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From "aurum", the Latin term for gold, and "harmonious", referring to the balance theme of the design.

Pronounced: "Oar-MOW-nee-us"


A combination of the words balance scale and Sol, the Latin word for sun, in reference to Doom Desire being a light-based attack. Also includes a corruption of the word soul, in reference to the ancient Egyptian "weighing of the heart" ceremony, wherein Anubis would weigh one's heart upon a scale with the feather of Ma'at, as one's heart was considered to house their soul.
Final Submission


The Latin Ferro "containing iron", and the Zodiac symbol, Libra, which is represented by a scale, derived from the Latin Libra, "balance"

Pronounced Fair-uh-li-brie-umm
IPA: <fɛrʌˈlɪbɹɪəm>


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Just Libra backwards, but also kinda fits the theme in a roundabout way with counting back to one. IDK, I just thought it looked nice.

Pronounced AR-bill

Otherwise I am a huge fan of Equilibra, it rolls off the tongue very nicely and is a great combining of words fitting the theme of the mon
Also really like Auricle for the same reasons, but it's just not quite as on the nose to me.


Evil + equilibrium (also contains libra)


As a side note, I can’t help but think all these justice-related names are really cliched. This Pokemon is supposed to be the bringer of doom, not an avenger for justice
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Moderator Announcement:

This thread is now open for Final Submissions.

Please read the OP formatting rules very carefully. Any final submission that does not EXACTLY follow the prescribed format, will be disqualified without warning.

The Name slate will be constructed collectively by the CAP moderators. As stated in the OP, we will not slate names that are completely unrelated to the design, silly names (puns are fine), names based primarily on memes, or names meant to inflame, intimidate, or cause controversy.

Best of luck!


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Final Submission


It is palindrome of the word equity; however, the spelling recognizes "qu" as a diagraph (two letters representing one sound).

Pronounced: eh-kwuh-teek


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Final Submission


Etymology: Scale + Balance

Pronounced: “SCAH-lah-bah-lah”


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Final Submission


Etymology: Libra + a play on the word Liberty

Pronounced: Li-BRA-ti

A play on the word Liberty, which means the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behaviour, or political views, while incorporating the word Libra, which is the Latin word for balance.


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Final Submission


A portmanteau of "Auric" (golden or made of gold) + "Oracle" (sees the future)

Pronounced: "OR-ik-uhl"
IPA: ˈɔrɪkəl


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Final Submission


"Level" plus a suffix, to indicate scales and the concept of justice, while also hinting at Levitate.

Pronounced: "Leh-VELL-uh"
IPA: /leˈvel.ə/


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Fina Submission


Mixup of Justice and Scale because yeno its a libra and a scale

Pronounced: "Just-ISS-ia"
Final Submission


It's a silent watcher of the world ("spectator") and symbolizes the concept of justice ("totem").

Pronounced: spek-TOH-tum

As a bonus, the name alludes to Totem Pokémon, a feature introduced in Gen 7 and iconic to the Alola region, perhaps hinting at its spiritual or cultural significance.


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Final Submission


magistrate (or magic) + scale + majuscule

Pronounced: "MAA-jih-scale"
IPA: mæʤəskeɪl


Thanks to Darquezze, Deck Knight, Mova, and Sunfished for the help with the decision!

legend slayer has asked for permission to submit the WIP name I did not submit, Libracotta, and I've granted that permission to him. ^^

  • DougJustDoug: I think Auricle is a great name, but I'm a little less fond of it since we have another gold 'CAP mon that uses the same root word, Aurumoth.
  • Oglemi, your name is simple but very effective. I'm a fan of how the backwards name works for this 'mon. :)
Final Submission


A play on "horoscope", deriving from Libra, and "horror", owing to the Lovecraftian nature of the all-seeing ancient artifact projecting its power across time.

Pronounced: HAR-er-scope
IPA: <ˈhɑɹɚˌskoʊp>
Final Submission


"Weight" + "wait for it" + "ferrous"

Pronounced: "wayt-feh-riht"

IPA: <weɪtferɪt>

Scales use weights, you have to wait for a Room Desire to hit and steel is a ferrous metal
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