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Thanks for the feedback LimaPro643! While working on my perspective drawing I decided to make Bellymon more whale-esque and less glodfish-esque in attempt to make the taiko head/body more belly like. Here's the results so far:

Still far from done though. My next steps are to re-create the scan above with the program Paintbrush to make a cleaner final product, continues to tweak the design, and settle on a color scheme. I believe I will soon replace the spine-and membrane Victorian fins with solid metal ones as well as add some embellishment and decoration to the Taiko body.
Hindsight: I now realize the mouth, eyes, and general head shape are very similar to Mudkip. This could potentially be a fatal flaw and needs to be re-worked

Also, I got a sudden inspiration for a new mon right before I was finally ready to get into bed. The idea was to incorporate the Taiko drum as a sort of boiler/bellows and make it a perpetually boiling angry mon on the tipping point, similar to Voltorb/Electrode. As I quickly sketched him out from what I had in my head, I rapidly went from "Wow! This could be really great!" to "Wow. This could be really offensive." I'll let you, the viewer decide how it looks, but I must assure you all no offense is or was intended when I jotted this down and I intend to rework it Monday night:

As always, any comments or suggestions (especially those pertaining to design and color scheme) would be greatly appreciated!

Theme/Background Info:
I'm trying to go with a slightly more animal-like approach with less of a machine feeling. I pulled my inspiration from a few sources, namely whale sharks, goldfish, taiko drums, and victorian flying machines (throwing a little credit to Altaria's cloud wings/body).
The Bellymon (Bellymonstro?) is intended to be a sort of peaceful whale of the sky that drifts about filtering pollen and small microorganisms from the air to feed. It's main body/face is the "drum" at which it flails its arms at the side to increase its heart rate and speed digestion. Angering a pod of the Bellymons fills the sky with the thundering sound of dozens of drums.

Old Posts/Art:
Hello! After watching several CAPs from the outside, I feel like trying my hand in the art phase! I'm far from an animator, but here's a side view sketch of my movemon:
Of the proposed colors underneath, the top two are the drum sides/fin membrane (left) and the main drum body (right). The bottom colors include the hand (left), fin spines (middle), and the eye (right) colors. in hindsight I might want to lighten up the grey and use it in the fin spines as well.
I'm currently working on a drawing of the Bellymon in perspective, any comments or suggestions (especially those pertaining to design and color scheme) would be greatly appreciated!

Comments from Others on Mine:
LimaPro643 -I think you should really bring out the third dimension or submit it with a side view to have a better understanding of its drum/head. (Speaking of which, I think it'd be better to make the drum more centered. It's not "Head Drum", lol). Make sure both Steel and Flying are represented when you color it.
Leviathes -Really interesting take, IMO you have a good concept going. Maybe instead put the flippers behind the drum head, that way it'll make more sense that it pounds the drums with the flippers.

My Comments for Others:
Alakabooom -Very original design! I might suggest making the beak a bit more pronounced as well as the crest more decorative. Also, you may want to raise the hemline of the belly plate and make the chest plates a bit smaller, right now the drum hand marks (very clever btw) are in more of waistband-area like it does the Macarena a lot
Arkeis -Wonderful! You managed to pull off UFO without making it feel unnatural, one of my top 5. I do agree with an earlier poster that you may want to play with incorporating a tambourine or Xylophone (he could play us the chime from Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind!) into the saucer
Berniod -Very scary, spikey, and birdlike (not to mention great art!), but not implying a ton of Belly Drumming. I feel like Bellymon would loose more than just some HP belly drumming with those spikes!
Birkal -Clever idea, but perhaps the bird inside could use a little more personality and a more naturally occurring set of goggles?
Blue Frog -I love your edits from your original idea, very much an improvement! I believe you've captured all of the elements very well, top 5! I'm dying to see some action shots!
Calad -You've done the zeppelin justice! No doubt half of us considered a zeppelmon as an idea, but you have done an incredible job of it! Your art's amazing too! Top 5!
Canis Majoris -I love the cuckoo clock theme, but it could use some tweaks to execution. The bird itself is not very memorable, it looks like an average bird with gears. Perhaps you could tweak the bird, make it more of an asymmetric creature parts like a cuckoo clock? Have a little exposed plating similar to the door of a cuckoo clock that instead has a gloved fist that springs out? (Go! Bullet Punch!)
Carbon the Second -Unique among all these birds and very haunting. I think you've got a great thing going and I can't wait to see how it develops!
Cheeno -Your mon is no doubt beautifully done and you deserve to hear it, for my personal taste however I'm not sure how I like the design at this stage. I feel like his neck isn't sturdy enough of a connection to its body to handle the dramatic wing flaps its ears would make while flying. in addition, the body looks quite hefty and has no personal form of lift. Imagine if you tried flying via a hang glider harnessed only to your head. I suggest you play with a no-neck option with a stouter body or trying out some Hermes foot wings for size. With your talent you can no doubt pull something off!
Darklatias92 - A neat idea and your drawing ability is exceptional, but I think you may want to rework it. The plane your mon pulls itself into looks very cumbersome, unnatural, and without a clear power source. I feel like it could almost be better off if it stepped out of it, but then it is not clearly a flying time at all. Maybe use the same theme, but with a hatchling chick and a steel eggshell?
Doran Dragon -A neat theme, but one that's already been done very well by Garchomp. If you want to stick with it, I recommend a different color scheme as well as a replacement for those airline window marks on its side. perhaps make some bodily indents where the libs are meant to go so he becomes more streamlined in flight?
DougJustDoug -You've got a great start, I look forward to seeing how it develops! The glass dome helmet is an odd thing to exist naturally in the pokemon world, but it's working pretty well on your mon. Your reputation precedes you so I'm sure the end result will be great regardless
Dracoyoshi8 -Very cool machine mon and one I can, for some reason, totally see existing in the pokemon world, part of my top 5. You're already a crowd favorite, I look forward to the end product!
elcheeso -Hammerbat! A cool design, it's a shame head smash would end the mon in recoil, it would be perfect on this guy! The tail looks a little odd, may I suggest making it into a full claw hammer, an mallet, or even putting just the claw of a claw hammer on the tail and let the bat head be the hammer head? I do think the body could use some steel-ing up to better match the wings.
Ferraferra -Very well done design, I like it a lot. Reminds me of a crabby toy that can't come to terms with having been thrown out, pushy and ready to assert its superiority! I can't offer many suggestions other than to encourage you to keep up the great work!
Harle -Nice art! I know it's only in concept right now, but I can't wait to see more! I do suggest some revising on the legs (or visual lack thereof). It's so badass, it would be goofy if after a belly drum it then had to toddle over to the enemy because its heels are practically connected
Hollymon -I take back my previous comment if you saw it, with color the body now looks much better proportioned
Knickles -A very cool robot chicken, but one I have trouble envisioning out in nature. You said you're planning on a major redesign, your linework is great so I can't wait to see what you crank out next!
Knirp -Love the new changes! I can totally tell now how it does belly drum! Now I have a few questions and suggestions you may want to consider in your next iteration: 1) How else besides the Xylophone does the Steel typing fit in? I know at this point your coloring isn't final, but are you going to add a metallic sheen to any parts of its body? 2) Is it hollow beyond that Xylophone or is that just black down? You may want to make the distinction clearer. 3) Is the green part with the designs a robe of sorts covering a grey body we can't see, somewhat akin to Cubone's skull helmet? Does it look out from underneath the "hood" and forward along its beak, or out to the side (if those orange circles are indeed its real eyes)?
More to follow!!
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Blue Frog

It's lucidity. So clear!
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Aww Harle has a peacockmon too, and it's infinitely better than mine :p oh well.

I did a new version of my Peacock, trying to make it less Penguin-y like everyone suggested. I also replaced the red lights in the back with another gear, because they made the design cluttered and I honestly had no idea what they were anyway (if anyone wants me to change it back, I will).
Hey guys, loooooooong time CAP lurker here, been around since I believe Colossoil. I'm not the best drawer and I don't really have many art tools, but I thought I'd try my hand here. I realized as I scanned the art thread today that this idea has already been done (frigate + frigate) however I was at the zoo a couple days ago and this idea dawned on me and I couldn't pass it up. The frigate bird is probably the coolest and best type of bird for bellydrummon, and the frigate boat makes for a perfect steel typing. There isn't color, so it may be kind of hard to make out, but my aim was for the things on top to be sails. The beak is part of the boat, which extends all the way over the belly and between the wings (were he to lower his wings you'd see the entirety of the frigateboat). To lift such a heavy body, he inhales and puffs up his giant stomach, then exhales steam (don't ask me how that works) through the pipes in the back (which hopefully seem boat-y), thus propelling into flight. I know the idea is pretty basic so far, but I'm in the process of trying to add more detail, especially to the stomach. Hope you guys like it!

Whoops. I thought I was sure my last post was over a day ago. Anyway, here's some feedback.

Alakabooom: I certainly like the bird face better. I think the body seems a bit flat, though, and could use a bit of depth to round it out. It also doesn't look too airborne to me, but hey, Doduo certainly does.

alphsoup: Much better, but I do get a bit of a Wailmer/Wailord vibe from it. I think different facial features are the way to go.

andrew3391: Very nice. I think it needs a bit more Steel/Belly Drum vibe.

Arkaious: The wings look small and oddly placed to me. It's also hard to envision it belly drumming with its slender figure.

Arkeis: While I do like the concept and design, my personal opinion is that the face should have something unique about it than just two eyes peering from darkness.

Bernoid: Looks too complex for me. It's hard to see the Steel/Flying in it.

birkal: I love the concept and design of it. However, its birdness seems to be the only justification for the Flying-type(not that that hasn't been done). It's also quite hard to see how it all fits into the cannonball.

Blue Frog: The new version is much better. Another case of "Bird = Flying", and the wings look like they're in pockets or something.

Calad: Without a shadow of a doubt, the most Sugimori of the designs. That being said, it reminds me of Carvanha a bit. I can understand how the "fins" can Belly Drum, though. Not bad.

Canis Majoris: A bit hard to see where everything goes. The wing design is too intricate to be properly seen.

CarbonTheSecond: Nice, but a bit ghostly if you ask me.

Cheeno: A nice design, though I don't quite get the vibe of its primary typing.

Chomz: Can't see it.

Chris900: Cool, but not quite meshed together.

Darklatias92: It's a dragon.

Doran Dragon: Looks only slightly Draconic(perhaps due to color scheme), but the design is quite cool and creative.

DougJustDoug: I see it's very preliminary, but it looks fairly good. The face kinda throws me off, though. Is that a mouth or a pattern?

Dracoyoshi8: Very billowy and cool. It seems rather ghostly and emotionless, though. The design seems very well thought-out. I'd say clouds are made of water, but that never stopped the Kamis.

elcheeso: Not bad. I think the wing pattern represents Steel in some way. I'm sure it will be even better when colored.

ferraferra: A bit weird, a bit cool. The proportions are very odd, like it's a sack full of something.

Fl055: Latios

Golurkyourself: Nice design! Thing is, the wings look more like adornments than things that could actually fly. It looks like it would have a hard time staying up in the air.

Hailblue: Not bad at all. Looks a bit Dark to me, though. Probably the eyes.

Harle: Lovely art style. Concept is neat. The feet are a bit off for a bird, though.

Hollymon: A bit hard to say... Kinda resembles a Ground-type, but it's not yet colored.

Knickles: Nice design and concept. I'm interested to see what it'll look like colored.

Knirp: Nice xylophone concept. Good call editing the hand/mallet thingies. A lot of creativity put into it.

Magistrum: Like cousins of Gardevoir and Honchkrow. The Valkyrie thing looks cool, but it's hard to see the typing. Frigate bird, I do admit, looks cooler than Honchkrow itself. Nonetheless, it still bears the resemblance. Perhaps make it a lighter, more steely blue?

Momochuu: Not too bad, but it needs a makeover. The face really looks weird.

Mos-Quitoxe: The bird, oddly, looks like a Monty Mole. And the lamp, other than resembling a teapot, looks a bit too Buddha. Very creative, though, I must say.

Orivexes: Too much going on with it that it's hard to clearly see what it is exactly.

paintseagull: Not sure how I'm getting this, but it looks like it would be annoying. The knife claws are a nice touch, though. For the alternate facial ideas, the first one looks kind of cool.

phantom99: It needs a bit more personality. I'm not sure how it all fits together.

Prankster: It's good, but it looks kind of costume-ish. Maybe make it a bit less humanoid? (Btw, ever heard of Interplanet Janet?)

Quanyails: Simple and cute, but it looks more like a whale to me. The second one I actually like better, but it looks a bit Fighting-type.

ReddHawk34: I can't see it, sorry.

Scoopapa: I like the idea, but the body seems a bit too long. Maybe putting the arms on each side of the drum would help. And perhaps simplifying it a little bit.

Sgt.Moose: Very nice birdbot design. Only thing is the "belly" looks more upper body.

Shanimanim: Looks truly predatory. "Bird = Flying" again, but the design is pretty cool.

The Steam Punk: I think all of the designs need more facial features. I'm sure later artwork will make them look better.

TordenOfItami: Way too complicated.

Torkoals: Lacks definitive facial features. Seems more like an object.

TwistedSpaceman: Hard to tell the difference between sails and wings, but a flying bird/boat is a really cool direction. I also like how it flies with the pipe things.

WPS: Not bad at all, though I feel the face needs some work. Can't tell if that's a nose or the other eye. (I think it's the eye?)

Yilx: Outstanding artwork quality. There is quite a bit going on, though. It's also pretty humanoid for a Steel/Flying type. It's a... different approach.

Zigzagar: The head and body are quite oddly shaped. I feel it needs more dimension as a whole.

Zracknel: Probably the most sophisticated in terms of artwork. I do like the concept, too, but it really does lack definition in its facial features. They should be more prominent.

I hope you all don't take the feedback the wrong way. These are just my opinions.
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Hummingbird CAP:

Supporting Art:
Older version:

The humming bird's scale shielding and belly are made of a cobalt-like substance, it's wings are a razor thin titanium, while it's body is gold. They are nearly extinct as they are often hunted for their vauable wings. The rich and powerful display these wings, as well as use the belly as a medicinal remedy to induce energy and vigor. After feeding on sugary flowers their wings go into overdrive and beat against it's belly, which absorbs the blows and gifts the bird with incredible power.
hi hi
These new forums look nice. :>

I thought I should get a move on while the page count is low so I drew this quickly.

Looking through the mons that learn Belly Drum, I noticed that they all just seem to have soft, exposed underbellies with an inclination towards round-ish ones. To give me a little more wiggle room with the typing I focused on something "metallic and winged" so I went with Glaucus atlanticus, the internet-popular nudibranch. It's a fairly simple conversion: Instead of fleshy tentacle fingers it has blade fingers; instead of floating on the ocean and feeding on jellyfish, it soars high altitudes and feeds on airplanes/dirigibles.

EDIT: Color and Lineart. Right now the colors match the animal but I'm gonna recolor it later so it looks more steely.
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Whoa the submissions sure pile up quickly! Really awesome works :D I'll try to give some comments on the ones that got my attention (some good, some bad):p.
@Alakaboom IMO the head is much better than before. Kinda reminds me of Gladiator Beast Bestiari from Yugioh, but that's not a bad thing. IMO just maybe add some feathery details on the head to make it less bald, but it's your call.

@alphsoup Really interesting take, IMO you have a good concept going. Maybe instead put the flippers behind the drum head, that way it'll make more sense that it pounds the drums with the flippers.

@andrew3391 I really like your hummingbird! It's kinda awkward without feet though. Maybe put some tiny feet there like fletchling's?

@CarbonTheSecond I'm actually disturbed by it... sorry.

@Cheeno I think it's better if you lose the toes and just make its feet like gothita's or kirlia's since it's kinda weird that it has boots yet it shows the toes. Personally I like the blue-and-silver color scheme better, but that's just me.

@Darklatias92 To be honest I don't like the idea, sorry. It's like looking at a lizard that's just on a chindrens' plane ride in an amusement park. If only you could somehow make the relation more cohesive, like making a lizard plane, or something along those lines, that would be great.

@Dracoyoshi8 Hmmm contrary to the others' opinions, I don't like it, sorry. Maybe because I just don't think clouds and metal don't mesh well in general. Those protruding pipes even give me an impression of a smokemon, not a cloudmon. Maybe you should google what a cloud-making machine looks like to get a better reference.

@Harle Really good! I think the feet needs reworking and the tailfeathers needs some sort of separation to make it foldable and not some glass ornament, but IMO this is a pretty cool mon.

@Magistrum Damn. That Frigatebird just levelled up in badass. IMO one of the top designs in this thread and definitely one of the submissions I'm gonna vote for. I think the black color scheme is better because it negates whatever others say that it looks water/flying.

@Momochuu Uhhh I think the human face bothers me... moreover I don't see steel/flying on it, rather it is dark-type. IMO revise the face and the color scheme.

@Scoopapa I think the purple smoke is confusing, sorry. It gives the vibe of poison-type.

@TwistedSpaceman Another frigate bird, huh? IMO you should find another concept, sorry... using a concept shared by another means people will inevitably compare both with each other. A flying ship concept could be good though.

@Yilx Absolutely beautiful, and is another of my favorites so far. My only concern is that the bent leg seems longer and more pointy than the other behind it, but that's just me.

@Zracknel Really quirky design. ;) Like some have mentioned, it might be better to give it recognizable eyes, at least. Either way this is pretty interesting.

Belly drum 2.0! they're not microphones, they're mallets (Grrr...i'll change it to a different pose next time, although it gives the design an extra humorous edge i suppose:p).

EDIT2: Xylomon explained, pt. 1: Prepare to strike!

EDIT: Besides the changes mentioned in the paragraph below, I decided to simplify the design by making all the hard parts of the bird (the yellow parts) metallic. I guess it loses some points on the 'cute side' but I think it looks more steel-like, more coherent and more like a pokemon this way (less colors = win). Also, taking off its own nails by simply unscrewing them seems more logical to me than 'pulling them out'. And its feet can work like sound pipes during the belly drum now.
---> ORIGINAL COLOR SCHEME:<--- anyone prefer this? I might make it into a gold-plated shiny version.

I made quite a few alterations since the previous post.
The two biggest changes are the feet (once again) and the material/texture of the green parrot hood and wings.
The xylophonemon uses this naturally formed disguise to catch its prey off guard. When the blind bird starts belly drumming to check its surroundings it will seem harmless. Once it's found a target though, it will go into 'attacking mode' and charge forward to catch the foe with its talons.

Passive pose (original color scheme):
Attack mode (old version):

Rough sketches:
Xylomon flying:
Caterpie meets xylomon:

Thanks for the comments everyone. Special thanks to @Harle and @Doran Dragon, you two gave some very helpful advice!
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There are a lot of good designs!
Well, since there's a lot of birds already I decided that I will do something a bit different.

DJD EDIT: Image changed to a link. Read the image size rules in the OP.

This guy right here uses Belly Drum hitting his missile. When he does this, the missile pumps itself so it can increase its attack. I'm not really satisfied with the colors; it looks a bit ghostly or dark.
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Here is the latest version of Rocketmon in full color:

I played around with many color schemes, most of them with a heavy use of red and darker blues. But I finally settled on this "sky blue" theme, because I think it plays up the flying aspects of this guy. I am enjoying working on this design, and I have some supporting stuff I'll be posting over the coming days. Hope you like it!
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psg edit: Don't attach, link to an external hosting site

If you'd forgiving my drawing abilities, what I've thought of here is something like mecha angel meets sumo chicken. It has a clear method of belly drum use and very apparent typing. Also, if anyone wants to take the concept and mess with it a little I won't get angry.
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Hi, this is my first time posting in Smogon so please excuse if I make any mistake.

My basic idea is combining dinosaur with jet fighters.
The hands are there so it can belly drum, while the feet are actually another set of wings.
Color scheme wise, I choose green for military-ish looks.
Although it looks a bit like dragon, since Charizard is fire/flying type I hope this can pass as flying/steel type.
Just giving some suggestions/comments
Yilx:Beautiful design, though it might need a little simplification for spriting
Fl055: I'd say the typing works, though implying steel more with the coloration definitely make it work
DougJustDoug: Can I marry you? Keep doing your thing
Hollymon: See above
Knirp: I prefer the original coloration, though neither are bad at all
Golurkyourself: I'd really love the design if it implied steel a little more
andrew3391: Diggin' it, though maybe a slightly clearer belly drum method
Dracoyoshi8: Yeah, wow, I don't even. Also, I'm very interested to see that wyvern you mentioned
Sorry I forgot to update my last post, but here are some updated comments on what has come out.

@Yilx : It looks amazing, I certainly like it more than the mech angel though, the talons and hat horn are awesome. I would suggest making it a little simpler though, there is a lot going on that it feels slightly crowded.

@Fl055 : To me, your Pokemon does not really scream Steel or Flying. Actually... It does not feel like anything except maybe Normal/Dragon. If you emphasized on the Steel and Flying, maybe with a new colour scheme and more winglike wings, it could work.

@DougJustDoug : Every time I see your Rocketmon I get a smile on my face. It is one of my favourite designs, just keep up the good work.

@Hollymon : I prefer your first Pokemon over the Knight Bird. I can say that I like the blue Helicopter Dragon more than the red one. It looks cool and unique, but the actual bodyshape feels a little awkward to me.

@Knirp : This is also one of my favourites, I prefer the metallic colour scheme over the original yellow, it makes it feel more steel like. If more people disagree, I would not be too upset to see the yellow return. Just keep up the good work.

@Golurkyourself : Wow, this is really cool and unique. I quite like your design, but there is just one problem, it does not feel like it is a Steel type, and only barely a Flying type. I can still see the Flying, but it took me a few moments to realize it. The Steel I feel really needs to be implemented.

@andrew3391 : Another awesome design. I really like the vibrant colours, but they did not exactly show that it was a steel type at first glance. The description and a few more moments of inspection however make it obvious steel is not the only metal you had in mind for the typing. I still quite like it, and feel that my little criticism is a stretch.

@Dracoyoshi8 : I really like Cloudy. It is a cool concept that I find hard to make a complaint for. If this Wyvern Lord of yours is going to be better than Cloudy, than I would hope that it is amazing.

@TwistedSpaceman : The Steel typing is not exactly apparent at first glance. It looks kind of like the evolution of Pelliper, with the Pelican like beak and the large bloated body. I like your concept of how it is supposed to be a Frigate Frigate Bird, but I think a little more work is needed. Keep it up though, I would love to see the end result.

@Blue Frog : I like the peacockmon, it is pretty cool. It has what looks like a pipe organ for a tail, which adds to the instrumental theme, and it has a big steel plate for a belly to drum. I know with all of my suggestions to do the exact opposite, this might sound strange but... I actually feel it is a little too steely. It is a small thing, but maybe organic feet and smaller shoulder plates or a lower start for the belly plate could help it? Whether or not you agree, keep up the good work.

@alphsoup : I want to be a fan of this design. The barrel head and flapper fins are awesome... But the body I am not the biggest fan of. It looks like Wailord lost some weight and turned into a cloud, almost like this is Wailmer's second evolution, the majestic Sky Whale. I really like it, but maybe fixing the body up some more can help it out.

Sorry if I did not get to you, it is rather late and hopefully I will remember to add to this in the morning.
I think the best designs so far are Knirpss xylophone bird, Yilxs final fantasy-esque steel angel, arkeiss ufo mon (the buttons are so cute) and zracknels drummon. i think knirps has the best one for sure though, its so clever
So I was mulling over a contribution (my terrible art skills aside) and Yilx comes up with pretty much the idea I had in my mind (save I wanted something more cartooney with "drum stick" arms and a more exagerrated drum on its belly for humor. Good work as always Yilx.
Hi guys, I've been working on my "It isn't over until the fat lady sings!" design, and made a few changes, and I'm happy to show you the WIP lineart.

A couple of notes/changes:
  • I opted for an owl over the griffin design--fewer limbs made for a clearer silhouette and a more simplified image, and owls are great.
  • Quanyalis brought up a great point about Necturna already being a female-based pokemon designed expectation, and I was actually hesitant with this design at first. However, I specifically wanted to draw homage from the expression as well as the character Brünnhilde from Der Ring des Nibelungen (thanks wikipedia!), so i'm trying to go half-and half and make it look more like just a bird with that sort of female viking armor. (And heck, they could be male too.)
  • As for colors, I'm thinking snowy-owl white and brown, but a horned owl might be a funny idea too. Suggestions are welcome!
A couple of comments as well:

  • Yilx, your tengu bird is a very clever concept. It's a lot more focused than the mirror-sprite, and it's really easy to visualize it jumping around with other pokemon.
  • Arkeis, your UFO is really darn cute!
  • Quanyalis, Griffins are awesome! Yours looks particularly ferocious, so I can't wait to see it develop further.
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