CAP 30 - Part 14 - Name Submissions

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Okay, here's another one, WIP 2/3:

That's "lore" + "harrowing". Why so? I'm envisioning this book as a sort of Lovecraftian dreadful tome of forbidden knowledge, as did thundergoos. Here, you've got a book the content of which is piercing through your mind, whatever you do to resist it (Tinted Lens). But if you try to destroy the forbidden book, as is customary for that kind of cursed artifact, it's way tougher than it should be, and maybe it grows even more powerful the more times you try to destroy it (Endurance). In all senses of the term, facing that book is a harrowing experience.
Besides, there's "wing" in the name a little by chance; and I like the feel of that "h" stuck between the "L" and the "o". I think it gives off a somewhat alien, foreign vocabulary look, which fits the theme of unpronouncable entities. It also reminds me of "abhor", which is a sweet word of negative feelings and refined lexicon used by learned evil mages.


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WIP (1/3)


"Icky" + "Dictionary"

Pronounced: "ICK-shun-air-ee"

It's an icky dictionary.

WIP (2/3)


"Ink" + "Wikipedia" + "Encyclopedia"

Pronounced: "EEN-kih-PEE-dee-uh"

Alternatively, it's an inky encyclopedia.

WIP (3/3)


"Story" + "Origami"

Pronounced: "STOR-ih-GAH-mee"

Originally it was going to be mixed between story and horrific, but we can think of CAP30 as a story that is different depending on which way the pages are folded.

Item Name Submission WIP

Arcane Ampule

An ampule is "a small sealed glass capsule containing a liquid, especially a measured quantity ready for injecting". Sufficiently obscure, and pairs well with "arcane" because alliteration is catchy.


This comes from a jynx, a harmful spell meant to bring unluckiness, Ink, as it uses ink everywhere, insanity, coming more from 30i, and jot and mage.

Pronounced: in-San-id-jeenk


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Combination of venom and necronomicon (a famous grimoire fixture in fiction)

Pronounced "veh-NOM-eh-con"

Seeing as how this mon carries around a special book that is almost certainly of a magical nature I wanted to reference some form of magical books in fiction and landed on The Necronomicon of Lovecraft fame. While not a real book per se it is a prominent fixture in many types of fiction and embodies several of the traits I see in CAP 30 here, such as forbidden knowledge corrupting those who read it (like a type of poison ;). I chose Venom as a poisonous synonym for the prefix as it just meshed perfectly with necronomicon.
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Name: Almawrath

Alamamac + wrath

A type of long book that might be found in an archives + a deadly sin related to aggression

Item Name: Forbidden Ink

Much less sold on that than the Pokémon name.
WIP (1/3)


Grim + Grimoire

Pronounced: "Grim-War"

It's a grimoire, but even more grim!

WIP (2/3)


Ebon + Novel

Pronouced: "Ebb-On-of-L"

The darkest of books. Ink is the new black

WIP (3/3)


Necronomicion + Ink

Pronouced: "Nek-Row-Nom-Ink-On"

It's literally the big evil book, with a little more ink in it.
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WIP 1/3

Scribe + Scribble + Blight

Gets the idea acrossfine. It writes (scribe), it is a piece of writing (scribble) and blight ropes in its poisonous influences.

WIP 2/3

Ink + Incantation + Toxin

Another fun pun. Ink comes from the obvious book and ink covered pages, an incantation is usually a magic spell read or recited from an ancient book and toxin again the poison influences.

WIP 3/3

Philosophy + Foul

Hear me out here! I like to think of massive books containing the many thoughts and theories to philosophers of old, and The Philosopher's Stone is a cool Alchemical object of power. Combine that with foul and you got yourself a mon!
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A combination of "Lethal" + "Elegy".

Pronounced: "LEE-thel-eh-jee"

Lethelegy is a fairy simple name that combines lethal, as in the lethality of a poison, and elegy, which is a type of poem that is typically sad and written for the dead, with makes a ton of sense for CAP 30 being on the spookier side of Poison-types.
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Pronounced FEH-tuh-screed

Foetid (smelling really unpleasant) + Screed (a long, tedious piece of writing).

The O is silent. Foetid can be spelled without the O but it's way less cool that way.


A combination of grimoire (a magical spell book or text book) for the book design, grim (uninviting, forbidding, dark) in reference to the Poison-typing, and then ink for the held item ink reference. Also spelled Grimm- in reference to the Brothers Grimm, who were famous for collecting and publishing folklore tales, which seems like a fitting theme for a magical poison book.

Pronounced: grim-eenk


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WIP (1/3)


"Fly" + "Libelous." The crime of libel is certainly toxic writing, plus a portmanteau to nod to its Flying-type.

Pronounced: "FLAHY-buh-luhs"
IPA: /ˈflaɪ bə ləs/
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