CAP 5 Pre-Evo - Part 3.2 - Abilities Poll 2

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I see Infiltrator as more of a sinister ability (Spiritomb, Crobat and Seviper all have it), and I love the transition from Prankster to Infiltrator, from cheeky pranks to evil deception. Shed Skin is something I'd like to avoid since it raises questions about why Miniconda doesn't keep Shed Skin upon evolving. The suggestion that it is "shedding away its innocence" doesn't work for two reasons. 1) It is largely symbolic, where most, if not all abilities represent the Pokemon rather than symbolising the Pokemon and its evolution, and 2) Miniconda isn't really innocent, highlighted by the fact that it has a Dark typing, which can be seen as prankster-esque or evil but certainly not innocent.
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Well, I've hand-counted the votes and the results are as follows:

Harvest/Prankster: 19 votes
Harvest/Infiltrator: 20 votes
Harvest/Shed Skin: 4 votes

No option has received a majority of the votes, as 22 votes were necessary to claim a majority. Therefore, we will move on to a third poll consisting of Harvest/Prankster and Harvest/Infiltrator.

Thank you for your participation! Let's get this third poll going!
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