CAP 26 - Part 5 - Stat Limits Discussion

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I feel the need to ask if there should be a minimum speed. If you go below 50 the special attack caps starts getting quite large. Low speeds also bring the potential for trick room use which we may or may not want to be available. I'm partial to 56 but them I am not a great judge of these things.
I mean, it's kinda stating the obvious where if we go low speed then it'll act as a dump stat where we can just have high stats in other things. Also there's been suggested "speed limits" for experimental spreads that have been made by other users that you missed, but it's still suggested, which means we have to wait for official word from the stats leader, Jho.


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Some great discussion to round out this stage of our process! With everything being said i have altered the previous set of limits a little to better reflect what we want 26 to be able to do. Firstly, a major discussion point of this process needs to be addressed, namely Speed. Whilst I have gone back and forth on this a lot over the past week I have decided speed will not have a hard limit despite multiple posts and a great deal of people being in favour of this.

Let me explain why i have chosen to do this - the fear that a speed that allows us to speed creep Modest Heatran will deter us from investing our stats defensively is, in my opinion, unwarranted as whilst Heatran not forcing 26 out is a huge boon, it also requires a huge opportunity cost and Heatran can just as easily run a +Speed nature if it needs to. Many bulkier Pokemon, such as Hippowdown as GMars pointed out, have this kind of relationship with wallbreakers already but despite this still end up running defensive spreads. I also do not think it is entirely detrimental to the concept if 26 outpaces Heatran, as the Heatran matchup will have very little bearing on our effectiveness as a Doom Desire user.

As for the other hard limit suggested in 94, I very firmly believe that 26 SHOULD NOT pass this speed for the sake of fulfilling concept, however, I have decided not to limit speed here due to the simple reason that with the allocated Special Sweepiness, exceeding this speed will make 26 a lot weaker than most people are expecting it to be. I have left it open so that during subs, if anyone wishes to exceed this speed and can explain with detailed reasoning why it would not be detrimental to the concept then by all means, they should have that shot.

So without further ado, here are your stat limits for CAP26:

Physical Tankiness : 160

Whilst Levitate helps us take on a lot of physical threats, due to CAP26's typing there are also other physical Pokemon within the metagame it would like to come in on, namely Mega Mawile. This level of tankiness allows us to take on unboosted Mawile pretty comfortably as well as tank most hits from +2. This PT also enables spreads the freedom to take Psyshocks from Choice Specs Tapu Lele well, as they do not run Focus Blast and could allow 26 in a lot more often.

Special Tankiness: 200

CAP26's steel typing means that it will always be considered for a team slot due to the nature of the Fairy and Psychic types within the tier. As most of these threats invite 26 in, and are also specially inclined, it makes sense that CAP26 should have a high ST to match this trend. This level of ST allows us to comfortably switch into the aforementioned threats, as well as take any Fighting Coverage they may run, provided they are unboosted. Whilst quziel 's post about being able to tank All Out Pummelings has sound reasoning and I agree, sometimes dying and sometimes not dying to such an important move is silly, however, I also think raising the STank that high puts incredible strain on the rest of the limits, and at 200, it will not be hard to EV for this, as the post does not account for any SpDf investment on 26's behalf.

Physical Sweepiness: 95

The reduction in PSweep allows us to maintain the 2hko vs Pain split Magearna at a heavy cost to the speed of 26 should your submission benefit from that. As most people see this as a "dump stat" for 26, cutting it back to make room for the increased STank whilst also maintaining the possibility for this important benchmark seems logical.

Special Sweepiness: 135

I think this is a fitting Ssweep for 26, as it allows us to have an extremely strong attacking stat to make use of Doom Desire without getting to the point of strength and speed where you ask yourself "why not just attack now?". This Ssweep limit also helps us to keep speed in check, as I mentioned before, as the highest possible Special Attack stat with over 94 speed is 92, much much lower than any theoretical subs or ideas i have seen floating around.

Total BSR: 300
The pretty significant increase to STank requires a nudge up in total BSR in order to maintain similar spreads. I think it is very possible to create a fitting spread within this limit, as long as your aim is not to meet or get as close to possible to all of the limits, and concede that reaching better benchmarks in one area may sacrifice hitting a benchmark in another. This dynamic, in my opinion, will give us some incredible and competitive base stat subs.
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