CAP 14 CAP 3 - Part 8 - Art Poll 1

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I should close this out before I leave for work:


There have been 253 posts in the thread.

176 mosquitoxe
140 cyzirvisheen
104 teaandblues
104 dougjustdoug
82 koa
80 soiheardyoulikesentret
76 paintseagull
72 nastyjungle
72 quanyails
67 yilx
57 calad
46 cretacerus
33 louiscyphre
24 dorandragon
22 mlarf
15 theflexistentialist
13 solstice
10 noobiess
7 steampowered
3 bugmaniacbob

Huge congratulations to all of our artists. My cutoff here is going to be the Top 4, since after that they each drop 22 points. It's tough to gauge favorites in the first poll since it's a shout-out.

Next slate order:

I'd ask the next available mod to put the thread up.
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