CAP 26 - Part 10 - Name Submissions

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Final Submission


“Themis”, Greek goddess of Law and Justice + “Terminus”, referring to the end

Pronounced: TER-mee-ners
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Final Submission


Combination of "Verdict" and "Subpoena"

Pronounced: "Ver-dih-vee-na"

These two common judicial terms combine to make a an alliterative and regal name for the judgement Pokemon
Final Submission


"Pal" from both Palindrome and Paleo, Libra from "Libra".

Pronounced: "pah-LEE-bra"
Final Submission


"Maat" + "Cataclysm". "Maat": Egyptian god representing law, balance, actions, & stars. "Cataclysm": DOOM Desire, and judgement connotations.

Pronounciation: “MOTT-uh-cliss-um”
IPA: “mɒt-ʌ-klɪzm”
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Final Submission


"Libra" + "Themis", Greek goddess of law. Also similar to "lithium", which is a metal, so it refers to Steel type.

Pronounced: lih-THEE-mis
IPA: lɪθɪ:mis
Final Submission


"Justiciar" + "tiara"

Pronounced: "juh-STIH-shee-AH-rah"

A justiciar is an administer of justice, this mon vaguely looks like it has a tiara on its head, and the "-ara" name ending sounds somewhat feminine, evoking Lady Justice.
Final Submission


A portmanteau of "Apocalypse" + "Libra"

Prounounced: "Ah-pock-ah-lee-brah"
IPA: əˈpɒkə'liːbɹə

Apocalypse describes the doom it brings upon its opponents when using Doom Desire; Libra because it follows the concept of the scales of justice.
Final Submission


“Retribution” + “Ballast” (A counterweight)

Pronounced: re-TREE-ball-ast
IPA: rɛtriːˈbæləst
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Final Submission


A portmanteau of Themis (goddess of justice), Moira (goddess of fate) and Turkic temir "iron".

Pronounced: "THEE-meer"
IPA: /ˈθiːmɪər/
Final Submission


From "aurum", the Latin term for gold, and "harmonious", referring to the balance theme of the design.

Pronounced: "Oar-MOW-nee-us"
Final Submission


A combination of the words "balance" and "soul," in reference to the ancient Egyptian "weighing of the heart" ceremony, wherein one's soul would be judged.

Pronounced: "BAL-uhn-sohl"

IPA: ˈbælənsoʊl
Final Submission


The name is a combo of 'Justice' and Steel; the scale is a symbol of justice.

Pronounced: "Just-IS-stE-El"

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Final Submission


Annihilate (destroy totally) + Gate (entry way) /Ligate (cut short) / Litigate (bring to court.) Also "an eye" that ligates / litigates.

Pronouced: An-EYE-Lig-ate
IPA: </ əˈnaɪ ˈlɪ geɪt / >

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Final Submission


Justice + Etruscan + Scale

Pronounced: "JUS-truh-scale"
IPA: dʒʌstʃrʌskeɪl

Inspiration was from Steph's description of his final design with the following references:
- Justice = Lady Justice/Scale of Justice concept
- Etruscan = Etruscan earthenware vessels concept
- Scale = Scale of Justice concept
Final Submission


"Measure" + "Seer"

Pronounced: meh-SEER

It's a scale that has a measured approach to battle using foreseen attacks.
Final Submission


"Iustitia" (Ancient Roman personification of Justice) + "Eye"

Pronounced: yu-STEE-tee-ai


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Final Submission


A combination of "Judge" + "Mantle".

Pronounced: "juhj-MAN-tl"

For those of you who don't know, the mantle is a planet's core, whether it consists of sedimentary, igneous, or metamorphic layers. CAP26 comes from the earth with its metals and clay, so I can't think of a more fitting word; it's also currently not used in any official Pokemon name. Judge is for how it weighs options and fates. Finally, when said out loud, it's very close to the English word "judgmental", which is something this design does frequently.
Final Submission


"Tarot" + "-terra".

Pronounced: "TARE-uh-TARE-uh"

Tarot cards are/were used for seeing the future, which is essentially the theme of this CAP. The "-terra" suffix means earth, which calls to the CAP art indicating that the Pokemon was made from metals/clay/etc.
Final Submission

Dread + weight"

Pronounced: Dred-Weit

The name is a play on the word of dead weight. When Cap 26 uses Doom Desire the opponent will "Dread" for the move to come, Weight is referencing the design of the cap since it's a scale. The Weight part of the name can be also used as "wait" since you have to wait for doom desire to come and hit it's target.
Final Submission


Pronounced: Gill-DAR-Muh

It is referring to its gilded body, as well as "dharma", which is cosmic law and order. Also sounds like "gold armor" which it seems to have!
Final Submission



Pronounced: "DES-til-um"

"Destiny" represents the focus on delayed attacks. Equilibrium refers to balance-centric design of this CAP.
Also, "Destilum" rolls off your tongue really nicely
Final Submission


Pronunciation: Bah-luhn-teek
Etymology: Balance + Antique

A name playing towards the CAP's mystical design instead of blatantly focusing on its CAP theme or type combination.
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