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Some constructive criticism:

KoA: I really like your Seraph Moth concept. However, I really don't think the colors work. The odd Gold-tinted Green Wings doesn't fit well with the pink fur. Perhaps the wings could be less green, and more yellow-gold?

DougJustDoug: Although I like the concept of a Book-Worm pokemon, I'm not sold on the execution. The design looks very inorganic, like if you stuck book pages on the belly of a worm. It just looks unreal to me. Maybe if the Book-Worm was a flying creature, and had book-page shaped wings, it would look better?

CBMeadow: You probably have my favorite design so far. It really does look like a mystical insect, fitting the Bug/Psychic typing well. However, I would like an explanation to why this Praying-Glowworm-Mantis is holding a feather. I have no problem with it holding a feather, I just would like to know what purpose it serves.

aragornbird: Another good concept with a Mystical Dung Beetle with sun themes. However, I feel that the design feels... bland, maybe. I feel that this design could have some more pizazz. But a good concept overall, you should without a doubt keep working on it.

Calad: Your UFO cocoon is a much more interesting design than the fortune teller bug. I would love to see some supporting material of your UFO cocoon in action.

Hmm, I might try to make a character design myself, but I'm certainly not as talented as you guys, so maybe not....
Just a quick sketch that I came up with plz let me know what you think about and if I should keep

Was meant to be some sort of a combination between an alien and a Mantis
The blades, Scissors (dont really know what they're called on a mantis) are supposed to be made out of psychic forcefields so the are actual blades/scissors like they are on for example kabutops/Schyther


Gonna have to say that, brilliant as Calad's and Quanyails' designs are, I think using an actual psychic, or a medium, or a fortune teller, or whatever you want to call it to represent a psychic type is pretty much the least creative you could get. Not trying to be mean, but I think the most successful way to go is to use mystical design patterns and giving it a mystical vibe, as well as playing around with color schemes. If you look at GF's pokemon, not a single fortune teller or medium can be spotted (I guess zam is a magician, but not quite the same thing), and most of them are shown to be psychic through colors (espeon, mew, musharna), patterns (medicham, bronzong, claydol), or certain features having mystical feels to them (cresselia's rings, solrock's eyes, girafarig's tail).
With all due respect, I feel exactly the opposite. One very big problem that I'm having with a lot of the submitted designs is exactly that they go for the magical or mystical angle rather than the psychic angle. Magical/Mystical =/= Psychic. The distinction may be a blurry one sometimes, but I don't think that it's too hard to distinguish. Take a look at a design like nov's. It's absolutely gorgeous, but there's nothing particularly psychic about it despite the somewhat mystical angle (that's my only complaint about it, nov, but it's a big one). I don't think that gamefreak is where we should look for inspiation here exactly because they're so bad at communicating psychic typing visually. Subtlty does not equate to creativity, and clarity does not equate to uncreativity. I want to see very obviously psychic elements from these designs exactly because I don't see them from gamefreak.

Like nov's design, the designs of Birkal, aragornbird, Mos-Quitoxe, and KoA are all fantastic, but I'd just like to see something more clearly visually psychic-evocative as opposed to just magical or mystical.


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So I decided to walk down a more "Oracle" inspired path instead (with very subtle hints of tarot reading)
OMG that thing looks amazing Yilx defintly my favourite so far!
The only downside I see though is that I will miss megahorn on CAP 4...

Anyways, even though you didn't use the scorpion that still looks awesome! Maybe showing it to us in a couple different colours could help, since that pink and purple seems a tad bright/harsh to me.
Wow, Yilx, your design is definitely one of my favorites! The main body easily conveys bug, while the mystic wings are very psychic! I really like your pokemon.
New idea, based a bit on original idea and inspired by dougjustdoug's bookworm.

Work in progress.

This might take some explaining. It is a living web. Those, currently, blue little ovals in the red diamonds? Bugs wrapped up in the web. They aren't dead. Each little wrapped up bug has its own mind and contributes control of the web.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.
Yilx your pokemon is absolutely amazing! It oozes everything that it should from the image alone and also looks cool while doing so along with having an amazing color scheme to go along with it. I have been waiting for CAP to finally do a Bug/Psychic type pokemon and this is a good way to stat with it.

Edit: I think editing out the pink and replacing it with purple will make it a lot easier on the eyes and will make the color scheme really complimentary.
Holy balls Yilx, amazing artwork and design O.o
Gonna have to agree with SubwayJ though, try experimenting with less harsh shades of pink, especially on the head.
Artists want feedback? I'd be honored.

First, I just want to say in general the pieces are all awesome. I've been paying attention to the CAP process since Voodoom, and the art submissions are always a blast. Seeing your brainstorms come to life in the pictures you submit is truly neat.

I'll continue by saying in general, I see quite a number of cute bug/psychic submissions coming up. That in no way is a problem of course, hell who doesn't love an adorable little buggy (Joltik, Surskit, Caterpie...<3)? But I feel it's really easy to fall into the trap of making a cutemon with the types as they are. And we already got our cute fix with CAP3 (aka Mollux, the adorable lava lamp snail), didn't we? Maybe it's just me, but for this CAP, I will definitely be voting for the art submission that looks most bad-ass. With Bug/Psychic, you can come with some really edgy and stellar concepts (as some people have already shown). Do whatever you feel most comfortable with of course! If a cutesy magician bug is stuck in your brain, and you love the idea, then go for it! I just feel there is a good opportunity to bring in another Bad-ass looking Bug type.

Now, might I also say that i have seen some people say that an art submission "Does not look like a psychic pokemon", or "Looks the bug part, but not psychic", and so on and so on. Quick question though, does Jynx look like an Ice type? What about Vibrava, does it look part dragon? Some pokemon have a typing, but don't necessarily scream it, and that's not a bad thing (just imagine Jynx in an pale blue color scheme with icicles jutting out for her back.... shudders). So what i'm saying is, if an artist submits a piece that has subtle hints that the CAPmon is psychic (or bug), or does not seem to be psychic (or bug) at all, then that shouldn't be a problem. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and you might actually want the CAP to scream "I'm a Bug AND A PSYCHICCCCC", but the artists will do what they think is best for their piece, so let's not try to have them conform to our wants and ideas (rather, accept their unique styles and choices).

And now, onto the specific feedback!
Yilx- Your mystic moth is killer. Definitely has the bad-ass factor i personally am looking for in this CAP. the color scheme is alright, but the pink and purple seem a bit much... maybe too bright? i think if you add some more shades of purple, or add in another color subtly, it could be even better. Still, as it is you once again have a CAP worthy art submission!

Birkal- Your submission, i don't know why, but it doesn't really do it for me. It's masterfully done of course, i mean i can't draw worth crap, but for some reason it doesn't pull to me like some other submissions do. The concept it cute, a little cockroach magician! But it feels too human-like? or too much like a magician? I'm not sure how to give you fair criticism, it's just your piece doesn't gravitate towards my appeals.

Calad- Your submission is one of my favorites, though it is kind of cute. I love the color scheme, and the hints to swamis and hinduism. I've noticed your submissions throughout the CAPs, and they are always simple, yet quirky. I really dig it!

Quanyails- I like your submission, as it doesn't scream "I'M A PSYCHIC TOOOO", but yet you can still hint to where it could be its secondary typing. I also like the position you put your pokemon in, as it seems to be contemplating something, or maybe seeing the future? excellent, your art is in my top picks.

Aragornbird- I cannot wait to see you work on this more. I love the egyptian theme, and while small and somewhat cute, it looks bad-ass. I can't wait to see the texture and shading added into it! The primary colors also appeal to me, the brightness of them all.

CBmeadow- You know, it looks cool, it really does. I just have an odd feeling about it. Not sure why... i don't want to say it looks too alien, because i think that's been already said. I like it nevertheless. The color scheme is groovy, and i like it's feather prop, though it's kind of out of place (maybe if it was holding a shiny scale, or something of the sort)

Espeon65- Um.... its alright. I don't want to say it sucks, because my drawings are even worse. I like the concept, that you are making it like a rosy maple moth, though.

Furosuto- I'm not getting the concept. I know it's a worm hybrid like you said, but it just doesn't work, in my opinion. maybe if you make a better sketch of it can see where its going.

Mosquitoxe- Always like seeing your work! Not going to like, that tall thing on the far right is too bizarre for my tastes. I don't even know where its head is! The magical sciencefly is super cool, i really like it. It is a tad complex i reckon, but i would like to see you work on it. Maybe fuse some parts together to make it less complex, add a color scheme! It looks so neat though. The giraffe lamp is cute. Not bad, but like i said before, i kinda like bad-ass bugs.

Cyzirvisheen- I love your artwork too! You always have neat things, and this does look like it can become something incredible. Someone said it's a psychic heracross, but i'm afraid it might resemble too much of a heracross. Well, i don't mind that really. I'm just saying, some people might not like the resemblance. But keep it coming! I want to see how this art turns out :3

Darklatios92- I'm drawn to your drawing! The face and disposition screams "I'm a bad-ass bug. Watch out!". I like the helicopter wings also, i think you could keep working on this concept! you said the color design should be obvious though, and i'd hate to see this pokemon all pink and purple. Please be experimental with the coloring! A psychic pokemon does not HAVE to be pink and purple. I'm seeing alot of those colors, and i think that your pokemon should not conform to that stereotype! Great job though.

Calad Again- Oh god, that ufo cocoon.... I want this to win. So bad. AND ITS CUTE. I don't know why, but i love its design, so much. I would not mind at all seeing this design win, hands down. The color scheme is good for it, and i love the alien play, without making it too bizarre. Incredible work as always.

Akela- There are times when a design is TOO simple, and i think this is one of them. Try experimenting with crazy appendages, or antenne! Or make flashing bulbs, orbs, or teeth! The concept is cool, but there could be more added to it.

Orivexes- I'm so loving that sketch. Please make a bigger version of it soon! I love the color scheme, so freaking much. And the concept it quite unique. I get a forest-faerie feel, and i love it. Please keep doing what you're doing! It's wonderful.

DougjustDoug- Every piece you submit is so neat! This one however did not having me wanting more like your usual pieces. I like the Bookworm concept, but it just looks too odd in my opinion. maybe if the book wasn't its wings? perhaps if it was a land-rover kind of bug? the feather tail attachment is cute. I would love to see you come up with something extraordinarily bad-ass though (I know an artist of your caliber could make something like that!)

Aslyum Rhapsody- I love the idea of the Rorschach test wings. That is really cool. However, i do not like the body of the bug itself. I feel its comedic-ish, and pulls away from the mystic of the Rorschach wings. I feel this concept would shine if you had a black and white color scheme, with the body being simple, yet having a glossy/mystic face. I like what you have so far though, keep it up!

KoA- Yours is my number one Favorite. That thing looks so Bad-ass, and its just bits of floating bug parts! From the spooky but solemn mask to the seraphim wings, i dig it completely. If you could add subtle texture, like maybe have the wings be almost bark-like, that would make my vote yours for sure. I get a feeling of an ancient forest guardian when i see your design, and it's exactly what i like to see. The color scheme is good too, but maybe have the wings be less green and more brown? like the head? maybe combine the color of the wings as they are with the head's color. Honestly though, i love this so so so so so much. If you could touch it up, add shading, make it look in its prime..... you sir will have a winner in my book.

Nov- it looks pretty bad-ass. I feel though it has too much ying-yang in it. If you could tone it down, i feel as if your piece would be even better. But i like the shape, and the orbs of purple and yellow. Excellent my friend!

Empoleon Guru- I love dat stache.

Teravolt- I like the different forms. Its kinda cute, but at the same time still pretty legit. Please add a color scheme and add more detail! I want to see how far you can take this concept, it's not bad!
I'll actually get to a final submission this time, I swear.

Brain Spider! Makes webs that act like neurons and mind control's those caught in it or something. Partially inspired by Porky Minch's robot on Earthbound.

I had another idea for a humanoid made out of lots of tiny insects, but I'm having trouble making it actually look like a pokemon.
Decided I'd do some supplementary art in class, largely out of boredom. I should note that I don't expect CAP4 to get Healing Wish- it was just what I felt like drawing at the time. I experimented a little with slightly different ways to draw Glowworm- so if you prefer one over another do say, so my final submission can be good n' stuff :P

Oh also, these were from memory so some details are probably screwed up. Apologies for webcam quality.

As for why it's holding a feather- I'm not sure why I picked a feather, really, but it's supposed to be a sort of 'sacred object' so to speak. They hold it in high regard. In some of these sketches I don't know where to put the feather, so I may get rid of the idea, but sometimes it works really well so I have no idea. Commentary on that is appreciated.

Commentary and critique; take with rather large grain of salt (a lot of this is just me not seeing Psychic typing in stuff and I'm sorry):

Espeon65: It looks a bit realistic and I find it hard to see a Psychic element. Sorry :c I look forward to seeing you refining that, though- Pokemon based on real creatures will always trump those based on ice cream.

GRs Cousin: I like the concept, but would have to see a more refined version to comment properly- it's rather blurry.

Furosuto: I like this idea- I think it would look pretty cool when fleshed out. I'm tempted to request a black-purple colour scheme, but that might make it look Dark-type.

Mos-Quitoxe: ohmygodthegiraffebeetleissocute but it looks like Mollux I aaah
It's definitely my favourite of the three and I think you should work on that. Make the Psychic type more clear, though- it looks plain Bug or maybe Bug/Steel as is.

CyzirVisheen: I like the detail of it, but it does look very Heracross-esque. It's always cool to have Fighting and Psychic counterparts, though- I don't think you really need to change it much unless the resemblance was unintentional. This looks like it could make use of an unusual colour scheme too, but I'm not sure what.

Darklatias92: I like it! The main thing is that it doesn't have a blunt Psychic element. I can see it being coloured the 'Psychic colours' and I think those would work best for it, but apart from the gemlike eyes I'm not entirely sure "why" it's Psychic. It certainly looks appealing, but mess around with it some more.

Calad new: Stick with the other one. This one looks more Bug/Science than Bug/Psychic, hehe. It is cute, but I think your other one fit the typing better.

akela new: Humanize it a little- just a web is confusing. I like the idea; maybe try adding extra detail to the bugs, perhaps make them have details that look like eyes. Just that sort of thing.

Orivexes: I really like the backstory and I think the humanesque shape works very well for this Bug. It is less buglike that way, but you have the typing represented just fine, and the humanshape head automatically fits the Psychic typing. It does look a little like Syclant, but it's not so egregious I need it changed. One thing- the upper legs- the four thin ones- look kinda stiff and robotic- maybe relax them a little.

DougJustDoug: This design is very cute, I love its looks! My suggestion- take with however many grains of salt you please, again- is to make his little antennae-tips look like lures, pink glowing things. Not sure if it would WORK but it might help show the Psychic typing with more clarity. Try it out, use your own discretion- just a footnote.

AsylumRhapsody: I would NEVER have thought of something like this. Definite points for originality, and I see it fitting both typings well. You might have to make the body not-light-brown, though- I hate to say it, but colours DO make an impression on the typing of a Pokemon. Brown is a rather 'realist' colour, and may not fit. Try it out, but also try other colours- not just the ordinary pink and purple of Psychics, but experiment. As for the wings- dark anything is fine, probably.

KoA: I like this one. There isn't much I can say on it honestly, it is a nice design with a nice concept.

nov: I like the idea, and I do like the colour scheme- the yellow and purple on the wings is a nice touch, being opposite colours as white and black are- and I like the concept. I also like just how you've put together the image. Like, like, like. The main thing is that, as you said, it's very humanshape for a Pokemon- but firstly, it works, and secondly, I can't see any way to suggest a fix to it. :P

Empoleon Guru: Hehe, this is amusing, I do have to say. Unfortunately not much else to say, but the concept is rather hilarious. :P

TeraVolt: This is a cute design, and I see both typings represented. Not much by way of critique- I look forward to seeing the finished version!

Yilx's is still awesome, I agree to maybe tone down the purple somewhat though, it needs a little contrast.

Mari: This is a little.. Creepy. In a good way though. It looks like a human face on a beetle. Pursue this but maybe make the face markings instead of actual constructs- is the eye the bug's actual eye? Lots of bugs have eye patterns; try making the face look like patterns on a bug instead of actually part of the bug, if that makes even an iota of sense, heheh :P

Remember all of the above are just suggestions from one person. Salt, etc.

Oh- Glacier Knight commented before I finished this post. I'll experiment with Glowworm some more later, but I'm gonna take a little break for now, this post took like an hour, heheh.
I like Yilx's design, but it seems like it would be female-exclusive (which is no big deal, but its nice when it doesn't have to be). Also, tone down the purple. Otherwise, awesome. It looks like a combination of espeon and volcarona.

I like KoA's seraph, looks like an elegant shedinja, but I like the biblical description, and if it was encorporated, it would enhance the psychic type(aside the floaty wings):
Above him stood the Seraphim; each had six wings; with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew
Also, Seraphim translates to "burning ones". So it would be cool to see red wings like the actual seraphim do (Heat wave flavour move maybe?)

It comes down to these two for me
First of all, I would like to say Yilx's two bug designs are both amazing, and I feel he is the best choice so far... but let's leave that to the polls XD I actualyl preferred the scopion, but both are amazing designs!

That said, I have my own entry!

I based this mainly off of ancient Egyptian relics and psychic "seeing" orbs, as well as bugs.


So I decided to walk down a more "Oracle" inspired path instead (with very subtle hints of tarot reading)
Very nice work!
The psychic imagery is more subtle than I wish it were, but it's still definitely there. One thing that I'd also like maybe clarified, though, is what those orbs are supposed to be over the antennae.
On the bright side, I think you've done a great job making it look a bit more androgynous than it was before, and I don't know what everybody else is talking about because I love the coloration. I feel like making it any brighter would make it look more cute while keeping it darker and harsher like this makes it look more mysterious.

I like Yilx's design, but it seems like it would be female-exclusive.
How? The thing looks completely androgynous. Just because it's pink and more slightly built? That's ridiculous. There is nothing about any design I've seen in this thread that suggests any unequal sex ratio. The only concept I've even heard that would near warrant it came from somebody in IRC wanting to so something based on an ant hive, specifically showcasing the queen ant, and that warrants it because it's based on a real-world precedent. Even if you do think the design looks feminine, that's still not a good excuse. There are plenty of stereotypically feminine Pokemon that can be male (example: Gardevoir, Gothitelle) and plenty of stereotypically masculine Pokemon that can be female (Example: Machamp, Conkeldurr). To suggest a Pokemon's sex exclusivity over something like stereotypical femininity or stereotypical masculinity is nothing short of sexist if not also possibly homophobic or transphobic. Don't worry, I'm certain that's not your overt intention, and I also don't want to needlessly turn this thread into a discussion of gender politics, but damn, we're making a Pokemon here; it's not nearly unbelievable in a world with female Mr. Mimes that a pink moth could be male.

I'm sorry, this isn't something just aimed at you. It's been building up for a while with some of the comments that I've seen others make to similar effect on IRC, but I just need to get it out there. Especially if somebody's reason for not liking or voting for a particular piece of artwork is just because they don't want another single-sex Pokemon, they can rest easy because there's no good reason to make it single-sex anyway just because it looks a certain way.
Nov I think the yin-yang design is amazing. I love how you've worked the various motifs of the yin-yang into the wings, arms (shoulders particularly) and legs, and I think the purple and yellow are perfect for adding color to the base black and white. My only criticism is that the stance is too straight-forward, almost as though it is a blue-print for the creature; there is no sense of movement for the pokemon or perspective for the viewer. I can understand drawing it this way when you are designing the concept and I can also see the pokemon having a fairly erect stance, but something a little more life-like might be a better final submission. Overall I love the concept, though!
My.. attempt at something of some sort o3o
Started of as a Queen Termite and developed into this Praying Mantis... thing.
The pink things on its arms are supposed to be somewhat similar to prayer beads idk.
My first attempt: just a simple sketch, I'm not trying to win any awards here or anything. I know shading and just the lines in general are bad, I'll get to cleaning it up later.
O.K, I think it's about time for my feedback...

Heroes and Cons: I like the concept, but I think you need to enhance the Bug aspect a little more. After all, Bug is the primary typing. Also, how about making the body parts seem less like objects? (The body in particular looks a little weird with the perfect 3D view.)

CBMeadow: I really like this design, and it's one of the favourites. I'm a bit sceptical about the feather though; it seems tacky and an add-on. How about taking away the feather, as it still looks Psychic due to the orbs.

WPS: Heh, the design is adorable, although underwhelming. How about adding more detail? The main problem I have with this is the fact that it's another spider.

Mari: Although a cool concept, it seems a little inferior to some of the other designs. I'd probably scratch it, and think of something more inventive :)

akela: Ummm.... I'm really doubtful of this concept to be honest, and the artwork doesn't do this much justice. As I said to Mari, scratch it and think up something you'd see as a pokemon.

Yilx: Although I was sceptical of that Oracle Bug at first, and I wanted you to go with the Scorpion, I'm now really liking this pokemon. I disagree with the others; the colour scheme is perfect as it is. I'm unsure of what those balls near the antenna are.. how about replacing them with orbs attatched to the antenna, in the middle or something?

Nov: I'm going to be honest here: I'd do another design. It looks a tad humanoid and unusual, especially for a Pokemon. I know you can do better!

TeraVolt: Although I was unsure at first, I saw the light and realised how brilliant this Pokemon is. I get the Lunatone reference too, a nice addition.

EmpoleonGuru: Umm... an...odd design. I really can't see this as a pokemon though. It looks like you've stuck a person's head on a caterpillar's face. Sorry.

Koa: One of the best designs out there thus far, it's an amazing concept, with a good colour scheme, and nice art.

B.Reinquist: It looks a little too much like Kricketune for my liking. And I doubt the intricate body pattern could be sprited efficiently. A good concept nevertheless.

Rittercat: This looks great, although not that original (not your fault, just the amount of people who have decided that a bug with orbs or turbans will work well). How about "evolving" the desig so it looks more fully evolved. Right now it looks like a pre-evo.

Orivexes: Although edging extremely close to the "Bug and human together" section (which I evidently dislike), I love the concept and feel of the Pokemon.I'm unsure about the feet however. I can't properly judge this until it's fleshed out in colour.

Asylum Rhapsody: I'm not digging the concept thus far, but I'm sure other people would disagree. To me, it looks a bit like Bug/Ghost.

DougJustDoug: Oh wow. I love this concept, and I really hope you continue with this, and add colour. Nothing much to say.

Calad: Awww... a great concept, but my main concern is that it doesn't look fully evolved, like Ritter's.

Espeon65: I suggest sitting this one out and learning different drawing techniques first, before submitting. I don't want people to shoot you down and say that it's terrible. That's my job.

Darklatias92: This looks so amazing... but for the wrong typing. It suits Bug/Flying to me, sorry.

CyzirVisheen: I'd start a new design. Sorry, but it looks too much like Heracross, and a bit too bulky for what the stats will imminently provide.

Mos-Quitoxe: Eek, I'm a harsh critic. To be honest, I don't like either of your three designs. The top left is confusing and too intricate, the bottom left looks strikingly like Mollux, and is a little too bulky and doesn't stand out, and the bottom right is... I have no idea what that is. You have so much potential: use it!

Furosuto: I don't like this concept at the moment... it looks more Grass or Dragon than Bug, and the eyeballs seem a bit tacky.

aragornbird: Nice idea, although a little too simple. I love the colour scheme however.

Quanyails: This is actually pretty good. I love how you've integrated the Psychic typing, whilst still leaving it subtle. I'm especially fond of the expression and postion, which backs up the Fortune Teller feel.

Birkal: To be honest, the concept isn't great. It looks to me like a cockroach with a magic suit and a wand. I think you can do better!
I've just realised that I've become progressively harsher. Anyways, in no particular order, my favourites are:

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