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CAP 31 So Far


Topic Leadership Team:

Topic Leader: SHSP
Typing Leader: dex
Ability Leader: Darek
Stats Leader: Wulfanator
Movepool Leader: Rabia

Name: Forbidden Fruit

Description: This Pokémon is permitted access to a singular move from the prohibited moves list.

Justification: In most projects, we are barred from including these mechanics because they are considered some of the strongest options available in-game. Even with the addition of the clause allowing TL and Movepool SL to approve these moves, it is unlikely to ever be implemented given how late into the project this decision is made. This target concept aims to expand the project toolbox and explore how an immediate power spike in the project impacts subsequent design choices.
Concept Move: Diamond Storm
Type: Ground
Primary Ability: Water Absorb

Defining Moves:
Required Moves: Diamond Storm, Earthquake
Optional Moves: One of (Milk Drink/Soft-Boiled/Recover/Slack Off), Pain Split, Grass-type coverage, special Fire-type coverage, Taunt, Thunder Wave, one of (Swords Dance/Dragon Dance/Shift Gear), Rapid Spin
Stats: 70 HP / 120 Atk / 105 Def / 65 SpA / 130 SpD / 90 Spe

Secondary Ability: Serene Grace


This will be a single bold vote, which means that you vote for only one of the submissions. A typical vote might look like the following:
My Preferred Entry

If the voter wishes, he may post comments on his vote below the actual vote. Only the vote itself should be bold and none of the supplementary text should be bold.
CAP uses automated scripts to count votes. For this reason, it is very important for all ballots to be submitted correctly. If you do not compose a legal ballot, your post will be subject to moderation.
  • The scripts count bold words in ballots, so do NOT bold anything in your ballot other than the options you are voting for.
  • Do NOT put any formatting other than bold in your post.
  • Only one option per line.
  • Spelling of options must be EXACTLY correct and must match the spelling listed above.
  • Capitalization and spaces are ignored by the vote counting scripts, but you probably should not depend on it.
Composing a proper ballot is easy. Enter BBCode Edit Mode (the A in the upper right corner). Copy/paste the options directly from the OP to your ballot as plain unbolded text. Delete and/or rearrange the options to suit your preference and the poll type. Bold your vote text using bold tags or re-enter rich text mode, highlight your vote and click B. Spelling or formatting errors may spoil your ballot, so be careful!

CAP uses blind voting. Other people's votes won't appear in the thread, but they are counted and will be made visible at the end of the voting timeframe. For more information about this change, check out this PRC thread.

The voting options are:




Those options without formatting:


This poll will be open for 24 hours.


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