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Cerepent also contains the word repent which Adam+Eve may have had to do for sinning with the apple or whatever. It sounds pretty cool as well. I like it.
I'm glad you like it. I'm probably going to use that piece about repent if I use this name for my final submission. Thank you for noticing it.

As for names I like currently:

Also, when looking through another time, I didn't notice a name that was very similar to mine.
serpent, repent, etc
The concepts are pretty similar, and the names are pronounced the same. I just want to say I wasn't stealing, but if this is the one you want to submit and you have a problem with the similarity, I'll just use my other name. You got the idea first after all. That said, I really like Cerepent and would like to submit it. If there's a rule against similar names, or you have a problem with it, I'll yield.
I love using a portmanteau as a name for pokémon so here are the portmanteaux that I am working on currently:

Hissidious - a portmanteau of Hiss and Insidious for obvious reasons.
Tantaliez - a portmanteau of Tantalize and Lies, which heavily plays up the dark and tempting nature of the CAP while putting less emphasis on its grass/snake-like nature. (the "z" at the end is intended to direct pronunciation more easily )
Tantalivy - a portmanteau of Tantalize and Ivy. The comparison to the previous work in progress should be obvious , but it stretches a bit outside of the bounds of merely temptation to include this pokémon's grass typing, which is something I feel is being left behind a bit with the names which I have seen so far.
Hiss - Kobra
Hasira also means Wrath in Swahili.

Serpent and Sin

Foresaken. Snake.
My favorite is Foresnaken.

Re-posted this, because I was an idiot and didn't read the rules properly. My apologies.
I have three suggestions:

(tĕmpʹtol-wo, IPA: /tɛmpˈtol.woː/, Sampa: /"tEmp"tol.wo/)
temptation + involvo (lat. wrap)

Lureve (lûrēf, IPA: /lɜɹiːf/; Sampa: /l3r\i:f/)
to lure + (Adam and) Eve + sounds like leaf

And (my favourite one):

Cladisnake (klă-di-snākʹ, IPA: /klæ.dɪˈsneɪk/, Sampa: /kl{.dI"sneIK/)
cladis (lat. mischief) + snake

Open for comments!

Based off of the Moccasin snakes; mock and sin being primary focuses in the spelling.

Mock: to disappoint the hopes of
I feel that this fits the concept of the snake luring in opponents via the apple.

Edit: Apologies if this is too similar to ShravanP's name.
Tantaliez - a portmanteau of Tantalize and Lies, which heavily plays up the dark and tempting nature of the CAP while putting less emphasis on its grass/snake-like nature. (the "z" at the end is not only try to direct pronunciation more easily )
This, sir, is pure genius. CAP 5 wants less emphasis on its Grass typing, considering Scizor's Bug Bite.


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I really like a few submitted names already, but just for giggles, I'll throw a couple ore into the pool eh?

Eveel (Evil+Eel) Though this is an obviously serpentine CaP, a lot of the root words for eel in other languages stemmed from snake, and they share similar body structures.

Taiptation (Taipan + Temptation) Ok, this one may be more of a stretch in wordplay, but a taipan is a type of venomous snake, and it definitely looks tempting with that apple.

Addler (Adder + Addle) Another simple one. To addle means to confuse or make one unable to think clearly, and an adder is another type of venomous snake. Seeing how snapple here tempts those with its fruit and then strikes, It can be quite confusing for those caught off guard or otherwise incapacitated.

I don't know if I like Eveel or Addler more halp.

EDIT: DERP Didn't see Dracoyoshi post his version of Evel on the first page. Granted we got both our names from different sources, they are only off by a letter lol. Sorry about that!
My OP got deleted on the grounds of having too many names. My apologies. I'll try and show some retraint. I'll keep Beezlebulb alive.

What do you think of this one?

Telltale or Telltail

It's simple, yet works on several different levels.

A tell is a hint or clue something isn't true, and shows our snake's duplicitous nature. A tale is also a euphemism for a myth or lie.

Our snake actually has a telltale smirk, showing something isn't right with that tempting apple.

However, it also works in another sense: The folk hero William Tell was famous for shooting an apple, which our snake happens to have on his tail. Literally, a "Telltail."

Have two ideas. Suggestions would be appreciated, especially about the Glython/Glythan difference.

comes from gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins that also fits well with Harvest and the low base Speed, and python. Also has the word lie in it. The a also adds a Satan reference but does not change the pronounciation.


comes from anguish, which fits well with the dark typing, anguis, Latin for snake or serpent, and fruit.
Serpent + Repent
IPA: "səripent"
Serpent, because CAP5 is a snake. Repent involves sin but also Adam and Eve's repentance (or perhaps lack of) after eating the forbidden fruit.

Genesis + Naga
IPA: "sisənaga"
Genesis is spelt backwards to give "Siseneg", which is combined with "Naga", the snake deities in Hinduism and Buddhism. The start also sounds like "hiss" which is an added bonus.

Also I'd like to say that Telltale/Telltail are very clever names. The William Tell reference in particular is a big selling point.
Ok; so here is an idea; still in the basic stage, but thought I'd get this out to the public.

Taken from the French for Apple - Pomme - and Latin for Deceit - Kalumnia. Fairly basic, but it fits the bill.
Phares feedback...

Juicy: I like it, and it is a unique addition to the other names we have. The name is a homophone of 'fares', but it doesn't affect anything with me. It may get reception from others, though. 'Seraph' makes me think more of 'angel' than 'snake', but that could also work with a 'fallen angel'.
Hey! Thank you for the feedback, glad you like the name.

Hm, the homophobe could be a problem, I might stretch the 'pha' so it is pronounced 'Fair - ez'. Sound better? I also like the contradiction, it makes the 'fair' more apparent which is wonderful for a dark type pokemon imo.
I like your mention of fallen angel, it is what I was going for. :)


Koa: I love Addler. It has a stinking resemblance to 'Adder'.

Based off of the Moccasin snakes; mock and sin being primary focuses in the spelling.

Mock: to disappoint the hopes of
I feel that this fits the concept of the snake luring in opponents via the apple.

Edit: Apologies if this is too similar to ShravanP's name.
No problem, Mockasin was something that came to mind for me as well. Go ahead and submit it. :)


formerly skywardsword596


Combine Wrath, one of the seven deadly sins, wrap (as in constrict, a common method of killing among snakes), and of course, apple

My other idea is Pomadder
This one is a combination of pomaceous, which refers to the type of fruit an apple is, and adder, a venomous snake with a reputation for sluggishness
Since Hollymon stole my lovely name in Vipomme (which I love BTW) I have decided I must put my mediocre name skills to the test. My current name I like right now, and hope you do too!



I've decided to take a different path to most on this name. I decided to base my name off of the Tree of Knowledge. Which is the tree from which the snake convinces Eve to eat the fruit of, in the book of Genesis in the Bible. I took then the term "Gnaw" which seems like something that a snake would be doing in an evil, sinister sort of way. The pronunciation is the same as the term Knowledge which seems pretty cool to me and shouldn't be an issue (we've had Fidgit haven't we?). Overall I think Gnawledge is a fitting name to our CAP taking into account both the Apple and the Snake!
So far I really like Serpeden, Vipomme and Serpentice which each take the design and embody it in very different ways. Also each one sounds like a tempting and enticing name, which it all what this design is about
On my name I hope to hear your feedback! Is it good? Isn't it? Should I start something new? Please tell it all!

Hopefully we can get a great name for this CAP!
I adore RivRivRiv's Malaconda, especially since I read all of Dante's works and remember Malacoda perfectly :) It flows together very nicely and has multiple connections with different words: Malacoda, Male (Evil), Anaconda, etc.
Thanks for the comments Quanyails! I think I'll keep Discoild over Discoiled - losing 'discord' kind of defeats the purpose.

My third (hence last) WIP idea is Constrickt - which I think to be better than my previous two.

A visible-from-space amalgam of 'constrict', which alludes to a rather sinister snake, and either 'trick' or 'tricked', which points to the 'Trickster' character archetype prevalent in many mythologies, of which both the Serpent in Eden and Eris are examples - so happily I consider this a name that quietly alludes to both.

So as it stands my potential submissions are Discoild, Malevopent and Constrickt. I'm much obliged to anybody weighing in on these. As it stands I'll probably submit Constrickt.
google translate is translating for me so these might be wrong but...

Lactaboa (allure + boa)
Pessimamba (mischievous + mamba)

i don't know which one i like better
(Core + Ouroboros)
(Envious + Hiss)
(Kallisti + Hiss)
Kallisti was inscribed on the Apple of Discord, and translates to 'For the fairest.' Eris threw it into a banquet when she wasn't invited to a wedding, and fighting over the apple ensued.


Mamba + Seduce; I feel as if both of these words fit the concept of this CAP, and provide a bit of creativity.

Pronounced: (Mam-dew)
IPA: mɑmbdu (not quite sure about that...)

I think the word "mamba" is fitting to use, as the black mamba is a rather dangerous snake, something that reflects this CAP's purpose (as reflected with the title "Type Equalizer").
The word "seduce" fits with the general concept of the artwork, I assume, as the snake seems to be trying to lure in its foes.

Since I'm not sure about the IPA pronunciation, this is still a WIP.

EDIT: I removed the "e" in the name, since it creates to much of an allusion to the word "due," and in my opinion, adds an "unnecessary" letter.
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