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Just about done with this guy now. I've settled on this design and rendering for 30i form, now all that's left is to clean up the 30b form artwork, and plop an item out for the whole shebang. Hopefully that can be wrapped up here within the next day or so because I'm getting kinda burned out on this lol. I like this pose for 30i because it not only reflects the Dracula aspect well, but I was happy to also show the wings look when spread, and also how they are used as the actual cloak.

Thank you everyone on the discord server on helping my ADD butt settle on pose ideas!


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Here's the latest update to my Caduceus design, with more clean linework and design elements.

Base Form:

Item Form:

The Caduceus is the symbol of Mercury (Hermes) who serves two major roles in Roman/Greek mythology: Mercury is the messenger of the gods, and he delivers the dead to Hades (the underworld). My base form is more of a messenger theme (Stamina for traveling long distances, Flying-looking, etc) and the item form is more of an underworld design (sharp edges, more foreboding, etc). I have a lot more lore behind this design, but that gives you a basic idea of the flavor influences. Still a lot of work to do, but the design is coming along and I'm having fun with it!

here is the update for the power plant mons. the stamina one is working just fine (?) and is a big heavy reliable dude that can body press. the stamina comes from its ability to keep working 24/7 like a power plant. meanwhile the tinted lens one has gone into meltdown and exploded. the tinted lens comes from its gas mask face design to pair with the hazmat style form it has become.


30i : Steampunk frilled canary
I'm pretty satisfied now with its overall looking and concept. I think I'll simplify the "guns" by adding some stylized smoke at the end of the feathers.

30b : kept in cage coal mine gloster canary
30b concept is slightly progressing, and in a right way, I would say. The fact that its body plumage mimics a cage is a bit hilarious - and certainly the only way I could find to incorporate such a thing in its design. As you can see it has now two coals at its feet, from wich gas is leaking, and taking the form of chains. Also, its wings will emulate an orange safety vest, in accordance with modern miners outfits.


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Current status of my CAP 30b design. Colors are subject to change if I have time to edit them.

After having received feedback about the two designs not complementing each other in areas, I brought design elements between my 30b and 30i concepts to be more in-line with each other:
  • Most prominently, the entire face has been revamped to match CAP 30i's face, instead of the mask overshadowing its concept + Tinted Lens. This particular feature went through multiple iterations, with one being a fountain pen + woodpecker-themed head, which got mixed reception for the same reason as the original.
  • In addition, I ported the red tips of my CAP 30i design's feathers to those of my CAP 30b design.
  • The neck collar also became poofier. I drew my CAP 30b design with a bulkier stature in a sketch of mine, which included a big collar and pantaloons. The design got slimmed down again after I went back to the peacock as inspiration, though, so while the pantaloons went away, the neck collar stayed since it still matched the elegant aesthetic.
Thanks to Zetalz in particular for giving the most feedback about where to change the the design and encouraging me to push my design here. Also thanks to Golurkyourself, KoA, and Pipotchi for additional feedback about the face, and Yokaiju for feedback about the legs (even if I ended up editing it out later).

To do:
  • Create final render for CAP 30b.
  • Experiment with color palettes.
  • Draw CAP 30b from front (maybe).


Also, here's what I've got for the item after many feedback cycles, in the Pokemon Dream World style:


Thanks to Golurkyourself, KoA, and Zetalz on their help with the direction of the item after many attempts. ^^;

Oops, I decided against piggies last second because I’m not satisfied with them.

I’m going back instead to the storks I had in mind initially.

So, first we have a Trash Stork for 30b

and the scary Marabou Stork for 30i.

I very much enjoy this new direction. It’s more my style.
Final Submission


After some revisions and touch ups, I think my designs are pretty much set. Rather than go for basic, flat shading, I attempted Sugimori style, which makes it pop out better (especially with the new chest shading I tweaked a little today.)

Other than that, the most major changes since the last post were 30i's shoulders being broaden and pointed to give it a more vampire feel, chest fluff reduced and raised so the purple coloring stands out more, right arm given some adjustments, 30b's nose was rounded out, and both forms's noses were made pink so everything felt more coherent.

I decided to keep the yellow spots on the back of the wings to replicate jacket buttons, the only difference is that I made them larger. I also gave them to 30b as well for unity, and finished drafting up its back view and wingless view (which now looks like a bean with baby legs.) And I did an overhaul of the item, looking at Dream World art of some gems/stones to reshape the gem portion and stylize it (and everyone else was doing it so I joined the club :V).

Thanks to everyone on Discord for the feedback (especially for the fluff and back buttons!)

EDIT: Made some major changes to 30b, mainly in reshaping the cape wings to hide the legs and giving it detail. Legs were shortened so they hid better behind the wings, reposed the claws so he's covering himself up, and gave him a snaggletooth.

Supporting Material

Held Item


30b Back View (Wings)
30b Back View (Wingless) (if you're wondering where the arms are, they're more integrated with the wings compared to 30i's, so this gives more of an idea of how its body is shaped)
30i Back View (Wings)
30i Back View (Wingless)
View of 30b clinging to walls
Halloween-ish art of 30i

It's obviously based on a vampire bat but with a slight twist: old to young. Base form is a humble, old vampire bat bearing a resemblance to classic vampires such as Dracula and has Stamina because of its longevity. When it holds (or rather gets bit and infected by) its item, it transforms into a younger, more modern-ish haughty vampire bat, abandoning Stamina in favor of more power with Tinted Lens, seeing itself as far more stronger than before.

Their designs are old Victorian-like, the style most vampires are usually depicted in. The wing capes are a collared cloak and tailcoat respectively, and 30i's chest fluff in particular is shaped like a cravat (and where its item would be conveniently placed to complete the look of an aristocrat.)

The held item is a brooch crossed with a bat fly, a kind of strange, blood-sucking parasite that latches onto bats and can spread a variety of pathogens (adding on to whatever a bat usually carries.) The item could be either a gem shaped like a parasite or a parasite mimicking a gem.

Most vampires including Dracula have had similar accessories, mainly a necklace/medallion, but there's been a few brooches in later versions; supposedly the accessory was tied to their powers.
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Here's a wip I did! Last time I made a cap submission I totally got lost in the concept, which really hurt the design. This time, I'm trying to keep it a bit more grounded (despite the flying type). I was originally going to base each form off of the flatwoods monster and mothman respectively, but it kinda became its own thing. I'm pretty happy with the butterfly lookin form, but I'm definitely changing a lot about the first form going forward. I'm not a big fan of its silhouette and I don't think its anatomy makes much sense. Let me know if you have any feedback, thanks!


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Welp, I think I'm getting close to finished with this lil guy. After seeing how the probable stat limits were looking for our form-changing duder, I decided to go ahead and swap the designs as suggested by everyone on the discord, and I'm glad they opened my eyes up to that! That said, here's our venomous count as he currently stands:



Held Item:

Main gist behind the designs is the base form is the normally calm and collected Count, but when bloodlust hits, he reverts to his primal, feral form and goes full on offense. The large wing cloak of 30b serves defensively as well as aiding in flight. "Stamina" is justified with 30b being able to shrug off a fair amount of blows thanks to its large cloak wings. While there are many ties to both Dracula and Orlok, Orlok is the more prominent featured vampire due to his association with disease and plague.

When consumed with bloodlust, 30b undergoes many changes to aid it with hunting down prey relentlessly. It's eyes become hyper-focused in the pitch black night, allowing it to strike surely and with reckless abandon. This is where "Tinted Lens" come into play. It doesn't lose the ability of flight, however it's hunting style allows it to chase down almost any target with ease.

Held item is a stone meant to evoke obvious imagery to drops of blood, emphasizing the bloodthirst that causes the Pokemon to change in the first place, much like Count Olrok completely lost his composure at the mere sight of blood in his film.

Thanks for following the Count's progress! I don't foresee a whole lot of design changes at this point unless Stats completely come out of left field here, but I may tweak the held item more but I'm pretty happy with it for now.

this is my first post... so tell me if something went wrong.

My concept is based on viruses transmitted by aerosols - as a bird.. i guess (LOL).

Obviously, this concept would've loved water bubble as an ability (but I get why people voted against it).

But Stamina isnt to bad either: Viruses have different potencies. There are extremely fatal ones (30i) that hit their targets with precision. But their potency lets them die out quickly because they destroy their own bases. Less fatal ones (30b) stay around forever, because they don't harm their host.
Why stamina? Every hit by a (collective) immune system can produce a mutation that ultimately makes the virus more resilient - that boosts its stamina.
Why tinted lens? Well because it doesnt care about immunities, it affects everyone.

As for the Item, I would go for an 'mutation orb'.

30i and the Item are still under devolpement. But I wanted to chare 30b anyway:

CAP 30b.jpg

Modedit: Changing oversized image to thumbnail.
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Final Submission



Just realized that I haven't posted my designs on the forums yet so here I am. The idea is an octopus that's malleable enough to transform into a plane/hot air balloon at will. The main inspiration for the octopus itself is the blue-ringed octopus; my head canon is that the mon uses the luminescent rings to guide it through the night sky.

Supporting material

Held item

The item is an octopus-y steering wheel; the idea would be that "absorbing" the steering wheel allows the 30b design to gain more mobility, and it takes advantage of this by transforming into a more aerodynamic and streamlined plane

(edited design has a beak for drillpeck/brave bird and also a crest to help with silhouette, also has cockatrice inspo)
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I edited 30b because everyone in the cap discord server said it was a piñata xD, i think i like it more now, its more bulky
(now i shrinked it to less that 640 x 640, because i think it has to be of max 640 x 640 the canvas), edit : now im gonna do another 30b and 30i, at least i ended the first ones, that im gonna use as a base =)
374 sin título_20211021104150.png
380 sin título_20211025145342.png
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Base Form

Item Form

The item (click through for larger version)

Thanks to the Discorders for pointing out problem areas. I have greatly simplified the feathers on both forms altered the position of various limbs, and am ready to present both designs to the public.

The base form is inspired by the Rod of Asclepius, the symbol of the Greek god of medicine and healing. The item-enhanced form is inspired, as others in this thread have been, by the Caduceus, a symbol of another Greek god, Hermes. This was done moreso for the aesthetic than lore relevance, seeing as the Asclepian doesn't have wings, and neither are associated with poisons nor are surmounted by venomous snakes (The Aesculapian Snake itself is a rather mundane serpent).

I hope to be able to have time to dispense the Lore i have constructed in a visual format, but a summary shall follow:

The two brothers, consumed by adoration of themselves above all other things, raced over the land, spreading their noxious venom wherever they passed, poisoning the earth and all who dwelt upon it. Such was their contempt of all life that the Gods sought to intervene, and punish the brothers for their hubris.
One brother was struck low, their body warped and shriveled into the form of a laurel branch. The other was bade to carry this branch, and wander once again across the land, healing the damage inflicted on the world with the bitter tears wept by the laurel. Thus cursed, the serpent brothers have wandered for centuries, beyond the age of Gods and Heroes, with no end in sight.

Eventually the yellow-bellied brother realized that the Gods' watch over them had lapsed, and they devised a plan to escape their curse. By subtly poisoning the land's people with their venom, then healing them with their brother's tears, the yellow-bellied serpent sought payment with information that would lead them to an artifact of great and terrible power. This artifact was finally found through the efforts of a single powerful Trainer, and the brothers were restored to their former glory, having learned nothing from their ordeal.

...that didn't end up being a summary, did it. Ah well! maybe I can get it baked on a vase, or something!
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Final Submission

These two are a pair of very strange mons, combining bits of bird, bug and bot. 30B is based primarily on drones and floats with gaseous propellors, while 30I is a sort of jet-hawk-dragonfly with smog boosters. As such, it changes forms with the addition of a rocket booster.

30B rescaled.png

30I rescaled.png

Supporting material
Smogon CAP 30- Supporting art.png

Held Item
Smogon CAP 30- Item.png
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Final Submission

frogge :)
These beautiful baby bois are based on poison dart frogs, bullfrogs, gliding frogs (notably Wallace's flying frog), skydivers and balloons
They just want a hug and use a spray-on plastic to apply wings
The hearts aesthetic works with the abilities, love is metaphorically known to strengthen under pressure like Stamina, and it’s literally wearing rose-Tinted Lenses



Supporting Material

Held Item
30b front and back view
30i front and back, without/with wings
Miscellaneous sketches
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Ah, shading, one of the banes of my existence. Colour palettes tend to be difficult for me to determine, but thanks to Mos-Quitoxe for his tip to invert the umbrella/hat scheme between formes. Not much else to say here on top of what I've already explained for the concept. I'll see about supporting art if I can find the motivation this time.


374 sin título_20211108115042.png

380 sin título_20211108221727.png

Sike!!! (welp not rlly i was thinking that the design prosess ended friday because of the warning that i thinked it was the end of design prosess, so i did the more "designed design" some tweaks, and edits and welp, now i discover is 48 hours after 30i stat spread creates xD)

I upgraded the design a lot =), and i did the support art
I dont have imgur so im gonna post the support art here =)
407 sin título_20211107150717.png
383 sin título_20211109140711.png
30b support art
409 sin título_20211109074623.png
30i support art
411 sin título_20211108193612.png
30i but perfect =) (did it because of discord said me to do it xD)

30b :
Inspired in a putrefacted dead bird, it doesnt seem too obious but its because now its just poisonous slime, and also because it doesnt seem like a bird, and thats my idea, that it got so corroded and putrefacted thar it just doesnt seem like a bird now, sound kinda weird and strange, but i think im the only one that understand what im trying to say xD, i hope that someone understands, the rings were mostly decorative at the start to doing this CAP 30 design, but now, i think that they are more part of the design =), (srry if the explanation doesnt seem very good, but this was my best explanation of the rings xD) its freezed poison that remains in his corpse, that it uses to mantain the accumulated poison on his wings and, "back part" ???, idk how its named that thing xD, it has so much accumulated poison in his wings, that it uses it to protect from attacks expanding it (thats why stamina, and also because is dead, and i dont think dead people get tired =) ), and throwing it to enemies, so to travel it motly uses his "back part", it expulses some of the poison inside him from the back part to impulse, and with the wings, it floats like a balloon, the pattern is just decorative and good looking, and it has the color of the rings to put more of the rings color on the design.

30i :
Also inspired in a putrefacted bird, now, with the item, it pops his rings and wings and also puts it in his not-anymore back part, it also becomes more fast and strong but more exposed to attacks, now the eye its more designed, and it becamed more asassin-like eye (thats why tinted lens idk if i got understanded with that), now with his popped wings, its more fast, and the liquid poison of the rings is now in his wings, his head now it tries to help the eye to be more highlighted, at least thats what i tried, the claws on the wings are mostly decorative and to make it look more attack like, but its same history of the rings, it has a part where it almacenates the poison for the sting, and the thing separating those, its more decorative, but its like, the non-sting part of the item (with the poison almacenating thing).

Item :
Just a poisonous sting that can pop the wings of my 30b =)
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