CAP 5 Pre-Evo - Part 6 - Sprite Submissions

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Finished the back sprite and made some changes to the front sprite.
-Lowered his head and tail closer to the ground to make him less lopsided
-Added more shading
-Changed his leaf to make it shorter

I tried to make his teeth long since his attack is supposed to be high. But if it's too messy, I'll shorten it. I also made the cone in the back sprite more like the artwork. I wanted to wait for some feedback before I changed it in the front sprite.


I settled on the colors for the shiny sprite. Hopefully the bright green leaf and the reddish body don't clash too much. I thought a greener shade would suit the leaves of Brattler since it's still young.
I also went ahead and edited the cone on the front sprite. I redesigned it to fit the angle of the front sprite, as the previous pose was too stiff. I also removed two colors from the palette, so I can add a tongue now if I wanted, or it could be part of the animated sprite like Seviper.


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The Sprite Poll will go up as soon as the Dex Entries Polls finish or in 48 hours, whichever is later.

Consider this a 48-hour warning.

Thank you all for your hard work in making these sprites, and make sure to label your work as a Final Submission so you can have a chance in the Sprite Polls! Final Submissions are allowed now, of course.

I will post a more definite 24-hour warning when there is only one day until submissions close and the polls open. You have, at the time of this post, 48 hours to finish and label your sprites. If the Dex Entry Polls take longer than 48 hours, then the submission deadline will be extended until those polls close. Assume you have two days remaining.
This will be my Final Submission

I'm not really satisfied with the backsprite (it kinda sucks) , but that needs to do the job since I don't know if I can work on that tomorrow or not. I have never done backsprite and normal sprite had weird pose to do for backsprite. Well, at least it is something.

Inform me if something is wrong (it breaks any restrictions, rules etc) here so I can maybe fix it

Comments, yay!

Scorpio: You most likely know you don't have any shading in sprite (outside of outlines) , I just pointed that out if you somehow didn't know that already. Lines are good enough, though I'd add nostrils and make tail bit thinner before the pinethingy. Waiting for Final submission.
Goldenbanana: I'm in love with this. Love the pose. I'm just wonderin if that pixel is needed below chin and those two after the face in left. But if they are there for reason it is fine. My favourite one.
Noobiess: It's good. I like the tail of the backsprite, though overall I think someone hitted the sprite hard with a hammer and it's bit flattened (though backsprite doesn't have that problem. Maybe it is just me. Also props for being only one who made tongue.
Quanyails: Good and simple, nothing worth mentioning pops in mind.
Svenwill: Like it, but headleaf needs work and darker overlines are needed.
Final Submission

Made some minor changes. Anything I did not change that others mentioned is addressed in the comments.

  • noobiess: Your front sprite is wonderful with the edit to the tail. :) The back sprite is slightly less appealing, mostly because the head looks slightly squished. Extending the head a pixel or two horizontally may make it look less flat, but if you can't do it, oh, well. It's not like anyone pays attention to back sprites when voting. XD
  • Scorpio: Could the head be a few pixels to the right and the neck bend to accommodate that? Currently, the head is quite vertical compared to the gentler curves of the rest of the sprite, which causes it to contrast. There is nothing technically wrong, but in terms of composition, that's something glaring. Hmm, in terms of technicalities, the head's eye could have more contrast in the form of sharper outlines. Highlights can also give the head contrast if outlines don't. :)
  • paintseagull: I made the light color on the shiny's eye lighter, though I didn't change the dark color since that's used for Brattler's bands. If you notice, my back sprite is almost a complete 180-degree spin (at least, I hope) of the front sprite. I tried to keep details between the front and back sprites similar, which included the eccentricity (scaling?) of the eye's shape.
  • GoldenBanana: Whoo, shiny sprites. :D I like that consistency between Brattler and Malaconda. The reason I have my sprites as they are is from an old color palette from my design. I'm not too fond of Brattler's back sprite's tail being shown upwards, though you've pulled it off very well. I also have to say (sorry to other spriters) that your sprites have the best shape for Brattler's rattler. :) Since you've changed it to be more naturally oriented (i.e., not orthogonal), the sprite has become one of my favorites.
  • Sgt. Moose: Your shiny colors have a nice bioluminescent glow to them; the blue of what was yellow seem to reflect the blue eyes. The back sprite's mouth and belly color contour could be adjusted. The mouth on the back sprite appears larger than the front sprite one--hmm, it could be the perspective of the head and its shading that makes it look larger. Always a tricky thing to take into account when making back sprites! I think there should be less of the belly color on the back sprite. On the front sprite, you see about 3/4ths of it, so on the back sprite, you should see 1/4ths, right? It looks more like 1/2lf (1/2nd?) to me.
Final Submission

For the shiny sprite, I brightened his eyes and darkened the shadow on the underbelly. I'm not going to add a tongue since his mouth area is busy enough as it is. Maybe he could stick his tongue out if he's going to be animated.

So here's the deal with the teeth:
-If I remove the pixel under his chin on the front sprite, his tooth looks stubby and shorter than the tooth on the back sprite.
-If I remove the pixel on the back sprite, his tooth is no longer a tooth, but rather a bright spot on his chin.
-If I remove the two pixels that make up his other tooth on the front sprite, his mouth looks lopsided.

I'm satisfied with the way this looks, so I most likely will not be making any more changes.
Okay, here's my improved sprite.

Head has been moved, body has been shaded, eye has been outlined better, and a nostril has been added. Comments will be appreciated. I will post backsprites and shiny sprites when I don't have class in a few hours.


Back sprite and shiny front sprite are above. Need comments quickly, since I want to do the final submission tonight.


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This is a 24-hour warning. The Sprite Poll 1 will be posted either at 3:00 PM Central time tomorrow or whenever the Dex Entries have been determined, whichever is later.

To be safe, assume that we reach majority in the Dex Poll and the Sprite Poll opens in 24 hours.

Thank you all for contributing sprites and feedback. Remember to label your work as a Final Submission.
Scorpio: In the back sprite, move his eye closer to the front of his face so that the frontmost pixel of his eye is right above the corner of his mouth. Also, the entire part of his front that can be seen from underneath the tail should be his underbelly. For his shiny sprite, the color you chose to outline his stripes makes it look like he has multicolored stripes. I would suggest picking a color that is darker than the shadow. I also suggest increasing the contrast between the shiny sprite's body, stripes, and leaves, as they all seem to blend together.
Final Submission

If there are no more comments, this will be my final submission.

You know what, I'm going to play it safe and assume that there will be no more comments.
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