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So I drew up some Flying pig template designs up yesterday and showed them off to the discord. I’m definitely looking to move forward with one of these or a conglomerate of some of these, so time to share the ideas going forward.

For Tinted Lens, each of the designs comes equipped with Aviator goggles and a cute lil flap hat.

The first is the Bushhog design, the most decorated of the bunch and has comically small wings.
The second is the Pygmy Hog design, who is super cute and small.
The third design is the Babirusa design, the chunkiest and the one with the smallest wings.
The fourth is the Giant Forest Hog design, ditching small wings for Gryphon-sized ones, and he’s very chillax.
And the final design, a warthog, small but very fast and lean.
I would appreciate some feedback on what pigs would work best or what would be the more interesting/fun design moving forward. Or simply what parts of each would work well.
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Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce you to my versions of 30b and 30i! well, I would if they could understand what the gesture meant...

For my CAP 30, the pokemon is based off of a unifying idea: Transport, specifically unusual ways of transport. The first way this is done is through the Flying type side of the design, in this case being Leonardo Da Vinci's flying machines, with 30b being based off the helicopter he designed and 30i on the winged flying machine he designed. The poison type, on the other hand, is based on something far more sinister: A parasite, specifically a type of parasitic worm that attaches itself to snails after being consumed and takes control of the snails brain and eyestalks, making them look bloated and caterpillar-like, so that birds will eat them and then restart the parasites life cycle once again. in this case, 30b is the snail, and 30i will be the bird. Finally, add a bit of alien imagery to both, and the 30b becomes a UFO snail, while 30i becomes the parasites "disguised" form, flying around as a bird and spreading toxins on the wind as it goes.

Other Elements of the design:
  • 30b Round body resembles classic UFO shape, specifically with bubble windows(that may or may not be actual bubbles) which the parasites look out of, as opposed to the snails red eyes
  • 30b Snail shell can fold down to resemble conical shell or splay outwards and rotate to allow for flight
  • 30i bubble windows resemble cockpit and passenger windows
Lemme know if you have any critiques!
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Hey there everyone, here to post my concepts for CAP 30! This concept is based off the poisonous apple, the Manchineel, and the second form is based off of the poisonous apple in Snow White that made her fall asleep. Got that? Okay, let's move on!

First Form (30i): This one was really fun to design. Its lobs are powerful, but miss often, so that explains the Tinted Lens part. I tried to make the wings look more like hands so it can grasp others (Wrap, Force Palm, etc.) It doesn't have any eyes lol.

Second Form (30b): Similar to the first form. It tries to hide its wings that secrete toxins so it can look like a basic apple (that's why it'll be tiny,) and when a victim tries to eat it, it'll lob poison darts at its foe. It's not really sleeping, but it pretends to be sleeping so it can prank foes.

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Bookwyrm Symmetry Smol.png

Here's an update on the book/quill sky thing! Was inspired by some lovely folks in the Discord to try and add some Rorschach ink blot elements to the ink spatter on its pages. The thing hanging from the bottom is a bookmark. I'm still a little concerned about being able to create an alternate form for this lad, but it's been a fun ride so far nonetheless.

EDIT (9/14): Drew another (sketchy and disproportionate) angle with a distinguishing color for the book's cover (the back "wings").

Bookwyrm Color Alt Angle Smol.png

EDIT 2 (9/14): Here's the (potential) back! And a dive!

Bookwyrm Back.png Bookwyrm Dive Smol.png
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Fleshed out my idea a bit more: poison dart → poison arrow & gloster canary → flamingo. it usually curls up its body into a big ball of fluff, but once it gets angry, it sees red and stretches out its lanky limbs. Base form currently designed with abilities like Thick Fat, Stamina, Fur Coat, Fluffy, etc. in mind, and Item form clearly has Tinted Lens. Would like feedback on the markings and colours, not really sure if they're working.
Kinda got the body shape, but also altered the head's details a bit to make it more bat-like and got these 2 designs I'm unsure of (wings aren't see-through, I was seeing how the body looks underneath). Colors are placeholders.

EDIT: And here's a draft for 30b:
Base form is a normal bat and when given its item, it becomes a vampire (basically the theme is kinda rags to riches-like). Tried to make both forms have a distinct body shape to make them more interesting.
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