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@BlueConcept: I love the idea behind your design, and feel that it works very well with the dark/grass theme. Also the look is spot on; it definitely seems like it would be slow and bulky with a higher attack then special attack. Harvest and Inflitrator work as well, since he can harvest from trees (or even from his own 'tree', potentially) and could certainly break through barriers and light screens. All in all, one of my favorites so far :)


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Final Submission

Main Design

Supporting Materials


My inspiration for CAP 5 is a Grim Reaper-esque ear of corn. I've always thought the grim reaper would make for an excellent Pokemon design. I don't think I can get any more Dark-type than the personification of death itself. The flowing "husk robe" and menacing scythe help convey that image. Its husk and stalk are dying and wilted, showing that it's been through hardships, and on the brink of death itself. Perhaps the most dark part of the design is the skull mask with glowing eye sockets. An intelligent being lies behind there; who knows what it could be plotting.

The Grass-typing also fit in well. It's an ear of corn, so it doesn't get much more Grass-type than that! As you can tell, its scythe is a corn stalk; its entirely possible that this Pokemon evolved to break away from its stalk and use it as a weapon and a tool. It has numerous kernels, which it can pop off at will as a host of attacks. Its kernels also have the ability to memorize the last berry this Pokemon consumed. In fact, berries are its main diet; it is a natural agriculturalist and grows its own produce to eat. Finally, this Pokemon has long roots tentacles that can suck up nutrients from the soil and travel slowly, similar to an octopus. It's rumored that it can gauge the health of soil through its roots.

In a way, my design teeters on the line between life and death. Its Dark-type cries out for vengeance; perhaps it is distraught by the fields it used to tend that are now replaced by urban activity. On the other hand, its Grass-typing shows that this Pokemon always grows. It plants and tends all growing things, and it itself can obtain nutrients from the soil and the sunlight. My design gives life, and it takes it away. An professional horticulturalist fits the struggle between life and death perfectly, in my opinion. There's a lot to go off of here for Pokedex entries, from corn mazes it makes while farming the land to the revenge it seeks for its destroyed fields.​


Both abilities fit well with my design. Harvest is covered in spades. This Pokemon has a scythe that it can use to harvest berries from trees and tend to the soil to create more fruit-bearing trees. Its kernels also have the ability to transform into the last berry it ate, meaning it can regenerate that berry indefinitely, especially if it's a sunny day outside.

My design covers Infiltrator even better. It can burrow any of its six root tentacles deep underground to emerge on the other side of the barricade. It can fire off kernels that can swerve over and around the obstacle. And if it needs to get physical, this Pokemon can use its scythe to pierce the defenses and move in for the attack.​

Leaf Blade, Crunch, Wild Charge, and Power Whip
Rapid Spin
Night Slash
Seed Bomb
Icicle Spear
Rest, Sucker Punch, and Shenanigans

I am of the opinion that this design has the ability to pull off literally any attack. It has numerous means of attacking. Its primary attack would probably be through its scythe. The metal rim allows for most Steel-type moves, and it is the source of all of its slashing attacks (Pursuit, Night Slash, Wild Charge). Its kernels are the second line of offense, sporting a massive array of possibilities. Due to their mysterious properties, they can transform into a host of attacks, from growing teeth (Crunch) to becoming chunks of ice (Icicle Spear). Third are its tentacle roots. These strong, starfish-like tendrils are massive in weight, and can be used to perform ground attacks (Earthquake) and whipping attacks (Power Whip). Finally, its glowing sockets are so intimidating, they could paralyze a foe (Glare).

On the defense, this Pokemon has a protective husk. While its not great at stopping physical blows (Fighting / Bug), its death-defying properties allow it to shrug off special attacks with ease. If it needs to replenish health, it can confide within the safety of its husk to catch a quick nap (Rest). It can also pop some parasitic kernels onto foes to get health from them (Leech Seed). Finally, it can use its scythe to parry some attacks (Counter) or even remove hazards from its immediate area (Rapid Spin).​

Previous Lineart
Eye Sockets Moving
Potential Shiny
Early Sketch
Early Idea
Reboot Concept

Well, here it is. For those of you new to CAP, you might not know that this design is a reboot of a design I drew almost a year ago; you can see that final product here. The Pokemon has obviously undergone a lot of changes, and I've improved a bit as an artist. This might sound really corny (hehe), but I've never really been attached to any of my creations quite like I am to cornmon. It was the first design I've ever drawn for CAP, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I don't plan to resubmit this design again in the future, so this is our last run together. I'm a bit sad that it's all over, but I'm sure you'll see lots of fanart for cornmon in the future from me regardless if he wins or not. I hope he looks as brave, intimidating, mysterious, and lovable to all of you as he does to me. Thanks for reading, and best of luck to all artists!

As a final note, a massive thanks to everyone who's supported me in this design. The entirety of #cap has helped me answer lots of questions and gives great advice. Eagle4, Kadew, Quanyails, paintseagull, Yilx, elcheeso, Bummer, magistrum, PureQuestion, Korski, nyttyn, Pwnemon, and a whole bunch of other people that I'm forgetting have been a huge help to me. Biggest shout out goes to Wyverii. Without her, I'm sure cornmon wouldn't have a shot. Thanks for all the help!

And with that, I'm off to go make a bowl of popcorn~​


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Final Submission

Fine, fine, fine, I'll resubmit my Tikimon. I feel like its cheating cause I did no new work, but if that's the general consensus. I couldn't find the original image on my computer, so I'll just use the low quality version on the site.

Oh I did add one new thing to it - the rising sun pattern on its forehead. After all, Sun is a major part of CAP5's theme.
Final submission

He's a little, mischievous leaf jester guy, obviously.

I was going to make supplementary art, but got lazy. He would use harvest by eating one of his leafy hands, then putting a leaf over it, then taking it back off and have his hand appear again, like a cool little illusiony guy and stuff.


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And that's a wrap, folks! Thanks to all the artists who participated in this event. The ever-popular art polls will begin momentarily.
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