CAP 15 CAP 4 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 2

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For Birkal and capefeather to both make it to this poll, I feel like we've won so much already. Two excellent concepts out of a handful of slated great ones BMB chose initially. It looks like it'll be a close call, but I'm also happy for either one to win.

My vote goes to capefeather because - I want to say for the record here that Pwnemon's concerns posted towards the end of concept submission touched me, particularly what we stand to learn from the Counter even if we're successful. But maybe this idea can receive a new spin for the next CAP when it returns - that'd be awesome in so many ways.

At the same time, capefeather's idea really grew on me over the days and I found myself drawn to already examining the possibilities we could take with this concept for our CAP. There are seriously so many different kinds of risk inherent in Pokemon... so I'm looking forward to very fertile discussions being the result. I can't wait to get started on them! ^_^

I like the idea of a CAPmon threatening a whole brick-load of Pokemonz, only to have one that's fallen from grace be the one to put it in its place. It's a cool idea, and that's why I'm voting for it. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for capefeather's because I'm not a major fan of it.

Pure and simple comment.

I've been lurking this forum for awhile and I think Capefeather's concept has alot of potential! A lot of high risk pokemon usually arent worth the reward, but it would be interesting to see if it could be made viable! Best of luck to both concepts.
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