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After participating in CAP Policy for years now, I think it's time we update our policies regarding access to the PRC Forum. While the current set of rules that makes everyone submit a PRC application after each process technically works, I think this is a very archaic system that we can improve, and doing so could greatly increase participation on this forum without sacrificing any quality.

I think there are various ways to approach this problem, but after thinking about this for a while, I think the following proposal is our best choice: Make the CAP Policy Review Forum open to every badged member of Smogon. I know that this would massively increase the amount of people with the ability to post here and realistically I don't expect 90% of these users to even realize they now can post here, but I think that is what makes the most sense to me. Posts like this shows us that even people outside of CAP can still give us very valuable feedback thanks to their experience in other parts of the forum and currently we might be missing on many more great post like that one.

While Smogon is a huge community and CAP is just a small fraction of it, I think it would be very reasonable to expect badged members to follow the rules and don't make stupid posts in an important place like here. The main Smogon Policy Review already works like this and as far as I know people usually behave well in that forum. Even if a few individual badgeholders prove to be problematic we should still be able to moderate them and if they're really persistent, we could always rebuke their individual access. I think this would greatly improve the accessibility of CAP Policy Review and the feedback given to users that perhaps aren't that involved in CAP but have experience in other areas can be very valuable.

Even with this new system, I think it would still be important to keep a PRC Applications thread open for unbadged users, as there are many new contributors that might want to participate and can provide very valuable points. I also think it would still be a good habit for experienced users to post their applications to show the newer users how it's done, although this should never be a requirement for them.

I think being more open with PRC access would be greatly beneficial for CAP as a whole and would greatly improve the PRC forum by letting more qualified people participate without having to jump through all the hoops necessary now. I'm also very interested in seeing if other people can think of other possible changes, as I still think there might still be more room for improvement.


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I would thoroughly agree with making the PRC threads accessible for badged users. As you've stated MX, badged users are typically members of the community that have demonstrated a level of commitment to improving the state of the website or metagame as a whole. It's critical that the CAP process be both accessible and transparent, and making this portion of policy open to badged users, it lets outsiders both verify the legitimacy of the process and potentially join our community as well. Furthermore, while CAP as a community does have a diverse player background, as we have seen with Colonel M's post, even outsdie players are more than able to provide valuable insight on our methods of running thing.

At the risk of literally parroting Mx's entire post I figure I'll just give my stance here in short. Given that CAP's PRC space is currently undergoing a lot of modernization, I feel like this is the next logical step and has my full support.


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I've already voiced my support for this proposal on Discord but I thought that I'd make it formally here too. Anything that removes the barrier for entry into CAP and the PRC is good in my opinion, plus it makes things more convenient for users who would normally have to reapply. The one suggestion I would have is to perhaps make the PRC generation specific as opposed to CAP process specific, so contributors don't have to reapply for every CAP.
Hey everyone! The CAP Mods are planning to make a decision about this soon, so consider this a roughly 24 hours warning before the end of this thread.
Alright, after discussing this with the rest of the moderators, we'll be applying the following changes:
  1. The PRC Forum will be open to all badged members of Smogon.
  2. Each PRC cycle will last for the whole generation, meaning that unbadged users won't have to submit their application after every CAP.
Thanks everyone who participated and hopefully we can further improve CAP in the future!
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