discord gave me the bright idea of adding a flowing sand tail to make this design appear more dynamic. I also converted the disk into a multipurpose sundial/compass/mirror that trails behind it in flight but still hovers freely around it, capable of being magnetically controlled for both offense and defense. Past that, the design in general is almost set in stone at this point, barring the necessary shading and readjustment of linework.
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After Levitate won, I figured I had to abandon my Armageddon Armadillo design and I started working a few other ideas. And then, half joking, I started playing with incorporating attack helicopter ideas into the overall tank/destroyer/war machine theme I already had going. Here's an updated sketch:

It nails the key design elements decided so far (Steel, Ground, Doom, Levitate). It appears to hit the stat spreads being suggested (big defenses, big Special Attack, not too much Speed). And if Bulletproof wins Secondary Ability -- this is right on the money, IMO.

Also, this little 'Dillo makes me smile! That has to count for something, right?
Definitely agreeing with pokehimon that propellers seem pretty awkward on the design because my favorite quirk about the original design is that it pops it head out from the top to see what's going on. It seems to be rather unstable if the catch on top is attached to propellers.
Given the high-techness of the design in general, I can easily see it having rocket propulsion like iron man or sth


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Here's supporting art of the sphinx flying/levitating!

This was a sketch a first, but I liked the sketch enough to paint over it. This image will look really silly now if I need to change the sphinx for Secondary Ability. :P

Other supporting sketches:

Kaiju Bunny

 ̄(ㅇㅅㅇ❀) ̄
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Wanted to try out my own ver. of CAP 26 (again) and this was what I got during my burst of motivation :^)

This one's based off of the Egyptian Goddess Nekhbet. I figured it'd be pretty slow from the sheer weight of it, which I imagined to be pretty high. The steel typing comes from armored plates on its chest, bottom, and wings, and the ground typing comes from the rest of its body, along with its Ancient roots. Being a vulture, it could either flap its wings or kinda look like it's gliding (similar to Skarmory). It'd use the symbol it carries to use moves such as Doom Desire and Future Sight.

All feedback is welcome ^^

Supporting Art Here!
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At long last, here I am with my personal design: Comet Weasel/Ferret! This Pokémon takes inspiration from different elements:

- Weasels are known for their ability to dig dens very quickly, referencing this CAP's Ground-typing;
- The dust clouds and scythes draw inspiration from Kamaitachi, a yokai which rides dust clouds and has sharp blades on its paws and tail. The scythes also give it the Steel-typing.
- The silver fur follows the shape of a comet, which references its ability to fire off Doom Desires. Thick fur also acts as a protection to attacks, referencing its defensive stats.

Now, for a few shouties:

- Thanks to Quanyails and Sun for feedback about the design. The silver stripes idea was really great!
- Thanks to Falchion for the Kamaitachi suggestion. It's perfect.
- Thanks to BP and QxC4eva for the moral support. It really is much appreciated.
- Thanks to all CAP Discord community for the support and help. Really, it wouldn't have come this far without your help. :D

I'll add concept art of this very soon.

Supporting material:
With Steel/Ground, a special attacker setup, Doom Desire, and Levitate on the table, the route I chose for this design was an ancient artifact from a desert kingdom that's made of metals from antiquity such as bronze, gold, and copper, with sandstorm elements mixed in. Prior to Levitate being decided I had decided on a sha or Set animal from Egyptian myth, but I couldn't get it to work with being floaty. So I changed the concept a little while keeping the best design elements and instead went with an effigy of one of the most famous demons of ancient Mesopotamian religion, Pazuzu.

According to Wikipedia, Pazuzu "represented the southwestern wind, the bearer of storms and drought." Furthermore, he "is the demon of the southwest wind known for bringing famine during dry seasons, and locusts during rainy seasons. Pazuzu was invoked in apotropaic amulets, which combat the powers of his rival, the malicious goddess Lamashtu, who was believed to cause harm to mother and child during childbirth. Although Pazuzu is, himself, considered to be an evil spirit, he drives and frightens away other evil spirits, therefore protecting humans against plagues and misfortunes." All of this means that despite his destructive tendencies, perfect for Doom Desire, he is not treated as a force of evil ALL the time, so Steel/Ground still fits just as well as, say, Dark/Steel or Dark/Flying.

For the design itself, I looked up references of Pazuzu statues so as to make sure all the necessary elements were included: "He has the body of a man, the head of a lion or dog, talons of an eagle, two pairs of wings, and a scorpion's tail." I put eyespots on the tail barb to suggest at a snake-like head as well, hinting at the fact that some of the statues have a snake growing where SOMETHING ELSE ENTIRELY usually does - I imagine that the tail barb is where some of his beam-based attacks come from a la a Kill Sat, though he could also just spew them from his mouth instead. Pazuzu is usually depicted with one arm up and one down, but since I had to merge the arms and upper wings for simplicity, I decided instead on making one wing pair face up and the other down to reference this fact.

Considering that statues are usually heavy and stationary, and in light of the above information, this design is well-suited to a slow but sturdy special attacker. That said, being basically armor suspended by winds carrying lots of sand grains, he could easily be lightweight as well, but not necessarily quick due to having to carry the armor itself.

A big thanks to everyone on the Discord chat for helping me out with this design! And of course, may the best design win as always!


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As CAP 26 Secondary Ability Submissions will close soon, CAP 26 art will be closing soon, too. After secondary ability poll(s) results are posted for CAP 26, you will have an additional 48 hours to update your designs to match the winning ability, after which the thread will close.

Make sure to get your final submission post 100% within the rules as stated in the opening post, or it will be disqualified! This tool can help determine if the image is legal, but it should not be used as the be-all and end-all.

Good luck to everyone who enters!

Kaiju Bunny

 ̄(ㅇㅅㅇ❀) ̄
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Final Submission

Just like before, supporting art is right here!

To recap:
This one's based off of the Egyptian Goddess Nekhbet. I figured it'd be pretty slow from the sheer weight of it, which I imagined to be pretty high. The steel typing comes from armored plates on its chest, bottom, and wings, and the ground typing comes from the rest of its body, along with its Ancient roots. Being a vulture, it could either flap its wings or kinda look like it's gliding (similar to Skarmory). It'd use the symbol it carries to use moves such as Doom Desire and Future Sight.

In addition, since Bulletproof seems to be the favorable second ability (might be subject to change), having bulletproof can be mirrored in the armored plates and wings, and to a lesser extent, its "hat".

I added harsher contrast this time and added a bit more of a sandy texture too.

i figured why not i might as well post my idea even if i dont finalize it!
I just wanted to say that I really like this design and that it would be a shame if this never gets finalized. While our secondary ability hasn’t been decided yet, this design would fit the strange combo of steel/ground, levitate, & doom desire (with support for No Secondary Ability, Bulletproof, or Solid Rock) the most naturally out of any possible concept IMO. Once again, great work Pipotchi.

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I just wanted to say that I really like this design and that it would be a shame if this never gets finalized. While our secondary ability hasn’t been decided yet, this design would fit the strange combo of steel/ground, levitate, & doom desire (with support for No Secondary Ability, Bulletproof, or Solid Rock) the most naturally out of any possible concept IMO. Once again, great work Pipotchi.
I agree with this, this is one of my favorite designs so far.


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Final Submission

Here's the sphinx!

  • Tweaked the anatomy and irises
  • Made the wings bigger

Design justification:
  • The sphinx is known as a harbinger of doom and destruction. The Great Sphinx of Giza is even called the "Father of Dread". This gives us Doom Desire flavor right off the bat.
  • It guards passage or hunts its prey using riddles instead of brute force, making it a great fit for CAP 26's stats as a bulky special pivot. It being based on a sphinx statue justifies its slow speed.
  • Additionally, I've incorporated the Library of Alexandria into its design through its "librarian" look and papyrus, to further enforce its Special lean and it dooming others.
  • The Great Sphinx of Giza is the most famous depiction of the sphinx. The statue's location in the Sahara desert and it wearing a metal headdress support Steel/Ground for its typing. The extra metal "stripes" add additional flavor and support for Steel.
  • Many depictions of sphinxes show them as having the wings of an eagle, supporting Levitate.
  • Sandstone has a higher fracture toughness than concrete, which makes it very resistant to impacts from bullet-like projectiles. If that's not enough, it has additional steel plating to make it more Bulletproof.
        Great Sphinx of Giza
            "Father of Dread"
            Angular face and paws + geometric tail
            Sandstone statue
        Eye of Horus
            "Painted-on" eyes
            Thick, curled eye rims
        Library of Alexandria/Librarian
            Bouffant headpiece
            "Catty" glasses + tassels
            Doomed to be destroyed
            Papyrus wings
            Human-like ability to move irises
            Indigo accent color
            Long, pointy ears like jackal statues
            Metal plating
            Nemes headpiece
        Harbinger of doom
        Mythical nature
            Four toes
            Glowing eyes
            Special lean
        Riddling nature
    Big cats:
        Cougar: face shape
        Snow leopard: big tail
        Tiger/Egyptian Mau: metal "stripes"

Supporting art:
Thank you so much to the people on the CAP Discord server for their feedback on the design! I couldn't have pushed my design on from the initial draft if it weren't for people like them. ^^
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Here is the latest, near-final version of my Armageddon Armadillo design:

Armadillo + Tank + Battleship + Attack Helicopter = Armageddon!


I hated to lose my original idea of having a head popping out the top, but Levitate ruined all my plans there. So now, this design no longer has a little driver inside. This is a doom-bringing armadillo gunship ready for war!

Time is short, so I probably won't make many changes from here on out. I'll just focus on getting my final sub post prepared. But if there is anything small I missed, feel free to give me feedback!
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Final Submission

Supporting Art:
Top View & Back of Head
Expressions & Anime-esque Fainted Pose
Doom Desire

This CAP has been one heck of a journey, and the fierce competition this time around really helped me realize the importance of putting my all into projects like these. I originally came up with the idea of a serpentine creature masquerading as a fossilized skeleton for my design, but the winning ability choices of Levitate and Bulletproof really forced me to think outside the box. And ohhhh boy, am I thankful I did!

The design I went with is primarily based on a balancing eagle - a popular children's toy whose weighted wings allow it to stay perfectly balanced, as if flying or hovering in place. To justify its use of Doom Desire, a light-based attack, I pulled elements of my design from a from a number of various Egyptian sun and sky deities: Horus and his iconic eye, the winged Isis, The falcon-headed Ra, and the (quite literally) scarab beetle-headed Khepri. The body itself is made primarily of bronze, adorned with bits of copper, cobalt and silver - all metals that were commonly used in ancient Egypt. While its flowing, sandy plumage gives the design the distinct silhouette of a phoenix - which is believed to be based on the Bennu, another Egyptian sun deity - densely-packed sand has been proven to be an effective barrier against bullets.

As a Steel/Ground-type, the design as a whole is meant to ride a fine line between natural and man-made, as if it were an ancient sculpture given life through some unknown means. Most of the fluid, organic movement of this design comes from the "whiskers" adorning the sides of its head, as well as the sandy plumage covering its body. However, out of combat, the sand dissipates, revealing that the head, body and wings float and move independently from one another, with a large hole at the back of the head where the sand mysteriously emanates from. The design also carries a sundial that floats freely about it, its gnomon mysteriously always pointing north like a compass. This sundial actually has a number of various uses; it can be launched like a makeshift disk for long-distance attacks, or positioned in front of itself like a shield to protect itself from attacks. The underside of the sundial holds a reflective mirror, and, when raised above its head for Doom Desire and other potential flavor moves such as Solar Beam and Mirror Coat, is reminiscent of the sun disks that many of the aforementioned deities are often depicted with. When idle or out of combat, the sundial can also be used as a sort of perch, similar to the miniature stands that many balancing eagle toys come with. (BOOM! Full circle, baby!)

Once again, a very special thanks to Quanyalis, MrDollSteak, Birkal, So..., SgtMoose and everyone else over on Discord for helping me perfect this design!
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Final Submission

This is my CAP 26 Design entry, based on the Djinn.

Djinn/Jinn/Genies are supernatural beings that are associated with magical phenomena and sorcery. In literature they assist soothsayers and give knowledge and foresight. Doom Desire seems to mesh well with the djinn because their wish-granting powers are also associated with Jirachi. However, the direction I'm going for is a mischievous, almost wicked and malevolent look to set it apart from the other pixiemons.

The ground typing is of course represented by the sand body parts, which can morph and move according to will. I chose the magic lamp as the main draw of its steel typing, and sits at the top of the mon's head as its headgear in a turban-like fashion. I incorporated Star Sand as an add-on, as it is thematically appropriate. It is used on the face's overall shape and the bracelets.

The last thing to specify here is the eyes. Black sclera with orange to yellowish hue for irises are taken from the recent picture of the first photographed black hole. This is a nod to the doom that black holes bring and in my opinion, it associates nicely with Doom Desire.

(click image for higher-res version)
Levitate is innately fitting for a djinn, which in media and literature has portrayed its ability to float and fly. Bulletproof, on the other hand, is attributed to its freeforming sand body, which can easily soften blows and projectiles as shown in the settei above.
102 HP / 50 Atk / 96 Def / 133 SpA / 118 SpD / 60 Spe
It's a pixiemon. Every stat fits. Everything. No Exceptions.
If it's quite a hard idea for your head to wrap around, think of a slightly nerfed hoopa-confined with atk and def interchanged. That's literally it.
Supporting Art
(click image for higher-res version exceeding 500kb)
(A) Preliminary Sketch, (B) Doom Desire, (C) Relative Size

Well uh, I played on the Switch too much some things happened and I haven't been too active throughout the design process of this entry, but still I'm glad I could flesh out this guy's character quite a bit! Thanks to everyone in this thread and in CAP Discord for all the feedback and support given to this design. Good luck to everyone~!
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Final Submission

Well here's my Levitating, Bulletproof Steel Hourglass Scarab thing. Probably could've colored it better but it's been a while since I did Sugimori style.

Sand vortex under it is constantly roiling, being levitated by its powers. Most of the special attacks (including Doom Desire) will probably come from its red orb. Ground-based moves could move from it manipulating its sand. Even though it's not built for physical attacks, being slapped by those flexible metal arms would probably still hurt.
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