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Some Typings I like: I will preface this by saying that I prefer typings which offer both offensive and defensive value. It's really valuable for an effective offensive Pokemon to be able to switch into things, and it's hard to be successful if switching in is borderline impossible if you don't have overwhelming power (which may be unlikely for this concept). On the other hand, defensive mons often appreciate having useful, spammable STABs too. Flexible typings also allow us more freedom with our role. With that said, these are my favorite typings (other than mine which is Ghost/Electric and very poggers brother):

My favorite other than mine. U-turn, Volt Switch and Knock resists, Dragon's really good spread of resists, Dragon immunity, high-powered STABs, etc. make this a cool typing which lends itself to an effective (probably defensive-leaning) mon. Fat fairies are rare in the current meta so giving it a niche is pretty doable. It's pretty easily walled without coverage, but that's not inherently a problem for a defensive-leaning mon, and there are easy ways to patch up its coverage if we go more offensive.

Book (and having to hold boots) is a problem for this, but it checks a lot of threatening things while posing a threat on its own. Ausma's writeup is good so read that. Good defensive typing and pretty solid offensively too. Very flexible.

The more offensive version of the above. Also requires boots, but this has good super effective coverage against a lot of the meta and still has a bunch of useful resists.

Note about Electric/Steel: This is obviously considered a really good defensive typing. However, I feel that it struggles a bit in this particular metagame due to so many mons carrying moves to hit Steel-types. I'd argue my typing (Electric/Ghost) can switch in a bit more easily, while also having far more threatening STABs. That said, I still like Electric/Steel and we could find ways to patch up its weaknesses later on.

Some typings I don't like:


This fails to switch into most of the mons it wants to target because they have coverage for it. Switching in is just really hard for it without certain very specific abilities, which will be pretty limiting when we get to that stage.

For something that struggles this much to switch in, its offensive spread is just not good enough in my opinion. It's still walled by a bunch of stuff. A mon that can't switch in needs to be incredibly potent to be worth the teamslot. I don't think this cuts it.

Several routes we could go with for this typing feel explored to me, and I think we're likely to learn more and have a bit more freedom with other proposed typings.
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Okay first time poster here but I hadn't seen this typing yet so gonna submit Grass/Steel.

What useful type resistances/immunities does this type have that can make up for poor stats?
This particular typing has a TON of useful resistances such as Dragon, Electric, Fairy, Psychic, Rock, and Water while also sporting an innate immunity to Powder moves and Toxic. This typing would allow CAP 32 to become a "jack of all trades", taking on a plethora of threats.
Does this type come with any additional benefits that are particularly appreciated by CAP 32? (ex. Stealth Rock resistance, immunity to a status, etc.)
This typing, as previously mentioned, comes with a Toxic immunity which can he extremely useful in more defensive matchups as to not be worn down too easily. It also comes with a Stealth Rock resistance, which makes it pretty resilient to hazards, allowing CAP 32 to be on the field a lot more if necessary.
How does this type perform offensively? What Pokemon can it target?
This typing is surprisingly good offensively as Grass STAB is rare in CAP and it can be utilized to threaten a plethora of Pokémon such as :arghonaut:, :garganacl:, :great tusk:, :krilowatt:,:rotom-wash:, :greninja:, and :ting-lu:. It's Steel STAB can also nail some of the powerful Fairy-types such as :jumbao: and :hatterene:.

Does this type suggest a more defensive or offensive path moving forward? Or does it leave this matter up in the air?
I would suggest that this type combination can go either way but definitely has defensive capabilities as the forethought by virtue of the Steel typing. Both of these types aren't normally that great offensively, but they can check or threaten a lot of top Pokémon as well as strategies such as Rain which makes this feel like it would be a solid all-around typing to allow CAP 32 to be as flexible as it needs to be despite the lackluster stats it is expected to be given.

Dragon/Fairy: This feels like a solid choice as it provides a means of offensive power while also some defensive backbone. Not much else to really say.

Fire/Fairy: This is probably my favorite of the ones submitted so far as I just like how unique it is as well as how well it matches up into top threats right now. The weakness to Ground and Stealth Rock hurts this a lot but I feel like there are ways to circumvent this that shouldn't put this typing down for the count.


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I think I'm gonna submit another type for consideration, Steel/Psychic

What useful type resistances/immunities does this type have that can make up for poor stats?
Steel/Psychic has shown itself in the past to be a pretty valuable defensive type, and one of the best defensive boons for psychic. Steel/Psychic continues to have useful resists to flying, fairy, and dragon, and it helps being a steel type that doesn't fear fighting as much. The Fighting neutrality helps with matchups against Venomicon, Iron Valiant, and Tomohawk very notably.

Does this type come with any additional benefits that are particularly appreciated by CAP 32? (ex. Stealth Rock resistance, immunity to a status, etc.)
Steel/Psychic is resistant to stealth rock, allowing the type to forgo boots in favor of a better item like leftovers or colbur/kasib berry. Toxic currently isn't very prevalent but its immunity to that and other poison moves could be useful if toxic's distribution increases.

How does this type perform offensively? What Pokemon can it target?
Even discounting steel type's lack of offensive prowess, Steel/Psychic would be remarkably strong in the current metagame due to psychic being a remarkably strong stab to wield. Psychic hits very important targets in the current metagame; Arghonaut, Great Tusk. and Venomicon, which are strong profiles to hit, and psychic hits most else for strong neutral damage, aside from the steel types. The steel stab here is primarily going to be used to hit the fairy types of the meta, including popular tera fairy types, like Garganacl and Skeledirge.

Does this type suggest a more defensive or offensive path moving forward? Or does it leave this matter up in the air?
I feel Steel/Psychic can go either or for defense or offense, as is the polarization of the typing itself; a strong offensive type merged with a strong defensive type. An offensive mon bolstered by a strong defensive backbone of its own are typically very strong and have a lot of potential to achieve many different uses for different teams.
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I'd like to submit Fighting/Flying

water/dark got yoinked right away ;-; so im going to submit an unorthodox choice for consideration, also im going to make this brief since i have a lot of work i need to get started on !

1. What useful type resistances/immunities does this type have that can make up for poor stats?
This typing's biggest boons are its immunity to Ground and resistance to Fighting.

2. Does this type come with any additional benefits that are particularly appreciated by CAP 32? (ex. Stealth Rock resistance, immunity to a status, etc.)
Fighting/Flying resists Knock Off and quad resists U-Turn, all while still being at least neutral to Stealth Rock. Thus, if it needs to tank a Knock Off and loses Heavy Duty Boots, it isn't completely crippled.

3. How does this type perform offensively? What Pokemon can it target?
Can threaten Great Tusk, Equilibra, Arghonaut, Garganacl, Ting Lu, Kingambit, Meowscarada, Roaring Moon, and Greninja. Although these are all Pokemon that Fighting/Flying can technically threaten offensively, it'd have difficulty switching in on a lot of them (Big ones being Garganacl, Equilibra, and Great Tusk with Ice Spinner).

4. Does this type suggest a more defensive or offensive path moving forward? Or does it leave this matter up in the air?
Fighting/Flying definitely seems to be more focused on an offensive path, but a defensive role could be pursued if one wanted to lean in on the Ground immunity.
All of the type combinations I've considered have been submitted already, so I'll just be describing my favorites of those already submitted:

Electric is one of the types I identified as particularly offensively valuable, and contributes to why this is the one steel-typing submitted that I think does a good job of not merely being a strong typing but being a typing that best mitigates the negatives of average stats. The quadruple resistance to Flying could give CAP 32 a near-unique niche as a switch-in to Epilogue's Brave Bird while also allowing it to do handsomely against Prologue. This typing is tied for the highest number of resistances - 12 - out of any typing in the game, and carries with it an immunity to Toxic. Doubling down on the weakness to Ground is not much of a loss given the power of many of the existing Earthquake and Earth Power users.
(best for defensive bias)

Psychic is the other typing I identified as valuable offensively into the current metagame, and Fire complements it offensively by dealing with the Steel-types that are often used to soak up Psychic-type attacks. This typing is preferable to me to the similar Fire/Fairy because Psychic is a more stand-out offensive type than Fairy is, threatening poison-types and not having STAB dual-resisted by Fire-types like Iron Moth, Volcarona, or anything that terastallizes into Fire.
(best for offensive bias)

These types are not the best offensively (though fairy type hits many valuable targets like Arghonaut, Great Tusk, Ting-Lu, Walking Wake, Dragapult, and Mismaw) but defensively the typings have incredible synergy, and a pokemon with this typing would be a very strong switch-in to the dragon-types that often use Water- or Fire- type attacks to complement their offenses. The immunity to Draco Meteors, Scale Shots, and Outrages is very useful for a low-BST Pokemon, since the dragon type attacks are often the STAB used with highest BP.
(best for defensive bias)

The following I also actively support, but create some challenges:

The defensive coverage of this typing is good into this metagame - a Water/Normal CAP32 would likely be an excellent switch-in to Gholdengo, Kitsunoh, Ceruledge, and Skeledirge, and possibly also into Dragapult, Equilibra, Volcarona, and more. Still, when we're working with a major stat handicap, Normal-typing is not the most natural to reach for, even though as discussed the immunity it carries with it is defensive utility not to be dismissed. Past and Present OU-viable pokemon without noticeably good natural offense or bulk have often been water-types, like Gastrodon, Quagsire, Rotom-Wash, Starmie, and Pelipper, and our immunity to Ghost (immunities causing even Seismitoed to get some use in OU) is similar to several of these Pokemon while also setting us apart. Normal also has many utility-wise strong movepool options that would benefit from STAB.
(best for defensive bias)

The major Stealth Rock weakness is the greatest challenge with this Pokemon, because it will likely be practically forced to use Heavy-Duty Boots if it wants to switch in regularly at all, and losing an item slot is a major issue when we have to work without any outstanding stats. However, other than that, this is a perfect typing for CAP 32. Resisting absoultely everything in Jumbao's arsenal (Grass/Fairy/Fighting with Fire/Ground tera) and more generally resisting all of the types that hit steel-type Pokemon for super-effective could make it easy to fit CAP 32 into any team as part of a defensive core with a steel-type.

While this typing doesn't have many individual threats it can easily switch in on (mostly those that use Fighting/Flying coverage), there are many situations where a predictable opponent will create opportunities for a free switch-in. The Ghost typing bestows invaluable immunities, and Electric is one of the best offensive typings for threatening out Pokemon like Venomicon, Arghonaut, Snaelstrom, and Toxapex, giving CAP 32 time to use whatever strong utility moves we give it.
(best for offensive bias)

It's not a coincidence that 5 of the 6 here carry immunities with them - while 4x resistances are also very useful, immunities tend to be more efficient, and ignoring stuff like spikes, status, and secondary effects are additionally useful.

I don't feel that this concept limits us much at this stage beyond having to pick a decent type, so while the above I believe are some of the best typings to choose some, we have a lot of leeway, and I consider all of Water/Dark, Water/Flying, Grass/Steel, Fire/Fairy, Ground/Flying, Grass/Ground, Water/Psychic, Water/Fairy, Fairy/Flying, Dark/Dragon, and Steel/Flying decent options.

Steel/Dragon, Fairy/Steel, Fighting/Steel, Ghost/Fairy, Poison/Dragon, Ground/Ghost, and Ground/Fairy I consider to be strong typings but not very well fitted to our current aims, while on the other hand, I think Ice/Ground, Ice/Ghost, Fire/Normal, Normal/Steel, and Fire/Ice, while still doable, are weak and would probably make for very contentious discussion over whether extreme measures are necessitated to allow CAP 32 to be OU-viable, even intentionally reading the stat limitations provided by the concept as loose, and these are discussions I'm not eager to participate in. Let's take the safer route and pick a typing that will provide as much utility as possible, and let the stat floor stay low.
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Subbing Poison/Dragon

What useful type resistances/immunities does this type have that can make up for poor stats?

The most useful resistances given to us by this typing are probably Grass and Fire (and to some extent Fighting). Resisting these types allows us to switch-in quite freely on Cinderace, Jumbao, and non-Psychic Volcarona. Outside of that, having resistances to Electric helps quite a bit with the match-up against Rotom-Wash and Caribolt (When combined with our resistances to Water and Grass respectively).

Does this type come with any additional benefits that are particularly appreciated by CAP 32? (ex. Stealth Rock resistance, immunity to a status, etc.)

The big thing offered here is an immunity to Toxic. This, combined with our resistance to Water, allows us to sit on Toxapex pretty much all day and helps significantly with the Snaelstrom match-up.

How does this type perform offensively? What Pokemon can it target?

One only needs to look at Naganadel's brief tenure in USUM OU to know how powerful this type combination is offensively. While it is unforuntately walled by Steel-types, literally every non-Steel type Pokemon in the game is hit for at least neutral, and this, combined with having access to quite a few strong moves with solid distribution (Draco Meteor, Gunk Shot, and Outrage) is more than enough to make up for low offensive stats. In terms of targeting specific Pokemon, Jumbao is obviously the big one here, and the ability for a Dragon-type to potentially threaten out the most common Fairy-type in the metagame feels like a very solid niche.

Does this type suggest a more defensive or offensive path moving forward? Or does it leave this matter up in the air?

I would say that there is a bit of a bias towards an offensive path with this typing, given the afformentioned strength it has in that department, but I think that it could mostly go either way here. Both Poison and Dragon are fairly strong defensive types right now, and outside of being a Poison-type that doesn't resist Fairy (Which kinda sucks), they don't really conflict with each other defensively and actually synergize quite well together.
I'm in support of three of the Fire combinations mentioned: Fire/Psychic, Fire/Flying, and Fire/Fairy. The second one of these will have to find a way to over-rely on Heavy-Duty Boots without issues, but the other two can sometimes hold other items without worrying about a severe Rock weakness. As a result, we do not have to invest in as much offensive stat with a Fire typing, since it hits a lot of major opponents like Gholdengo and other Steels with Fire STAB.
Personally I'm hesitant on anything that's SR weak. If we enter a battle already with a huge chunk of our health gone then attacks that are neutral or potentially resisted are liable to ruin it without solid bulk (which SR weak types don't lean towards). The counter is HDB, but doing so leaves us without the extra power an item can bring and makes us far more vulnerable to potential knock-offs.

EDIT: I'm also quite partial to anything that is Toxic immune. There are ways to deal with toxic of course, but if you misplay and it ends up on this mon then you're likely not going to get more than a turn or two on the field without a lot of bulk or switching - and switching isn't something we can likely afford to be doing often without immunities.
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I'm submitting Poison/Steel.

This is an absolutely banger defensive typing that Revavroom doesn't make the best use of with its more offensive-leaning kit. It's immune to poison, and only has 2 weaknesses and a a mammoth number of resistances, so there are a lot of Pokemon that can't hit it super effectively. It can do cool things like switch into Iron Valiant's Tera Fairy Moonblast and take next to nothing due to its 4x resist, while not being weak to its Fighting STAB or any coverage it carries.

What useful type resistances/immunities does this type have that can make up for poor stats?
It's immune to Poison-type moves, 4x resists U-turn, as well as Fairy and Grass, and additionally has resistances to Dragon, Flying, Ice, Normal, Rock, and Steel. It's also a Steel-type not weak to Fighting. This typing lets it switch in on things like Venomicon, Meowscarada, Corviknight, Crucibelle, etc. Maybe Baxcalibur if you avoid Earthquake lol​
Does this type come with any additional benefits that are particularly appreciated by CAP 32? (ex. Stealth Rock resistance, immunity to a status, etc.)
It's immune to poison and sandstorm damage, and has a Stealth Rock resistance. Toxic is also 100% accurate when used by a poison-type I guess.​
How does this type perform offensively? What Pokemon can it target?
This is a defensive-leaning typing, but it can still target things like Garganacl, Iron Valiant, Caribolt, Hatterene, and Jumbao with its STABs. A lot of Poison-type moves also cause poison, which makes switching into it potentially more risky.​
Does this type suggest a more defensive or offensive path moving forward? Or does it leave this matter up in the air?
This typing quite concretely suggests a defensive path. The offensive typing is easily walled, but it has an enormous number of useful defensive traits that make taking it down a complicated task with the right kit.​
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Love the submissions so far! I am giving a preliminary 24-hour warning before I post the slate. As always, support/dislike posts are heavily encouraged.

Bird Fact of the Day: There are many names for groups of birds that are pretty hilarious. A group of my favorite bird, the Common Raven, is called an Unkindness, while groups of larks and peacocks have the distinction of being called Exaltations. Other interesting terms are those for ducks (a raft), herons (a siege), and magpies (a tidings).

1. What useful type resistances/immunities does this type have that can make up for poor stats?

Ground, Fighting, and Normal are all immunities afforded by Ghost typing. Resistances to Poison and Grass aren't particularly meaningful.

2. Does this type come with any additional benefits that are particularly appreciated by CAP 32? (ex. Stealth Rock resistance, immunity to a status, etc.)

Partial trapping isn't relevant right now, so it's really just a (Toxic) Spikes immunity lol.

3. How does this type perform offensively? What Pokemon can it target?

Offensively it performs really well against common tanks like Jumbao, Skeledirge, Hatterene, and Tomohawk but struggles against Kingambit, Tyranitar, and Garganacl. There isn't a whole lot of real defensive utility for this typing outside of trying to punish certain offensive Pokemon like Dragonite and Great Tusk.

Notable super effective hits with one or both STAB: :arghonaut: :dragapult: :great-tusk: :iron-valiant: :gholdengo: :revenankh: :skeledirge: :hatterene: :Jumbao: :tomohawk: :volcarona: :snaelstrom: :Meowscarada:

Resists/is immune to both STAB:
:Kingambit: :Tyranitar: :Garganacl: (if we're factoring abilities in these templates)

4. Does this type suggest a more defensive or offensive path moving forward? Or does it leave this matter up in the air?

This is a clearly offensive typing meant to take advantage of the presence of Ground and Fighting Pokemon across the metagame. Ghost is a decent defensive typing, but its weakness to Knock Off stops it from being able to reliably switch into common offensive threats resisted by Flying. A Stealth Rock weakness necessarily forces the concept into an offensive role or to give up its item slot for damage mitigation it wouldn't want to have to deal with in the first place.

STABs resisted and coverage resisted or neutral:: :Clodsire: (lol)
STABs resisted and weak to coverage, or carries Knock :Arghonaut: :Dragonite: :Great Tusk:

One STAB resisted and not weak to coverage + Threaten Offensively: : :Tomohawk: :Volcarona: :Garchomp: :Equilibra: :Snaelstrom:
Threaten Offensively and can switch in: :Hatterene: :Amoonguss: :Smokomodo:
Threaten Offensively but can't switch in: :Revenankh: :Gholdengo: :Iron Valiant:

Fire/Flying: A lot of people like this typing, but as BobKingOfSeagulls said mandating HDB is really difficult for this concept due to how important items are when it comes to damage calculations. Even then though, its best non-Jumbao resistances like Meow, Valiant and Tusk have access to Knock Off, putting it in a similar boat as Ghost/Flying. The only way this is going to do well while remaining concept-faithful is if we collectively agree to polljump for Magic Guard or Mountaineer lol.

Water/Normal: This is a really great typing that resists Gholdengo's STABs and punishes other non-Pult Ghost types. It's potentially a decent answer to Equilibra, but loses the Jumbao resistance held by Normal/Fire.

Ground/Flying and Ground/Fairy: These are the stronger options and threaten a really wide variety of Pokemon. The latter has better defensive typing IMO, being able to switch into and threaten Moon/Dnite/Wake/Valiant is really important rn

Fairy/Flying: I think this is the best of the SR-weak typings and the best typing for checking Great Tusk. It's the second-best Fairy submission imo

Steel/Electric: The resistances might be handy, but like other Steel submissions it gets wrecked by some of the most common offensive threats. This would be really good if we attach a damage-mitigating or even immunity ability on it.

Electric/Flying: Wulfinator beat me by a few minutes lol, it's probably the best typing for a Pokemon like this. Zapdos is the obvious example of this typing working well with average defensive stats and gets away with having an (imo) good but less-than-stellar ability. I think this is the one SR-weak typing that could do rather well defensively.
Typings I'm throwing support for:

Fire/Psychic: This is a really excellent type combo for this particular metagame, and the best of the Fire type submissions in my opinion. Defensively it isn't great, but that's just fine, because it is amazing offensively. In the S and A ranks, only Roaring Moon is resistant to both. Not to mention Sun is at its prime. We will have to make sure we are different enough from Armarouge, but I don't think that will be a problem.

Electric/Flying: These two types have such great synergy together. Being an Electric type that is immune to Ground will set us apart from other Electric types (that aren't Rotom-Wash), and while Equilibra resists both it is quite good offensively otherwise.

Dragon/Fairy: This is great defensively. We have a valuable Fire resist, and some other cool resistances like Electric, Water, Dark, and an immunity to Dragon. Regarding the Ice weakness, there are currently zero Ice types on the Viability Rankings (though Baxcalibur will likely get ranked soon). The meta also isn't that Steel heavy (there are only 3 Steel types above B+, compared to SS where there are 6), and Kingambit doesn't resist Fairy (Kingambit is below the A ranks but is still a relevant mon).

Typings I don't particularly like:

Fire/Fairy: I'm gonna get some flack for this because of how much support it has gotten in this thread, but I don't really see how it is better than Fire/Psychic offensively, the only thing Fire/Fairy gets that Fire/Psychic doesn't is Roaring Moon, while also being worse against every Fire type in the metagame, aside from Astrolotl I guess. I also don't think being Dragon immune is something a Fire type would particularly value, because a lot of Dragon types carry Ground coverage, or in the case of Walking Wake, just nukes it into oblivion.

Normal/Steel: While there are a lot of Ghost types in the current metagame, most of them just beat this. Revenankh, Ceruledge and Skeledirge speak for themselves, while Gholdengo runs Fighting coverage. I don't think Normal complements Steel all that well.
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While Fire/Fairy is on the tippy top of the "types i want CAP32 to be" list, there are some other typings that i find interesting.

Dragalge's signature typing doesn't have much to offer offensively. To be fair, Poison/Dragon gives you access to powerful common moves Sludge Bomb, which has a valuable poison chance, and Draco Meteor, which can be a nuke. However, since you are walled by steel types and SE vs. only 3 types, (fairy,dragon, grass, of these only dragon is super common in the current metagame tera nonwithstanding), this typing definitely leans towards the more defensive side of the spectrum. Luckily, it does that very well.
Its typing walls Volcarona, Iron Moth, Caribolt, and serves trouble for Venomicon. Your water resistance and valuable poison immunity mean you sit on Toxapex forever and absorb Glimmora's toxic spikes. You also have a valuable U-turn resistance.
On the other hand, you are weak to ground and dragon, meaning common threats such as Dragapult and Roaring Moon eat you for breakfast. (although they can't switch in safely either)

At first i wasn't a believer, but now that i look at it, this typing is a little bit cash money. You're immune to Great Tusk's stabs (although you're weak to Ice Spinner and Knock). You're also immune to Espeed/EQ/Dragon Dance/Roost Dragonite (watch out for Ice Spinner again). You have to watch out for common Dark types Kingambit and Roaring Moon, though.
You're immune to spikes, but since you're SR weak you're gonna be running boots anyway.

Offensively, you hit common walls Great Tusk, Arghonaut, Tomohawk, and Skeledirge for SE (watch out for skelly's own ghost moves tho). Steel types give you trouble, which is bad for any offensive pokemon.

Zapdos is one of my favorite Pokemon to use competitvely and is a really good example of a pokemon serving a valuable defensive role despite having middling defensive stats. Kilowattrel... it's just not the same...

Funnily enough, Electric/Flying is a straight upgrade from pure Flying typing wise. Your only weakness, Ground, is nullified by Flying, and you gain resistances to Steel and Flying as a treat. You once again check Great Tusk, and you resist Make it Rain from Gholdengo and Iron Head from Kingambit. You can use Body Press/Hurricane/Nasty Plot/Roost Venomicon and both forms of Tomohawk as free entry.
Offensively, Electric/Flying hits a lot of the tier. Argh, Grusk, Dondozo, Snael, Jumbao, and Venom all have to fear our STAB combination. Additionally, this typing has access to strong STAB moves Thunderbolt and Hurricane.

Types I'm not to fond of:

As i was writing this, i had it as types i was rooting for. My main thoughts were "this walls Gholdengo and Kingambit, this typing could be useful!"
However, this typing carries with it really bad downsides. Being weak to fighting in a meta with Great Tusk, Iron Valiant, and Revanankh is really bad, and you are weak to both of Iron Valiant, Jumbao, AND Caribolt's STABs. You take extra chip from Argh's Circle Throw. You're weak to Volt Switch AND U-turn as well.
Offensively, you are a little bit better, but Jumbao and Roaring Moon can use you as free entry. You're stone-walled by the best pokemon in the tier, Argh, too. Yikes.

um, sorry but this typing really isn't that great. you're weak to both of great tusk's stabs. The ghost immunity is enamoring because you wall Dragapult and Gholdengo's stabs until you get absolutely melted by their coverage. You can't even hit Gholdengo back for neutral. not gonna sugarcoat it this typing is straight up terrible

Appealing typing because of the 3 immunities and only 1 weakness. Despite this, the typing is still defensively lacking, IMHO. Normal/Ghost takes a LOT of the type chart for neutral damage, and that's a bad thing. Since CAP32 is going to have mediocre stats, we cannot rely on sheer bulk to sponge hits they way Blissey would. Neutral hits are going to do a lot of damage and key resistances are the way CAP32 has to get its defensive utilty from. Offensively, its the same thing. Mediocre stats means we can't rely on our own sheer power to muscle through targets the way ghosts like Gengar would; we have to rely on valuable types to be SE against. The only thing we hit for SE is ghost, which is admittedly valuable, but nowhere near as good as types like Fire/Fairy, Fire/Psychic, Electric/Flying, and so on.

Types that are Neutral vs. a lot are going to be a liability for CAP32.
To repeat on why I dont like normal/ghost,
Mediocre stats means we can't rely on our own sheer power to muscle through targets the way ghosts like Gengar would; we have to rely on valuable types to be SE against. Mediocre also stats means we cannot rely on sheer bulk to sponge hits they way Blissey would. Neutral hits are going to do a lot of damage and key resistances are the way CAP32 has to get its defensive utilty from.

Im not much of a fan of any ground type submissions, currently. If we make CAP32 a ground type, its most likely going to be outclassed by great tusk, garchomp, libra, and clodsire theres a ground type for every niche in OU and they're going to all have better stats than CAP32.

I feel like Poison/Dragon is better. Poison/Steel is by no means bad, its two of the better defensive typings in the game smushed together, plus you resist Make it Rain from Gholdengo, but i feel like Poison/Dragon resisting types like Electric, Fighting and Water are more valuable.
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types that I think are cool

Fire/Fairy: I looooooove this typing. It can go either offensive or defensive, which in my opinion is great for an “average” statline. Also I wanna defensive pokemon so…. Fire paired with Fairy allows us to resists Fighting, Dark, Bug, other Fire, and Grass, other Fairy, and Ice moves. That’s a lot of resistances, which makes its defensive potential great. Paired with the offensive superiority that Fairy and Fire both possess, you have a great Mon, even with low “bang average” stats

Dragon/Fairy: Really cool typing and kinda unexplored typing, this is L’d by Libra and Corv and other Steels, but offensive it really pulls its weight. Defensively, you remove your Dragon weakness and notably resist Fire, Electric, Dark, Bug, and Fighting. Interesting typing that I’m excited about

Electric/Flying: Ground immunity is very nice. Weakness to SR, not as nice, but like Someone said, Electric/Flying seems very anti-meta rn. One of the few viable typing that can hit Venomicon SE, and it can switch into Great Tusk, Libra, and Ting-Lu


Dragon/Steel is very, very bulky, only weak to Ground and Fighting, while very common types, I’m pretty sure it resists nearly like 10 types, this is definitely a great defensive type to watch out for.


Ain’t this HO spam? Ground/Fairy is really, really good, almost to good for this project. Ik people have been joking in the discord “Ground/Fairy Adaptability” but this is a JUGGERNAUT offensively, and has one of the best defensive pair in the game


Steel/Fairy is kinda Ground/Fairy with less steroids and more defensive idealology. Not much to say here other than everyone knows how amazing this is


Crawdaunt at home oh wait it’s a Christmas present actually is very fun. Water and Dark have great offensive potential and it’s my favorite offensive type due to it’s niche defensive pressure


My favorite purely defensive typing and Normal type, Water’s resistances and Normal’s not weaknesses and Ghost immunity make this a very potent defensive threat


Very niche, but very cool, I wanna like but’s it’s a little to weak for this project

Also, I don’t like Fire/Psychic, too bad defensively sorry, not sorry:pika:
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I completely agree with the Fire/Fairy and the Electric/Ghost ideas above. Both are great, Electric/Ghost being proved by Rotom primarily for a good "balanced" typing. Fire/Fairy is great for offense, combining two very offensive types and having some great resistances.

I can't say anything that hasn't already been said, I'm excited on how CAP-32 will turn out~


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Gonna disagree with bob's post above. Being SR weak is absolutely a minus, but realistically HDB is already such a good item anyways on a large number of roles its not an absurd issue. Beyond that, Knock Off is at its lowest level since gen5, and its really not that hard to just avoid swapping into it when its obvious.

Again, while SR weak is an issue, I also think a lot of the rocks weak typings absolutely justify that drawback. Flying has perhaps the single most common immunity in the game, as Ground moves are more common than Electric, Psychic, or Ghost by a country mile, let alone Fighting/Dragon/Normal moves, is known for having one of the most spammable stabs in the game, and also has a number of important resists. Fire doesn't have that extremely accessible immunity, but has the second most resistances in the game after Steel, and unlike Steel has an actually good offensive typing.


Beyond the defense of Fire/Flying above, I'm also a major fan of Fire / Psychic, which already has shown its worth with how potent Armorouge HO builds can be (see CAPPL), and having a more focused chassis built around that typing seems incredibly promising regardless of which role we end up going for.

Water / Psychic is a bit of a twist on Fire/Psychic but is still a deceptively good offensive typing, which still maintains good defensive presence. It will be a bit hard to work around Slowbro/Slowking lurking in the background, but there's still a load of design space open.

I'm also a huge fan of Grass/Steel. This is just about the only Grass typing I'd really consider here, but like, it absolutely offers resistances in droves, surprisingly competent offensive presence, well, vs how good you'd expect it to be; the typing's still not an offensive juggernaut, seeing as it managed to keep Kartana balanced with 181 attack, but still, there's some merit there. This realistically is a Steel typing that offers even more resistances, and that's always going to be relevant.

A final shoutout goes towards Ice/Ground. This typing basically takes care of our entire offensive presence just through our stabs, which leaves a lot of space open for basically any offensive role just on that basis. Because we already have the entire meta covered with just 2 stab moves, we sorta open up the ability to run basically any other offensive utility, regular utility, or just specialized coverage in the other two slots, which leaves a lot of space open for ability choice and stats, provided we're willing to run offensive.


I'm not a huge fan of Ground/Fairy because it sorta feels like it should hit the entire meta for solid damage, but realistically Venomicon is so absurdly common in tour play that this typing ends up being sorta just good offensively, rather than the expected great offensively. Levitate Libra still existing is another negative, and moreso than Ice/Ground it feels like you'll be competing with the rest of the ground types for a team slot.
(I'm a lil new to this whole concept, but are we considering Tera Types in this or will that be evaluated once the mon is complete? sorry for small candy brain moment)
In theory we shouldn't be considering tera types just yet. Considering tera's unstable nature in the meta and the fact it will be gone next gen I don't think we will end up building the mon to work with it specifically, but it should probably pop up in later stages like moveset and the like since we should defintely take account of it to some extent due to its very meta defining effects on the CAP meta.

If you have any more questions I would suggest going to the CAP Q&A thread at the top, should clear any issues you might have.


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speaking as TLT member:

tera is still rather elusive to talk about since it is quite volatile and metagame-trends dependent for the most part. i feel like basing on type with how it may interact with tera isn't smart, given its legality being questionable as the year goes on, and the fact that it is still rather early to make any concrete decisions/assumptions on what we tera into. tera dynamics are quite complicated so i feel it's best to approach from a "rolling with punches" attitude and only address tera when its necessary (i.e. movesets since we will have tera blast or specific abilities).


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Types that I like:

Water/Dark is perfect for this type of statline that we're going for since it can be taken both offensively and defensively. The niche defensive capabilities it has fit well into the metagame and its offensive potential has already been highlighted. I think it'd be awesome, especially since Water/Darks in the past haven't been able to use the typing well defensively.

Fairy/Ground is a busted typing on both ends, but being put on an "average" Pokemon helps reel it in a bit. I disagree with the posts saying any Ground combination would get outclassed when we could just, make the Ground-type good? This typing also beats Great Tusk so :pip:

Grass/Steel is underrated, really solid defensively and has some applications to go offensive as well with hitting metagame threats like Jumbao and Great Tusk. give me Ferrothorn at home

Fire/Fairy I really don't have anything to add that others haven't mentioned, its a very cool typing that would undoubtedly be good, and its never been used before even in the main games.

Poison/Dragon and Poison/Steel are my favorite Poison duos that were nominated. Both have excellent defensive merit, with Poison/Dragon also being alright offensively. If we're looking to go into a defensive CAP, these would be my top picks.

Also throwing my hat in the ring for Fairy/Dragon and Ghost/Flying. I think those could be really neat. Other typings that are aight to me are the Ice-type ones, a new Ice CAP would be epic but I dunno if having average stats would end up hurting the mon too much with Ice-typing being so bad. Fire/Psychic would also be cool, although its mostly cause there hasn't been a Psychic CAP project since Aurumoth (rest in peace).

edit: Fire/Electric might be a top 5 pick that type is raw
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Yo. Subbing Fire/Electric.

1. How does this type perform offensively? What Pokemon can it target?​

Answering this question first since this is the type's best selling point. Fire/Electric is a potent STAB combination capable of scoring neutral if not SE damage against much of the format. Notable Pokemon that are weak to this typing include:

:Arghonaut: :Equilibra: :Venomicon: :Jumbao::Gholdengo: :Snaelstrom::Caribolt: :Corviknight::Greninja: :Tomohawk::Kingambit::Meowscarada::Toxapex:

While Fire/Electric cannot reliably switch-into several of these mons (without the assistance of immunity abilities at least), this is still a sizeable selection of relevant Pokemon that are threatened by the combo. Electric itself is rare in the current format, making Fire/Electric an overall standout offensive typing.

2. What useful type resistances/immunities does this type have that can make up for poor stats?​

While it boasts great offensive prowess, the defensive profile of Fire/Electric shouldn't be glossed over. This typing packs a whopping 8 resistances, the most noteworthy of these being Steel, Bug, Fairy, Grass and opposing Fire-types. Referring back to the list above, this would give switch-in opportunities against the following Pokemon:

Resists both STABs: :Jumbao: :Caribolt:
Resists one STAB and is not weak to the other STAB: :Gholdengo: :Venomicon: :tomohawk::Kingambit:
Can freely come in on: :Corviknight:
This typing could also check the following Pokemon by resisting their STABs::Volcarona: :Cinderace:

3. Does this type come with any additional benefits that are particularly appreciated by CAP 32? (ex. Stealth Rock resistance, immunity to a status, etc.)​

It is immune to burn and paralysis, both are nifty.

4. Does this type suggest a more defensive or offensive path moving forward? Or does it leave this matter up in the air?​

As mentioned before, this typing very much leans towards an offensive path, and would likely prefer using its defensive merits to find switch-in opportunities.

I'm not entirely sure how to transition into this, but I do wanna take note of Fire/Electric's shortcomings since they're quite noticeable. Offensively the typing is blanked by most Dragons. And defensively, a 4x weakness to Ground is rough when Ground-types are such a common sight while Water isn't far behind in relevance. Being to weak Rock also heavily encourages using Boots, limiting our item options and making it difficult to switch-into :Meowscarada:due to Knock Off. However, these flaws can be mitigated in later stages and the typing's strengths are well worth it.


Gonna shout out some cool typings. As you might expect I'm a huge fan of most of the Fire combos; namely Fire/Flying, Fire/Fairy and Fire/Psychic. My favorite of these is Fire/Fairy since it's such a synergetic combo and provides the most defensive value of the three, though I still enjoy Fire/Psychic's incredible power and the riskier but surprisingly well-balanced Fire/Flying. Water/Psychic is also a solid contender, sort of a less volatile Fire/Psychic since Water/Psychic is a bit less potent offensively but is more useful defensively.

Other typings that I think are neat include Dragon/Fairy (very good defensive profile, if poor offensively), Electric/Steel, Electric/Flying (both of these Electric subs are great, though I think I prefer Electric/Flying since it's quite a bit better offensively and Ground immunity is a huge plus) and Grass/Steel (juggernaut of a defensive typing).

Personally, every Ice sub and every Ground sub just pales in comparison to Ice/Ground. I wouldn't go so far as to say that Ice/Ghost is a bad choice, but it honestly does seem like a worse Ice/Ground (Ground nails both :skeledirge: and non-Balloon :Gholdengo: while most other Ice resists won't like eating Ground STAB anyway) and Ice/Fire would need quite a bit of help to make it work. Ground subs run into the issue of having to compete with :great-tusk:, :equilibra:, :garchomp:, :Ting-Lu: and potentially others, very stiff competition. Ice/Ground is the only one that really stands out as a powerhouse in this regard and could be interesting to see through.
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Ill submit/support Water/Flying here.

When I think of typings that pair well with average or below average stats, Im looking for things that provide some key immunities for free switchins rather than a slew of resists paired with mediocre stats- I know that I dont want to switch in something like Meowscarada into a Colossoil Headlong Rush/Knock Off even if its resisted, because itll not take the hit well, so Im framing this around actual meta switchins that can allow the pokemon to come in for free/on a very weak coverage move.

:arghonaut: :equilibra: always switches in vs the most common glue mons in the tier- this equals free opportunities every game. Equilibra coverage is not that easy to switch into and this mon resists every move. To me, these free switchins are more valuable than a big list of checks, provided this mon has something to do when it gets a free switchin.
:great-tusk: :garchomp: :ting-lu: :smokomodo: earthquake/ground move is still one of the most used moves in the game. flying is great because it comes in on those without taking dmg and regardless of stats. When I looked at typings that gave immune switchins in A- and above, the options were incredibly slim. Only Flying, Normal, and Ghost were offering reliable switchins on immunities, and Flying has the best switchins vs the most used Pokemon without getting rocked by neutral/super-effective dual stabs.

On the other side of things, this is a typing with a strong offensive profile. Out of 26 mons ranked A- and above, it hits 14 super effectively, and only 2 mons resist- neither of which have reliable recovery. CAP has always been threatened by Flying dual types and this is a particularly good one.
Both types are boosted by team support in rain with ease if choosing to go a more offensive route. It has many moves that can be boosted by strong abilities. As mentioned before, hitting stuff super effectively is important for mons with a low offensive stat. And while it does have a weakness to HDB and being teched for with Tera Electric, I think its own Tera can help it disguise those and any other weaknesses. I also dont think that being a Flying type gives it heavy competition with things like Venomicon as the process is so early and open, and competition usually happens between mediocre typings instead of generically great typings which can slot multiple times into a competitive team with ease. This also applies for its competition for taking the "Water type" slot.

-offers some of the best switchins from typing alone with bad stats
-offensively great, and easy routes to boost low stats offensively through ability,movepool and/or team support
-combination of two archetypal typings that you often want at least one of on most teams
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Quick support post before slate goes up:

I'd like to echo Pipotchi on Water/Flying support. They made all the main points that I would have, so mostly just another point to this typing as a good fit.

Ah Grass/Steel, the typing I probably should have submitted - the reason I didn't was because I wanted the offensive pressure of Ground, but realistically I like this typing for the same reason I liked Grass/Ground, Grass is surprisingly good offensive coverage for a lot of top threats and does fairly well defensively, and Steel just brings that over the top. I also called out leveraging weather in future stages and I think Grass/Steel can definitely fit on multiple weather comps as well. Love the defensive strength and open design space. Even with the risk of Kartana or Ferrothorn returning, I think there's still space here to differentiate.

Fire/Psychic is the last one I wanted to draw attention to. This type is absolutely unhinged offensively, and definitely requires us to build in that direction. I do like that Psychic has a time to shine in the current meta, and I find this type has better coverage that Fire/Fairy. I find this niche offensively doesn't have much real competition which is another plus.
Showing support for some typings:

Fire/Psychic is a fascinating unexplored type. Not only is the coverage great, but it has some good defensive utility with resisting Jumbao's stab + tera fire. Shame boots are mandatory, though.

Ground/Flying is good and everyone knows this due to a certain Pokemon. Its amazing offensively, which is a shame that both canon Ground/Flying types don't use flying STAB.

Ice/Ghost is so bold, and I didn't think about it until i realized how much it hits. Ice is a fantastic offensive type, Ghost is a fantastic offensive type. It's a great combination.

Ghost/Fairy is genius and must have been submitted by the coolest Person on Earth

Electric/Steel is only hit neutrally by water, dark, and ghost. It is only weak to fighting, ground (x4), and fire. It resists 13 types! Not to mention its decent offensive STAB.
Fire / Flying
I think it’s clear that fire is a great typing this time around and Fire flying is one of them.
While it has a debilitating weakness to stealth rock, that is not a death sentence. In fact Talonflame managed to be solidly OU with a variety of sets, BEFORE BOOTs and WITHOUT MAGIC GUARD. While a large part of that was obviously Pre nerf Gale Wings, its defensive and offensive presence due to its typing were still very important and we have the opportunity of matching Gale wings power during ability and moves discussion.
access to high power stabs on both biases and commonly distributed utility for both types is a huge argument in favor. It’s defensive profile is unique at the moment and it’s offensive coverage is formidable as was explained before.
I especially like that it keeps the role discussion very open and let’s us explore a variety of paths.
This one feels like the modest sibling typing for the eccentric fire flying. It’s more balanced defensively and feels a little less agressive offensively. Nevertheless it has some really good matchups into the meta and allows a similarly open process as fire flying.
As stated above I think Fire has a lot of potential for this cap with it’s good mix of defensive and offensive options.
While I think that this combinations defensive merit was oversold a bit, since it seems hard to actualize the Dragon immunity and Fighting resist, its offensive potential is amazing and the types allow for interesting explorations of a low bst offensive Mon with a great set of move options and interesting ability interactions. I don’t enjoy the (subjectively felt) restriction compared to fire flying, but it’s still one of my favorite options.
I don’t really like this option for one reason. While it’s Stab combination is awesome for its coverage, the mostly low move power seems awkward for a typing that is going to have to be balls to the wall offensive.
I think this an interesting typing with a stupid good defensive profile and two very potent offensive types (that don’t work well together - which might actually be interesting to explore two different paths with abilities). I don’t really have an image of what this Mon could look like and how open the pricess can be for this typing but I wouldn’t worry about working with it.
Honestly oddly this typings time has passed. It’s defensive profile is unmatched on paper but I think it doesn’t match up nearly as well in the current meta, that is full of strong ground and fire type attackers and offensively the combination seems mostly awkward. There’s still room to design with this typing since it can only be so bad having so many resists and immunities and the ne really Spammable stab.
Imo this typing faces a similar issue as ghost/ice in that it’s Stab options are unreliable or only moderately powerful. I feel like it’s defensive profile and more Spammable offensive typing make it a slightly better pick and it might be interesting to explore further.
Fire / Psychic
I just love the type, what can I say. Obviously it faces a lot pf challenges defensively (even moreso than Fire fairy) but it has defensive merit compared to some other types mentioned and offensively the stab coverage is nuts. Moreover I think both typings open a bevy of options for high synergy integrated offensive builds that are almost impossible to replicate with other types.
I really like theorymonning this type, but without a lot of poll jumping I think it doesn’t offer a lot. The Stab power is a mixed bag and while it has great coverage it is far from as powerful as other offensive types. It’s defensive profile isn’t excellent even though it offers some cool resists and could be amazing with the right abilities. The best it offers is access to stab moves and type specific utility that has some cool synergy with several abilities.
Yes this is a very powerful type on paper, but I really don’t enjoy that we are designing against the tide with this one as frankly I don’t remember a typing (in this case ground) being so crowded with such a variety of powerful options in any metagame I’ve played.
One of the best types in the game imo and another sibling to the first two typings. Great offensively and defensively with a lot of options to explore especially wrt intrinsic synergies with abilities and moves. I’m Not nearly as hyped about it as the other two flying types I have discussed so far but it’s still a very good option.
Maybe the only ground I think could work as honestly this is a flying type with electric immunity more than anything. Still I feel like the design space is very limited (and even if we shouldn’t think about this, we are competing with god Lando.
Busted defensive type with ok offensive presence. Could be cool to explore.
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