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  • Wyv you used to have some avatar with a blond lady in a white/rainbow dress. Was that from Yomi? Asking for a friend.
    Yep it was pixel art of Valerie from Yomi/Fantasy Strike.
    Hey Wyverii, you were a huge inspiration to me. I love your sprite work, always have. welcome back and i wish you the best of luck!
    Love your sprites. What's your policy on external use? (ie reddit.com/r/pokemonzetaomicron) :P
    Wyverii!! I am so incredibly happy to have found you again! It's Scarlet from Pokedox! You were such an inspiration to me for a long time, and I was so sad when I lost touch with you! I hope you are doing well, and please I want to stay in touch now! I have my tumblr blog listed on my profile page here. You're an awesome person, and I'm glad to see that you are still spriting and doing art! Your old friend, Scarlet
    Hey, which Pokemon sprites did you get the colors for your Malaconda sprite from? Because I'm gonna do a sprite submission for the prevo and I couldn't find the right colors.
    I did not get colours from any Pokémon sprite. I made my own palette. I'm not sure why anybody would assume otherwise.

    your CAP design is great

    but honestly i prefer the first pose, like from an angle

    but either way it's amazing so

    good job, I hope you get far
    Hi Wyverii, a man wanted a fusion between an omastar and mollux sprite and I was wondering if I could use your mollux sprite since it looks the most "official".

    I posted a WIP on smeargles studio when ICC told me I should probably ask for permission first, which I completely forgot to do. -_-
    listen, dont know why you've got beef with me but if you're trying to play it smart ill come down on yo mexican ass so fast you wont even be able to say 'taco', get me senōr?
    Wow, i really LOVE your CAP3 sprite. I have seldom seen such an awesome sprite!
    Hi Wyverii. So I've decided to take a look at the CAP thread and I couldn't help but notice the design part of creating a pokemon where everyone creates a concept of what they think that pokemon looks like, which attracts quite a bit of attention. So I'm wondering, what is the order of how things are posted. Do you select it's concept first, then the typing, and then the art? I just want to participate for the art part, but I don't know when that comes in.
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