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Final Submission

Okay so had some time to go with a different direction for a design. Not sure how much time is left so although feedback is very much welcome I may not have time to tweak it too much aside from colour schemes.

This design is very loosely based on garden gnomes but evolved quite a bit, turning it into a mischievous harvest doll thing. I had a bulkier, more garden gnome-like design as alternative but it felt too much like the real thing so I made something more Pokemon like with a more cheeky personality.

This Pokemon is known to suddenly infiltrate gardens or fields and even now, it is unknown how one suddenly appears in an owner's field. Their sudden presence is both a gift and a curse for the owners of the fields. They are known to steal Berries and and make them their own, as their bodies mutate to grow their chosen berry. However, once it establishes its territory it will also fiercely defend the whole area from unwelcome predators and pests and harsh weather conditions. The crops generated will also be of better quality because of the stability in conditions that this pokemon provides.

It's arms are made of leaves which allows it to use moves like Leaf Blade, Leaf Tornado, etc. It also uses seed-based attacks in its arsenal. As for Dark-type moves, it's mischievous nature allows it to use attacks such as Taunt, Torment, Faint Attack and Sucker Punch. It doesn't have great physical defense but it makes up for it by having a strong resistance to special attacks- using nature-based powers that it uses to protect its territory and berry stash from the harsh elements and pests.
Okay so here is skunkmon supporting art. I moved the claws down a bit as suggested and thank you inanimate blob for your comments.

EDIT: just realised I forgot to put the nose on the harvest ability drawing! Well pretend its there haha!

Also here is some critism:
mcFlareon looks good and a bit creepy but I think you should redesign the leaves because they look like vines at the moment
ShyGuy1221 very alienish and looks cool. Could go far
DougJustDoug very good idea with the whips and you pulled it off very well. Really represents the whole grass and dark thing and also fits the stats but I'm not seeing the harvest ability
paintseagull I wasn't fond of your original but your king version has taken my heart. You can just imagine it commanding others to do what it wants and is very dark and grassy
scorpiowell that's better than your old idea but I think a ninja is a bad concept considering they are fast and also the defence is supposed to be bad so having thick log shields is not a very good idea. However I do like it and it would be good if the stats and ability weren't what they are
BlueConcept nice idea and looks very mean and dark. I think you've got the colours spot on
Wyveriinice idea and looks very creepy. I like it because it is very original and doors not rely on dark colours to portray the dark typing
Yilxa very good idea and beautifully drawn but I think it looks more fighting than dark. But I suppose you could say that about lots of real pokemon aswell so overall a very good design
Shanimanimlooks nice but I preferred one of your other ones when the snake was a dinosaur. But I still like this one as it brings across both types very well
Birkalcute and is simple but doesn't really look dark in my opinion. But as I said to Yilx lots of real pokemon that are dark dont look it! But I really like it anyway!
Doran Dragonlooks good and is very clear what it is. I also like the idea that it changes each season
Quanyailslooks nice and also thanks for the feedback. I have a new design now but yours is still so much better. I like it when it can put it roots underground for pursuit and is generally a nice idea.
Eolthis is my favourite one so far! I just love the idea and it fits really well with the types. Doctors in the olden days used to try out all kinds of crazy and dark cures and I think your design fits the bill
Dracoyoshi8 though I do like your snake I prefer the legged version as it looks very unique and scary. The idea of the garden of Eden is very creative and I take my hat off to you
KoAyouve turned a simple idea into a masterpiece with lots of thought and background to it. Well done!


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Doug everything is great, but aren't the whips a bit too long? I noticed this after seeing the ''how it was made'' gif on your last post. I mean how does it walk with such long whips? Does it hide them somewhere, or are they just left hanging behind him? Also when fighting does he always hold them in his hands, because if not, where does he puts them so they don't get in his way?


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Since I have straight classes until seven on Tuesday night, we'll have a little later deadline than expected. I won't have any time to set up the art polls until the evening. Final submissions are due by 8pm on Tuesday night (GMT -6). That is a little over 48 hours from this post. Make sure to read the rules in the OP when finishing your final submission. Best of luck to all artists!
Final Submission

From the Day Journal of Researcher Angell:

Day 6
It just stood there staring at the sun. I just stood there staring at it — frozen in place. I think it was smiling. I never expected to see something like that in my search for Latias. If you're reading this, Researcher Thurston (and I know you will eventually, my friend) I am sure you'll think I was out in the sun too long — but it had vines growing from its face!

— Eventually I ran. The villagers were right to warn me against coming to the forest during the day, but they don't realize what my research on psychic types will do for science!

Day 8
I saw it again. Whether it saw me or not, I'm not really sure, but I doubt it would consider me a threat. The creature looks like a big hulking brute, shaped a bit like a top or a giant turnip with a mass of writhing roots at its base. After my first siting of it – and my initial panic – I started to rationalize that if it were to come after me, I could surely outrun it. And if I were somehow to get ensnared by those long vines, I'd do my best to simply knock it over. It appeared quite top heavy.

I think my first observations were only partially true. The creature will not win in a race against a rapidash — but… I was mistaken in thinking that crawling along on its roots was its only mode of getting around. I saw it in pursuit of a cherubi today. I believe cherubi are it's natural prey and enable it to create berries whenever it needs – a scary thought. The poor thing fled in fear, just escaping the long fingers grasping after it. The creature leaned forward and placed all of its fingers to the ground. In one surprisingly quick motion it lifted its body up and began walking on those long fingers. In a few long strides, its prey was in reach again. I looked away, but heard the gruesome crunch of its success.

The creature makes good use of its vines – I expect you will find this interesting for your research – they are transportation over short distances, are a means of clearing its surroundings of rocks and debris in its way, and they also work as tethers – securing it to the ground, trees, rocks, anything and everything, giving it surprising stability.

I hope never to see that creature again – so you will have to do your own research on it here on out, Researcher Thurston. In fact, I believe you owe your old friend a berry juice for simply getting this much for you.

Day 11
I found Latias today – but so did the creature. The battle was far more one-sided than I would've imagined thanks to a bit of foul play on the part of that thing. Latias was forced to fly off in defeat with me following after it. I don't know what will come of the creature – but truly I'd rather not know, either…

— That thing has me spooked. I'm hearing things now. — You know, I don't think I've actually heard it make a sound since I first saw it. That's odd – even in the battle… Perhaps you'll venture into this forest in search of it one day, eh? You always fancied the darker side of things – even when those dark things prefer bright sunshine. Me, I'm getting out of he—

—Thought I heard something again. If I knew no better, I'd think that creature had some sort of nasty plot it's been playing at since the beginning. No, I'm just a bit paranoid. I just need to get out of here quickl————————.

It's certainly not Lovecraft, but I thought it was fun and might explain some of my thoughts on the creature's design.

A couple of moves

Getting a feel for a cthulhu-mon

Thanks all for the comments and critique – haven't had much time or luck with my most recent design changes, so hoping it's okay that I go with this version.
Been so much fun to watch the great ideas flowing into this project!


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Final Submission

After many many edits over irc, I finally got the okay from a leader that it won't be DQ'd for the outline.

supporting art
Gender differences
alternate pose
dynamic pose

Based off the serpent in the Garden of Eden and the apple of discord in greek mythology.

Defenders of Pokemon say there aren’t evil Pokemon, only evil trainers. This Pokemon is the exception. It lurks in orchards and groves, silently navigating the branches of trees. It loves luring innocent Pokemon and trainer into forests with the scent of its delicious tail. The innocent victim gets lost and disoriented from the sweet scent. It will position itself in the shadows of the leaves where it can’t be seen from the ground. It then lowers its tail so its bright red/gold apple hangs inconspicuously above the ground. When an assuming Pokemon or trainer goes to pick the apple, it ambushes them. As it wraps around them, the thorns on its body impale its victim, causing its prey to die from asphyxiation and blood loss. If its prey fights back, it attacks with its vicious fangs and whip-like tail.

Trainers who attempt to tame this Pokemon often abandon their efforts. It is naturally spiteful and will refuse trainer commands during battle. No trust is formed for its trainer and it will as easily fight against him or her as for him or her. It often instigates fights between its teammates by spreading nasty rumors amongst the team, and then eagerly watches as they duke it out.

Sometimes, potential prey manage to bite off this Pokemon’s tail. Because of this, they have developed the ability to regenerate the fruit quickly. This process is accelerated in warm weather. While its thorns are intimidating, they are actually somewhat fragile and do not add structurally to this Pokemon’s defense against physical assault, which it is quite vulnerable to. However, it possesses an excellent resistance to special moves to compensate. This Pokemon relies on its frightening appearance to ward off direct attacks.

Thank you all for being so supportive and irc for being so tolerant of me constantly posting art. It's been (mostly) fun and can't wait for the art poll.
Thanks for the feedback!

@Rotom3GS : Thanks, I was trying to design it based on the fact that it's 4 ft and really lightweight, that it didn't really have the body structure to move that fast(flimsy legs and leaf arms). It kind of uses air currents to float around unheard. Otherwise it's hiding in the ground with the body acting as the root structure. It's pretty much just one giant flower lol. The intent was to base it off nocturnal flowers that only bloom at night. Guess I could have pushed it more/made it clearer. :/ I'll take a better shot next time, I just need to keep a watch of this forum O_o
Final Submission

aaaaah did I make it did I make it

Ok here's Baba Yaga House Mark II.

This Russian-inspired design is based mainly on Baba Yaga's base of operations: An ambulatory chicken-legged dancing hut.
A short description from the first link:
Baba Yaga lives in a hut deep in the forest. Her hut seems to have a personality of its own and can move about on its extra-large chicken legs. Usually the hut is either spinning around as it moves through the forest or stands at rest with its back to the visitor. The windows of the hut seem to serve as eyes.
All the while it is spinning round, it emits blood-curdling screeches and will only come to a halt, amid much creaking and groaning, when a secret incantation is said. When it stops, it turns to face the visitor and lowers itself down on its chicken legs, throwing open the door with a loud crash.

It also incorporates onion domes, a prominent architectural feature on Russian churches such as Saint Basil's Cathedral.

Notes (I had the time and resources I would 'show, not tell' these other details but oh well)

  • It eats berries by dropping them on the top hole and the Harvested copies fall out of the door-hole like a gumball machine.
  • It can bypass walls like reflect by attacking using underground feet-roots.
  • It may or may not eat baby forest mons I'm still not sure.
  • It's still a good dancer.
Terrible photograph showing the arms, harvest(?), and the house 'mode'.

I apologize for not doing feedback, everyone has made great designs. Coincidentally, most, if not all, of the designs I am most fond of are based on produce. :3
Final Submission

I present: the lambush-mon

It's based on a wolf in sheep's clothing. The idea behind it is that a prey (mainly sheep like mareep) sees the bush from far and are attracted by the berries on the bush. When they come closer, the wolf strikes.

The stat spread:
I tried to make a design that is somewhat compatible with the stats CAP5 is given. Lambush-mon looks like it can make fast, sudden moves but because of the bush the pokémon will quickly be overheated so that it can't run very fast for a long period. For the rest, I tried not making it look so overly strong physically and certainly not making it look like a special sweeper.

I hope you enjoy my design and good luck to the other contestors.
Final Submission

I present: the lambush-mon


It's based on a wolf in sheep's clothing. The idea behind it is that a prey (mainly sheep like mareep) sees the bush from far and are attracted by the berries on the bush. When they come closer, the wolf strikes.
I just want to say that I really don't think that this design is getting nearly the attention that it deserves.

Everything about this CAP submission has perfect synergy from a design perspective.

This artwork showcases a pokémon who is readily identifiable even at first blush as a grass type AND a dark type. The design is stylized in a way that meshes well with existing pokémon. It appears to be physically gifted as well as appearing more specially bulky thank physically so due to its "wool". Also, being a bush, Harvest makes total sense on this pokémon and, since is CLEARLY designed to infiltrate the ranks of mareep,infiltrator makes literally perfect sense as well. Add to that the perfect opportunity for an amazing portmanteau of "lamb" "bush" and "ambush" and I literally don't see how making a more fitting submission is even possible.
In short, it's perfect! Don't change a thing! =)

(though, if you were to add supporting artwork replacing its blue shield-shaped leaves with Lum, Sitris, Chopple or Yache berries, I wouldn't complain)
Final submission

Welp, guess it's finally time for me to add my cauliram to the ring.

The concept is meant to be a more literal take on the vegetable lamb of tartary. The idea was that these sheep used to live in a symbiotic relationship with neighbouring humans, with the humans providing food (mostly in the form of berries) and water for the sheep, and the sheep sharing some of their cauliflower sprouts and any spare berries they regrew via their tails. However, the humans became greedy, stopped supporting them and overfed on the sheep's sprouts, leaving them defenseless against predatory pokemon. Now the remaining sheep have become twisted and grimmdarque due to their desire for revenge on the humans who exploited them.

Supporting arts:
General moves/abilities: Harvest, pursuit, horn leech
Slightly older design, side view showing berry
Slightly older design, showing moves: Rapid spin, more power whip
Out of date design, showing moves: Rest, power whip, pursuit. Also fun with other cap designs!

Good luck everyone! So many good designs... ;3;
Final submission

Based on a sundew and a jester.

The gray spheres on the tips of its tendrils are composed of a sticky, sugary substance, the same forming its "tears", whose smell helps it attracts its prey and allows it to maintain a firm grip on objects (and prey). I can try to explain Harvest by either saying in some occasions the tips of its tendrils may produce berries or it attaches berries to the tips to lure its prey sort of like an anglerfish (or Dracoyoshi8's snake and OldManDugan's toad, I guess).

Supporting artwork: (VERY sketchy)
Back view showing the hood, "Harvest", juggling berries
Pursuit, Rapid Spin, Infiltrator

I hope I haven't broken the outline rule with the translucent dew. I didn't have much will/time to try out new combinations and colour schemes, I realize this might be too bright but I hope the dark aspect is apparent enough in its concept and demeanor.
Final Submission

well, here goes hours of brainstorming, designing and colouring.

I present to you Skunkmon! It is a skunk with grassy fur and a wooden body. Skunks are often thought of as vile and dark because of their defense mechanism, the spray. I have incorporated this into my design and instead of a horrible odour, Skunkmon sprays a mix of seeds and spores which latch onto its prey and gives the mon energy. This can be used for moves like seed bomb, megadrain, leech seed and stun spore. It has sharp claws to strike with for moves like slash, cut and night slash and a heavy wooden scythe at the back for moves like wood hammer, iron tail and razor wind. Harvest Ability is acheived by eating the berry then it duplicates itself on the tail. He can smash through light screen and such with his scythe tail and it shatters.

Wood Hammer, Stun Spore, Harvest Ability

Cartoonish different pose

Also I had a picture for the infiltrator ability which is Skunkmon shattering light screen and stuff so there you go!
Thank you all for a nice first CAP experience, i look forward to the next one!
Final Submission:

Supplementary Art (Abilities, Moves)


This design was inspired by the Mandrake and the Mandragora, two things with similar roots. The mandragora, a real world root plant, inspired the mandrake, a mythical creature with the body of a man that grew underground. Root people, basically.

So, I took the idea of a root Pokemon that lived underground, giving it some flourish with flower petals inspired by the mandragora and a root whip for a weapon. I figured that Harvest could work with berries sprouting form the bulb on its head, and the whip could puncture through Light Screen/Reflect with Infiltrator. The whip is also useful for moves like Power Whip and Rapid Spin. And, since the mandragora plant is part of the nightshade family, it could have Night Shade as a flavor move.

EDIT: Changed the color scheme per some suggestions, and edited the file size so (hopefully) it doesn't exceed any limits. (640x638, 72 dpi.)


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I'm still updating my post on the first page over designs and final submissions, including those who have invalid final submission posts. Please tell me if anything looks incongruent with your design or finalization status! I have my favorite designs chosen, and any comments coming from me now would just be subjective. May each artist do well! :)


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This will probably constitute as my final submission tomorrow unless there's something glaringly wrong about it. Spent a lot of time on this final pose, I hope you all enjoy =) Any last minute bits of feedback are appreciated! Thanks to everyone in #cap for the help and support.

Rocket Grunt

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I based her on this plant called atropa belladonna, but it's nickname is deadly nightshade. It's kind of like a shrub I guess but it grows flowers and also these dark berries that are like, toxic hallucinogens. That's why her skin is black and why she has berry-cleavage and I figured it fit into the typing. The outfit is admittedly really similar to lilligant but I hoped the two would have really distinct feelings from one another. I was looking at bellossom too, trying to find something stylistically close to a real Pokemon. The claws idea are from this other plant called devil's claw, which are these kind of pricker plants that live in arid environments and cling to stuff to spread their seeds around. I figured like, it makes sense to have harvest because she can kind of rake in more resources with those claws or something. And infiltrator is kind of justified similarly with her long like, dexterous reach. One thing I was worried about was the high sp.def, but I figure that guys like alakazam or gardevoir have high sp.def and they look really frail. I figure maybe she's hardy from having all these noxious chemicals in her blood, and slow because it's hard to hop or glide around with a dress that becomes only one leg. I actually didn't change her at all from the original post, I thought about giving her like an umbrella or something as a shield but I liked the straight up slasher claws too much. Thanks for reading and considering my Pokemon. Best of luck to everyone entering!



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Final Submission

Main Design

Supporting Material

This design came from my thinking about "whips" and "whipping". In Pokemon, all the whip attacking moves are Grass type, like Power Whip and Vine Whip. But whipping is also a form of punishment, and all the punishment moves are Dark type, like Punishment, Torment, and Payback. I liked how both aspects of our CAP 5 typing could be captured in a single theme, so I came up with this grisly design based on the ideas of whipping, punishment, and medieval torture.

I tried to evoke the image of a dungeon torturer or executioner, hence the black hood-like head and sharp spikes. Obviously the whips are vines with thorns, and additional elements to give an imposing presence. I made the general body structure vaguely simian, but I didn't go too far with that, hopefully just enough to have a hint of animal to it, making you wonder what exactly is lurking underneath that ominous hood and vines.

I have intentionally exaggerated many aspects of the design to keep the pokemon from looking like a human wearing a hood and draped in vines. So I intentionally flattened the head, shortened the legs, rounded the body, elongated the arms, and made big cartoonish hands. All of these hopefully makes the design sufficiently "not human", although still a humanoid shaped pokemon. For those of you that are interested in the underlying morphology of my design, I made a little sketch animation that shows a "build up" of the pokemon, starting from its basic body shape, and all the other design elements are successively added.

(Click thumbnail for full animation)

Closing Thoughts
Before CAP 5 even started, I knew I wanted to make a "badass" design. I hadn't done a badass in a very long time for CAP, and I was itching to do one. When we chose Grass/Dark typing (I still think of it as Dark/Grass, but w/e) there was no doubt about it for me. I wanted a design that would be eye-catching and impressive in a daunting way, but still have very simple, crisp linework and clearly still be a cartoon figure. This "Whip Punisher" design accomplished what I set out to do. I hope you like it.

There are many great artworks in this thread, and I have enjoyed seeing all the ideas develop over time. I look forward to seeing which one we choose!
I just want to say that I really don't think that this design is getting nearly the attention that it deserves.

Everything about this CAP submission has perfect synergy from a design perspective.

This artwork showcases a pokémon who is readily identifiable even at first blush as a grass type AND a dark type. The design is stylized in a way that meshes well with existing pokémon. It appears to be physically gifted as well as appearing more specially bulky thank physically so due to its "wool". Also, being a bush, Harvest makes total sense on this pokémon and, since is CLEARLY designed to infiltrate the ranks of mareep,infiltrator makes literally perfect sense as well. Add to that the perfect opportunity for an amazing portmanteau of "lamb" "bush" and "ambush" and I literally don't see how making a more fitting submission is even possible.
In short, it's perfect! Don't change a thing! =)

(though, if you were to add supporting artwork replacing its blue shield-shaped leaves with Lum, Sitris, Chopple or Yache berries, I wouldn't complain)
Thanx for all the nice comments. I'm happy my design gets recognised :)
I probably won't have any time though to make the design with the other berries. Guess you just have to use your imagination for that ^^

Rocket Grunt: I love the final design. It's elegant and somewhat creepy at the same time. Well done :) Btw, the colors you use are much better then the alternative ones.
Final Submission

Though the design itself has evolved somewhat drastically over the last few weeks, the basic idea remains the same: A little plant critter that creates a humanlike body with its roots and other plant material it gathers in order to deceive humans and predators, or perhaps surprise its prey. It floats harmlessly on the surface of a pond, only the lily pad hat and flower visible, the roots floating limply in the water below... Until a traveler comes along. At which point the critter brings its roots to life, taking the shape of a human (with the use of a stick as a cane to support him as it's not a real body meant for walking) and quietly stealing things from their bags/campsites or resorting to trickery to run off with their possessions. It never thinks that they might help it if it asked nicely... It has no morals. Heh..... That's my thinking anyway, though most of this would change if he is chosen. One thing someone pointed out (I think) and I'm glad they did, is that the design is somewhat androgynous, and that is something I kept in mind designing it, to make sure it doesn't lean to close to any particular gender... While the form is slightly more masculine, the stylized inspirations are all somewhat feminine, so I think it evens out.

Thoughts on Stats and Abilities:
I want to elaborate a bit on how this particular design fits the stat spread, which I think it does seamlessly. His body consists of thicker, woodier vines than the typically flexible green ones of most grass Pokemon, each with a plenty of sharp and pointy parts, thus allowing him to have a decent Atk stat at the cost of speed, as his body is somewhat inflexible and he needs the cane to keep well balanced. All that said, he is a thick and healthy plant, giving him lots of special sponginess by virtue of being full of water and not particularly wiry... But in the end, he is still a plant, easily breakable by axe or fist, thus enabling his low Defense.

The abilities don't really need an explanation... I wanted to work Harvest into his design while keeping with his personal fashion style, heh, so a berry neck tie seemed like the right choice... Think old world clothing where everyone had a silly cloth hanging from their collars. Infiltrator is even better, it is the perfect flavor ability for his sneaky inspiration.

Related Images:
His flower is a stylized version of this
The berry neckerchief is based on this sort of thing...
Gigantic old world flowery hats were the roots of this design
Yilx and Mos-Quitoxe are my favorites by far.

There are very good desingns that don't look like Pokemons (I think they could be FF random enemies jeje)
Final Submission

When the CAP5's type was chosen as grass/dark, I knew I wanted to make a pokemon that could draw from my own personal interpretation of Pokemon as more-or-less fantasy beasts. I wanted something primal and scary, something that could be written into the Pokemon mythos not just as a competitive capmon, but also as something you (or I) would enjoy training.
The Gorilla figure represents that primal, dark mythos that we often associate with beasts; the alpha, king of the jungle, an emissary of the wilderness.
The pinecone/pine tree theme is something I decided on because I feel that it's a less-used symbol of the "grass" type in Pokemon. I could have gone with a jungle-mon, but I like the idea of having a hardy, tough-as-nails Pokemon represented by the ingenuity and ferocity of a gorilla and the weathered, nigh-invincible staying power of the northern forest. I feel that the harvest nature is sort of implied by a pokemon "of the forest", particularly one adorned with pine-cone arms.

Supporting Material
Colorless image for those with dark monitors
Gorilla-mon catching pidgeys in its native habitat
Sorry for the shoddy extras. I have had hardly any time to work on it, so I just whipped up the second picture to show how I picture this 'mon owning the treetops of his evergreen kingdom in my mind's eye. In particular, I'd like to frame gorilla-mon as a dweller of the Pacific Northwest USA, hiding away in the forests of Cascadia, unbothered by frequent rain and thrilled by the rare sunshine.
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