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applying for the first time in a minute

Hey all, SHSP here. I'm a former CAP mod, TL of Equilibra, TLT for Jumbao and active metagame player (captain of Kerfs in CAPTTV, assistant to Pajantoms in CAPTTIV, other singles results). I've been an active member of PRC before and with newfound time I'm much more active and available to contribute my own threads and to others in PRC.


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Hi, I'm Zephyr2007 and I'd love to contribute to CAP by being a part of the PRC. I'm extremely new to the community, but have a significant presence on both Discord and PS and have engaged in conversations surrounding PRC topics. I've contributed art to both CAP 27 and 28 and actively participated in the competitive discussion of CAP 28. I'm also a metagame player, participating in CAPPL VI, the Cyclohm Cup, and a bunch of other singles tournaments, with mixed results. I'm hoping a PRC spot will allow me to bring newer ideas to the table and contribute further to CAP as a whole.
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Hey, I'm dex18 and I'm really interested in becoming part of the PRC for CAP. Like Zephyr, I'm pretty new to contributing to the CAP community, but I've been lurking since 2016. I engaged a lot in conversations about CAP 28, doing a lot of writeups for the typing, ability, and moveset stages. Additionally, I participated in the last FlashCAP, contributing its typing. I've been pretty active on PS recently, being top 300 in OU and playing a lot of CAP ladder. I've also gotten into the CAP tourneys, whether in the Showdown room or organized through Smogon, in the CAP 28 playtest and most recently in the Snake Draft (go Libras). Finally, I've been pretty active on Discord, and SHSP can attest to the amount of time I've spent pestering him about CAP teambuilding. I honestly love every part of CAP from the flavor to the metagame, and being able to give a little bit of my own thoughts on how CAP runs would be awesome. Specifically, I have a few ideas about how to optimize/better the moveset and ability stages to make it an overall cleaner and more fun process that I'd like to discuss should I become a PRC. I understand if I'm a little too new to the community for this but I'd love to give it my best shot.
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Hi everyone, my name is Stall Guy and I would love to be a member of CAP PRC.

A little overview about my experience with CAP:
Ive been playing CAP since Gen 5 (1st CAP team was rain stall build around a Ferro, Toad, Mollux core) and lurked a bit on the forums back in the day but I have tried my best to become an active member of the community for a little over a year now.

Im currently a voice in the CAP room on PS and have worked on the development of Astro and Mias with my main focus being stat spread submissions. In terms of the content I have produced, my stat spread submission was originally a 15 page technical write up (before I took it down because I changed the spread last minute and didn't have enough time to edit the write up).
If your interested, I can try finding the original stat spread and reattach it to this post.

I have participated in CAPPL and currently in the Mias play test + discussing the Post Play Lookback on Mias.
Also, Ive posted some teams to the Team Bazaar. Don't think my team building skills are the best...but its something.

And in general, Im always looking for opportunities for me to help grow and improve CAP however I can.
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Hello, I'd like to apply to be a part of the PRC. Although I only recently joined Smogon and became an active participant, I've been lurking the project on-and-off for multiple generations now (as far back as Plasmanta, with an awareness of the project even further back thanks to the Smog). I'm currently a voice in the CAP Project room on Showdown, and I've been an active participant in the Discord, on Showdown, and on the forums, especially during the current CAP29 (and CAP 9 Prevo) processes. I've also been fairly active in the metagame, having participated in the recent Winter Seasonal and various roomtours, in addition to playing on and helping out a bit with the CAP 1v1 ladder.
Heya, just a quick post to ask for posting permission in PR. I'm relatively new, having lurked since the tail end of the starters, and have only really started contributing this process around. However I'm pretty active on the Discord, and I'm very enthusiastic about building and playing in the CAP metagame, having participated (and lost :psycry:) in several tours, room and circuit alike. As such I'd appreciate being able to post my thoughts in regard to PR matters.

(Also, shouldn't this thread be re-titled or revamped? I know that I personally didn't know whether to post here or not and there isn't a clear successor thread.)


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Sup, I'm D2 and I'm applying for prc assuming that this thread is still functional. I'm mainly known for my exploits in cap tournaments, winning playtest 28 and last years cyclohm cup and I'm currently in semi finals of the ongoing cap swiss. I do also contribute to the cap process and will do likewise for process prc but I'm primarily interested in tours related prc like the current snake draft discussion. I've been lurking the cap process since libra and participating since miasmaw and while I don't post a massive amount, I'm pretty active on cord. Also I know I have a bit of a rep for taking the piss but I promise I'll behave and keep prc a shsp friendly zone :blobthumbsup:
Hello, I'm Da Pizza Man, and I am seeking to apply to be a member of the PRC (Assuming this thread is still being used to take applicants, although given that Death2TheWest's is now on the PRC I'm assuming it is).

Just as some background, I've been lurking the Project since around Malaconda and have particpated since Volkraken, although I have recently come back to CAP and Smogon as a whole after quitting for a few years due to certain life circumstances and losing interest in Pokemon as a whole. I have recently returned to CAP and Smogon after a renewed interest in the series during the tail-end of Chromera's process, and while I am fairly rusty and have to work to re-learn the process, I still think that I could make valuable contributions to PRC discussions.

Some of my notable accomplishments in the past and present include:
  • Former Voice in the CAP Showdown Room (Lost due to inactivity when I quit Smogon back in the day)
  • In the past, I have participated in every ORAS CAP Project except Kerfluffle and been on the PRC for a fair amount of time during that period as well.
  • Recently, I have participated in the tail-end of Chromera's process, participated in the Gen 8 Pre-Evo Movepool updates by submitting movepools for each of the pre-evos with missing movepools, and I am currently an active participant in the on-going process for CAP30.
  • Recently, I have competed in the the Ruins of Alph Gen 6 CAP Tournament, the Chromera Playtest Tournament, and this year's CAP Summer Seasonals, along with several room tournaments (Even if I don't do super well because I kinda suck).
  • Currently, I am co-hosting the CAP LC Revival Tournament with kjnkjmjk1
While I don't post as often as I would like due to work obligations, I am typically very active on Discord and am fairly activate on Showdown as well. And I guess as a way to close out this application, I'm required by law to indeed say that it is in fact Pizza Time.

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