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Final Submission

This is my concept for our CAP 26, and is a rusty suit or armor who has (mostly) found peace with the cosmos. Unfortunately for our metal pal, the rust and decay has gotten to it, causing its aggressive tendencies. It sits atop a sundial, showing its connection with time and patience (waiting for doom desire to hit).
Final Submission

Here is my final submission for CAP 26! It is based on a genie/djinn that protects hidden treasure. If you seek out such wealth and fortune you will be punished by its guardian, or "doomed for your desires."

Thanks again to everyone on discord for helping me develop my design into something I am truly proud of. I hope you all enjoy and good luck to all of the other artists!
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Final Submission

It's a Snallygaster! The Snallygaster is a north american part bird-part dragon monster known for steely wings and claws. As CAP 26 is primarily special, I decided to drop steel claws to stray away from physical. The primary design basis is from the one eye of the Snallygaster, something I feel is crucial in getting across the mystical doom desire elements. The overall dinosaur flavor helps some with a bit of meteor doom desire justification as well. The wings help with levitate, and the thick hide of the base monster along with emu-esque bulletproof abilities show bulletproof. The metal ring and wings show steel, while ground is present in the color scheme and the low to the ground nature of the body.
Final Submission

With so many egyptian themed mons, I'm honestly surprised nobody used this for an inspiration. This fakemon is based on the Gayer-anderson cat statue and the egyptian cat goddess Bastet.

I think it works very well for both types as the Egyptian theme, and the item being an ancient artifact works with the ground type. the cat statue's materials and armor working well with steel.
The wings are similar to the way wings are commonly shown in ancient egyptian art, the winged sun also being a common symbol in egyptian mythology. It uses the floating sun disc above it's back to power it's wings and allow it to levitate. It's special attacks and doom desire also come from the sun disc. The pokemon is quite slow due to many reasons. It's a common sterotype of cats being lazy which works well with the slow speed, And it prefers to levitate rather than run. This cat eats, sleeps, levitates and kicks butt

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Final Submission

Well, I'm sad my spider design couldn't work thanks to levitate, so here is the best I could come up with. A pot/urn with something hiding inside, with a cannon for using Doom Desire. Honestly would've preferred using my spider, but hey, I figured I might as well submit something.

I like to think of him as a kind of desert bandit.


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Final Submission

It took a while to finally get to this design, but I ended up on a levitating armoured Gorgon with inspiration taken from the myth of King Midas too. I decided to decorate it in gold and gems to emphasis the Steel typing, while keeping its main body in sandy colours to show off its Ground typing. It uses Doom Desire through its mystical third eye, which as we know is characteristic of Gorgon will turn you to stone if you look into them, but in the case of this one ... gold!


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Modpost (another one)

The deadline has been extended to this date/time OR when all of the following artists who have requested an extension make a final submission, whichever is sooner:
If you are not on this list and need the additional 48 hours, please let me know in a forum or Discord PM!
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Final Submission

EDIT: Updated higher res image and supporting art.

My copper/verdigris hourglass scarab (with wings of lapis lazuili). It digs in the earth and builds a steel ball out of iron ore, which it uses to hold sand. Once the sand has emptied out of its ball, it spits it back in. This movement of sand through its body lets it generate energy, and after enough has built, it fires off doom desires.

Supporting Art:
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Final Submission


Design Justification

This Bird-Pot is based on Canopic Jars, used in Egypt to hold the organs of people who have died. The bird itself is based off of the sun god Ra, so it fits Doom Desire pretty well. It's metallic parts and bandage wings are based off of a sarcophagus and mummification, as seen on pokemon such as Cofagrigus.

Supporting Art

Here's the Tea
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Final Submission
Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and am glad to have made it just in time for CAP26's design. Wish I had more time to conceptualize with you all. The project is very ambitious and interesting. I see many Egyptian themes, but with Revenankh already being a CAP I decided to go in a different direction.

Design Justification
I wanted to capitalize on the Dogu figures from prehistoric Japan. Scholars aren't exactly sure what their purpose was, whether to cure illness, be used in rituals, or to offer protection against the unknown. Fitting for the moves we're focusing on. While traditional ones are made of clay, their mechanical bodies really compliment the steel typing, where I went with a brass/gold kind of look instead. Something like a hybrid between Claydol and Golurk. I wanted the silhouette to come of as an hour glass, to reinforce the idea of time and patience. Missing limbs are common for Dogu, and with hollow bodies, I went with the idea of them drawing sand into/out of their bodies to shift their weight and allow them to move. Now that Levitate is confirmed, it happened to be a good fit. I hope you guys like them.

Supporting Art
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Final Submission

I had so much fun designing this 'mon! For the ground type, I chose a European Badger. For the steel type and levitate, I chose to combine the Badger with an Airplane. Bomber planes also seemed like a good idea for the delayed attacks and bulletproof. I really wanted to portray Steel with a fitting color that was less gray, so I chose blue. It boasts a lovely diet of chople, passho, and occa berries, and enjoys the occassional balm mushroom as well.
While writing this I also discovered that Badgers are the main predator of hedgehogs. How fitting that Togedemaru is 4x weak to CAP 26 :)

Pose while flying:

"The Ill Omen Bringer and Desert Reaper"

Say hello to Comet Kamaitachi, as adorable as it is deadly -- just like real life weasels and ferrets. Do not let this nocturnal yokai fool you: with its endearing behavior, it can distract its prey and fool it into lowering its guard... so that it is easily struck by a powerful meteoric energy.

So, first things first, what I wanted to look for was for some creature that could be attributed to the Ground-typing, and den animals are among the more earth-based critters, no? After that, I needed something that could justify a hit-and-run strategy, a pivot role for Doom Desire. And something immediateòy crossed my mind: weasel war dance.

✷ Baby weasel showing the typical hit-and-run technique (animated GIF, over 500 kB)

With the Ground-typing and pivot role in mind, it was now time to design the weasel. As I was looking for something to reference the Steel-typing and its connection to Doom Desire, I've looked into an element that would encompass both: an astrolabe.

"An astrolabe is an elaborate inclinometer, historically used by astronomers and navigators to measure the altitude above the horizon of a celestial body, day or night. It can be used to identify stars or planets, to determine local latitude given local time (and vice versa), to survey, or to triangulate."

As a result, many designs came out of it.

1st Draft, The Floatzel Lookalike (over 500 kB)

2nd Draft, The Circus Weasel (over 500 kB)

Though, they didn't look much like Ground-types anymore, so the switch was made to something more earth-based, with the rings of the weasel being more akin to planetary rings.

3rd Draft, Planet Weasel (over 500 kB)

Miscellaneous Designs based on Quicksilver

However, once Levitate won the pool and due to feedback of the rings not really clicking with the weasel, I have decided to change element, and switched from an astrolabe to the comet theme, in order to maintain the cosmic element (for Doom Desire) while also maintaining the Steel-type (as comets are made of strong material, subtly referencing Steel) and granting it the ability to be airborne (since, y'know, comets can be seen in the sky). As such, the first comet weasel was born (warning, image is over 500 kB).

This design, however, still lacked something to make it look more Ground-typed and to justify Levitate. As such, it was time to take another step, and thanks to Falchion I got just the element I needed: the Kamaitachi!

"Kamaitachi (kama = sickle, itachi = weasel) is a Japanese yōkai often told about in the Kōshin'etsu region, and can also refer to the strange events that this creature causes. They appear riding on dust devils, and they cut people using the nails on both their hands that are like sickles. One would receive a sharp, painless wound.

In the Shin'etsu region, a kamaitachi is said to be the work of an evil god, and there is a folk belief that one would encounter calamity by stepping on a calendar. It is counted among one of the seven mysteries of Echigo.

Japanese weasels, known as itachi, are seen as disconcerting animals and bringers of ill omens for the particular brand of magic that yokai weasels perform. Like most animals-turned-yokai, they possess shape-shifting abilities in addition to a number of magical powers."

A devilish and powerful yokai that rides dust devils and it's said to bring calamity in some way? And it takes the shape of a weasel with scythes? What's not to love about it?

With this in mind, it was now time to tackle this aspect, by merging the original comet design with sand and scythes. This was the final version during the pre-stats phase. The sand had a more wisp-like appearance to reference its yokai origins, while the tails referenced the comet trails of a... well, comet. :p

But then, the stats were defined, and the CAP gained high HP and Defenses and a low Speed. As such, it was time to rethink things through, and I decided to add a mane around the weasel's neck. The reasoning is simple: the mane would act as a protection and reduce damage, while also mirroring the head of a comet. The initial result was this...

Which, after many works in polishing and tweaking, became the design that it is today. Also, the mane works with Bulletproof, too, as it essentially acts like a Kevlar jacket. And what does Kevlar do? Why, it stops bullets, of course.

Here's how my original Astrolabe Weasel has become the newest Comet Kamaitachi.

✷ Weasels are known to live in underground dens and the Ground-typing references that (Diglett, Drilbur, and Diggersby have a similar concept);
✷ The "comet" element and scythes reference the Steel-typing;
✷ The silver mane acts like a Kevlar jacket and stops bullet attacks (Bulletproof), as well as increases its defensive skills (like a sort of pseudo-Fluffy);
✷ Kamaitachis ride dust devils (Levitate), and as itachis they are known as bringers of ill omens and calamities (Doom Desire).

Concept Art
✷ Levitate (611 kB) - Riding dust devils like a pro!
✷ Bulletproof (552.50 kB) - How Comet blocks Aura Sphere and Shadow Ball.
✷ Doom Desire (630 kB) - The silver mane glows purple when it fires the attack, both because of Doom Desire's animation and because purple is an unlucky color / "evil" color in Japanese culture.
✷ Astrolabe Weasel vs Comet Kamaitachi (620 kB) - A simple designs' comparison.

I thank wholeheartedly the Discord CAP for giving me useful feedback and for supporting me. I wouldn't have come this far without you. Good luck to all participants! ^^
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Final Submission

Behold -- a UFO Pokemon! Levitate with Steel-type just begged to be paired with some sort of UFO design. It's a design that I think would benefit SIGNIFICANTLY from having an animated 3D model. Its rings rotate and oscillate constantly around this Pokemon in an almost mesmerizing pattern while it gently floats up and down (consider something like this video.) The rings, when completely level horizontally with the main hull of this Pokemon, give it a classic UFO look with a very wide rim, capable of slicing through anything in its path. It can also rotate its rings rapidly to keep all sorts of projectiles and other foreign objects at bay (Bulletproof).

The Ground-type may not be as immediately obvious outside of its visual cues. Through making this design, I tried to think of ground-esque things that were relevant to time and predictions. Since a UFO is already an out-of-worldly design, I thought it would pair nicely with birth stones. Starting from the front and counting clockwise (!), each stone on its main hull represents an earthly birth stone, one for each month! I LOVED the significance of twelve birthstones being visible from above to resemble a clock. Indeed, its stones give it the power to predict the future, giving a wholly new meaning to Doom Desire.

I imagine this Pokemon travelling the galaxies in search of rich soil. When it detects some, it rests on the surface and slowly sifts through the ground with its steel pincers. Once it finds traces of a rare stone, it begins collective soil in its underbelly. Once it's collected enough stones, it takes off to travel through space in search of more. During this time, its processing powers encapsulate any valuable stone material and meld it in with the proper birth stone on its mantle, furthering its powers and abilities.

Below is my previous design of a UFO, but I envision many of the moves I drew as still viable on this design (Hyper Beam, Defog, and Doom Desire). I hope the design also shows a significant bias towards Special Attack and Special Defense while not being too slow. I had just a ball drawing this design, so I hope you all enjoy it! If I have some more time in the future, I'll do up some more supporting art.

Supporting Art (Previous Design)
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Final Submission



Design Influences
I call this the Armageddon Armadillo, and it is based on various warfare machines that bring massive destruction (ie. DOOM) from afar, like tanks, battleships and attack helicopters.

The armadillo's outer shell has been re-imagined as Bulletproof armor and I added various blasters for powerful Special Attacks. To support activities on the ground, I gave it big rear legs and claws for stomping, digging, and other Ground effects. The big blasters on the sides operate like a battleship, launching attacks into the air to destroy the enemy later (ie. delayed attack Doom Desire).

Here is a little visual montage of the combination of design influences:

Armadillo + Tank + Battleship + Attack Helicopter = Armageddon!


Design Progression
Link to an animation of my progress from crude sketch to finished artwork:

(click the thumbnail for the full-size animation exceeding 500kb)

Other Thoughts
I like this design because I think it nails all the the key attributes we decided for this pokemon -- Steel, Ground, Doom, Levitate, Bulletproof, big Defenses, big Special Attack, and not much Speed. Also, I like that it's based on a recognizable animal.

With this CAP, it was damn hard to make something easily recognizable AND capture all the major design elements. This was probably one of the hardest CAPs I can remember, in terms of finding a cohesive inspiration. Levitate was a real killer for my original 'Dillo design. But by incorporating Attack Helicopter elements, it kept with my doom-bringer war machine theme, and made this little guy airborne as well.

Pokemon hasn't done an obvious propeller before, but it has done rotating gears (Klinklang), rotating magnets and screws (Magneton), and spinning ship steering wheels (Dhelmise). And those are all on Steel types, so I think a propeller on this Steel mon is OK. And I love the idea of this guy hovering over the battlefield, raining down Doom Desire from above!

As always, there are lots of great designs out there, and I am looking forward to seeing which one we choose!
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Final Submission

Here is my final design! Like I said before, its based off an extinction meteor! I updated it to make sure it could fit Levitate. The extinction flavor fits nicely with Doom Desire and the steel/ground typing fits with what a meteor is. The tail of the meteor disintegrating also ties into its Ground typing. Its big bulky body makes sense with the stats as well as Bulletproof I believe!

Heres a few supporting arts :)

Some details
Old concept +bye bye dinos
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