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The train continues full steam ahead! It now has a tail that extends onto its head for the Armor Tail ability! There's a lot of visual improvement from this and my previous iterations and I'm really happy with this direction. So many people that have helped me reach this point and are continuing to help me perfect this design, super excited for the final product. We're almost there but I still have to iron out a few things before this train can fully leave the station.
-less swirls on the big smoke clouds
-make the caboose more distinct
-make the tail cloud look less like breaking wind oops
-possible color change for the green smoke clouds, to fit the other smoke clouds
-fix the issue with tangents by making the tail spread out a little and sleeking out the design in general

And...yeah that's it for now! All aboard bois. :]


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This design is based entirely on Bacteriophages, viruses that infect bacteria and turn them into factories to produce more bacteriophages. A concept that fits well with how dragon's only super effective hits are on other dragons. The color scheme was very tricky to finalize, so I hope it works well.

IMG_6714.png Here is the supporting sketch page detailing what the little creature is like.
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megaphone lizard has become worthy of its dragon typing! and also is now a whole speaker system?

side view showing the frill and wings (front view w/ wings open tbd)

edit: finally found a wing design i think i'm happy with - the membranes on these open up along the wing line to look like the main frill
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Loosely ankylosaurus based dragon with a musical twist. Its tail is supposed to resemble those over-the-top-spiky electric guitar designs, which it slams into the ground rockstar style to create soundwaves. It's also equipped with venom-laced spikes on its back and shoulders/hips. I'll probably mess with the proportions a lot depending on the stats but for now I kind of like him like this.

Alt Guitars etc.png - Bunch of alternate tail designs


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Man, I really haven't been paying attention here in a while. Tried to scribble an accordion dragon but didn't really like where that anatomy was going. So here. Have a boyband gorgon hydra. I suppose it should've been obvious a lot of us were going to go for microphone tails.
Final Submission

my son

Based on hydras, stereotypical glowing green goo (which ain't real sadly), radiation, mutations, conjoined twins, various tropes of the effects of radiation. It makes noise by banging on its steel drum, and pun with Drum. The original hydra was also poisonous which fits with this too lmao. Also snakes duh

Supporting Material

Some notes:

- It lacks any mouth. It tries to bite things but it just gets absorbed and it eats it anyways.
- The teeth and eyes are the only solid parts of it, the rest is incredibly malleable to whatever needs.
- The barrel is for defense, but can easily slither out of it if needs. Helps for the speed, but pokemon speed is bizarre.
- The snot is mandatory.

High quality pic and sketches
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