CAP 5 Pre-Evo - Part 3.2 - Abilities Poll 2

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Let's pick up where we left off! This is where the three most popular ability sets will duke it out for the exclusive right to represent the Son of Malaconda! The first poll winnowed the field from eight hopeful competitors to three stalwart choices, which are:

Harvest/Shed Skin

This poll will be a Bold Vote, meaning that voters are only allowed to choose one of the three options. The format of this poll can't get much simpler; to vote, all you need to is post your choice in bold.

The rules for discussion have not changed from the Typing Poll. You may comment on your vote, talk about your vote, and provide justification for your vote. However, do not start or participate in a discussion in this thread. The time for ability discussion was in the previous thread entitled Abilities Discussion. If you would like to discuss which Abilities you like, please do so on IRC. This thread is only for votes and optional commentary.

Also, remember only to post your vote in bold. Post your entire vote in bold, but do not place anything in bold besides your vote.

Malaconda's abilities are Harvest/Infiltrator. Here is Malaconda's Final Product.

This poll will stay active for 24 Hours. If the site experiences upkeep issues during that period, then the deadline will be extended as it was for the Abilities Discussion and Ability Poll 1. Problems are not expected, but you never know what could come up!

If no option receives a majority of the votes, then there will be a runoff between the top two. If an option gets a majority, then that option wins, we move on to Stats, and at least 51% of us get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

Happy voting! Polls close around 1:10 PM CST on June 7th, 2013.

I see Infiltrator as more of a sinister ability (Spiritomb, Crobat and Seviper all have it), and I love the transition from Prankster to Infiltrator, from cheeky pranks to evil deception. Shed Skin is something I'd like to avoid since it raises questions about why Miniconda doesn't keep Shed Skin upon evolving. The suggestion that it is "shedding away its innocence" doesn't work for two reasons. 1) It is largely symbolic, where most, if not all abilities represent the Pokemon rather than symbolising the Pokemon and its evolution, and 2) Miniconda isn't really innocent, highlighted by the fact that it has a Dark typing, which can be seen as prankster-esque or evil but certainly not innocent.


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EDIT: I really do not understand the "Infiltrator is evil" argument... Cottonee and Hoppip would like to say hello.
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