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Final Submission
CAP 34 - 'Rockatrice'.png

A design inspired by punk rock, the cockatrice, and the shoebill stork. Shoebills can make a remarkable clattering noise with their beaks that sounds almost like a machine gun, which called to mind the headbanging stereotypical of heavy metal and punk rock, so therein lies the connection.

Supporting Material

CAP 34 Supporting Material.pngSmall sketches of its head, with an illustration of it headbanging to produce sound.

Edit: Was told to put the key art on a white background. As you command, so it shall be.
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Here I am, up later to bat than normal!
Back a couple projects ago I drafted a nasty trashbag monster, and I've decided to recycle it for this one!

So here we have a large and intimidating dragon-like creature made of scrap metal and wearing a torn plastic bag over it all (where one finds trash bags this large is an open question). I realize this thing is probably too steel-typed for everyone's tastes, but honestly I just wanted to create a vicious beast ' 3'

Inspirations include:
Nargacuga, Namielle and Gore Magala from the Monster Hunter franchise, with Zinogre's back spines to taste.
Darkbeast Paarl from Bloodborne.
Scrap Wyvern from the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.
The Knife Angel statue
Plus some others I can't disclose here. Ask me on Discord for more info!

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Here is my entry. Here, this one actually stays true to the confirmed abilities.

The Pokemon I made here is loosely based on nagas, lamias (two mythical human/snake like hybrids), rattlesnakes, sirens and gorgons, but also takes inspiration from Echidna (or Ehkidna), the monster mother of Greek Myth (not to be confused with the Australian Monotreme of the same name) whose name means "poisonous viper".

For Dazzling, she could use her bright yellow eyes on either her face, or on the false snake heads.
For Queenly Magesty, like I said, the Echidna Myth.
For Armor Tail, the end of her tail has hard, rattling scales like a rattlesnake. This also allows her to use Clanging Scales.

I'm not sure if this would make it, but we'll just have to wait and see.

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Final Submission

1117 sin título_20240406182606.png

graffiti lizard! has also a slight hydra motif w the head and two dragon head-shaped tails, which it also uses as giant spray cans to fire off powerful ranged attacks, or to bash its opponents with them.

Supporting Material
1125 sin título_20240404101827.png1138 sin título_20240406182209.png1116 sin título_20240402084438.png

last one is a high res version of the main art
Graffiti spray is poisonous, and its a lizard with a slight hydra inspo, and spray art normally tries to give interesting shapes to letters, and lizards bodies look similar to graffiti, with how long and flexible they are, similarly to the wildness of the lines of graffiti art.

It uses these moves by shaking its spray cannons, similar to how graffiti artists shake their spray cans before spraying to make sure they arent clogged, these doing a repeated clank-like sound on the process.

Flamethrower/Fire Blast/Hydro Pump
Blasts its target with painted fire/water.

Surf/Sludge Wave
Creates a wave of paint around it.

Priority Blocking Ability (Dazzling):
It has bright and saturated colors, similar to graffiti.

Fast and Specially Offensive-oriented stats:
Its a lizard (fast) with two huge spray cannons on its tails (specially offensive).
Final Submission

Little sake dragon that lives in a jug and makes intoxicating alcohol when its long, poisonous scales come into contact with water
Based on the concept of snake wine, which is a kind of weird alcohol with a whole preserved snake in it (sometimes they use scorpions instead or even both together!) The venom of the snake adds to the alcoholic content and is usually very strong. Kinda safe to drink, but sometimes it can cause health problems due to the venom mixture.

It's also partially based on a shuchuu, or sake bug/wine worm (despite the name, it's more like a little fish/reptile thing in most depictions), a kind of mythical Chinese spirit said to turn water into sake if put inside a container. If the creature itself is ingested, then that person would never get drunk no matter how much alcohol they consumed.

The Xs on the jug indicates the strength and quality of alcohol in it: more Xs = highest quality and stronger alcohol. Most commonly seen on moonshine, but it can apparently be used for other kinds of alcoholic drinks. Xs are also sometimes used as a symbol for poison vials (though they only use one X and are usually a skull and cross bones than the letter itself.) I opted to do a cross between the two symbols.

I also kinda modeled it off of Polteageist :'D though I like to think this guy is a little bit bigger than you'd think.

Supporting Material
Some doodles of it using some moves and what its like inside of its container.
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