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It's beautiful, sentret.

not sure what's going on there, stagnant. Is it a tar-clad bovine skeleton? the head seems a bit boxy for that, if you ask me.
Sentret, I love the newest iteration. To me it seems like a perfect fit for the stat spread. My only question, I suppose, is this: What is your ability justification? Is it a dried-out frog? I know there was some discussion about the ability applying to moist creatures in that they need water applied to their skin in order to absorb water, hence the absorption effect.

The problem with this, as I see it, is that it would be akin to giving a Pokémon made primarily of scalding water the ability "Flame Body". Yes, hot water has a chance to burn, but although it fits the ability's effect quite well, the name of the ability runs absolutely counter to the characteristics of the organism. Unless we're talking, as I mentioned, about a dried-out frog, its skin is not in fact dry at all, but rather very moist. Unless I have my frog characteristics wrong, which is quite possible.

It's not a big problem and I'm sure you can find some justification for it, but I'm curious what your justification is simply because I see your design as really, really nice and I want to better understand the backstory behind it.


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Final Submission

Might as well get this out of the way now. I'll edit if I update.

Main Submission:

Supporting Art:

This lionfish here is a mean, if diminutive, creature that can exist in nearly any body of liquid. Open seas, rivers, slimy landfills, and outright lava are all hospitable environs for this CAP3.

With a tenacity born of a gruff and stubborn attitude, CAP3 fights through some very punishing blows. It's said that heat and color of CAP3's whiskers intensify if it becomes truely angry.


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Before I don't have the time to do this.

Final Submission

Supporting Material
Gunk Shot Flamethrower Toxic Spikes Coil

In the end, I decided to combine my 'Sun God' and 'Golem' concepts together. I gave it a more 'reptilian' body instead of a completely sludge-like body to hopefully make it fit Dry Skin a little more. All in all I'm satisfied with how it turned out...

The entire body comes from the 'core', which is the sphere-shaped body. The sludge will dry up if it is immobile or not exposed to water for too long, which renders Sun golem dude immobile and damaged.


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Final Submission

Its body is hard and sturdy, repelling most attacks. Even its glass-like vial is actually a clear, strong bone material. The fur on its sides keeps the poison stored in its abdomen super-heated, making it potent and acidic.
One thing I like about SoIheardyoulikeSENTRET's submission is that if we end up with Drought, we will have dueling frog weather wars with Politoed! The design is awesome for other reasons, but something about triclops frog vs. politoed seems cool.


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Ugh it's taken me this long to post my actual concept

This was done in about 10 mins, so apologies for the low quality. The essential idea of ninja lizard with flaming head is there though.

The idea behind this came into my head with the idea of Dry Skin - the idea of a Fire-type hating sunlight. Hence my thingy is garbed in a second layer of skin in order to preserve its precious moisture (its skin being dreadfully sensitive and all), which is ironic considering the flames pouring out of its head. It makes do with its flame-retardant second skin though.

Now, such a Pokemon would want to stay out of sunlight, naturally, so it remains in the shadows. Hence the ninja theme.

Hopefully I'll be able to tidy this up a bit and post a few of the sketches I drew (or even their MSPaint counterparts) at some point. No promises though.


I had a lot of people in here asking for smoke to be coming out of my jellyfish, so after some messing around I have some smoke I'm happy with.

As a lantern jellyfish, it floats above the water catching it's water pokemon prey. It protects it's flame within it's body by closing it's openings. In battle it billows poisonous smoke from it's top and stings it's prey with it's tentacles, while shooting wild flames from it's mouth. Although I don't have art for it, I imagine after it catches it's prey it cooks it with it's fire (every creature deserves a warm meal XD)


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Let's stop with the debate over Dry Skin in this thread. If artists post a reasoning for Dry Skin, that's great. If you disagree with it, keep it to yourself. If you have a fan interpretation of Dry Skin, keep it to yourself. This is one of those things that simply cannot be "settled". None of us made the game, and none of us know any of the game makers. So, like most things in Pokemon, we are left to make our best guess. And everyone's guess is as good as anyone else's guess. There is really nothing to argue or discuss. This is an art thread, not a fanboy Dry Skin debate thread. So let's just leave it alone, OK?


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Love, love, love LouisCyphre's design.

Wish it would be getting more love.
Let's do this before I forget!

Final Submission

Main entry: (shortened the lamp so it's less imbalanced.)

So here we have a cone snail, one of the most venomous marine gastropods you could care to name, combined with a lava lamp. Intensely energetic enzymatic activity in its gut heat up the yellow wax in its shell to dangerous temperatures; the acid inside acts as an insulator so little heat is lost to the ocean outside (I hope I don't need to tell you how Dry Skin works on an aquatic creature). When in battle it can evict the contents of its shell for high-powered poison and fire attacks. I elected to give it curly pseudopods instead of a normal gastropod foot, in anticipation of a comparitively high speed stat (when compared to other molluscs, e.g. Magcargo), so it can have a longer stride. Despite this, his limp muscles don't allow for much success with physical moves.

Supporting art!
Dry Skin, Shell Smash, and love
Sunny Day/Drought
Sludge Wave
Eruption and Coil

We've got an amazing variety in designs this round; I can barely pick out a favorite! Best of luck to all of you!


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Final submission

Final submission

Fevermon, a funny and clever way to make a Fire/Poison typed Pokemon.

Supporting material

Edit: Please ignore this entry. I understand that this is considered stealing. I would delete this, but I wont learn anything that way. Please forgive me and allow me to still participate in CAP.

It's (mostly) a Red Panda with a tail made of smoke/smog.
Still needs a lot of work.
DrOfla: I like your idea based on a red panda, as red usually signifies heat. However, design-wise, the Fire typing is not to evident, except for the red coloration of the fur. Also, Red Pandamon seems to be a design for a pre-evolution of a Pokemon, so yeah.
DrOfla, the original post states that your artwork must be original. You can't simply recolor the official artwork for Vulpix/Cubchoo.


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Stellar is right. That pic is very obviously a trace of Cubchoo's head and Vulpix's body, then recolored. That is not an original artwork and is not allowed here. Stealing artwork and passing it off as your own is grounds for banning from the CAP project entirely.
i wish more designs were touching on the theme that most poisons (toxic chemicals, oil, etc) are flammable... I mean it seems a lot of people are having difficulty incorporating these two types together design-wise so that's my suggestion to everybody. seems like a no-brainer. I'm no artist otherwise i'd give it a go. A creature that spits fuel across an open flame somewhere else on its body instead of breathing fire would be pretty bitchin. kinda like an actual flamethrower.
Final Submission

Yeah, here's the salamander! Poisonous barbs, scorpion stinger, maybe sticky feet. No "hidden" lore or attributes, everything I really wanted to get across is in the design, so that I can give more creative freedom to the guys who make the flavour text. So yeah! Hope you all enjoy!
Hey guys, I would just like to apologize for my entry. I don't know why I had even considered tracing (stealing) other pokemon to be a good idea; it is very obvious that it is just a trace of Cubchoo and Vulpix. Please allow me to retract my entry and actually try; this time from scratch.
GOLLY I had a whole whack of favourites but now I have a load more! tea_and_blues, SoIheardyoulikeSENTRET and DougJustDoug** I am COMPLETELY IN LOVE with your designs. In a perfect world they'd all exist somewhere and not just get discarded if they don't get chosen but that's up to you I suppose ;)

I'm especially fond of tea's incorporation of something actually aquatic, which imo is the best thing short of frogs for making use of Dry Skin. That said, Sentret's still owns.


This is gonna be a tough choice.
bugmaniacbob-I like the concept, though the eyes remind me a little too much of Quilava (Another Fire-type with a fire mane). Maybe try changing them around a little? Just what I personally would do to change it.
Sentret-I love your design! It's one of my favorites and I wouldn't do anything to change it. Nice work!


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Sentret, it looks great! Since you asked, there is a bit of an perspective problem with the back leg, but that doesn't affect your design. It's a bit tricky since you've posed him to be 3/4 facing the viewer in his front half, twisted to profile for his bottom half. I think if his far back foot was tilted less forward and maybe positioned more forward on his body it would look better - I'm not 100% sure though.
New Submission:

So here we have a Stegosaurus; they are pretty bulky creatures, probably not the fastest, so I thought this was a good match-up for the stats. Its back is covered in oil/tar with a burning array of spike plates coming out. Also has a few poisonous barbs on its tail. As for abilities, I think the concept of Dry Skin works well with any dinosaur; Im not really sure how any of the other suggested abilities would work.
DrOfla: Your design struck as more Ground/Poison than Fire/Poison. The colour scheme and dinosaur-based design really gives the idea of a Ground type. Perhaps you could change the colouring or integrate the Fire-typing a bit clearer.

As for the art: the back leg looks unusually high up. It's extended a lot more than the front legs, which makes the Pokemon look awkward and unbalanced. Also, the end of the tail looks extremely flat and the curve looks out of shape. The art is drawn from mainly a side-view so the tail looks out of place.

I'm really liking Yilx's and Mos-Quitoxe's designs. They both fit the typing and main ability well. They both seem like Pokemon which could actually take on Water types too, heh.
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