CAP 5 Pre-Evo - Part 5 - Name Submissions

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Final Submission:


"Malady + Asp"

Prounounced: MAL-ahd-ASP

- - -

I like several of these names (Brattler is cool), but I really prefer to keep "Mala" as a distinct pronunciation in the name if we're going with a "Mal" entry, and the non-finalized "Malasp" really cuts the full pronunciation short.
I guess I don't understand most of the entries that recycle the temptation theme. The prevo is a rattlesnake. It does the opposite. If "Mallure" didn't win in the main CAP, it definitely shouldn't win here.


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Final Submission


Anaconda + cone

Pronounced: "AN-uh-CONE-duh

It had to be done. It's too cheesy to not submit.


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Final Submission


The name is derived from "anguis" (Latin for "snake") and "guile", meaning deceit or trickery (a big part of the little guy's character). Short and sweet. The name just rolls off my tongue, so I'm giving this a shot.

English pronunciation: ANG-guyl
IPA: æŋ'gaɪɫ
Final Submission


"Mal" (meaning "evil" or "apple") + Allure"/"Lure"

Pronounced: Mahl - LOOR

  • Darth Missingno.: I don't recall what my opinion of the name was during regular CAP, though for the pre-evo, it's appropriate. :) It conveys the deceit of the pokemon while not being overly dark and vile. I personally would like a stronger comparison to Malaconda in syllable, though it's perfectly fine otherwise. You sure Anguile isn't from "Anguish" and "Reptile"? :P The name works both ways! Just a note: your name etymology is over 25 words, and it should be "Pronounced" for the English pronunciation, exactly.
  • CJorex: You had an alternate spelling of the name earlier in the submissions thread which I really liked--Malishus. The lack of "Hiss" in that spelling emphasizes "malicious" and "delicious". It also has a delightful slurry sound to it. :D It's one of the names I'd like for this CAP, as the name has the "Mal" sound at the front and has multiple potential meanings.
  • The Steam Punk: It works; it's a simple name that expresses what the pre-evolution is, sort of. It might not be an asp, though Malaconda may not be an anaconda.
  • Hollymon: "Hiss" is a word I've seen used in portmanteaux frequently. Unless it's really outstanding, I tend to see them as repetitive and tiring. Hiscious (my preferred spelling) reminds me of "hibiscus", a random-ish plant, which works for the pokemon. The name's not personally my favorite, but I'll take it if it's chosen. :)
  • Base Speed: I'll be rooting for your name. :D Even if it no longer has a tempting tail, the simplicity of it works well with the design.
  • Mack the Knife: A viper changing into an anaconda is a tad odd, but hey, it's Pokemon, where salamanders change to chameleons to generic lizards. It's got a good rhythm to it and has a nice simplicity as well. Good job!
  • Objection: I'm reminded of "Rattlesnack" JEFLIV suggested--or, as I thought of it with the 10-character limit, "Rattlesnak", but I digress. I like Rattleseed in a general sense because of what the pre-evolution is and its simplicity. :D A seed could refer to flora or fauna, figuratively, but that'd be looking into it. It's a good name!
  • Sgt.Moose: Its pronunciation doesn't seem to stem from either "naughty" or "python"; surely you are including "nay" as a word and syllable? "Nayghton" looks clunky, and it reminds me of the name "Nathan" more than "python". I'm not too fond of this name for those reasons. :/
  • DHR-107: Miniconda--okay. o3o The CAP could be more generic, but like Snapple or Cornmon, I've always seen the name as a nickname more than a serious submission. I have nothing against supporters, but I don't "get" it as an actual submission.
  • DeathCapsule: A bit long and fancy, a tad more than what the pre-evo is. The words in your name are fine and work fine together, though it is a tad much for my tastes.
  • Empty Sun: At least you try with using "anaconda"--hard word to add to a portmanteau. "Abysmal" isn't necessarily a word that connects to malevolence--it makes me think that this snake is lowly and horrid. I suppose that works from the original biblical concept.
  • Seed: Neoconda, Miniconda, hrm. Names that refer to a pokemon's young age remind me of ones reserved for baby pokemon. Not a bad thing, just potentially not what is intended. It works, though I don't personally favor it. :)
  • SinfulPanda: Hmm? What's "motivate" referring to? The temptation that it may whisper into your ears to to malicious tasks? I think of it being a cheerleader instead. XD
  • P2X7: It's simple, descriptive, and elegant. :D Slython is one of my top choices for the pre-evolution. "Sly" into "Malicious"/"Malevolent" and "Python" into "Anaconda" have nice parallels.
  • bobbyvaporeon: Ah, your name is another that incorporates "hiss" with another word. "hysteria" isn't the best to use, since I only see a tangential connection to the snake with insanity. I'm not in favor of it; perhaps think of other words and portmanteaux? :)
  • Svenwill: Odd idea with Anicious, being a reversal of the portmanteau used for Malaconda. From my time on TV Tropes, though, it strongly reminds me of Anvilicious, which has no relationship! Nevertheless, it's interesting. I agree that Slyper is similar to Seviper. Serpsin isn't bad. It's simple and efficient of a name, despite the small bit of clunk in it.
  • Blue Frog: Nectot was a potential name three two CAP pre-evos ago. It's with other names that have a childish word in the mix, meaning I think of those words as used for baby pokemon. It's possible, though not my personal favorite.
  • senshidenshi: "Trickrait" makes "trick" more prominent. Well, "Trikrait" isn't bad, either, though instead of "trick", I see "tri"--three. Hmm, Yilx would be amused if this name succeeded, but I digress.
  • Spork: Haha, Brattler. It's amusing, youthful, and works well. I see "battler" in there, potentially, which may fit its antagonistic nature. Just because a name doesn't work in the main competition doesn't mean it shouldn't work here. There are plenty of names in CAP 5's submission thread that work really well with either snake. In fact, my favorite entries include names from that thread! :| I'm reusing Mallure for lack of a better name, and I don't want to take others' names that are better than mine. It's an option. :)
  • Deck Knight: Hmm, I prefer Malasp for its brevity, though I hope your name does well. :) A minor note, but you've got an extra colon after Final Submission.
  • Eagle4: If the "pip" in "Pipython" refers to young age, I think of it, like Miniconda and Neoconda, like a baby. I've said that it by itself isn't bad, though can the name stand on its own? Well, it doesn't base itself off of Malaconda, so I'll give you a "yes" to my own question. (Not very helpful this comment is, eh?)
  • srk1214: Cone? I'm confused. o.O What does that refer to?
Quanyails, I picked on your name because it was the best of the bunch in that vein ;) My argument still applies to Temptail etc. I just don't think that specific vein is a good option here, personally.

@Malasp vs Maladasp: I guess the sibilance is the main selling-point for me. I think Malasp is a better name, i.e., rolls of the tongue better, but I get that the stress pattern of the name changing on evolution is confusing and inconsistent (unstressed "mal" -> stressed "mal").


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Final Submission


Brat + Rattler

Pronounced: "BRAT-ler"

I gotta say "Brattler" is a very cool name for the prevo. "Brat" is perfect to connote both young and evil-ish, and the "Rattler" aspect ties perfectly to the snake theme and with the rattle tail on the art. And I don't know if Paintseagull or Spork intended it, but a rattle is a baby's toy, so the rattle theme is even MORE appropriate for the prevo.

Nice name, Spork!
I concur with Doug's sentiments on Brattler - though it'd be even better if it got Prankster instead of Infiltrator - talk about awesome flavour. Still, though, a lot of cool names popping up - keep up the great work!

miniconda ftw tho
Final Submission


A corrupption of malicious. Malicious is also a portmanteau of malum, Latin for both apple and evil, and delicious.
Pronounced: mal-ISH-us
As of now it's WIP, but I came up with:

Slython (Sly + Python)

Sly references its cunning nature and Dark typing, and Python because it's a snake.
This is my favorite; it's simple, immediate and effective, and it sounds great, conjuring images of sly slithering snakes squelching about.
Hows about...


comes from "pipsqueak"+"snake"

sounds like "pip-SNAKE"

(Spork, I totally rigged your idea. I thought that making the point that it's a tiny snake instead of making a reference to its ability would make it cuter.)
Final Submission


The name comes from "sly", which references its cunning nature and Dark typing, and "python", because its a snake.

Pronounced: SLAI-thon
Final Submission


Etymology: Eden+Neonate

I chose the garden of eden as the main inspiration, because to me this prevo represents the snake of the bible before he tempted Eve with the apple, so when he was up to other mischief in the garden. The other portion of my name comes from the word "Neonate" which is a term used for newly born or hatched snakes.

Pronunciation: EE-den-ate
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