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Hey I decided to join this cap aswell and I hope I get more votes this time. As I am going on holiday on Monday I need to make a final submission real soon so here is a sketch of my entry. I hope it is not too big but if it is can someone help me get it to the right size

Okay here it is. I was looking at new film releases and suddenly it hit me. Man of Steel. It fits perfectly with the typing as he is the man of steel and he can also fly. So when designing him I was trying to make him look kind of robotic. The arms will later look like metal when I have coloured and also the face is kind of devoid of emotion. He has a cape obviously and also the infamous underwear on top of his suit. Hope you like it.

Edit : right size now
Edit : coloured version
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Here is my wip as of now I am trying to base it off of the greek mythological stymphalian bird which was a man eating bird that had a metal beak but I'm going to try to make the wings and the claws look sword-ish.

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Here's a little something some of you already saw in IRC:

This little guy is based on a cuckoo clock and steampunk. It works with people to fix broken clocks using its gears. It also can mysteriously accurately tell time (when it fixes a clock and has to set its clock) anywhere it is at.
As a bonus, have the inside of its wings, (nearly) complete with gears!
Upon hearing this concept for the first time, my initial thought was to design something silly that would have a rather large belly--almost Snorlax inspired. It took a bit of thinking of how to work that out with a flying type, but I eventually came up with a concept that I was relatively happy with.

I'd like to post my (very rough WIP) concept: the soprano-singing opera gryffin-mon!

EDIT DJD: @Orivexes Please read the OP and observe the image size rules.

Based on the expression "it's not over until the fat lady sings", I feel like it'd be a fitting flying-steel type whose frightening belly-beats signaled the end of the match. I also like the idea of a flying type that isn't exactly graceful...

I'd also like to add that Calad's metal zep rocks more than the led band, Magistrum's captain-bird is fantastic, and Doran's shark-plane is silly but scary at the same time. I can't wait to see how this all progresses!
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Well here's a rough sketch without any shading or detailing. I'm feeling happy about this concept but I definitely think that the legs could use some work on them.
Fun fact: There are currently no flying or steel types with access to Belly Drum.
Is this based off of a cassowary? Because if so, it's definitely my favorite design so far! An awesome and dangerous bird, perfect for Steel/Flying!
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Well, I'd like to retry posting something for CAP, after so long. This time I will stick with my works until the end. Say welcome to my version of CAP 6:

I wanted to take inspiration from spaceships, but later decided to focus on a mix of alien reptiles and a pilot/airplane approach. I tried to make a versatile design, so that it can learn a vast array of Flying- and Steel-type moves (if needed) while being able to use Belly Drum on the "button" of its belly (or we can say belly-button? XD).
My idea was that it has the ability to hide its body, tail and legs inside the "airplane" to become more aerodynamic and faster and it can pursuit its prey by keeping its eyes outside the plane. I may create a sheet with the idea on paper.

Now my comments about the other submissions:
Calad: I like the design. It's simple, yet effective. However, like other people said, it's difficult to see it Belly Drumming. Its fin-like wings don't seem flexible enough to allow it to drum its belly.
Doran Dragon: A sort of airplane Pokémon... I like that. I don't really have problems with this design, but I find the colors a bit... opaque. I think it would be better if the colors were a bit brighter.
DougJustDoug: Aw, it's so adorable! I'd like to see it colored to judge better, though. For now, it has potential.
Magistrum: Both designs are really cool. The first design makes sense with Belly Drum, but the second seems more suited for other stat-up moves (like Swords Dance or Calm Mind). However, that's probably just me. If I had to choose, I'd go with the valkyrie. It's the more original, in my opinion.
The Steam Punk: The first two designs don't shout exactly Flying-type and Belly Drum, but the third one seems fitting. I think you should focus on this one.
Quanyails: Very similar to Calad's design, but this is cuter. Also, the two arms seem able to use a Belly Drum. I like this.
Mos-Quitoxe: The first one seems the most fitting to me for Belly Drum, but the Pokémon doesn't seem exactly a Steel-type. However, it seems that it's wearing some sort of armor... it's not clear in black and white. The second it's quite odd, but also very interesting. However, teapots are often associated with china, which is quite fragile, but I think the design can work.
Yilx: Interesting ideas, but you have to flesh them out.
Alakabooom: Interesting design and I like the idea of gliding. The only problem is that I find a bit hard for it to glide with those wings, which aren't exactly aerodynamic. I think you should round the wings, then it will be good.
Hailblue: I like the idea of a Pegasus, but how can it use Belly Drum? That's the main problem I have with this design.
Shanimanim: Oh, a perfect companion for Doduo. XD Um... I think it should be made less realistic and more cartoon-y. Also, like with Pegasus, it's quite difficult for it to Belly Drum.
Knirp: That's a quite funny design, but this seems more an item than an animal.
Hollimon: I like the idea of a digital Pokémon, but it doesn't seem a good Belly Drummer. However, I like the idea.
Sgt.Moose: Wow, eerie. I think this is more fitting as a Ghost-type, though. And the wings seem a bit too rigid to allow it to use Belly Drum. It would be better if the wings were more flexible.
Dracoyoshi8: A strange metal cloud thing... I like that, and it seems good for Belly Drum. In my opinion, this has potential.
ReddHawk34: It's a bit too simplistic. It seems a gull with arms. Try to flesh it out a bit more. ;)
Blue Frog: I find this CAP funny, for some reason, but not in a bad sense. The tail is a bit Dialga-ish, but overall the design is fitting with Belly Drum.
Canis Majoris: I like the idea behind this Pokémon. Also, it seems good enough for Belly Drum. It would be bad if it doesn't learn gear moves, though. XD
Orivexes: That's quite original and I like the idea of a soprano Pokémon. Seems a good candidate for CAP 6.
elcheeso: Bat! I love bats! I like the idea of a Pokémon which can hammer its belly. After all, a Pokémon doesn't have to drum its belly with arms. I like this design.
Dracoyoshi8: That's a really creative design! I really think the clouds around its bodyy except for the abdominal area (fits for the Belly Drum theme and would contribute well to the requirment).
Here's an extremely rough draft of what I'm working on... I took a loose inspiration from Japanese war fans and some blade or arrow-like weaponry and combined it with a peacock. Peacock's being partly flightless (they can fly, but only for short distances) I thought it would be interesting if it flapped its fan-like tail in tandem with its wings to fly better, which was part of the decision to use the fan design in the first place. While it isn't necessary, I thought I'd include an obvious nod to Belly Drum in that those fingerlike feathers beneath its armor are used for drumming on its plump body. I picture the Pokemon marching around, beating on its belly like a drummer boy or something, heh, which goes hand-in-hand with the influences drawn from war in general.


Trioptera - The Fruit Bat

I wanted to have a flying Pokemon that wasn't a bird since everyone was doing that, so I made it a bat and put its wings on its tail so it can still have access to punching attacks with its steel arms and attacks with its horns. I made it a little chubby, but still agile looking so that it looks like it would be reasonable for it to use Belly Drum. Its kinda hard to see at that resolution, so here's the pic at the original resolution:
The image is too big. I edited the IMG tags to a link, and the user undid my change.
Link to image
So this is my idea. It's a cloud with rockets jets sticking out of it from multiple angles so that it can propel itself in multiple directions allowing it to utilize priority moves like Extremespeed.
I had a couple of ideas
Space Shuttle:

As for designs I like, Knickles' line work and Harle's wonderful painting are standing out, as well as Yilx's mecha. Also props to Dracoyoshi8's cloud machine. I'm looking forward to seeing it colored

psg edit: attached files removed. use image tags and external hosting

*edit: alternate hummingbird:

I am not really happy with the colors as of yet
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Gonna provide some comments for the designs that are most intriguing to me:

@Blue Frog That is one cool bird! I love the way you dealt with the peacock "plumage" in the back. I would say that the body and face are too much like a penguin's for my brain to handle. Penguin/peacock hybrid's are weird and don't exist. Focus on making the penguin elements more peacocky, like you were intending.

@Calad Very solid effort. A little expected, but well done. There's not much I can recommend be done, but making Belly Drum seem more possible would be ideal, obviously.

@DougJustDoug Love the rocket man. It's adorable. As others have mentioned, I'm not sure Steel/Flying is what I'd first guess (Fire and Fighting come to mind too), but it certainly makes sense. Obviously, it passes the Belly Drum test, which is great! The most important thing for your design at this point is color/shading and how you deal with the rocket flames. It's got to very clearly be Steel/Flying, which means the jetpacks must clearly provide flight, but at the same time, not be so fire-powered that we suspect Fire typing. It's a delicate balance.

@elcheeso An interesting take on a bat! Love the idea of the hammer nose. It's so cute. I will say that the wings are kinda weird looking as is, to me. Maybe they're too big for the body? I dunno. The tail is rather large and strange too. Everything from the ears to feet looks solid to me though! All in all, I'd say you have some work to do revising, but the concept is cute.

@Harle Another peacock! Main concerns upfront: It doesn't actually appear capable of flight, or really much mobility at all. The "plumage" in the back just looks way too sturdy. Maybe try to make the panels look more flexed or hinged or something. The other thing I would point out is that the coloring and strangely curved head is giving me a kinda Psychic vibe, which makes sense for a peacock, but not one where we've already settled on Steel/Flying. Still, I love love love the general idea of a metallic peacock and think you're on the right track in a lot of ways.

@Knirp This design is probably my favorite in conceptual terms. It so clearly evokes Belly Drum as well as Steel/Flying. The only thing I'd work on is the mallet feet. They look a tad awkward to me as is. Probably because birds don't have 4 feet. Try to do something with only 2 mallet feet, and experiment with making them look a little more clawed, while still being mallets. Maybe the clawed feet can curl up into mallets? Also I'm reminded of this:

@Magistrum The frigate bird is seriously awesome. It does bear some resemblance to Honchkrow, which perhaps should be avoided. I don't mind it, but others might. But seriously, I love this thing. I can already see myself voting for this as is, and it's not even more than a sketch! Don't even think about using the other one. Frigate birds are cooler.

@Shanimanim Another bad-ass bird! I absolutely love this thing. It feels very organic and real, and very much along the lines of what an actual ostrich/emu/cassowary/etc-mon would look like if one existed. That said, some details need work. I'm not sure what the pink ribbon things are really doing, nor what the metal claw-y wing-y things are doing. Play around with the torso details. The legs and head are epic.

And don't worry if you're not on here. We're in the early stages. It may just be that the initial design posting didn't grab me, but a different pose might. Or maybe I was just grumpy when I glanced over your design. Art is a looooooong stage. I know that there's much good stuff, new and revised, still to come.
I don't wanna work, I just wanna bang on my drum all day!

This is quite a rough draft, just a scanned crayon drawing, however it's good enough to portray the essential features of my design. So without further ado, allow me to present:


This portrays the Steel typing as well as the move Belly Drum in one fell swoop, considering that his belly is literally a steel drum. The arms are mallets, to ensure that not only can he use the move Belly Drum, but he probably does it all the time. The rastafarian imagery gels nicely with the fact that the design is based on a steel drum.

As for the Flying type, there is still considerable debate among pokemon scientists as to whether or not Rastabot is actually flying or just really, really high.... (ok actually the thing behind the drum is a propeller)
I've done a slightly more finalized sketch of Cassowary-mon's metal casque, however I'm toying with the shape of it's wattle and the prospect of gender differences. ( warning it's kinda large.)
Females are usually the larger and more aggressive of the species so I have tried to reflect that in the male's face by giving it rounder features.

Drumming 101: Traditionally, mons with access to Belly Drum have forearms with which to beat their bellies. Being a bird, my concept doesn't have have the ability to easily do so.As this CAP necessitates Belly Drum, some out of the box thinking was required and I have come up with two scenarios that I need help deciding on.

  1. While not technically drumming it belly, cassowaries can produce a low-frequency rhythmic call by vibrating its chest cavity, which can be heard here: In the game the source of this noise can be its stomach rather than chest.
  2. Or the wattles can be used as drumsticks against its body, i guess...
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Flying/Steel Type Movemon

General Conecpt: Flying Cyborg Pokemon

It's still under development. I designed its ears to be wings because i want something different from birds and feathers. I mainly focused on a cyborg design. 50% mechanical and 50% organic. I added Large Cyborg arms for sheer power to complement the move Belly Drum. CAP 6 is focused on the move Belly Drum so I made its stomach round but not too fat because I want it to be graceful while it flies. I added a Danger Button or Overdrive button as its belly button just for flavor. While Belly Drumming, each press of the Danger Button powers up his Gauntlets but at the cost of health [in synch with belly drum]

With the design, it could also have these following abilities: [Iron Fist, Thick Fat, Heat Proof]

I'll post sometime later my finalized work. I'm still thinking of the color scheme. I'm thinking of Pinkish hue for its organic part, and greyish to bluish hue with its armor and mechanical parts.
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